~3rd Person~
"Lou! You done loading the guns yet?!" The Joker yells while spinning on his chair in his makeshift office.
"Yes!" Lou says. Joker sighs exasperatedly.
"Finally!" He flew out of his chair and skipped down the hallway.
Bunny looks up at the bank and walks in. She walks in and waits for a clerk to be open.
"I can help you over here!" A woman with her blonde hair tied back says. She smiles at Bunny. Bunny walks over and smiles back.
"I'd like to make a withdrawl of 150 dollars please. Make it with tens and twenties please," She says.
"Of course. Just a few minutes please," The clerk says and walks away. Bunny leans against the counter and messes with the end of a fluffy arm wrap.
"Alright. Here you go. Can you sign this?" The clerk says and slides a paper towards Bunny. Bunny nods and signs the paper. "Thank you and have a nice day!"
The clerk slides an envelope to Bunny.
"You too!" She thanks. Suddenly all the windows shatter. Bunny gasps and looks back before putting the money in her arm wraps sneakily. The Joker jumps through the broken glass door, waving a machine gun in the air, laughing all the way. Bunny gives him an odd look, tilting her head and furrowing her brows. Everyone in the bank screams and hits the floor covering their heads with their hands. Bunny slowly inches down to kneeling.
"Alllll right everybody. You know the drill! You got two choices! The funny way, or the hard way. Which is it gonna be...You!" He points a gun at a trembling man. "What's it gonna be?"
The man screams. Bunny watches him with her slightly narrowed eyes. She growls lowly in her throat. The man stutters but the Joker cuts him off...by shooting him.
"Nope! Next! How abouuuut you, sweet cheeks!" The green haired man points the gun at Bunny. Bunny rolls her eyes.
"How about," Bunny says, standing up and tapping her bottom lip with her pointer finger. "I don't care."
She then puts her hands on her hips and glares. The Joker smirks
"Oooh! Feisty!" He leans in closer. "I like that."
He began laughing and bent over clutching his stomach. Bunny raises an eyebrow at the man.
"You know what. I like you. You got moxy don't ya?" The green haired man smiles wider, if that is even possible. Bunny rolls her eyes and shrugs.
"Maybe," she says. Joker pokes her in the chest with the barrel of his gun.
"Soooo, whatcha call yourself, hmm?"
"Bunny," She says, pushing the gun to the side with the back of her hand.
"Bunny! Lovely to meetcha! It's a pleasure! I'm Joseph Kerr!" He grabs her hand and shakes it. Bunny raises an eyebrow again.
"Yeah, sure," She says and pulls her hand back. Joker smirks.
"Hey how would you like to come over for dinner tonight? Hmm? Great! C'mon lets head out! Don't wanna be late for our reservation!" Joker grabs her hand. Bunny stumbles behind him and quietly growls. He drags her to his black van parked outside of the bank with his men in clown masks right behind. Bunny looks around quietly and stumbles behind the insane man. They all pile into the van and one in the front seat.
"So how was our payday boys?" Joker giggles. The men take off their backpacks. Joker unzips them. All of them are stock full of cash. Bunny crosses her arms and rolls her eyes.
"Great job boys! And we even got a bonus this year!" He exclaims gesturing to Bunny. "I think she's new in town."
"How'd you guess?" Bunny mumbles, rolling her eyes slightly.
"I know a lotta stuff sweet cheeks. I may be mad, but I'm not stupid," He suddenly gets serious. A little scary... Bunny sighs and straitens a bit.
"I never said you were," She says.
"I didn't say you did!" The Joker laughs. "But, I'm Joker by the way!"
Bunny nods and looks around the van with her eyes, messing with the fluff around her arms.
"Ooh that's fancy! Where'd ya get th-" The van swerves. "'Ey! Lou! Learn to drive!" it swerves again. "LOU!"
"Sorry sir! It's Batman!"
"Batman?" Bunny asks, raising an eyebrow.
"My best friend!" Joker cries and flies out of his seat. He rolls down then window then proceeds to stick hi head out of the window. Bunny uncrosses her arms, keeping her eyebrow raised and looks out the window carefully. She sees a large black vehicle that should be going up against tanks and bazookas, not speeding down the streets of Gotham City. Bunny gasps and sits back.
"Hi Batsy!" Joker screams. Bunny looks back at 'Batsy'. The windshield of the car is tinted a dark black so she cant see inside. Bunny looks at Joker then at the car again. The van swerves once more and Joker is thrown back inside.
"Sorry Boss!" Lou yells from the front. Bunny gasps moving out of the way. Joker hits the wall and slides to the floor. Then he began laughing. Bunny covers her mouth, chuckling into her hand. Joker laughs so hard he began to clutch his stomach as he stands back up and sits in his seat next to Bunny. Bunny rolls her eyes smiling a bit. Lou begins to drive faster and they loose Batman in the alleyways of the Narrows. Then, they travel back to their hideout in the abandoned apartment building. Bunny tilts her head and crosses her arms again.

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