~3rd Person~
Bunny shrugs, humming. Then goes to her room. She picks up her sketch book and opens it to the sketch of the suit for Joker. She drew up a nice tailored suit complete with a tailcoat. Bunny grabs some fabric and a needle, thread, and scissors. She begins to create Joker's new suit. She sits down in the cot, cross legged, and sows fabric together. She looks over the sketch a couple of times. Then after an hour or so, the coat is finished. She holds it up and smiles, satisfied with her work. Bunny sets the coat aside, then starts working on the shirt and pants. She hums to herself. She gets caught up in her work, and before she knew it, it was supper time. Bunny sets aside the clothes and stands up. She walks out of the room. Joker runs down the hallway.
"Hey, Bunny!"
"Hey what?" Bunny asks, a smile on her lips.
"Hey, get some fancy clothes on! We're going on our date! Of course, if you'd like to," Joker smiles brightly.
"Alright," Bunny says. "Give me a few minutes."
She walks back into her room. She slips into a deep emerald strapless dress and a pair of black high heels. She puts on her bell necklace and teardrop headpiece. She applies some light makeup, then walks out again. She struts down the hallway to the living room. There, standing in the center, was Joker. He is wearing a black suit with a purple tie and gloves. A green handkerchief is folded in his pocket. And his blonde hair is slicked back, he must have completely washed the dye out because there is no green tints in his hair to be seen. And his scars aren't visible, he covered them up with makeup. And finally, he wears some expensive, black Oxfords on his feet. All in all, he looked very dashing. Bunny smiles and walks over to him.
"You clean up well," she smiles. Joker turns to look at his date for the night.
"Why, thank you my dear. And you look gorgeous! Well, as always." He winks.
"Thank you," Bunny smiles, taking his hand in hers. She closes her eyes, then opens them again and smiles up at him. He could almost see her eyes flash blue for a second. Joker raises an eyebrow, then brushes it off.
"Shall we be going?" Joker asks and sticks out his elbow for her to take. Bunny nods, taking his elbow. They take the stairs to the lobby, considering the elevator was not running. Once they get there, Joker stops and looks at Bunny. "Now, for the night I am Jack. Jack Napier. I think we would get bad attention if I go by The Joker for the evening."
"Alright Jack," Bunny nods. Joker smiles and looks down at the floor. Then he looks back up and takes a breath.
"And will I be still calling you 'Bunny' this fine evening?" He smiles. Bunny nods with a smile.
"Yeah," She says. "There's no need for me to have a fake name."
"Oh, but dearie. Mine is not fake." Joker smirks.
"Oh, okay then," Bunny smiles. "Just to tell you, my real name is March Harker. But I haven't gone by that name in a long time."
"March Harker. Hmm, nice name," he smiles. "Has a nice ring to it. But if you'd like to be called Bunny, then so be it!" He giggles. "Shall we be off?"
Jack opens the door and parked in front of the apartment building is a black limousine. Bunny smiles and nods. Joker holds open the door to the very back of the limo.
"After you, my dear," Jack purrs. Bunny smiles, nods and gets in. Jack follows her and gets in.
"So how'd you manage this?" Bunny asks him. Jack slides in beside her.
"Weeeell...Let's just say I have my ways," Jack smiles.
"Alright," Bunny nods. "I'll trust you."
Jack winks, then the limo starts to move. Bunny smiles and looks out the window. She laces her fingers with his. Jack rubs his thumb over her hand. Bunny smiles and kisses his cheek. Jack smiles then gently grips her chin. He pulls her in and peck her lips. Bunny pecks his lips back, smiling. Then Jack wraps his left arm around her and rests his head on Bunny's. Bunny closes her eyes, cuddling closer to him. Bunny wraps her arms around him with a smile on her lips. Before she knew it, the limo stopped. Bunny looks out the window.
"So, where are we?" Bunny asks.
"You'll see," Jack says and opens the door. Bunny follows Jack out then looks around.