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Ezra looked at the clothes she had out on her bed with her while sitting cross legged at the top staring at them. Since it's Tatooine and hot it would be stupid to dress all in black and would be equally distasteful to wear her dress. Frowning at her choices she sighed before taking her black pants, a white top and her jacket over top of it with knee high black boots. Deciding that looking threatening would be better than looking defenceless, she grabs her belt before putting her holsters on her hips and her knife hidden in her boot. She put a pouch on her belt in case she finds something interesting and put her credits in her inner pocket of her jacket so there's less of a chance of them being stolen before closing it part way up. There wasn't much but she was hoping to change that once she hit the ground and with only Chopper supervising her it made her plans much easier. She was taught how to play cards and gamble by a couple of smugglers who enjoyed mocking her and laughing at her frustration as her face kept giving her intentions away. It took a long time but she finally able to master a poker face that would fool all but the best and most experienced players. 'Here's to hoping that there're only idiots at the tables today.' She thought to herself, along with wondering if they accept credits since not all of Lothal accepts them, especially in the black markets. Walking out of her room she saw that she was the only one wandering about. "Huh." She huffed to herself. Whether it was because she's the only one ready or because she has nothing to do now could be anyone's guess.


Hera looked around and didn't see anyone else up yet. Deciding to take a small walk around the ship she relished in the hymn of the ship as all the parts work in tandem with each other. She heard someone talking and decided to follow the voice. Heading towards the small holding bay, she could see Ezra and Chopper talking to each other. Deciding that it would be better to not get involved with whatever they were doing she decided that a strong cup of caf would help wake her up.

Kanan headed to the common area when he heard a small crash. Racing towards the noise he groaned with what he saw. Ezra folded on top of Chopper. "Let's not do that again, okay?" He heard her say. Chopper just responded with laughing, or the closest equivalent for a droid. "What are you doing?" He asked. "Nothing!" Kanan raised an eyebrow at the high pitched answer with the slight crack. Kanan just looked at her before shaking his head. "Hera's up in the common room and Sabine and Zeb are getting ready."

"Great!" Kanan worked not to stare. He's never heard the girl so…chipper and happy. "Let's go Chopper!" Ezra skipped-skipped-out of the room with Chopper following behind her. Kanan decided that now would be a good time to get a nice strong cup of caf. "It's too early for this." He groaned. It was much too early to figure out young teenage girls.


Ezra has heard of the Hutts as they are notorious in the Outer Rim. Jabba the Hutt, one of the most influential beings in the Outer Rim Territories who controls hyper lanes and owns slaves is the one everyone has heard of. There are many other things that she's heard but really doesn't want to know if they're true or not. Some of the things she's heard already turn her stomach and she can take quite a bit but some things take it too far. Avoiding the bounty hunters will be a top priority if she can help it and to not draw attention to herself. Vizago was always careful about her identity and only allowing people he can either trust to an extent, people he wants blackmail on or ones he can easily crush to see what went on behind the establishments. Ezra violently shoved those memories to the back of her mind, not wanting to get overwhelmed with them. Today she needs a clear head for what she wants to pull.

"Chopper, if you help and not tell anyone, especially Kanan and Hera, I'll get you a fancy upgrade for one of your parts." Chopper whirled in excitement. "No blaster." Ezra quickly followed up with. Chopper let out a low whine. "No, I don't want the crew to kill me in my sleep because I let you get a blaster. I don't have that much of a death wish thank you. Any parts we should look out for?" Chopper went over his internal diagnostics for any parts that need a major repair or just wants a newer model of. He came up with a small list. Ezra struggled to keep up. "So…a new leg, rocket booster and a…what welder?" Chopper brought the small arm out and light up the small blowtorch. Ezra's confusion cleared up at that. "Got it. I'll see what I can do but no promises alright?" Chopper let out a small series of angry beeps of not getting everything. "Now, now Chopper, I need some things to bribe you with now don't I?"

Chopper stopped before going over what she said. She tricked him! Ezra gave a small huff of laughter at the angry sounds Chopper was making. But she did make a note to keep a look out for those parts and get one if she can afford it. They walked to the common area where Kanan and Hera were already sitting.

"Anything you want to tell us?" Hera asked.

"No…" Ezra drew out in confusion. Kanan snorted softly into his caf. Ezra just sent him a look that he ignored. They waited a while for Sabine and Zeb to come. Sabine wore lighter armour and had her helmet under her arm while Zeb had his bo-rifle slung across his back.

"Alright. All we're doing here is looking for jobs and contacts, along with anything that will be useful for us."

"Any parts to keep an eye out for?" Ezra asked.

Hera shook her head. "The Ghost is fine right now Ezra but thank you."

"Sabine and Hera will take one section while Zeb and I handle another. Ezra-" Kanan hesitated. "You and Chopper stay out of trouble okay?" Ezra's eyes held a demonic glint. "Of course we will." She said with a small grin. Sabine rolled her eyes at the younger girl, not believing her for a second. "We meet back here by 2100 standard and keep your comm links on." Everyone got up to leave after that. Ezra jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder but calmed down when it was only Hera. "Are you sure you'll be alright Ezra?" Ezra gave a cocky grin. "I've been doing this stuff for years. Just not on this scale before." With that she and Chopper left. Hera watched them with concerned eyes before heading out after Sabine.


Ezra looked around in awe. Everything was open with wares, food and junkyards everywhere. It was like heaven for her. "Come on Chopper, let's look around first, then we find the tables." Chopper just warbled and beeped before following her. If she got in trouble it was not his fault. Grabbing some food from a stall, Ezra looked around the junk shops, looking for anything of interest. There were a couple legs for Chopper but he would have none of them as only a specific model will do. "Stupid picky droid." Ezra muttered. She looked around the junk shop with little enthusiasm. Most of the things in the shop are quite literally junk with no value to it other than a couple old holocrons that she bought (or took, depending on the owner).

Determined to keep looking she left the shop for the next one when she paused and looked around, watching another person looking around a bit too obviously to make sure no one is watching. Intrigued now Ezra kept walking before slowing down a bit and sliding onto the side street. She didn't really know or care whether Chopper was following her right this minute; she wanted to know what was going to happen. She ducked into the alley and kept walking like she had a purpose to be there, albeit a bit slower than normal. Watching the person go through a door, Ezra was now intrigued. Creeping up to a window she cautiously peered inside before ducking. Looking behind her she saw Chopper rolling towards her. Waving him over she pressed a finger to her lips so he would keep quiet. Chopper rolled up towards her as she looked up to the window sill. "Can you hear what's going on?" She whispered. Chopper merely popped out his listening device and had it placed at window level just out of sight. They were still for a few minutes until Chopper retracted his device and started rolling away. Taking the hint Ezra quickly stood and did a little jog before walking away. She went around the corner before crouching down.

"What did they say?" Chopper warbled. "A low stakes table is there with high stakes later tonight?" She asked in intrigue. Disappointed to miss the high stakes but knew logically that she couldn't even buy her way into the high stakes even if she wanted to. "Well, guess I have to go and see what it's all about then." Chopper beeped and waved his arms around. Ezra gave him a flat look. "I'm not betting you if that's what you're worried about." Chopper beeped wildly at that accusation. "What? I don't want Hera to skin my hide! Besides, I have something they may want, if only because of the rarity of them." She caressed her blaster before entering the building.

It was a low lit building with a couple tables of people playing cards. From what Ezra could establish, there were defiantly some bounty hunters there. Oh well. She watched from the side for a few hands on the one table before going up to them as one person left with an angry look on his face. "Want to deal me in?" She asked sweetly. The other three at the table all laughed. "Sorry sweet cheeks. Why don't you run along to your mommy?" Ezra's anger spiked at that comment. "I guess you wouldn't want these then." She placed her two blasters on the table. The three leaned in staring at them. "The ELG 3A and Q2 from Naboo." The one looked at her sharply. "How did a little girl like you get the royal blasters from a mid rim planet?" Ezra smirked. "Wouldn't you like to know. Now, the ELG 3A is my entry fee for the table. Is that acceptable?" The three looked at each other before turning to her with bloodthirsty grins. "That is acceptable. And if you cheat well…"

"I can guess for myself." Ezra said dryly. So the hands were dealt. Ezra carefully schooled her mask on and would lose a hand every so often before it came down between her and a smuggler. She carefully looked at her cards. If he had a better hand than her then she loses her blaster. But if she wins…looking at her hand Ezra can safely assume that there was a chance that he has a better hand than her but it was a chance she was willing to take. Eyebrows rose when she upped the stakes. "Are you sure about that girly?" Ezra just looked at him. "Are you going to match or fold?" She asked. The man laughed before matching her stake. They both stared down each other, waiting for the other to flinch. Ezra was starting to feel uncertain but maintained her blank look. "Now we'll see who wins." They both set their cards down.

Ezra had to do a double take. Her hand beat out his, if only by one card. She let out a breath she was holding as she took all her winning, trying not to cackle at all the money she now has. "You cheated." Ezra's head shot up. "Excuse me?" She said with fire burning in her eyes. "My hand was barely better than yours and it wasn't the best hand to begin with. Either ask for a rematch or stop whining." The man snarled at her when someone came up behind him. "She won fair and square. Not cards up her sleeves, nor using her droid either. If you want to make a fuss take it outside." Ezra's eyes never left him until he turned the corner and left. "Thank you."

"It wasn't for you." The man said harshly. "More for the fact that the bartender tends to get pretty violent when a fight breaks out."


"By the way, you're a little young to be doing this aren't you?"

"Age is rarely considered when life is determined to make you a whipping boy."

"And snarky too. Tell you what," Ezra's eyes narrowed. "Play a friendly game for a hundred credits and I'll give you a proposition and if you don't like it you can even walk away."

"And if I win?"

"You don't have to stick around." Ezra's curiosity got the better of her and sat back down at the table. "Since it's a friendly game, mind telling me your name?"

"Than." She said immediately. "Well then Than, it's Condray." Ezra raised an eyebrow at the odd name but brushed it off, instead set up their game. Twenty minutes later Ezra was listening to the proposition, still trying to figure out how she lost. "Join my crew." Ezra's brain shorted out. "What?" She said flatly.

"Join my crew. We're always looking for new people."

"That doesn't really sound ominous at all." She quipped back sarcastically. "I would have to decline because I'm already part of a crew but," she said slyly. "We're always looking for more contacts for jobs."

"I'll think about it. Are you here tomorrow at the pod race?"

"Most probable yes."

"Then I'll have an answer for you by then." The two got up to leave when Ezra called back to him. "We don't do drug smuggling or slaves, just to get that out there." Condray just nodded before leaving.

Chopper knocked into her leg. "What? It was only a hundred credits. Still have more than what I walked in with." Chopper kept warbling as they left. "Yes, I had a back-up plan in case things went south and yes I'm still looking for those parts." Ezra grouched. "Come on, the junk yards are still open." She and Chopper ducked into a small shop that looked promising. Looking around Ezra could see parts for many different ships, comms, datapads, datasticks (she pocketed a few that got a small hymm), and a small array of blasters that had her drooling. Looking around she looked at the one with shining eyes before the hair on her neck stood up and put it back. Looking around she even found a small array of rocket boosters.

"Oh Chopper," she called in a sing song voice. "Look what I found." Chopper came rolling over before beeping in excitement and started going crazy. "Chopper! Calm down. Which one do you want?" Chopper pointed to the one and Ezra grabbed it before setting it on the ground. "Want to test it?" She asked. "In here." She quickly added on. Not getting shot at would be a nice thing. "Here." She took off the old one before placing the new one on Chopper. Chopper beep in fury. "Well how am I supposed to know how this goes on you?!" Chopper warbled before the booster slipped on just right. "Okay, try it." Chopper tried it and he flew up a good five feet before doing some adjustments. When he came back down Chopper cheeped and warbled in excitement. "Guess we know which one you want." She said dryly. "I need to pay for this so take it off." Chopper shook his head in stubbornness. "Chopper," Ezra said in a warning voice. "Take. It. Off." Chopper led her on a merry chase until she grabbed a small taser and shocked Chopper enough to get it off. "I don't exactly want to die. So either let me pay for this or else no rocket booster for you." Chopper moaned and whined before letting Ezra take it off him, promising retribution on the girl.

Ezra went to pay for it all when she felt a small tendril in her mind directing her in another direction. Going towards the box of junk she initially dismissed, Ezra frowned as she looked in the box of wires and rusted parts for whatever was calling for her. She came across a weird shaped looking cube that looked similar to Kanan's but not quite. Deciding to take it anyway, Ezra took her purchases to the counter. She waited impatiently for the dealer to show up. Right when she was about to leave, a voice in Huttenese called out to her. Looking at Chopper for some hope of translation, Chopper was already waiting by the door. Huffing, Ezra tuned back before jumping at the site of the huge alien staring at her. She merely held out a chip she won from the card game, hoping it'll cover everything. She didn't even want to negotiate (exception being if he tries to rob her), with this alien being ten times her size and would squish her like a loth rat. The alien swiped the chip through and tossed it back to her. Ezra gathered her things and dashed out the door. "Let's get this booster on you and no need to mention this to Kanan or Hera." She held up a credit chip she lifted from the alien. Chopper warbled in protest. Thus starting their long argument back to the ship.


Kanan wanted to bang his head. There was Ezra arguing with Chopper before they shook on something. He really didn't want to know what those two have been up to. He and Zeb didn't have much luck but Sabine and Hera seem hopeful about their day. Hopefully Ezra didn't cause too much trouble. "Hey kid." He said while walking up to her. Her eyes let their guard down very slightly before tipping her head in acknowledgement. "Kanan." She said simply.

"We're leaving."

"Already?" If Kanan didn't know any better he would say that she was whining. "But we just got here and I was thinking maybe one more day. You know, because of the Boonta Eve Classic that will be going on? And there'll be more people here as well." If Ezra was more carefree or careless she would have her eyes wide and be on her knees begging for them to stay the one extra day. She wanted to see the podrace in person damn it!

Kanan gave her a look. "More people are what we want to avoid." He said flatly.

Ezra clenched her teeth as she stared at him. "We may be good for money right now but who's to say once we get low we won't have a job lined up? Not to mention right now is a good time to be here." Ezra pointed out, not at all ashamed that she's trying to manipulate them. She was just getting a good feeling right now for being here.

Kanan blew out the air harshly before turning to Hera. "It's up to you." He said not wanting to make the decision.

Hera gave him an unimpressed look at this before a look of concentration crossed her face. "Is it only the pod race you want to stay for or is there something more?"

"There's something…" Ezra struggled to describe it. "I don't really know but I need to be here tomorrow." Hera sighed before looking at Kanan. Ezra did bring up good points, not to mention that the Boonta Eve always brought in more people who needed people like them for jobs and it doesn't hurt to see if there isn't a job before going to Falcrum. "Alright but only for tomorrow. We'll be gone the next day no questions." Ezra just nodded before walking onto the ship with a full blown grin on her face. "I get to see the Boonta Eve Classic in person." She said in awe to herself. Doing a small jig in the hallway she quickly pounced on the keypad to let herself in her room before she bounced up onto her bed with a happy smile.

As much as I wanted to get Watto in, I couldn't justify it in my head and I don't think he would've regained his former shop where Ezra was lurking since in Attack of the Clones he was at a small booth doing repairs. Anyway, hopefully, the next chapter isn't as long of a wait since about...80% is already written. So cheerio and I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys :D