Here it is, the Prologue of the final installment of ANP, and what a wild ride awaits us. I am so very pleased with all the readers that have tarried with me along the way as I created this story, and I hope that you all will see it through to the very end. but enough of my blathering, on with the story!

A New Player, Year 7

Light of the West


No Rest for the Righteous

Draco was horrified at Harry's words. "The dwarves, but why?" he asked, concerned. How had they been so quickly involved with their war with Voldemort? Faintly, Draco registered that it had been Harry and not Faykan who had so quickly formulated the answer.

"Because Voldemort is waging a war against all the free willed peoples of the earth, and with all the hatred between the orcs of Gundabad and the dwarves of Erebor, as well as their close proximity they are a strategic first strike." Faykan quickly speculated.

"But, what can we do, it's so soon after…" Draco trailed off. Dumbledore's death was still far too soon for him to adequately discuss.

"We do what we must," Harry said, lifting the scabbard with his sword, Hadhafang, with a look of grim resignation in his eyes.

Just then, a rider arrived, mounted and ready for battle. "Lord Caelin and Kind Ceolwulf are ready for you my Lords. The Rohirrim are prepared to ride wherever the enemy goes."

"Excellent," Faykan replied, bashing their trunks and other unnecessary equipment into the tower for his house elves to organize while they were away. "We ride to the defense of the dwarves of Erebor."

"Very good my Lord!" the rider said, even as he turned and kicked his steed into action across the plain. Draco was glad that he had chosen to forgo the school uniform for the return trip and had worn his armor and robes that were embossed with the White Tree of Gondor. He was more than ready for whatever was to come.

The three of them followed the rider quickly, finding a sizeable contingent of the Rohirrim waiting for them with their leaders. There was no time spent in speeches as last time, and as soon as Faykan tore open the fabric of space and time to the northern mountain kingdom, they surged through with cries of death and battle.

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Voldemort, Dark Lord of the earth smiled in pleasure as the armies of his enemies marshaled to do battle in the northern mountain valley. Even with the powers of an Istari and a Light Lord, the battle that was soon to commence would be taxing to them, and despite the knowledge that they would likely be victorious here; the storm that was approaching would consume them all in the end.

Nearby, Bellatrix snickered to herself, contented to even be near her Lord, but also keenly interested in learning what she could about their enemies. The woman would be more than adequate to assist in the death of Alatar, when combined with his considerable power would be more than sufficient for the deed.

Smiling in delight at the scene, Voldemort absently sent out the call for his loyal followers; for after the battle there was to be an important meeting among them all to set in motion his newest plans concerning the fate of this world.