The Following Chapter contains Characters/Creatures from the following: Jeepers Creepers, Silence of the Lambs, Kim Possible, DC Comics, Jack Frost the Mutant Killer Snowman, SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, Halo, Mortal Kombat, Avatar the Last Airbender, XCOM, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Jeepers Creepers Ascension Chapter 4: Escape

Pleased with the current progression of events, Hannibal nevertheless was still stunned by Dkrtzy's presence. There was a subconscious impulse to simply return to his cell and sit down. It was only through the timely intervention of the Creeper releasing Jack Frost that Hannibal managed to recompose himself. It was somewhat amusing, Hannibal thought, on the methodology of Jack Frost's imprisonment. A complex piping system housed the Mutant Snowman, and exploited Jack to function as a cooling system for the more energy intensive parts of the Tartarus Station. However, unlike tales of snowmen weak to heat, Jack Frost was fully capable of action even in a liquid state, and by banging against the pipes using Morse code the Killer Mutant Snowman had enabled Hannibal to passively create a method by which prisoners could communicate with each other across the Station without guards noticing.

Before the release of Jack, the Mutant Snowman managed to spread a message, a simple tactic. A promise of escape. It would be uncoordinated, but directed, and it would provide the perfect opportunity for Hannibal to finally escape this place. For years the cannibal had prepared for just this moment, all he needed was the opportunity… and as fate would have it, opportunity came in the form of a demonic creature capable of assimilating abilities of others. Hannibal immediately seized his chance. Through the snowman based communication network (and there was a concept that Hannibal never envisioned) Hannibal managed to collect a rather wide assortment of knowledge. Including inmates who required specialized cells, such as Knives Millions. It occurred to Hannibal that if those individuals required specialized cells, then it stood to reason that a normal cell… like the one Hannibal himself was contained in was inadequate for those locked behind vaults.

Simply mentioning this power stealing demon of someone's whose powers would be worthwhile and a viable means of escape had, quite literally, presented itself to Hannibal, in the form of said power stealing demonic entity.

The fact that the Creeper was also capable of slicing whatever strange alloy made up his prison bars also opened up more opportunities. When that living mathematical equation showed up, and successfully captured the Creeper, Hannibal knew he needed to act fast. Releasing Jack Frost helped there, as did the prison break to serve as a distraction. Yet they weren't out of the woods yet. Years of careful set up now came down to only hours of what had to be perfect execution. Hannibal wouldn't fail. He worked too hard for this, and he would see it through.

So once the Creeper stood, Hannibal immediately left, Creeper in tow. Both the now freed prisoners and Jack Frost made the getaway a relatively simple affair. The ventilation shafts would serve as their means of escape. Eventually the prisoners would make their way to the exit. Providing yet another useful distraction as they assessed the situation and made a viable means of getting out of this godforsaken prison. Should issues arise, well, Hannibal was sure that the Creeper could handle it.

Cascading waves of sharpened icicles launched themselves from the growing mass of snow. Dkrtzy blocked them simply enough before sending emerald colored flames towards Jack. At this point, the mutant Snowman was roughly the size of a monster truck, with an assortment of various limbs tipped with sharpened ice. Each slash of the frozen claws did little against Dkrtzy who continued to fight back. Melting ice and snow with green flames, only for the water to spontaneously freeze once more, all the while Jack laughed.

While the two nigh-unkillable monsters were duking it out, Kim and Ron found themselves facing all manner of criminals, psychos, and villains. Ron took a step back as a large beast approached. It was some demented hybrid of cat and snake, bipedal and wearing a lab coat as its tail swayed behind it.

"Ah, test subjects I see. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Dr. Viper." Said the Cat thing as it pointed at Ron, and sprayed a green liquid from his fingers.

Ron narrowly avoided the spray, and watched as the bit that fell on the floor began to eat through it like acid, Ron ignored that for now as he started charging forward to bring his leg to kick it in the face. The kick landed, but only caused Dr. Viper to take a few steps back as he rubbed his chin.

"You're going to regret that ape." Said Dr. Viper.

Before Ron could capitalize on the kick, a charging Covenant Brute barreled towards him. A sudden open palm strike however sent the pseudo-ursine alien flying. Dr. Viper watched the beast fly past him before turning back to Ron with a curious expression. Then the reptilian cat creature smiled.

"I believe you'll make a fine subject." Said Viper as he lashed out with his tail.

Kim meanwhile found herself in the middle of a bout with a woman who had what could only be described as the worst case of butterface ever. Her human-like mouth extended into a 'smile' that reached up her cheeks, said mouth was also filled with exposed razor sharp teeth. Her gold eyes glared at Kim, before she actually snarled.

"Move, I must find that monster who devoured Baraka. Either leave, or die. I will not say so again. " Said the Woman.

"Sorry, no can do there Lady Jaws." Said Kim as she entered into a fighter stance.

"I am Mileena, Rightful Empress of the Outworld. You don't stand a chance."

With that said, Mileena rushed Kim. Leaning back, Kim deftly avoided a coming punch before sweeping Mileena's leg. She stumbled, but caught herself by landing on all fours, immediately kicking behind her, catching Kim in the chest. The brunt of the force was negated by Kim's Battle Suit, but even still she felt it. Regardless, Kim leapt upwards, kicking off the ground diagonally to reach out with her leg and kick against the wall, delivering a flying spin kick directly to Mileena's face. Upon landing, Kim rushed forward, catching Mileena's shoulder and slamming her against the wall, before her instincts told her to leap away, barely avoiding a gust of blue flames.

Turning, upon recognizing the figure, Kim cursed. The notorious Azula was perhaps one of the more unhinged of the prisoners here. One who was also an adept fighter and even worse, a firebender of exceptional skill. Mileena screamed as the flames passed her, but only momentarily before they passed.

Azula was smiling, a deranged smile as she threw a punch towards Kim, a puch which sent a burst of flames forward. Mileena dodged by flipping back, while Kim ran towards Azula, throwing her weight forward to slide across the ground, directly under the flames before using her arm to quickly push off the ground and carry her momentum forward into a run, fist reared back to swipe, Azula inhaled, and spat out a torrent of fire directly at Kim, who spun on the balls of her feet to avoid them, immediately leaping and managing to start running across the walls. Her momentum bled with each step taken as she got lower and lower, but a kick off the wall and Kim managed to deliver a flying kick to Azula's chest. The firebender grunted as she attempted, and failed to grab Kim's foot. She fell to the ground, wind knocked out of her, before tightening her fists and kicking off the ground, right into a teleporting kick from Mileena. Stumbling back, Azula grunted as the Half-Tarkatan princess turned around to charge at Kim.

More came, imprisoned Combine soldiers charged outward, a trio of Covenant Grunts and a Brute charged. Barreling through the assorted prisoners to trample past Azula towards Ron, who was still avoiding the acidic sprays of Dr. Viper. Ron barely avoided the haymaker before Dr. Viper reached out with his tail to snake around the Brutes neck and toss at Ron. A phenomenal display of strength that almost worked had the Grunts not caused Ron's to backflip out of the way, leaving the small aliens to find a massive Brute on top of them.

More icicle projectiles were fired from Jack Frost as he continued pressing the offensive against Dkrtzy. The Bio-Sentient Mathematical Equation continued to use stranger and stranger green colored constructs. Most being alien weaponry none here would recognize.

Ethereal Mutons barreled their way past more human prisoners who found themselves woefully unprepared against superhuman monsters, but the temptation of freedom was too much to resist, and they slowly advanced forward, cautious, as flames, acid, and ice was haphazardly thrown about.

Kim found herself against Azula, continuously knocking her arms aside with each strike to send the fire in any other direction than hers, but also careful to avoid others. Looking at the advancing inmates, some human, some not, Kim knew that this wasn't a fight they could win. There were too many, and there were only three of them. Dkrtzy was primarily dealing with Jack Frost, who at this point was massive in size, barely contained in the spacious halls as he lashed out with razor ice and worst of all… ice puns.

"HA! Can't keep your cool huh?"


"You're gonna be snow problem to deal with."


"I'm gonna ice you, catch my drift."

That in and of itself was grounds for a summary kick to the teeth, but said icicles had a habit of regrowing.

Her Battle Suit enhanced punch sent a Muton Flying before she avoided another blast of flames followed by Mileena actually trying to bite her, and it never stopped. Everytime one fell, another took their place, and usually brought friends. Kim ducked as the sweeping tail of Dr. Viper passed over her, though thankfully Ron leapt from behind to kick with both legs into the cat-lizards back, which conveniently enough sent the creature into an unexpected Mileena, and even better, they didn't get up, which made Azula their next target. Currently the insane firebender was repeatedly striking against a green barrier Dkrtzy erected to keep Jack Frost from sending anymore flying icicles their way.

"Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let! Me! Out!" Screamed Azula as she sent out a veritable inferno.

"Picture of mental health right there KP." Said Ron avoiding a Brute throwing a… hopefully unconscious Grunt.


Kim found herself groaning as she swept the leg of a very angry Muton.

Azula however heard their words, and lost it, continuing to scream as she struck against the Green Walls over and over again.

"I SAID LET ME OUT!" Screamed Azula as she redoubled her efforts, creating flames of such intensity that neither Kim nor Ron was able to get close, not that they could focus on her as the Mutons and Brutes proved that they worked rather well together. It was also at this point that the normal human prisoners charged forward. Uncoordinated, but their sheer numbers made them a very big issue.

Reaching deep within, Ron tapped into the innermost powers before taking a deep breath, and bellowing a very monkey like shriek. An aura of power around him as he moved with a newfound acrobatic grace towards his enemies.

Kim looked back to Azula, who had turned back around, and seemed to be very… VERY angry.

"Burn!" She said before she exploded.

A conflagration shot from her mouth and hands, creating an advancing wall of fire that was rapidly approaching. Yet before they could get too far, another green barrier appeared between the flames and everyone else. The two walls then shifted until Azula found herself thrashing madly in an emerald bubble as Dkrtzy continued with Jack Frost. Spiraling fractals sheared ice and snow as Jack simply laughed. Dozens upon dozens of clawed limbs prying bits and pieces away from Dkrtzy only for them to disappear, as if the Green Lantern had never been injured at all.

"C'mon you walking headache. Bite my snowballs!?"

That did not however stop the puns.

With a single strike, the ventilation shaft fell. The Creeper easily landed as Hannibal landed hard on his feet. Dusting himself off, Hannibal observed their surroundings.

They were in a storage room of some kind, filled with crates and boxes. With a smile Hannibal cleared his throat, as he began rummaging through. The Creeper simply watched, before Hannibal began to speak.

"Your curiosity is piqued, I see. Well, if I am right, this room is for low level contraband. Nothing like weapons or anything of the sort, no those are either melted or sold. However other items are simply thrown in here after a point."

The Creeper nodded as he paced around the room, seeing all manner of what to his eyes were junk. However Hannibal himself looked intently. Inspecting each and every crate as he continued. Examining the room, the Creeper watched as Hannibal pulled out a large wooden crate as he began pulling out books, records, and magazines before tossing them to the floor. A few the Creeper recognized, others he didn't. Like what even was Fornax and why did it have a picture of a jellyfish in Lingerie? Thankfully before the Creeper could descend into that level of depravity, Hannibal continued to speak.

"Infamy is a bit of a double edged sword, especially in regards to my status as fictional in some universes. While it did enable the Alliance to put an end to my initial escape simply by viewing the film I am a character within, they neglected to factor in that I am apparently fairly popular in various circles. I was even considered one of the greatest villains who ever existed in the medium of film. I have quite the devoted following, and they send me items from time to time. I managed to write coded letters to several of these individuals, most of the items I requested are simple comforts. However one holds the keys to our freedom, assuming the one who sent it actually managed to get a hold of it."

The Creeper quirked his head. Hannibal nodded in response.

"Yes… our freedom. I have no delusions that I can stand as I have before. I am but a man in a world of gods and monsters. You however are the great equalizer for me, meanwhile I at the very least can be discreet and I have a talent for planning and placing quite a bit of forethought into my actions. Together we could cover each other's weaknesses. You could hardly go about as you have, being what you are. Even with your strength, you're too infamous, and you will eventually be captured… but with my help, we may just survive in this grand new world we find ourselves in… Ah there you are." Said Hannibal as he lifted a seemingly innocuous book. The Creeper looked to it as he read the title.

To Serve Man

Hannibal gave out a mirthless chuckle before Hannibal opened to the first page to reveal strange symbols of some alien language.

"It's a cookbook, a joke I am sure you appreciate, regardless, I had hoped they would have kept this, and luckily for us they did, which makes our escape a much simpler affair. You see, they wouldn't waste their time on getting rid of a book. It is after all just a book, I had a fan of mine send it to another inmate who isn't quite as bright as most. After all, if I receive a package, well they know I am crafty, but if a mindless brute receives one, they'll assume it was simply someone's attempt at a joke. The tarkatan you devoured, Baraka, he received this book. The guards got a laugh, unawares of the truth within." Said Hannibal as he started to peel and pry away the leather cover.

The Creeper watched as the cardboard beneath the leather cover gave away as Hannibal crumpled it, and pulled out what seemed to be nothing more than a ring. Cleaning the bits of dry from it, the Creeper watched as Hannibal placed the smooth, silver ring on his right thumb, causing an odd symbol on it that lit up brighty. Hannibal flexed his fingers before closing it into a fist.

"Looks can be deceiving, I am a well red individual, and I do enjoy the classics. This device is known as the Electronic Sub-Etha Signaling Device, a fairly unique little thing from a novel series I am familiar with… though as I understand it, this version is instead from a film that came out based on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, regardless and we're going to hitchhike out of here with it. Normally that would involve the docking area, however… in our case, all we need is an opening and an opportunity."

Ron was running on his knuckles, leaping around as he avoided the continuing onslaught of flames. Dr. Viper had awoken after his lab coat caught fire, which also revealed that his scales were flame resistant, and though he winced, he was unburned. The Cat-Lizard hybrid had run off, clinging across the walls like a lizard as he quickly left. The sudden departure was unexpected, but currently there were more dressing matters. Azula proved to be adept at making close quarters combat unfeasible, and the only one among them capable of handling her was currently engaged with a certain mutant Snowman, who was still making puns by the way.

Kim found this whole mess quite the ordeal, if nothing else, there would be a serious reworking of their methods of containment. If all it took for a mass escape was a powerful telekinetic who managed to realize that the walls were not quite as strong as the bars, then some new methods were required. Granted an entire moon sized space station made out of Carbonadium was probably out of the question, while it was far more plentiful than it's even stronger counterpart adamantium, it was still scarce enough that making a literal moon out of the stuff utterly absurd.

Avoiding more gouts of fire, Kim leapt out of the way as more human inmates had made a wall against backtracking too much, while they were mundane compared to the Mutons and Elites, they were still outnumbered. Mileena was dragged away to prevent her death by incineration, and Azula continued to edge herself forward inch by inch, a manic look upon her face as she continued to laugh like a mad woman.

Reinforcements were unlikely, and even with a Green Lantern, a massive semi-truck sized monster of snow and ice who apparently was quite adept at shaping himself into a variety of shapes was quite the enemy. Like a snow version of the T-000 Terminator Model… but also with armed and ready puns.

"Icy what you did there." said Jack Frost as he was engulfed by green flames that did little more but temporarily return him to a liquid state that extinguished the flames, before he once more turned into a snowman… well… kinda. It was not a traditional snowman by any stretch of the imagination.

The snowman's current form was that of a multi-limbed thing, with an exposed ribcage or rather rib-like spikes of ice and a circular head vaguely skull shaped with a maw of ice and empty eye sockets. Much different than the traditional snowman, and more than a little intimidating.

It was around that time that the screaming started, as Dr. Viper leapt across the crowds of prisoners who were rapidly getting out of the way. The mad scientist laughed.

"Did you know my blood is a mutagen?" he said between chuckles as veritable swarms of giant dog-sized roaches skittered and crept across the walls.

This… was getting more than a little ridiculous. Also freaky with a capital F because WHY IS THIS THE SECOND TIME KIM HAD TO DEAL WITH GIANT ROACHES!


The Director assembled the guards across the many entrances to the Docking Area, each one barred from easy entry or exit. No one was getting in, and no one was getting out. Phaser technology was distributed to each and every able bodied man and woman in her forces and all were aimed and ready to neutralize anything that came through.

Reinforcements were still being assembled, and currently a small squad from the XCOM regiment was en route to assemble and were preparing to go in… when a yell bellowed across the halls.

"Rrrrrrrrrrroooooocksteady!" screamed the voice as a humanoid Rhinoceros barreled through the gates.

"Don't forget Bebop baby, said a charging humanoid Warthog as he charged into the nearest guards.

Beams of phaser fire began to fly as inmates began flooding in like a tide, each carrying whatever weapon they could manage. The Director dove behind a nearby ship as Bebop and Rocksteady meanwhile proved to be quite resistant to the stun setting.

"That tickles." said Bebop as he backhanded a guard into a parked spaceship.

"Look out Beb's they got feather lasers." said Rocksteady as he tossed a guard into another guard.

"Nah, more like funny rays." said Bebop as he started to roll on the ground into a nearby assembled guard who was already engaged with who appeared to be a ninja.

The Director switched her own phaser up a notch as she returned fire directly towards Rocksteady. Who actually fell like a ton of bricks…. snoring.

"Finally." said the Director as she aimed at Bebop, who was looking to his fallen comrade with a look of horror.

"Rocky… NO HE WAS TOO YOUNG!" screamed Bebop as the beam hit him square in the chest, right next to Rocksteady.

The humanoid warthog began to put his thumb in his mouth and began sucking as Rocksteady snored like an avalanche. Not at all how she expected the day to go so far. Still the incoming inmates were an issue. Switching her phaser back to the stun setting, the Director fired.

As the beams fired, Hannibal took the sudden chaos as an opportunity as he dropped into the room out of sight. The crowds were large, but currently everyone's attention was on the chaos that had begun. The Creeper landed behind him, scorpion tail swaying to and fro behind him as they knelt down and took in their surroundings.

The opening to allow ships in and out was closed with an energy barrier of some sort as the guards continued firing upon the masses of desperate inmates. Currently both the Creeper and Hannibal found themselves in a room overlooking the area, one with three guards who sat before a massive console with a pane of bullet proof glass between them and the chaos. They didn't yet notice they had been intruded upon, much more focused on the chaos outside as a radio near them flared.

"Tartarus Station, Interceptor 1 is inbound, I repeat Interceptor 1 is inbound."

The guards began pressing buttons and switches as Hannibal watched each and every movement with care.

"Interceptor 1, Tartarus Station is under siege, Docking bay is a firefight, we're opening the doors now."

"10-4" said the radio.

Hannibal watched as the energy barrier began to fall, as a spaceship entered. One marked with XCOM on the side. As the ship landed, Hannibal turned to the Creeper… and nodded. Immediately the Creeper smiled as six tentacles began to snake from his back. Immediately The Creeper sprinted forward, the first guard fell as two tentacles impaled him through the chest. Before the guard next to him could react, a scorpion tail struck directly in the side of his neck as the Creeper unsheathed his forearm blade, and sliced the head off the final guard.

Hannibal stood, brushing his suit off as he walked over the dead bodies. Observing them as their corpses fell to the ground. The Creeper retracted his arm blade as the tentacles slowly vanished back into his back. Hannibal nodded before looking back down at the corpses.

"Nicely done, they didn't even have time to scream. First attack impaled the heart, death was immediate. The stinger struck directly into the carotid artery and even appears to have severed the vertebrae between C-4 and C-5 vertebrae, and finally decapitation. Well placed strikes. I take it you have some knowledge of anatomy?"

The Creeper only nodded.

"Expected from those with our tastes." said Hannibal as he motioned to the door.

Watching below, the Creeper observed a squad of four very heavily armored and armed soldiers exit the craft, spraying blobs of green material that melted any who were struck into but piles of glowing green slime. He growled before following behind Lecter, who opened the door slowly, peaking out. Outside the door were two guards on either side of the door, currently focused on shooting the escaping inmates below, but still at their posts. Cursing Lecter turned to the Creeper, holding up two fingers before pointing on either side of the door. The Creeper nodded as Lecter backed off. The Creeper stood proud as he revealed his tentacles as they spouted an array of feathers… before they impaled through either side of the door. Two grunts were heard as the Creeper felt the wet sensation of innards on his tentacles before they were retracted, followed by two dull thumps as the corpses fell to the ground.

Lecter went back to the door, casually opening before stepping across the two dead bodies. Leaning low, he descended the stairs, Creeper in tow. WIthout the personnel to close the energy field, it remained open, meaning they only had a limited window of opportunity before the others noticed that. Hopefully they would be focussed on the chaos below. Still, they needed to work quickly. As they reached the bottom step, Lecter held out his thumb, watching as a barely visible beam of light emanated from it. He placed his free hand on the Creepers shoulder as he slowly moved his thumb around. Heart beating fast as they scanned the horizon.

Then, with a sudden flash, they were gone.

"DIE!" screamed Azula as she stomped on the Roaches.

At some point, the chaos descended into infighting, Dr. Viper hissed at the Fire bender before spraying acid towards her. Each time avoiding it with leans and flips as she returned fire towards both the Cat-Lizard hybrid and his army of mutant pests.

Then Dkrtzy enveloped the mutant Snowman and tossed him away into a cell as the Green Lantern made a solid wall where once the bars stood. Jack Frost continuously beat on the walls with all his strength, attempting to force the living mathematical equation to lose focus, but the alien mind proved quite capable of multitasking.

Ron managed to deliver a swift kick, launching a roach towards Viper before spinning to intercept a coming Muton, who was punched with the superhuman strength gifted to him by his mystical monkey powers. The massive bulky thing grunted before flying into the crowds. Kim's own battle suit enhanced reflexes enabled her to deftly avoid the torrents of fire as she managed to keep Dr. Viper from spraying his acid into the larger crowds. Thankfully it was around this time that Dkrtzy began enveloping everything in a green light.

Azula and Viper, as well as the giant roaches were all pushed back past Kim and Ron, before creating a second wall to block them from advancing closer. Kim found herself breathing hard as the prisoners, especially Azula, were beating on the wall with all their might.

ROn fell onto his back, taking in massive gulps of air.

"Worst… day… EVER!"

"At least… It's… done… well… There's still… tall, grey, and ugly with Hannibal… but I'll… count this as… a win." said Kim between breaths.

Dkrtzy… nodded… maybe… it was hard to tell but Kim got the impression that he nodded.

"Reinforcements are nearing/coming/inbound."

Kim took the opportunity to place her back against the wall, sliding down to a sitting position as she took in one large calming breath.

"Well… at least this nightmare is over."

Containment of the Prisoners was a slow but steady process. There were plenty of empty cells, but many had chosen to hide. The Director sat as she went over various documents, while many were dead, it was not as bad as it could have been. Still a breakout like this could not be allowed to happen again. They had become complacent. This was a strange multiverse with all manner of gods, demons, monsters, and worst that roamed the stars and spaces and spaces between spaces. They should have been prepared for anything, they thought they were prepared for anything. Yet even still, a single oversight was all it took for a monster to not only escape, but use the opportunity to become stronger. After the action examination revealed a great many details about everything that painted a clearer picture. It seemed as if the Creeper was not alone as she thought. During the chaos, none other than the infamous and admittedly brilliant Hannibal Lecter managed to convince the Creeper to something of an alliance or partnership. The Creeper was bad enough, but Lecter was a whole different beast. WIth a mind like that guiding the Creeper, it was perhaps inevitable that they would manage to escape.

How they escaped was a different question, one that seemed to be answered when a preliminary examination revealed a book where contraband was stored was discovered destroyed. A book titles To Serve Man, a rather infamous book the Director recalled from one of the episodes of the Twilight Zone. Considering who Lecter was, it was likely that something was hidden within the cover that went unnoticed, another sign of complacency. Records indicated that the book was discovered in the mail and delivered to Baraka, which while it fit with perhaps a sick joke as Baraka was somewhat infamous for taking bites out of his opponents, it was worth note that Lecter's cell was rather close to the now deceased tarkatan.

Normal activities in the Tartarus station were relatively lax. Prisoners spent most of their time in cells, before being allowed some moments of interaction at large indoor parks where they could gather. Never at the same time. A rotating cycle determined who would be allowed some manner of freedom to roam around, thus ensuring any escape attempts would be limited to only those along certain groups who shared the same schedule. It was perhaps noteworthy that Hannibal never interacted with anyone, and spent most of his time in his Cell even when he was allowed out.

Why wasn't important, but questioning the more loose lipped inmates revealed that Hannibal had managed to use the cooling system that was a part of Jack Frost's imprisonment to create a kind of communication system by which he could communicate with others outside of his schedule. Even further examination revealed that some of the inmates on different schedules were working with Hannibal to write letters to the cannibals' so-called fans.

All of this right under their noses.

Reworking the cooling system was impossible. Not only were the pipes integrated quite well with the entire station, but Jack Frost was the sole reason that the Tartarus station didn't have the single vent that had caused the original Death Star to be destroyed with a single shot. A weakness like that couldn't be allowed. Still, seismic sensors could be used on the pipes to intercept messages and plan accordingly. Too many inmates knew of Jack Frost thanks to Lecter, and it was unlikely they would stop using him to talk to others, but at the same time, they could hear the morse code taps and translate as well.
Still if nothing else, this oversight allowed two very dangerous criminals to escape, and that could not be allowed to happen again.

For one, examination of prisoners could no longer be conducted here, but off site. The Creeper had abilities that were unknown. While it was always known he could eat others to gain organs, no one had thought of how that would react to strange creatures and mutants with superhuman abilities. Evidently, it gave the Creeper a similar cheat system to become far more dangerous than ever. Especially not that he had consumed Knives Millions. That was in and of itself a horrifying prospect. Knives were kept sedated for a reason. His destructive potential was incomprehensibly vast. He could wipe out whole cities in the blink of an eye, and now that power belonged to the Creeper of all things.

Yes the HUB became a much more dangerous place to live in. Still, eventually Hannibal and the Creeper would be found and brought to justice, and every day the Hub got just a little bit stronger. Criminals would not be tolerated here, there were after all far too many threats out there. The Combine, the Machine Collective, Corruption, the Warp… all of them constantly growing and becoming more and more powerful.

Every threat within the HUB required soldiers who could be out there fighting the real existential threats. Still, the Director took some comfort in the inevitable capture. After all when one was immortal that meant there was plenty of time for them to make one simple mistake, and that was all they needed.

Hannibal and the Creeper suddenly found themselves on a relatively small vessel. Little more than a cockpit and small area mainly for sleeping. Looking around, the cannibalistic serial killer noticed what seemed to be a man at the controls, singing along to some inane song off key. It was as annoying as it was grating.

Not one to take much more of obnoxious behavior, Hannibal calmly approached the man, quickly placing one hand on his chin and another on the side of his head, before twisting the neck. A sickening crack echoed throughout the small room before Hannibal dusted his hands. He turned to the Creeper, who was running his fingers across the esoteric machinery within the starship. Then he looked to Lecter, before pointing to the ring.

"HItchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Simply and small device used by Hitchhikers to get from place to place. I was worried it wouldn't work, thankfully the range is much larger than I expected." said Hannibal as he removed and pocketed the ring before looking in the distance.

"I don't see the prison, so we're out much further than I expected… Still, I recommend eating this man's brain. I have no knowledge of how to fly this thing, though with your abilities you shouldn't have a problem." said Hannibal.

The Creeper nodded, before Hanibal took a seat. It was a strange world they found themselves in. Perhaps remaining a prisoner a little while longer was for the best, Hannibal doubted that he would last on his own in a world quite like this, not when all manner of strange and powerful things roamed this universe. Still, if nothing else he was resourceful, and he knew he could use this situation to his advantage. With a powerful ally like the Creeper on his side, they could handle just about anything the multiverse had to offer. There were after all, plenty of planets to hide upon, and many had never seen Silence of the Lambs or even heard of the notorious Hannibal Lecter.

It was a universe of endless opportunity, and with his newfound immortality thanks to the strange way time passed here, Hannibal suddenly found himself with much time on his hands. Right now all he had was an advanced ship to ship teleporting ring, a small spaceship, and a man eating monster. It was a start, but there was much more work to do to acclimate to this strange world.

Hannibal nodded as he watched the Creeper take a seat, his primary arms on the controls as his third arm reached out to pull a nearby leaver, causing the ship to suddenly explode in movement. Stars passing by them as the many tentacles of the Creeper reached out to begin hovering over buttons and switches.

"You know… I think we should celebrate our escape with a nice dinner, but first" said Hannibal as he outstretched his hand.


The creeper looked to the extended limb. Gazing at it for several silent seconds before reaching out… and shaking it.