This is my rewrite! Enjoy! I don't feel comfortable with the other and I still had some plot holes in it. I also want to broaden everything about Xania's childhood life.

Thanks, Ika-Sophie, for Betaing this


I thought he loved me...wait, he did. Until he changed. Ever since he changed his style, he became popular, and it got into his head. He grew more arrogant, more selfish, more immature. Not the man that I had loved, a kind, selfless guy who was a cheesy dork.

I don't know what happened and I don't even know what I did for this to happen. I stared at the sight of him curled up on his bed with her by his side. I just came in to surprise him, but instead, he surprised me. Something in my heart squeezed tight and it was not a comfortable feeling.

So I gave up. I walked out solemnly out of his apartment and into mine. Big fat tears flowed down my cheeks but I didn't mind it. I let it continue as I gathered everything he gave to me. Pictures, accessories, books, bags...anything really. I trashed the ones that couldn't be sold. I erased any memories I had with him. I blocked him out of every social media I have, blocked his phone calls, ignored him.

I walked down the halls alone and I felt a hand grab me, making me drop all my books. I was forced to turn around, meeting angry eyes.

"What's your problem! You've been avoiding me!" He shouted at me. His face changing into something monstrous. I felt scared. But at the same time, I felt mad.

"What's my problem? What's my problem is the fact you've been cheating on me! I don't even know how many times you cheated on me!" I shouted at him. His grip was tight and it hurts. So I told him that. His grip got even tighter. I yelped in pain. The others surrounded us, phones out and capturing this scene, not bothering to help us. So I only did one thing I could. I head butted his head, he released his grip on me to cradle his injury. I ignored my own pain that was throbbing and kneed his stomach because he wasn't blocking it with his hands, making him fall onto his knees. I stared emotionlessly at the crowd.

"Are you done looking, you useless pigeons? Jesus Christ, you could've HELPED with this." I muttered the last part. The others were staring in shock at me. I've always been quiet and 'demure' but that was just what they assumed. This guy knows that outside, I may seem like that but I prefer not socializing unless I needed to.

I walked home alone, ignoring my surroundings and stared at the pavement as I did. I felt someone stare and me and looked up. My eyes widen in alarm at the sight before I felt pain in my chest. I cradled the injury and the pain brought me down to my knees, falling sideways as I had no more strength. My last sight was of him pointing a gun at me and smirking.

The sound of a bang was heard, and I felt no more.


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