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Chapter 2

I didn't know why Mother was fussing with me. She was wearing make up, which meant that she was meeting with high class clients, and her best shawl. We only had 2 clothes each but the other one was being dried, having been washed, so she had to settle for the one she was currently using.

She fussed with me, combing back my hair as carefully as she can. I wondered why was she even bothering bringing me when she usually doesn't.
We both held hands all the way, with her being dreamy and a bit... different.

As we walked towards the better parts of the alley, I asked Madre where we're going.

"We're going to meet your Padre. Now listen up, sweetie, your Padre is the boss of a Famiglia. The Vongola Famiglia to be precise. Timoteo di Vongola, the Vongola Nono." Madre preened. I almost choked on my spit. What the...Mafia? How did we even know the Mafia. And how did I end up with a father that was from one of the top ten most power Famiglia?

"Usually, those that are members of the Mafia are bound to a secrecy called an Omertà. But, because we are from the slums, we are free game. We take odd jobs from different Famiglia and would earn money and fame that way." Madre lectured me. The fact that she was telling me this meant that I was even bound to the Omertà.

"Let me warn you. The Mafia has a force that manages it from spilling over the above ground, meaning the civilains. If you are ever to break the rules and laws set by the Vindice, you will spend your days living in an unbreakable prison." Madre spoke seriously that manages to get me to straighten up. She was never this serious with her delirious state. But the fact that she's this serious means that it was severe. I nodded to her, my face grim. Madre melted.

"Aww, honey, it will be fine as long as you abide the rules and laws" Madre cooed. I hugged her, fist gripping tightly on her skirt.

"Well, are you ready?" Madre asked, bending down to my height. I nodded. Time to get the show rolling.

Right in front of us, was an old man with a bunch of other old men in suits. Well, they weren't that old. I only spotted some gray hair on them, not a lot, but just enough for it to be noticeable.

"Timoteo, it's nice for you to come at my request." Madre said, looking straight at the old man in Hawaiian shirt

"Geneva. It's my pleasure for me to come." 'Timoteo' responded. Then he glanced at me.

"And he is?" Wow, did I really look that boyish? Well, it helped me by the long run in the slums, but not enough as some people knew that I was a female.

"Your child." Madre proclaimed proudly. I stared incredulousy at her. We both don't even look alike. Madre was delirious, she always has been. And she's a Night Lady, how does she know for sure that he is my father?

Madre looked at me and cooed out, "Honey, show him your flames." She nudged at me to activate it. I paused. I didn't really know how to do it. The man chuckled at me and knelt down to my height.

"You have to show your will for it to manifest" 'Timoteo' said. I nodded, a bit relieved that I at least had some idea.

Thinking of everything, I had the will to do whatever it takes to survive. I glared at my hands, remembering those bastards who tried to do my mother against her wishes. Just because she's a Lady of the Night, it doesn't mean that she doesn't have her own will and not always seeking pleasure. She does it to survive and have money. Too bad I didn't kill them. I ever get the chance to encounter them, I wouldn't hesitate to slaughter them, to burn them alive.

A spark came onto my hand and a brilliant shade of reddish- orange flame appeared on the palm of my hands.

The man's eyes shot upward in shock, as well as the other men accompanying him. They stared whispering quietly in a different language I couldn't comprehend.

"Indeed this is my child." The man said in shock, facing Madre.

Once he got over his shock, he looked back at me. " What is your name, my dear?" He asked me. I was about to respond that question with my previous life's name, but remembered and paused. Now that I think about it, I don't even know what was my name in this life. Madre has always called me sweetie, honey or darling. Never anything else.

"Xanxus. The child's name is Xanxus, for one day, the child would become Vongola Decimo." Madre proclaimed. I squinted my eyes, once more incredulous and now, a bit more exasperation at her. This was not good. This was too presumptuous of her. This guy has a ring on his finger, meaning that he is married and definitely has kids by now. So even if he's the boss of the top Famiglia.

Madre pushed me towards him. She kissed me on my forehead and waved at me, clearly intent on leaving me. I grabbed her by the skirt.

"Madre! Why are you leaving me?!" I asked, tears forming out of my eyes.

Madresmiled sadly and worked her fingers to get my fists out of her skirt.
"Madre will just be in the way. You don't have to worry about me, darling. I'll be fine" She tried to reassure me.

"LIKE HELL YOU'LL BE FINE!" I roared at her.

I felt someone's arm around me and blue flames engulfed me, making me feel sluggish and tired. I stubbornly tried to get my heavy lids to open

"Make me proud, sweetie." And that was the last time I ever saw Madre as my vision went black.


My sister had actually wondered something that made me wonder myself. She asked aloud to my mom and I about Aliens. Do they evolve like us, or were they just like that the whole time. Who even created their looks when nobody had ever seen them? They were all just theories and something right?

What do you guys think? Evolution, or nay?