Hi everyone! It's been more than a year since writing fanfiction, but I'm now making a minor comeback - only with the Divergent fandom! I've always wanted to try my hand at drabbles, because that's my weak point, and here it is! If you guys could send me prompts it would be great! Thanks a lot! Tell me what you think!

#1 Eyes

Her eyes were the first thing he noticed about the girl next door.

They were a greyish-blue, reminding him of the sky with its alternating hues of gray and blue. Maybe it was just his imagination, but he could've sworn he saw miniature specks flit across her blue irises like birds flying across the sky.

His eyes were her favorite feature about him, a dark, dark blue that swirled with enigma. She could stare into its depths forever, observing the colour as it flitted between shades of blue, depending on his mood and state of mind.

To this day, they insist that it was the eyes that drew them in, that entwined their lives. Perhaps it was a sign from the Fates, that the blue strings that were their eyes would always connect them, despite the shears that threatened to snap them.

A bit serious, I know, but they get more light hearted as we progress! If you want some dark-themed ones as well, let me know!


Thals (because the nickname will always be special to me whatever my penname may be)