#8 Girls' Night Out

Honestly, Tris should have expected this.

When Christina brought up the idea of a girls' night out, Shauna was sold, and Tris was willing to try it out.

Right now, after Shauna and Christina danced madly at the bar and Tris just sat in a corner, making sure they weren't too drunk, the three of them sat on Christina's bed.

Christina is recounting some incident about her day at work when Shauna suddenly turns to Tris and asks, "So, how are things between you and Four?"

Tris raises her eyebrows. "We're great, I guess. Why this sudden interest?"

Christina smiles as she says nonchalantly, "Oh, you know, we were wondering if there are any new developments in your relationships?"

Tris knows exactly what they're referring to, but she plays dumb, "What do you mean?"

Shauna shakes her head and says, "Did you have –"

"Okay, I get it, I get it," Tris says hastily, feeling her cheeks heat up as usual.

"I wonder how you do it if you can't stand the word," Christina laughs.

"Umm…." Tris doesn't know what to say. How do you just blurt out that you're a-

"Tris…..?" Shauna asks before realizing something. "Oh God. You haven't had-?"

Tris looks down, her cheeks flaming hot, and both her friends burst out laughing.

"Seriously, though," Christina giggles, "How do you live without the fun of having –"

"Don't say the word, " Tris blurts out before cringing at how uptight it sounded.

Christina looks kind of weirded out. "Are you still afraid of intimacy, as you put it?"

Shauna laughs. "You're afraid of intimacy?"

"I was. Not anymore."

"Then why aren't you interested in it?" Christina asks.

"Can we please change the topic?" Tris begs. She glances at Christina's nails and suddenly says, "You were supposed to teach me how to create nail art!"

All forgotten, both Christina and Shauna get to business, and the night passes normally…

"So, how was you girls' night out yesterday?" Four asks over breakfast.

Tris blanches. "Don't remind me. They wouldn't stop pestering me about…."

Four laughs at that. "You think you'll ever be ready? I'm not impatient or anything, but, well, I'm a guy." He looks a little guilty, as if he's apologizing for being a guy.

Tris rolls her eyes. "Soon, I hope."

And they leave it at that.