I sit up in bed after a good night of sleep. I stretch my arms and yawn to get the rest of the sleepiness out of my body. During the stretch I feel a piece of paper on my pillow and pick it up.


I had to leave early to discuss things with Max.

I didn't want to wake you because you looked soo peaceful while you slept, so I left this note for you.

Don't forget you have to pick your job.

The job ceremony will be held in the cafeteria after breakfast around 10.

I'll see you there, so until then relax and have a good day.



I set down the note and get up to take a shower. I wash my hair and step out with a towel wrapped around, me while towel drying my hair. I go to my closet to pick out a tight red halter top that shows off the ravens on my collar bone, the Dauntless symbol on the front of my left shoulder and the Abnegation symbol on the back of my left shoulder and put it on. I grab a pair of tight black skinny low-rider jeans and put them on. I grab my favorite pair of combat boots and slip them on. After I am dressed, I go stand in front of my full length mirror and lightly apply some eyeliner around my eyes and put my hair in a braid. After that is done, I look at myself for a few minutes. I still can't believe that I'm Dauntless and that this is my life.

I look at the clock as see that it is 9:35 am. I head out the door and meet Chris, Will, Uri, Mar, and Lynn on the way to breakfast. I grab my food that I want for breakfast, which consists of scrambled eggs, buttered toast, and bacon and sausage. After everyone grabs our food we sit at our normal table and chat about what we might want as jobs. Uri wants to work in controls along with his brother and Four, along with helping out Lauren during Initiation part time. Chris and Will both want to do Factionless Patrol along with guarding the compound when they aren't in the Factionless sector. Mar wants to work in a clothing store; Lynn wants to help out Tori in her Tattoo parlor by giving tattoos and piercings and possibly working in the hair salon. I zone them out after awhile, thinking about what I figured out that I want to do besides helping Tobias with Initiation.

I jump when I hear the microphone screech because Max is tapping on it. I start to look around for Tobias when I realize that it's time to choose our jobs but I can't find him. I start to worry because he said "he would be here". But, Max calls for all of the Dauntless leaders to come up to welcome the new members, while they choose their jobs. My mouth drops when I see Tobias walk up and stand next to Max where Eric usually stands. I shake my head and turn to my friends to see the same surprised look on their faces. Chris is the first one to speak, "Did you know about this?" I think back to yesterday to see if he mentioned it but, I draw a blank, "No, No I didn't this is news to me." We are interrupted by Max talking about welcoming us to the faction and how Dauntless isn't known for long speeches.

When Max says the list of jobs that there are to choose from, they appear on the screen behind him with what looks like rank numbers by them. They pop up on the screen over his left shoulder. Which appear to be:

1 Dauntless Leader/Ambassador position for ranks 1-2

1 position for Intelligence (Control Room) for ranks 3-5

2 positions for Initiation Instructor for ranks 1-6

2 positions for Factionless Patrol/Guard in the Faction Headquarters for ranks 6-8

2 positions for Guarding the Fence for ranks 6-10

2 positions for Patrolling the City for ranks 6-9

10 positions for Misc. Compound Jobs for ranks 1-10

For example: jobs like working in clubs, clothing stores, Toris' tattoo parlor, infirmary, cafeteria workers, and janitors.

When Max calls for the ranking list of this year's Initiates to come up. They pop up on the screen over his right shoulder.











After everything is up, Max calls up everyone, one by one and because I'm ranked number one everyone stares at me waiting for me to choose my job. I stand up and wipe my sweaty hands on my pants and try to relax from the stress, I make my way up to them to select my job. When I get up in front Max gives me a pen to write my name by the job/s I choose. I shake my hands nervously before grabbing the pen and writing Tris Prior by Dauntless Leader/Ambassador and Initiation Instructor. After I'm finished, every member claps, stomps and cheers. I go sit down next to my friends and watch as they choose the jobs they want.

When it comes to the Dauntless born, named Nikki, who appears to be the initiate that took over Peters place. She walks up and chooses guarding the fence. Skyler a girl with long flowing brown hair who has sky blue eyes gets up and chooses guarding the fence as well. Aiden who is a very muscular guy with jet black hair and silver colored eyes and Felix a tall yet lean and muscular guy with strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes both choose patrolling the city.

After everyone chooses their jobs and the Dauntless members cheer really loud, I feel a pair of big, gentle, callused hands lightly squeeze my shoulders. I turn around to see Tobias standing behind me with a half raised smirk on his face. I scowl at him before saying, "Why didn't you tell me you're a new leader of Dauntless? We could have celebrated last night." Tobias looks at me and gives me a light kiss between my eye brows and says, "Because I didn't know that I was going to be one till this morning". That's what Max wanted to talk to me about. Apparently, Eric got caught trying to make plans with Erudite's leader to have a war on Abnegation. So, he asked me to take up the role as leader and I accepted, so I could keep you and everyone else safe. Peter also got kicked out because someone slipped Max a tape of everything he did as an initiate, so they let another initiate take his place. I must have a confused/worried look on my face, because he assures me that it wasn't him, just a great friend. I look and see Zeke tip his head and smile. I stand on my tip toes and give Tobias a light kiss on his lips. I turn around and look at my friends and smile. Uri announces really loudly, "There will be a party at my apartment around 4. There will be booze, music, games. The party will continue till around 8 then all of you have to get your ass out of my place unless you are a close friend of mine." Everyone cheers, while me and Tobias walk to his place and hang out.