Recap of last chapter

"I stutter and try to figure out what to say until I realize that I have exactly 20 minutes to get to work, I say, "Sorry guys but I have to go or I'm going to be late on my first day." I get up and say my goodbyes before I leave. As I was just about to get out of the dining hall I feel someone grab my wrist and looks to see that it's Tobias. Tobias blushes and rubs his neck while saying, "What I can't walk my girlfriend to her first day on her job, as well as, walking to work myself." I blush and nod while we walk to where we will begin our days as new leaders of Dauntless.

As Tobias and I walk to the Leaders Office. I start to think of all the jobs we must have to do to keep this place running. There must me multiple things that we do, like making sure all of the members of Dauntless follow the rules, to making sure we have everything we need to run and protect ourselves from any real danger that is unnessisary. I'm also curious as to who all the Dauntless leaders are and what they all do.

Of course there is Max as the head of Dauntless to help keep this place running smoothly, here with a clear head in his shoulders and with the experience to help show everyone what Dauntless really means. I look over to Tobias and think of what he will be doing to help the faction run well. I wonder if he will be the head of security since he is good at making sure everything is secure and right. I then start to think of what I can do to help at the best of my ability here. I know I'll be the Ambassador where I can be the person that goes to all the factions and find out what they need from us to help them be safer and more proficient in what they do. But when I'm not doing that or working as an instructor when we get new recruits what will I do.

I think for a moment and look around to make sure we are alone then speak up, "Hey, Tobias do you have any idea what we will do on our first day as a Dauntless leader?" I see that he looks like he's spaced out thinking about something. I wonder what it is but he starts to speak up, "Well we will be subjected to a few tests to see where we are fit to be placed into the leadership board. They are simple really I went through them before. Well not all of them I stopped after awhile figuring out it wasn't for me. Max and the other four at that time weren't happy with my dission and wanted to make sure it was the right dission. They thought I was the better candidate to be a leader then everyone else. But since its just Max and two others now. There might be different tests for me and you since no one else is running to become a leader."

From what Tobias has told me it makes me think about what he has said. Now he has me thinking about multiple different things now. From what Tobias must of went through before that made him not what to be a leader before and what changed his mind now.

But before I can think anymore on that matter I notice we have reached the Dauntless leader room. I take a deep breath and let it out to calm myself before Tobias and myself open the doors to enter the room.

As we step into the leader room I start to think who the other two leaders are. But as we walk into the room I look around and only see Max standing there. I look at Max and speak, "Max where are the other two leaders of Dauntless? I thought I would get to meet them today." As I wait for the answer I look over to Tobias and see him shrug his shoulders. Max disides to answer then, "They are out right now doing their jobs. You'll meet them later, right know we will start the process of figuring out where you'll be placed in the leadership bored. Tris I know you already know what you'll be doing for the most part as Dauntless Ambassador. But there is more to it them that." I nod my head as a response to his statement. He continues, "Good, these little tests are real simple. First Four you don't have to do the same one as Tris yours is shortened since we have your last one and will use your answers unless you want to do it all over again." I look over to Tobias, " I'll redo it if you don't mind I think some of my answers might have changed." Max nods his head, "Alright then, here you guys go. By filling these out it gives us more info about you guys and gives us a starting point in where we are going to need to focus on."

Max hands us a stapled stack of papers that have from what it looks like simple and easy to answer questions. As I begin it seems easy enough name, age, and number of fears that seems easy enough. Beatrice Prior, 16, Abnegation, and 7 fears.

Now the next one is a bit difficult to describe them, the first couple ones are easy to do but the last ones are harder to explain. First one are the crows that peck me to death until I shoot them. Second is the glass container that fills up with water while people watch me drown until I break the glass. Third one is a large body of water that pulls me into very directions trying to down me until I successfully pull myself out and run away from it. Fourth is me tied to a pole on top of a pile of sticks where Peter lights them with a torch and everyone watches and says stuff until I calm down and state I don't smell flesh burning but rain and the flames die down. Fifth one is me standing in my room in Abnegation where there is a man with a scared face outside my window till multiple of them come in my room and I fight them till I run in my closet and try to calm down till I get a door that goes away to upstairs hallway and calm down. Sixth is me in Four's room by his bed and he starts to take off my coat and kiss me until I turn the tables and push him on he bed and kiss him. Seventh is me in a room with my parents and Caleb with a gun in my hand while someone tells me to shoot them and gives me a time limit till I just pull the gun to my head and shoot myself instead of my family. So I start to fill them out and state its being scared of being out of control, intimacy, being kidnaped, being weak and not strong enough to get out and not being able to shoot and stuff.

Next is a series of questions if I disagree and or agree with them. For instances is it okay to steal if its to help someone else, which is easy agree, as long as the people you are stealing from aren't people who have what they only need or people that have nothing, if its people who have more then what they need and it helps you service. Some people are more deserving of rewards than others, depends on what the reward is. Power should be given only to those who earn it, that's hard to say maybe if you know it won't go to there heads. Difficult circumstances form stronger people, agree but sometimes it can hurt people more. You don't know how strong a person is until they're tested, well it depends on how you test them. Along with some other ones, I look over to Tobias and see he's on this one and he looks like he's torn to answer some. I guess some have changed from when he did this or are the same and he wonders if he should change some. I go with answering as truthfully as I can and have a lot of agrees along with some disagreements and some mixed ones. After I'm done I hand it to Max along with Tobias' when he's done.

Max takes them and tell us we can go and to come back tomorrow to start the next process of our training. I look confused till I see that it's time for dinner, how did the whole day pass without us noticing. Tobias and I walk out and head to the cafeteria where everyone is heading. I look over to him, "Hey Tobias was it different this time with the questions and answers?" Tobias looks over to me, "For the most part they were the same as for the questions. But as for the answers I answered the same till it got to the agree or disagree. Now that I've been here longer I was able to answer them better." I nod my head and link our fingers and smile. I think back to some of the questions and hope my answers will help things with Dauntless get better.

When we arrive at the cafe we grab our food and head over to the table with our friends and sit down. Chris is the first one to see us and she asks, "So how was your first day as Dauntless Leader so far?" I should have seen Chris getting straight to the point and asking as soon as we came. I sigh before answering, "It was good not to hard we had a packet of questions to answer but that is about it. We have more to do tomorrow, though I'm wondering why we only did that today and are finished for today?" The group just shrugs their shoulders not knowing the answer to it. We just continue to eat our dinner and I listen to everyone talk about there day at work.

After dinner was finished we all went our separate ways some go to start their job, some go to the training room till they see it fit to go to bed for the night. I just follow Tobias and see that he is heading to his apartment. When i notice this I walk fast to catch up to him. Tobias looks over at me and smiles and holds my hand. When we arrive at his apartment he opens the door and lets me in first, we grab drinks and sit on his couch and just chill and watch a movie. I lean my head on his shoulder and watch the movie with a smile on my face, he raps his arms around me and watches it with me.

Sometime during the movie I fell asleep and Tobias has to shake me awake and tells me what time it is. I stretch my muscles and get up to get ready to leave to my own apartment to go to bed. As I'm about to leave Tobias grabs my hand and I turn to look him in the face. He tilts my face and gives me a sweet kiss and wishes me a goodnight. I get to my apartment and get ready for bed with the idea of what is in-store for us tomorrow with our training in being a Dauntless leader.