Paris yawned and snuggled deeper under the covers. She'd been so tired the last few weeks this brief catnap felt like just what she needed. Asher was teaching today and she'd pretty much have the day to herself. Normally she wasn't one to simply lie around in bed like this, but it didn't hurt to get some sleep while Asher was away and she was so tired.

Cracking one eye open she reached out to check her phone. It wasn't even nine yet. She could definitely justify some more sleep, at least until then.

She considered for a brief moment rushing to the toilet, but the random spell of urgency passed quickly. She relaxed back onto the pillows. She would have thought it strange to have spells like that, but she suspected it was just this trip. Even though it was mostly vacation it was still easy to overdo things, and she certainly hadn't been sleeping a lot.

It was wonderful to have a few moments to relax. She loved that this was a trip with Asher but it was great to have moments of alone time to treasure as well. Maybe she'd explore London some more after her catnap. There were still plenty of places she hadn't been able to visit and she was sure that Asher wouldn't mind if she explored while he was busy.

Nestled comfortably in daydreams about how she could spend the rest of her day, Paris fell back asleep.