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In a few days, the weary travelers (Ethan, Benny, Sarah, Erica, Rory, Evelyn, and Cindy) had finally made it back to the castle. The teenage girl they had saved earlier was of course in awe of the place, as she's never set foot in a real live castle before. She kinda wished she had her phone with her to take pictures, while there! Benny was also in awe and wonder of the place, too! He couldn't believe that this was where Ethan had grown up at! Although, he guessed he should've expected it, though, considering he is a prince and all. Where else would a prince grow up at?!

"We're gonna have to come here and visit more often, babe." commented Benny in awe, as he slightly leaned over to whisper it to Ethan (who just giggled in response).

"Wow, Ethan! I can't believe you live here?!" said Cindy breathlessly in amazement, as she looked around as they walked.

"You mean, used to live here, actually." corrected Ethan casually. "I no longer reside here in the palace. My home is now back in Whitechapel with Benny and his grandmother." he then declared calmly with a warm smile.

Cindy just nodded, remembering what all her rescuers had told her about themselves and how it was she wound up being here in the first place. But she couldn't believe that he was willing to give all this up just for true love. Then again...love can make you wanna do crazy and strange things, sometimes. But Cindy still gave Prince Ethan props for wanting to follow his heart, rather than follow his duty to the kingdom as it's heir. In a way, it was sort a...romantic, even. She smiled at the thought of how lucky a guy Benny was to have someone like Ethan.

"I can't wait for the day when I finally find my prince charming." swooned Cindy dreamily in her head. "Just maybe not...in a literal sense, though. Like what happened with Benny." she then quickly thought dryly for a second (but also meaning it, too), at how Ethan is actually a real prince.

"We should probably let your family know of our return, Ethan." suggest Mrs. Weir to the prince.

"You're probably right, Mrs. Weir." agreed Ethan.

When he went to walk forward, he was suddenly tackled into a hug by his little sister.

"Ethan! You have returned! I'm so glad to see you alive and well, big brother!" exclaimed Princess Jane happily, as she hugged him.

Ethan laughed heartily, happy to see her, too. "It's good to see you too, little sister." he said sweetly back to her.

Jane finally released him from her homecoming hug. She then looked back behind the prince at everyone else and smiled at them. "I'm glad your all safe and have made it back, as well!" she said gratefully to them. She then noticed two new faces to the group that she didn't recognize. She walked up to the two and looked at them with a curious expression. "And who are you?" she asked while looking at Cindy.

Cindy smiled and kindly obliged to answer the young girl's question. "My name is Cindy. Your big brother over there, saved me from that witch, Alissa." she replied sweetly to her.

"But I thought he left to save his boyfriend, Benny?" then questioned Princess Jane perplexingly.

"I did, Jane." commented Prince Ethan, earning the said little girl's attention now. "Alissa's evil spirit had been possessing her. So, when we rescued Benny, we also manage to rescue her, as well." he explained.

But Jane still had questions to ask, as she continued to look at him in confusion. Before she could start asking him those questions, Ethan beat her to it with his reply.

"I'll explain everything later, little sister." sighed Ethan boredly.

Princess Jane cast a quick warning glare his way then at his reply saying, 'you better'. Then she turned her attention to Benny.

"So, you must be Benny, then? My brother's boyfriend." deduced Princess Jane, saying that last part in a teasing like manner before giggling soon after.

Ethan blushed, while making a grumpy face at his sister's teasing. Benny only smiled at her.

"Yup! The one and only!" he said proudly.

The little princess then began to circle around the spellmaster slowly, while looking him up and down as if examining him. "So, uh...Benny. Just what exactly are your intentions for my dear brother, here?" she then asked seriously (more like interrogated), as she stopped right in front him and stared him down intimidatingly right in the eye the best she could.

Benny looked down at the little girl with a nervous and unsure look on his face. When he glanced up in Ethan's direction, he could see the prince just standing there with his hand over his face, shaking his head like he can't believe what she's doing right now. The spellmaster then looked back down at the glaring little girl. If he was honest with himself, he had to admit he was a bit impressed by her need to look out for her big brother, like this. Clearly, they were close growing up together.

"Well, uh...your little highness. I plan to treat your brother here with great care and affection. Showing him every day how much he means to me and loving with every fiber of my being. I would never hurt Ethan and that is the honest the truth." stated Benny wholeheartedly out of love for the one who has his heart.

Benny still looked down at the girl nervously, as she continued to glare at him harshly. Then she suddenly just smiled at him.

"I like you, Weir. You're alright in my book." replied Jane genuinely to the wizard. Then she started to laugh. "But I can't believe you fell for the whole 'overprotective little sister' act, though!" she laughed. "Seriously, though! If my brother thinks you're the one, then I trust his judgment automatically, then. I could see it in his eyes how much he loves you when talked about rescuing you from Alissa." explained Jane earnestly.

Benny's mouth fell open in disbelief. He couldn't believe she just played him like that! "Wow, Ethan! You were right! Your little sister is devious! Huh?!" stated Benny in a mix of astonishment and impressiveness to Ethan, about his little sister.

Jane smiled widely at the compliment. "Just consider that the warm-up act for what's to come next, once you meet Father!" beamed Jane proudly. She then leaned in a bit closer to Benny as if what she had to say next was a secret or something. When it wasn't and everyone could still hear her just as clearly. "Trust me! Our father is NOT that easily impressed," she said in a whispery like tone. "If you thought I was hard on you, wait until you meet him, then." warned Jane.

Now, Benny was even more worried. Thinking that maybe being held captive by Alissa wasn't as bad as he thought it was. Heck! He was even kinda hoping that maybe she had survived somehow and would come and kidnap him a second time around, if it meant avoiding the torture of meeting Ethan's dad and surviving his harsh judgment on himself!

Prince Ethan could clearly see the nerves beginning to build once again in Benny. So, he came up to him and took his hand in his to calm them.

"I think that's enough for now, Jane. You're starting to make the poor man even more nervous than before about meeting Father." suggested Ethan in a warning, but also very polite like tone.

"Fine! I'll quit!" sighed Princess Jane dramatically. Then she turned to face Benny. "I really am sorry if I have upset you in any way about meeting our father, Benny. I just wanted to prepare you for what's likely to come, was all." apologized Jane sincerely to the spellmaster.

Benny smiled warmly at the little girl, then. "It's ok, Princess Jane. I get it. You were just trying to help, was all." said Benny sweetly to the girl in understanding. "In which, I sincerely appreciate, too."

This made Princess Jane happy, as she couldn't help but smile back. "You don't have to be all formal with me, Benny! You can just call me Jane, if you like!" she said cheerfully with a beaming smile on her face.

"Okie-dokie, then!... Jane." smiled back Benny, giving the little girl's hair a quick little ruffle.

Jane didn't mind it. In fact, she actually liked it. Not having to be all prim and proper all the time for once was actually kind of fun! And it also made her realize that being perfect all the time isn't very easy or fun to do, either. Jane now understood why her brother didn't like being a royal. But that also didn't mean that she felt as strongly about it, as he did. Jane loved being treated like a princess all the time, but it was nice every now and then to break away from that sort of...standard treatment and whatnot. To be treated like everyone else in the kingdom. Even if it means getting a bit messy, too! Something a princess or royal would never allow or do.

"I'll go let Father and Mother know of your returned, brother. And Rosalie, too!" said Jane brightly, as she left.

"So, uh...Was she right? Should I be worried about meeting your dad?" asked Benny a bit worriedly to Ethan.

"Probably." replied Ethan with an equally worried face, which was so not helping Benny's nerves right now. Then the young prince kissed him on the cheek and smiled fondly at him. "Don't worry, my love! Whatever may happen with my father, I'll protect you from him having you executed!" reassured Ethan confidently.

Benny knew he was just joking with him, which he was grateful for. So, he went along with it. "Great. I guess, that means he'll just have me thrown in the dungeon, instead then!" commented Benny sarcastically with a straight face. Then he sighed. "Oh, well. It's not like I'm used to being held prisoner, anyway." he then said disappointedly, referring to when Alissa had kidnapped him and held him captive.

Ethan chuckled. "At least, this time I'll be able to visit you every day." He mused slyly with a grin. "And since you'd be stuck here in this world then that means that I too will be staying in this world, also. For I can never live in a world without you in it, my love." stated Prince Ethan lovingly as he wrapped his arms around Benny's waist to pull him more closer to himself. "So, that means I will have no choice but to become Amaria's next king. And when I do, then as my first act as king shall be to release you from the dungeon, so that you may be free and so that I may be able to hold you like this, once again, my darling little wizard." he said flirtingly, while smiling lovingly at the spellmaster.

"Well, in that case then..." replied Benny back lovingly, as he smirked at the prince before kissing him.

"Eh-hrm!" faked coughed Erica, interrupting the lovebirds moment together. "Do you think it's a good idea to be doing all of that now when your parents could walk in at any moment and see you like that?" questioned Erica hintingly with a cocky smirk on her face.

Ethan and Benny looked at her with their hands still round each other. Then they both looked back at each other. "I think maybe Erica's right. Perhaps, being all lovey-dovey with each other right now, isn't such a good idea? It'll only give your father more incentive to hate me, then." implied Benny a bit concernedly.

Ethan only smiled at him and then pecked him on the lips. "Perhaps, she is." agreed Ethan fondly to the spellmaster. Benny smiled back at him and the two shared a kiss once again, but this time a quick one before finally removing their arms from around each other.

Just then, a girl around their age came entering into the room and gave Prince Ethan a hug. Benny sorta thought she looked rather hot and probably would've wanted to go out on the day with, as well. But he was with his prince now and he was perfectly happy with him, too. No way, would he ever give up his charming sweet prince for anybody.

But Benny couldn't shake the feeling that he's seen her from somewhere before? Upon further inspection, that's when it hit him. She was the princess from the book! The one he tried to summon and have as his girlfriend! Until he had um...said the spell wrong and wound up getting the prince, instead. But regardless of that, Benny was glad things turned out the way they did and that the prince was wound up being his boyfriend (and hopefully something more than that in the future), instead!

"I'm so glad to see that you all have returned safely!" exclaimed Princess Rosalie joyously. "So, does this mean that Alissa is dead, then?" she asked curiously.

"Yes, she is!" replied Ethan kindly to her.

"Oh! I'm so happy to hear that!" cheered Rosalie happily, as she hugged him again out of joy and excitement.

Now, Benny was starting to feel a little bit jealous towards the princess for hugging his boyfriend so much like that. But he managed to keep his cool about it, though.

Then Princess Rosalie turned to look at him and hugged him happily, too. Which was a bit of a shocker to him, though.

"And you must be Benny?! The one who has captured my ex-fiancé's heart!" deduced Rosalie cheerfully, as she ends the hug and flashed him a big friendly smile his way.

"Fi-fiancé?!" repeated Benny in shock (while stuttering a bit), as he looked over at the prince incredulously.

Prince Ethan ducked his head a bit at Benny's gaze towards him and blushed deeply from embarrassment and shame. Everyone else, though, only had uncertain and concerned looks on their faces, instead. As they had no idea how Benny will handle the news, now that he knows. In all honesty, they really didn't want it to wind up breaking their relationship with one another, as they all felt that they really do belong with each other.

Rosalie then noticed the awkwardness between the two now, after saying the 'f' word. "Oh! I'm greatly sorry Benny!" gasped Rosalie apologetically to the spellmaster. "I thought...I thought he had told you about that already upon your way here?" she said genuinely in a kind and sympathetic tone. She really didn't want to cause any trouble for the two. And she had to admit, seeing them together in public at the same time like this...? Well, they really did make a great looking couple together, in her eyes.

Benny didn't say anything. He only just shook his head.

"I guess, in all of the excitement of finally being able to see and hold you again, it had slipped my mind to tell you about my former engagement to Princess Rosalie, I suppose." explained Ethan to the sullen Benny. "I am truly sorry, my love. Can you ever forgive me?" begged Ethan sincerely with a hopeful look in his eyes.

Benny stared at Ethan for a moment or two, debating whether or not he should. But then he smiled and gave his darling boyfriend a kiss on the cheek then, as he had made up his mind.

"Of course, I forgive you! I mean, she did say ex-finance after all! Which means that you two are no longer engaged anymore!" stated Benny happily.

Everyone in the room let out a small breath of relief that they were all holding inside, then. They were glad that Benny wasn't made or upset about the news of Ethan formerly having a fiancée.

Prince Ethan smiled back lovingly at his spellmaster boyfriend then. Also happy to see that Benny wasn't bothered by the fact that he used to be engaged to Rosalie.

"But that still doesn't mean I don't want to hear all about how this came to be, though." demanded Benny then, in a dead-serious kinda tone with the look to match.

Now, the prince became somewhat nervous again, but obliged nonetheless. So, he told him everything.

Once Ethan was through telling him, Benny was a bit taken back by how Ethan's and Princess Rosalie's engagement had transpired. But then again...he wasn't too surprised by it, either. Benny sort a got why Ethan had proposed to her. For one, they technically supposed to get married from the get-go! Due to the story supposedly ending with the two getting married and living happily ever, as all fairytales do. And for two, after the nasty and dirty trick that Alissa had pulled on them back then, it made sense that a heartbroken Ethan would go back to the story he's from and live a life he didn't want or felt happy in. If he couldn't be happy in his world, then he might as well just go back and the happy life that was already mapped out for him, then. So, Benny understood why Ethan felt the need to propose to her. But now, it appears that Ethan and his (ex)fiancée have worked things out on their own, since returning here. And though, they may not be engaged to one another, they still decided to leave things on a good note as friends.

"So, now do you understand why I had proposed to her, in the first place?" asked Ethan a bit shamefully.

"I do." replied Benny positively with a smile. "And honestly...? I blame Alissa for it more than I do you or myself, E. So, no worries! K?!" he said reassuringly then, as she placed a reassuring hand on Ethan's shoulder.

Prince Ethan smiled, then. Happy to see that Benny gets it. "Ok, my love." replied Ethan back lovingly, as he gave him a tender peck on the cheek.

"You two really do make a great couple, I must say!" declared Rosalie fondly, making the two boys blush.

"And you are...?" trailed Rosalie in confusion, now turning her attention towards the only other person in the room who she didn't know.

"Cindy!" replied Cindy back in a friendly way, as she smiled at the princess. Then a look of realization came across her face. "Oh, wait! I'm supposed to bow to you, aren't I? I'm so sorry, your majesty!" apologized Cindy a bit frantically, as she then bowed her head and curtsied in front of the princess.

Rosalie giggled. "Oh, no! Don't be silly! It's quite alright! There's no need to be all formal with me, Cindy. We're all friends here, after all!" replied Rosalie reassuringly and graciously in a kind way as she smiled at the girl.

Cindy immediately stood back up, again and smiled. "Thank you, your majesty!" she thanked happily.

"Please! Call me Rosalie!" stated Rosalie genuinely in a polite and sincere tone.

"Ok!" chirped Cindy back, happily with a smile.

"Tell me, Cindy. Are you two from their world, also?" asked Rosalie curiously.

"Yes! I am!" replied Cindy. "I don't know how much everyone here has told you already, but I'm the person that Alissa's evil spirit was possessing and using as a vessel to commit her horrible deeds with." she explained with a slight bit of guilt in her voice.

"So, you're the one who Alissa was possessing!" gasped Rosalie in awe.

Cindy sadly nodded. "Trust me, when I say I feel terrible about what all Alissa had me do. I felt helpless inside, while she used my body and magic to exact her revenge with. I was a pretty much a prisoner inside my own body, while her mind took over."

"It is alright, Cindy! I do not hate you or hold anything against you for what Alissa might've done with your body. You weren't in control of yourself, back then. But now you're free and back in control over yourself, again. And for that, I am happy. I can tell that you are really a sweet, kind girl at heart, my friend." reassured Princess Rosalie genuinely to Cindy in a kind and caring way.

This made Cindy happy. "Thank you, Princess!" she said gratefully with a smile. "I mean uh...Rosalie." she then quickly corrected herself, when referring to the princess.

Rosalie simply smiled back and then gave Cindy a hug. "Now! Please, tell me all about your daring adventure to rescue your dear, sweet Benny, Ethan!" urged Princess Rosalie eagerly with excitement to the prince.

"Oh! Uh..." replied Prince Ethan a bit taken aback by her eagerness.

But before he could answer, a woman with blonde hair and dressed in royal clothing came rushing into the room with Princess Jane close behind her. The woman ran up to Ethan and engulfed him in a big hug, smothering him with love and affection as she was clearly happy to see him.

"Oh, thank the gods that my precious baby boy has returned safe and sound from his quest! Oh, how mommy has missed you!" praised Queen Samantha ecstatically, as she hugged her son tightly in her arms. Not ever wanting to let him go.

Once again, Prince Ethan felt so embarrassed by his mother's overbearing and motherly love towards him. He loved her, but he just wished she'd really learn to tone it down a bit with all the coddling and affection stuff. Does she not realize that he's no longer a little kid, anymore?!

Jane couldn't help, but to snicker and chuckle at how embarrassed and humiliated her big brother looked, right about now. She always got a kick out of it, every time their mother would do this to him after no seeing for so long.

Benny, on the other hand, also wanted to laugh just a little, but didn't. Instead, he just smiled fondly at the sight, as he actually enjoyed seeing his boyfriend's mom so loving and caring towards her son. Seeing her so attached to Ethan like this made him realize just how much she really cares for him. In a way, it sorta reminded Benny of the relationship he had with his own mother, too, when he was a kid.

"Not again!" groaned Ethan unhappily. "Mother, please! Not in front of my friends! It's embarrassing!" he complained embarrassingly with a hint of agitation in his voice.

"I'm sure their mothers all do the same to them, too! Just like any mother would do, when they love their children with all their heart, as I do!" chided back Queen Samantha in a snarky like way, as she released him from her iron grip hug. But no before planting a quick little kiss on his forehead, first. She then moved away from to go greet the others and welcome them, as well.

Prince Ethan let out a small frustrated little growl with a pout at her then, as he blushed immensely from her actions.

"It's ok, E. She's your mother. And I can clearly see that she really loves you a lot. So, be grateful for that." said Benny comfortingly, as she tried to cheer up the young prince's irritated mood towards his mother. He had come up to stand next Ethan and held his hand for comforting reassurance.

Ethan smiled warmly at his sweet gesture and instantly felt better. "You know, my love? Once she learns of who you are, she'll be all over you like that every time she sees you, too." slyly teased the prince to his boyfriend, as he smirked at him.

Benny's face slightly paled at the thought with worry, as he fearfully gulped. Sure he thought Ethan's mother smothering her son with love and attention was cute and adorable. But he wasn't so sure if he was quite ready yet to also be receiving the same kind of love from her, as well. Assuming she even approved of their relationship and likes him, that is. But Benny wasn't gonna lie. The thought of her accepting him into the family with welcoming arms and seeing him as another son, did make him happy. To have someone (who was probably around his own mom's age, if she was still around) who he can call mom, again. Even if Ethan's mom wasn't really his mom, it would still be nice to have another motherly like figure in his life to turn to for advice. Not that he couldn't with his grandma, but he knew that his grandma wasn't going to be there for most of his adult life like a mom would.

Ethan laughed seeing his boyfriend's reaction, which made Benny smile with a blush on his face.

Hearing her son's amused little chuckle, Queen Samantha looked over to see what her son was laughing about. When she did, she notices him holding hands with a young man around his age that she didn't recognize. All of this instantly brought her to the conclusion of who the young man was. She smiled joyously then at the two and rushed over towards them.

Before Benny knew it, he was suddenly being hugged by the queen!

"Oh, you're Benny! Aren't you?! My darling precious baby boy's beloved!" deduced Queen Samantha joyfully, as she hugged him tightly like she did to her son, earlier. "It is so nice to meet you, dear!"

"Now, I know how Ethan must feel every time this happens to him." thought the spellmaster sarcastically to himself, as he was helplessly being hugged to death by his boyfriend's mother. "Well...at least I know that she likes me, though!" he then thought optimistically to himself in a bright and happy way, as he looked on the bright side of being hugged like this.

"My goodness! My Ethan didn't tell us how handsome you were!" complimented the Queen sweetly to Benny, as she ended the hug and took a good look at him. "I can see why he's so smitten with you, dear." she then joked playfully with a giggle and a wink, making Benny blush. Then she got serious again, as she looked at him with kindness and fondness in her eyes. "Thank you for taking such great care of my baby and for looking out for him in your world, too. And I'm also happy to see that you make my precious little boy feel so happy and loved, as well." she said genuinely with a warm smile.

"Aw, thanks your majesty!" blushed Benny bashfully, as he absently rubbed the back of his head. "And I am happy too, to have Ethan in my life, as well! He means the world to me! In my world and in this world, too!" he said back, gratefully with a smile.

"I do hope he wasn't much trouble while in your world, was he?" asked Queen Samantha then curiously, as she gave him this concern sorta look.

Benny just smiled and shook his head. "Not at all! In fact, he's actually been a real perfect gentleman since coming and living with us, ma'am." he said happily.

The Queen smiled happily at that. "Oh, good! I am happy to hear that!" she said thankfully.

"Yes, if anybody's a handful out of the two back in our world, it's my grandson." stated Evelyn politely to the Queen. "He's always getting himself into some sort of trouble, back home. If anything, I'd say your son's been the one keeping him out of trouble more than anything." she joked, making herself and the Queen laugh a little.

"Grandma." grounded out Benny frustratingly from embarrassment. He was a bit worried that by sharing that bit of information with the Queen might change her positive view of him and would cause her to change her mind about him being with her son.

Queen Samatha saw the worried look on Benny's face and knew exactly what he must've been thinking at that moment. "Do not fret, dear Benny. I can assure you that none of what your grandmother has said has changed my opinion of you in any way, my dear boy." reassured Queen Samantha genuinely in a kind and sweet voice, as she smiled at him.

Benny was relieved to hear that. But he still had his toughest critic to impress, though, once he arrives.

"Mother? Where's Father at? Is he not gonna greet us upon our arrival?" asked Ethan curiously.

"Oh! He had some royal business type stuff to do. He should be about finished up with it by now, I believe. So, I expect he'll be here to greet you soon any minute now." answered Ethan's mother.

Ethan didn't look too thrilled about seeing his father, just yet. Queen Samantha saw this and knew why.

"Do not worry, my son. I had a very stern chat with your father after you had left to rescue your beloved from Alissa. Hopefully, my words were able to get through to that stubborn man I call a husband and he's had a change of heart about your decisions, dear." stated Queen Samantha sincerely in a kind and reassuring manner, as she tried to ease her son's worry a bit. She placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled at him reassuringly.

Prince Ethan looked up at his mother and smiled back, feeling somewhat more better. He knew that if anybody could talk some sense into his father it was his mother. She was the one person the king dared to never anger. Except for maybe his own mother, as well. But even though King Ross ruled over all of Amaria and it's people, it was Queen Samantha who ruled over him and their family.

That's when King Ross, himself, walked in. "Ah! I see you all have made it back here safely! I'm so glad for that, my friends!" he greeted openly in a happy and cheerful mood. He came up to them and stood next to his wife, as he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Welcome back!"

"Thank you, your majesty!" thanked Mrs. Weir politely out of gratitude.

"And tell me! How was your adventure in taking down that despicable witch, Alissa, go? Well, I hope?" asked the king, wanting to know.

"Well, your king!" began Mrs. Weir with her story. "It wasn't easy at first, as Alissa had many of nasty schemes planned for us on our way to her hideout, your highness." she explained.

"Oh, my!" gasped King Ross surprisingly, as he looked at with anticipation.

"But it was nothing we couldn't handle!" continued on Mrs. Weir confidently with pride in her voice.

"Well, I'm glad you were able to triumph over her, my dear friend!" stated King Ross happily out of gratitude, as she smiled at her.

"Yeah! We were very lucky that Ethan's sword was able to do miracles, too! By bringing people back from the dead! Like, Ethan here!" blurted out Rory enthusiastically.

"What?!" exclaimed all of Ethan's family in shock at what Rory just said.

"Ugh! Not again!" sighed out Erica agitatedly. "Rory sweetie? We really need to work on what's ok to say and what's not ok to say, with you." she then stated as nicely as possible to him. Rory just blushed embarrassingly, then.

Ethan stood there and gave his family a nervous kind of laugh and look, as he was hoping to maybe leave that bit of information out of their tale on how they saved Benny from Alissa. But thanks to Rory, now it appears he has no choice BUT to tell them, now. So, he did. The best way he could without throwing them into a panic. Mainly, his mother.

After he told them of what happened once they had reached Alissa's castle, his mother ran up to him and once again practically hugged the life out of him.

"Oh, my goodness! My poor baby!" fretted Queen Samantha out of concern and gratitude, while hugging him tightly. "Thank goodness your sword and Benny's love was able to bring you back!" she cried gratefully. "I swear, if I was there that witch would've wished that she was the one who was dead, once I'm through with her." threatened the Queen bitterly with a cold and hard expression on her face.

A chill ran up Benny's spine then at seeing the deadly look she gave at the thought of what Alissa had done to her son. "Man! E's mom is pretty scary when someone messes with her babies in the wrong way." thought Benny absently from fear. He made a mental note then about never pissing off Ethan's mom. Like EVER!

Prince Ethan gave a small awkward/nervous laugh then at his mother's words, as he pulled back from the hug from her. "Yes. Well, uh...as you can see, Mother, I'm alive and breathing, now. So, there's no need for any of that." said Ethan reassuringly with a bit of nervousness in his voice as he spoke, out of concern and uncertainty and fear towards his mother. Ethan knew how fierce she could be when it came to her children, which sometimes caused Ethan to worry as he didn't want her doing anything too rash or brazen that could get her in trouble. He was grateful, though, that this time around she couldn't really do anything because now Alissa is dead for good. Thanks to Amaria's Light bringing out the light that shone brightly from Benny's and his love for one another from within.

Queen Samantha only grinned happily at him, as she placed a hand on the side of his face. "I know, dear. I'm just happy that you're alive and well, now, my son. And that her wicked scheme to end you has failed." she said gratefully.

Ethan smiled too, happy that he was also alive, as well. And that in the end, it was Alissa who met her end.

King Ross smiled while looking at his wife and son, also happy for his son being alive and defeating Alissa, too. But his happy smile soon turned to more of a scowl, as he noticed a young man standing next to the prince. He figured that must've been Benny Weir. The one who is causing his son to be so defiant in his responsibilities as Amaria's next heir to the throne. The one who his son is so smitten with and adores more than anything in the world.

The moment Benny caught the king staring so seriously at him with those steely eyes of his, he felt scared. The spellmaster couldn't help but to gulp in fear at what could possibly be running through the King's mind as he glared at him like that.

"I presume you must be Benny Weir? The one responsible for my son's arrogance and defiance against me and this kingdom?" questioned King Ross in a stern and condescending tone.

"Y-yes, sir." stuttered Benny nervously. He didn't realize how scary Ethan's father was going to be until he actually came face-to-face with the guy! He was slightly quaking in his shoes now just from being his presence.

King Ross simply quirked a curious brow up at the poor nervously frighten teen, as he stood tall and peered down upon him judgmentally. "Then tell me...Benny. Just what exactly are your thoughts about Ethan's decision to abandon his duty and people all for the sake of love? And to live in a world separate from his own, where his entire family resides at?" asked King Ross.

Before Benny could answer, Ethan stepped in to say something, instead.

"Father! Stop this! He doesn't have to-" began Prince Ethan heatedly, before being silenced by King Ross, who rose a hand up to signal him to stop talking. Causing the prince to not be able to finish his statement.

"I have already heard your thoughts on the matter, son. Now, I want to hear Benny's." replied King Ross to his son, in an authoritative like manner.

Seeing his boyfriend being interrogated by his father like this, infuriated Prince Ethan. Could he not clearly see that he was scaring the poor guy to death?! His boyfriend didn't deserve this kind of treatment from him! If anything, he should be more welcoming and openminded about him like his mother was!

Fuming, Ethan was about to tell his father off when suddenly Benny stopped him. "It's alright, Ethan. I don't mind." replied Benny calmly, as he stopped Ethan from yelling at his father and possibly making the situation more worse. In truth, Benny had hoped that by telling King Ross what was on his mind and how he feels inside his heart for his son would possibly change the King's mind about him and will be more accepting and supportive towards his son's life choices.

Ethan looked over at the spellmaster real quick to see if he really was ok with answering his father's question. Benny gave him a kind and reassuring smile his way and a small nod, to show that he was. Although, truth be told, he was completely a nervous wreck on the inside, though. But he knew that once he got to speaking from the heart about how much he loves Ethan, that he'll be ok and won't feel as nervous about it, anymore.

Getting the message, Prince Ethan nodded back and took a step back so that his boyfriend may begin.

Benny took a deep breath at first, steadying his nerves a bit, before beginning.

"Your majesty, I want you to know that I love your son with every fiber of my being. And that I would do anything just to make him happy. I know that you don't approve of your son's decision to be with me and to give up his place as Amaria's next king, but...can't see that being king isn't what Prince Ethan wants as his future? Back when in my world, we talked and got to know each other better. He told me how unhappy he felt about being a royal and the kingdom's next king. How he hated how everybody felt as if they had to always treat him with respect or walk on eggshells while around him just because he's a prince and was afraid that if they ever angered him or did something wrong then they would be shipped off to the dungeon. All Ethan wants is to live a simple and normal life, just like any commoner would. To be treated just like they would, whether it be friendly or not. All that responsibility that went with being a prince and the kingdom's next heir was just...too overwhelming for him. He wasn't happy here. But in my world, with me? He's thriving and happy! Living a life of his choosing and not what others expect him to be. Where everyone treats him equally and isn't afraid to stand up to him or to defy him just because he's royalty." explained Benny wholeheartedly to the king.

King Ross just stood there with a blank face, as he continued to listen to Benny's words.

"I know that Ethan's duty should be here with his people, but...isn't it also his duty to follow his heart and do what makes him happy? Ever since meeting him, Ethan has helped me in so many ways. He showed me what love and commitment looks like. He gave me self-defense lessons, so that I may better protect myself against bullies. He always knows just how to cheer me up whenever I am sad or depressed about something. He's always there for me when I need him! Before I Ethan...I only ever thought that I could find such happiness and love with a girl. But now...now I know that all this time I've been chasing the wrong thing! That all along the person that I was meant to spend the rest of my life with was with a dude! And not just any dude, either! But with your son, Ethan! I'm glad that I botched up that spell when trying to summon Rosalie from the book, instead! Because if I hadn't then...I would have never known what true happiness felt like in my world! Ethan is my soulmate and the other half to my heart that had been missing for so long, then! And I know that he feels the same way about me. We belong together." expressed Benny some more, passionately as he looked King Ross in the eye as he spoke.

"So..." continued Benny, taking a minute to look down as if thinking about something important. He then looked back up at the king with determination in his eyes. "If you won't allow Ethan to come and live with me, like he wants, then...I'll just move here in Amaria and live with him, instead!" he stated determinedly.

This caused Benny's friends to gasp in shock. Whereas, his grandma only stood there smiling proudly at her grandson's touching words. She was proud of him for standing up for what he believes in.

"Benny?! You can't be serious?! Are you?" asked Sarah shockingly.

"Of course, I am!" he said to her, looking back at her with such seriousness and love on his face. "I can't live without Ethan there by my side every day. I know I'd be giving up a lot back home and plenty of people there may start to wonder what happened to me, but I don't care! All I care about is Ethan! And if he can't be our world, then I'll gladly come and live in his world, instead, if it means I can still be with him! A sacrifice that I'm willing to make, just as he is with his family, here! Either way, Ethan and I will be together! Because it's our destiny and that's what true love is all about! Making sacrifices to be with the one you love most!" explained Benny boldly and passionately to her. Meaning everything that came out of his mouth.

He then turned back towards the king. "So, that is what I think, your highness. About Ethan's decision to give up the throne and move to Whitechapel, just so that we may be together." replied Benny wholeheartedly and honestly, as he took Ethan's hand in his. "No matter what the outcome may be, our love will never be broken. Even death has proven that." he said finally, ending his long rant from the heart about what he thinks about Ethan's decision. He then glanced over at Ethan, both smiling happily with loving and adoring looks on their faces, as the still held hands.

Everyone in the room was touched by Benny's heartfelt words about Ethan, but King Ross, on the other hand, just remained still with the same stern and blank expression he had earlier on his face.

Now, that he's said all that he needed to say about his and Ethan's relationship together, Benny felt good about himself, again and was filling more confident, now. Until King Ross's deadly silence began to eat away at his nervous, again, that is. He had no idea what the king was thinking.

"Great! Now, he probably hates me even more, after that and for practically standing up to him, too!" thought Benny unsettlingly, now.

Finally, the king spoke. "I see. So, that's how you feel, eh?" said King Ross steadily, going back into his silent treatment, yet again.

Everyone stood there with bated breathe, as they waited to see how the king would respond to Benny's words. Now, Benny was even more nervous.

"Honey, say something." urged Queen Samantha gently, seeing how scared and nervous the young wizard has become, again. She knew the silence from her husband was killing him.

King Ross simply stared at him some more with that straight and authoritative face of his. Suddenly, flat line of his lips curled upwards into a smile.

"I am very pleased to hear you say such very meaningful and endearing words of love and great commitment towards my son, young man! I can clearly see the great love that you two share for one another!" praised King Ross graciously with honor and happiness in his tone, as he smiled at the spellmaster.

This took both Ethan and Benny aback for a minute, as they were both expecting a different kind of reply from the man. They didn't think he would give in easily, like that. At least...without them having to put up a fight on getting his approval, that is. Ethan knew how stubborn his father is, so this was especially shocking to him. After that argument he had with him before he left, Ethan was sure it would've taken a lot more work into getting his father to approve of their relationship together. And Benny was sure that the king most likely hated him for Ethan's determined decision to be with him, after Ethan had told him about their major argument, too!

"So, does this mean...?" asked Prince Ethan slowly.

"That I approve of you and this here boy's relationship together?" questioned King Ross rhetorically, as he basically just said what Ethan was trying to ask. "Of course!" he then replied happily with a big smile on his face.

Ethan's and Benny's confused expressions then immediately became happy and relieved ones, then at the King's reply. They then hugged one another out of pure joy.

"Oh, thank you, Father! You have no idea what this means to me!" declared the happy, young prince gratefully.

King Ross smiled happily at his son, then. "Of course, my dear boy!" he said sincerely with fondness in his voice. He then thought he should probably explain himself as to the reason why he decided to support his son's decisions. "After you had left, your mother and I had a little talk together about what had just happened during dinner that night. She told me that I was being unreasonable and unfair to you and your feelings. That I wasn't seeing the bigger picture and that as your father I should be more considerate and supportive about your decisions in life. She said that I was the ruler of Amaria and not of our son's life. Only he can rule over his own life. Not us."

"So, after the talk, I had with your mother and some time to myself alone to cool off a bit, I started to let everything begin to sink in. I thought deeply about what all your mother had said to me and about our heated argument during that time. I thought how we both reacted then and what I saw when you so passionately defended yours and Benny's relationship together, as well as you wanting to live with him in his world. Looking back at that argument, I saw something in you that I didn't see before at the time. The great love that you share with this boy and your willingness to do anything for him, to protect him. Even from your own stubborn father." explained King Ross to his son, with that last part sounding more like a joke, though.

King Ross then placed both his hands on Prince Ethan's shoulder and looked at him proudly. "I don't want to lose my only son over this. I know how much Benny means to you and if he is what makes you happy then so be it. You are my son, Ethan. And I love you very much. So, whatever makes you happy, makes me happy." he said genuinely with love and gratitude in his voice, as he smiled at him. "Besides, it is like what you said earlier, 'Amaria is a country of love and romance'. And if I, the king, am against two males in love with each other? Then...what kind of king, am I then?" he said rhetorically. "I'll tell you. Not a very good one, son. For Amaria is a land open to ALL kinds of love! Be it between man and woman, or man and man, or even woman and woman! It is ALL welcome here, in this great country of ours! So, I strongly approve of you wanting to be with the wizard, my boy. And I am happy that you have found someone who you believe is the one and that makes you feel happy. Just as your mother is that person for me." concluded King Ross gratefully. He then pulled the prince into a hearty and loving hug to show that he means it, too. While also trying to hold back any tears of own and still be manly about it.

The prince accepted the hugged and hugged him back, as well, in return. He too, had tears in his eyes, but unlike his father who was trying to desperately hold his back (but failing a little) his, Ethan let them fall. Knowing his father was ok with his and Benny's relationship together brought joy to his heart. He was also so thankful that he and his father was able to reconcile over it, too, after the fight they had with each other. He didn't want to hate his father and stay mad at him for god only knows how long. Growing up, his father was his hero and role model as a kid. Ethan hated the idea that he was a disappointment to him, but he wasn't about to just give up on his love for Benny, just like that! Especially, since his father hadn't even met Benny, yet, back when they argued!

The two then released each other from their passionate father-son hug. "I hope you can forgive me, son. For yelling at you and calling you a disgrace to the family name." apologized the king to the prince.

Prince Ethan smiled back warmly at his father. "Of course, I do, Father. We're family, after all!" he replied back fondly with sincerity also in his voice.

King Ross was thankful to hear that. He then turned to face Benny with a smile and his hand held out for a handshake. "I look forward to getting to know you, Mr. Weir." he said.

Benny smiled back and shook the King's hand. "Me, too, your majesty!" he replied back earnestly, not feeling as nervous as before now.

"Please, Benny! Like, I said before, you can just call me Ross. I mean, you are gonna be my future son-in-law someday, right?" replied King Ross genuinely, although that last part was meant to be more of a playful little joke or tease towards the young spellmaster.

Both boys faces then turned a bright red, as Benny looked away embarrassed and Ethan looked at his father with slight annoyance. "Father! Not you, too!" groaned the Prince in annoyance, now having to deal with not only his mother embarrassing him in front of his boyfriend and friends, but his father, as well.

The King simply laughed.

"So, does this also mean you approve of Ethan's decision to stay with me back in my world, as well?" wondered Benny.

"Of course! If living in your world so that he may be with you is what he wants, then who am I to stand in the way of true love?!" replied King Ross honestly in an approving manner.

This made the young couple even happier. Now, they can be together without stress or worry about all the strain it'll have on Ethan and his family, if they didn't approve of him wanting to live in Whitechapel.

Suddenly, Prince Ethan thought of something. "Father? If I am to no longer be the next king of Amaria, then...who will be it's future ruler, then?" questioned the prince curiously.

Ethan's father simply smiled at the curious teen. "No worries there, my son! I have it all figured out, already!" he simply said, which left Ethan even more confused than before at his father's cryptic reply. Still seeing his son's confused expression, King Ross gave a little chuckle and smile. "I'll explain later." he said amusingly. "But for now, I'm sure you all must be tired and hungry from your long journey back! The rooms you were previously staying in have already been prepared for you. And for those of you who haven't been here already, I'll have the servants prepare you one immediately." offered the king sincerely in a kind tone.

"Ross, honey! Don't be so impetuous and rude to our dear friends! They never did say that they were staying the night here!" scolded Queen Samantha gently to her husband, for being inconsiderate about what their friends' plans maybe, after their return.

"Oh, my! You are absolutely right, dear! They didn't!" exclaimed King Ross in realization. He then turned to them and bowed his head down humbly. "I am so terribly sorry for my rude assumption, my friends! Please! Forgive me?!" he apologized graciously to them.

"It is quite alright, your majesty! No apologies necessary!" replied Evelyn kindly to the king.

The king stood back up again and smiled at the old lady. "Well, I do hope you'll still take me up on my offer, then? You all are very much welcome to stay the night here before returning back to your world. I'm sure you all could use a good meal and night's rest in a bed." implied the king.

"You know...I could really use a good night's rest that's not on a cold, hard ground, though. Plus, this is Ethan's home! I'd love to stay a bit longer so that I can see the place where he grew up at, Grandma!" pointed out Benny hopefully.

Evelyn thought about it for a minute before giving her answer. "Ok, then! We'll stay a bit longer!" she confirmed with a smile. "But only just for the night, though!" she then added, abruptly.

"Yes!" cheered Benny happily.

"Besides, I'm still a bit drained after that battle against Alissa and her evil minions. I'm sure a night's rest in a bed will help me feel fully charged and restored, again. So, that I'll have enough magic for when I do the spell to get us back home." stated Evelyn optimistically with a bright, cheery smile on her face. She wasn't gonna lie, but her back could really go for a soft and comfy bed right now, after spending days sleeping on the ground. Old people just aren't cut out for such rugged things!

"Excellent! Then I'll be sure to notify the servants to set up two extra rooms, then! One for Cindy and one for Benny! Oh! And I'll also tell the chef to prepare plenty of food tonight, as well! For tonight, we feast!" declared King Ross enthusiastically.

"A feast? But Father, isn't that a little much?" asked Ethan curiously.

"Nonsense, my boy! For tonight we have much to celebrate! Like the final demise of Alissa and everyone's safe return!" explained the king, proudly.

"As well, as getting to meet the love of your life and our future son-in-law, too! I might add!" chimed in Queen Samantha also, as she gave a playful wink at her son and his boyfriend. Both boys faces flushed a bit at that.

"And let's not forget the important news that Father has regarding the future of Amaria, as well!" piped in Jane enthusiastically, too.

"Right you are, my dears! So, you see, son! There is lots to be celebrated about, tonight! So, why not celebrate it?!" exclaimed the king ecstatically with a big smile on his face.

Ethan looked over at his boyfriend then with an uncertain look on his face. To which Benny only gave a shrug and a smile to. Sighing in defeat, Ethan reluctantly gave in and agreed to his father wanting to celebrate all their accomplishments that they've made so far.

Thrilled about his son allowing him to have a feast in of their accomplishments, King Ross immediately bid them farewell for now and set off to go notify the chef of tonight's dinner plans.

While he was off doing that, Queen Samantha also said farewell, too. As she then set off to go find the head servant to tell her about their friends return and how they'll be staying the night, once again. As well, as how they'll also be needing two extra rooms prepped and ready to go, as their friends have brought two extra guests with them.

Not knowing what else to do now, everyone decided to go freshen up and relax in their previous rooms from when they had stayed earlier. Everyone, except for Cindy and Benny, that is. Seeing as they had to wait till the servants had their rooms ready for them. So, until then, Cindy just hung out with Erica and Sarah in Sarah's room. Mostly gossiping about stuff back in their world.

As for Benny? He got a tour of the castle with Ethan as his tour guide, telling him every little thing that he knows about each part they visited. And though, Benny might always find history class a bit boring back in his world, he found it to be quite amazing whenever it was being told from his boyfriend's mouth. Especially, when it came to childhood memories of Ethan's. He loved hearing those from him. Hearing Ethan reminiscing about his childhood memories growing up in the castle, just made Benny feel like he's gotten to know even more about his wonderful prince charming than he did before.

While on their little tour, one of the servants had found them to notify Benny that his room was finally ready and that dinner would be done within the hour, as well. The prince and Benny both politely thanked the servant, who in turn bowed graciously to them before leaving to show Benny his room.

Benny was in awe when he first saw it. He's never seen a bedroom as big as this one, before. And everything was so neat and tidy looking, that it almost made him afraid to wanna touch anything while there! And on the bright side of it, too, Benny's room wasn't all that far from where Ethan's was, either! Probably, a special request the queen had put in when notifying the servants that handle all the housekeeping type cores, around here. So, that way he could be close to his beloved. Benny smiled at that.

With dinner being closer to being finished, Prince Ethan decided to give his boyfriend some time alone in his room, so that the wizard may get cleaned up and ready. As well, getting cleaned up and ready for dinner himself, also. So, he gave the young wizard a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving. Once he left, Benny took one more minute to stand there in awe and admire the luxurious beauty that was his room for the night, before finally heading off to go get cleaned up before dinner.

At the dinner table, the King wasn't lying when he had said they were having a feast tonight. There were all kinds of delicious looking foods spread across the table. Probably, enough to feed everybody that lived or worked in the castle!

Curious, Rory had asked the King what happens to the food that they don't manage to eat all of, once everybody is done eating. King Ross humbly replied that what they don't eat never goes to waste, as whatever is leftover the servants can take home to feed their families with. The King told Rory that they were a kingdom who doesn't like to waste good food. Something he was very proud of, by the way. He always liked helping other people out whenever he could.

A little into dinner, Ethan remembered that his father was supposed to tell him about who was to take over for him, as Amaria's new ruler.

"Father? Weren't you suppose to tell me who is to ascend the throne in my place, since I'll be living with Benny in his world?" asked Ethan.

"Ah, yes! That I am, my dear boy! Thank you for reminding me!" replied King Ross in realization and kindness.

"You're welcome, Father." replied Ethan genuinely. "So, tell me then. Who will take over as the next ruler after you, Father?" asked the prince again, out of eagerness and curiosity.

King Ross simply smiled at him, as Princess Jane spoke for him then. "I am!" she said proudly to her brother.

This surprised the young prince, as his eyes went wide in disbelief. "Jane, is to be the kingdom's next ruler?!" replied Ethan incredulously. "But...but...isn't she a little too young to be ruling a kingdom, Father?" he then asked confusedly, while pointing out the obvious.

King Ross laughed. "Yes, she is! But she won't be taking up the throne for quite some time, now, as you can see." explained the king.

Jane nodded in agreeance with her father. "I still have lots to learn about what it takes to be a proper ruler and all. So, first I have to go through all the lessons and training, that you went through first, big brother. By then, I should be old enough and ready to ascend the throne as Amaria's next queen." smiled Jane happily, as she explained the plan further to Ethan and his friends.

"But Jane, are you sure you're up for this? Learning to be a king or queen is a very difficult task. Well...more boring than it is difficult. Are you sure want to do this?" pointed out Ethan concernedly, as he recounts his personal experiences of the tedious and long lessons he's had to endure while growing up. He just wanted to be sure that this was something his little sister was absolutely ok with. He didn't want to leave her with such a big burden on her shoulders if it wasn't something she truly wanted to do.

Jane saw the worry and concern in Ethan's eyes and smiled warmly at him. "I am, big brother." she said confidently, but sweetly and kindly also. "Ethan, I've seen the way you look during those lessons. And I can tell that you dreaded them each and every day. Even before the little heart-to-heart talk we had before dinner on the day you returned back to our world, I could tell way before then that you didn't want to be king. Even though you would always try to hide it from everyone. But I'm your little sister and can see right through you, most of the time. Living the life of a royal and to be Amaria's next king was something you never wanted or enjoyed in life, Ethan. Whereas, I did. I enjoy being a princess and being treated as such. But you...you didn't. You just wanted to be like everyone else. Normal. And I get that. Which is why I want to do this. Being Amaria's next ruler was meant for me more than it was for you. Your destiny lies elsewhere, with Benny, back in his world. While mind lies here, in Amaria, as it's next queen." expressed Jane wholeheartedly to her brother, as she tried to reassure him that taking over the throne as queen was something she truly wanted.

Ethan looked at her for a moment with concern etched onto his face, but it quickly vanished as he saw the determination and eagerness in her eyes. As well, as hearing the confidence and passion in her voice of how much she wants this.

Ethan knew deep down, that unlike him, Jane loves all the special treatment that one gets from being royalty. And how she couldn't wait to someday marry a prince and hopefully get to rule over a kingdom with him, too. In a way, becoming a queen was always Jane's dream. Ethan then believed that she could do it and would make a fine queen and ruler of Amaria in the future.

"Ok, Jane. I believe you." smiled Ethan fondly to his little sister. "And I wish you well on your path to becoming Amaria's next queen, as well, my little sister." he said sweetly to her.

Jane smiled, happy to hear her brother's approval of wanting to become Amaria's next queen. If they weren't sitting down eating right now, she'd give him a big hug as thanks for believing in her dream. So, instead, she just opted to say it.

"Thank you, big brother!" thanked Jane sincerely. "And I promise to be a kind and great ruler to this kingdom just like Father is and how you would've been, as well, big brother. If you had taken the throne, instead. I'll make you both proud me. Just wait and see." she promised earnestly with a big smile on her face.

"Jane, sweetheart. You already make us proud of you." praised King Ross fondly to his daughter.

"Yeah! By stepping up as second born to the throne in my place. Not very many younger siblings would probably be so responsible and brave to do so, as you are, my dear little sister. Especially, when knowing that their older sibling is still alive and very much capable to take the throne, like originally planned to." explained Ethan, who agreed with their father.

"So, you see, my dear sweet daughter. Your willingness to take up the throne someday, so that your brother can be happy and live the life that he's always dreamt about, is why we're so proud of you, Jane." added King Ross fondly to his daughter with a proudful smile on his face.

Prince Ethan nodded in agreement with him. "So, you go and follow your dream of becoming Amaria's next great ruler, Jane. Because I believe in you and I know that you'll make a great queen, someday." encouraged Ethan genuinely.

Jane smiled happily and proudly at that.

"So, uh...if Jane is taking over for Ethan to be the kingdom's next future ruler, then um...who'll be in charge of the throne until she's ready, then?" questioned Benny curiously to the king.

"I will, of course!" answered the king graciously. "I still have a few good years left in me to rule over a kingdom, after all!" joked King Ross heartily to the wizard. "I am in no hurry to retire from the throne any time soon. So, I'll be happy to continue being Amaria's king for a bit more longer until Jane is old enough and ready to take my place." he stated earnestly.

"Are you sure, Father?" asked Prince Ethan concernedly, wanting to make sure.

"Indeed, my son!" replied King Ross reassuringly with a nod. "I'll continue to be Amaria's acting ruler until the time comes for me to step down and for Jane to finally take her place as the next acting ruler of this kingdom." he reassured confidently.

"Then, in that case, I guess I have nothing to worry about, then. Sounds like the kingdom will be in good hands, it seems." smiled Ethan happily. Happy to have such a loving and supportive family, who's willing to step up in his absence to the throne.

"That it will." agreed Queen Samantha happily back. "Now, how about we change the subject and talk about something else? Like, what's it like living in your world?!" she then suggested anxiously, while looking at Benny and his friends eagerly. Desperately, wanting to hear all about their world and what it's like living there.

And so, the conversation was steered into a different direction. A direction, that told all of the royals there at the table (except for Ethan), all about what it's like living in the world outside of theirs.

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