"Gee, it sure is boring around here," Popo remarked as he and Nana were having a practice match with each other on the snowy mountain that was the redundantly named Icicle Mountain, with the Ice Climbers slamming their mallets into each other.

"Mah boi, smashing is what all true warriors strive for!" Nana exclaimed as she let out a giggle. "I just wonder what's for DINNER."

Suddenly a warp appeared, and the Ice Climbers looked up, to see themselves somehow falling through the portal, with the newer Ice Climber pair being lighter colored. The old Popo and Nana gasped as they approached the new pair of Ice Climbers, glancing up at the portal to see where they came from.

"Bro, I think these two came from our game!" Nana exclaimed.

"Holy poop! Hey, that's what you can spell my name with!" Popo exclaimed, his hands on his face.

The IC Ice Climbers got up as they shook their heads, facing their Smash counterparts as they gasped.

"Are you... us?" The original Ice Climbers stated in shock.

"...Yeah, we are," The Smash Bros Ice Climbers confirmed as they nodded their heads. "Welcome... to Smash Bros?"

Ice Climber Popo squinted his eyes to his twin sister, IC Nana, with them not sure as to whether this was such a good idea. Smash Bros Popo rubbed the back of his head while SB Nana farted, fanning the air with her right hand.