"So, how was Smash Bros for you two?" Ice Climbers Popo asked his counterpart.

"Oh, it was all right... I guess." Super Smash Brothers Popo responded.

"We kinda got kicked out recently." Super Smash Brothers Nana remarked.

"Ooh, that sounds bad." Ice Climbers Nana stated in shock.

The two pairs of Ice Climbers looked at each other awkwardly as it was furiously snowing on the snow capped mountain, when it began to get super windy.

"So how did you get kicked out?" The Ice Climbers asked their incarnations in Super Smash Brothers.

"Because we were too good," The Super Smash Brothers Ice Climbers replied in unison as they pointed at each other. "That, and because we had a certain gameplay mechanic that just didn't work."

"Oh." Popo said.

"That stinks." Nana casually remarked with a casual shrug.

Suddenly the Ice Climbers' stomachs growled, with all of them feeling the need to get food as they spotted a red bird carrying a bunch of eggplant in its talons. Smash Bros Popo pointed at the bird as Smash Bros Nana began hopping in excitement, with Ice Climber Popo wrapping his arms around the back of his head while Ice Climber Nana farted a deep pitched bassy fart, her muffled farting causing the area to get warmer as a result.