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Piper surveyed the damage she'd caused. The water of the bay had stopped lapping at the shore; above her head, several birds had frozen mid-flight. The barges continued to trundle past, however, and Piper could hear traffic somewhere behind her. So… it wasn't as bad as it could've been.

"Darn," Piper muttered. "At least I didn't blow anything up."

Resigning herself to the fact that she slipped up with one of her active powers, Piper walked around in front of the kids. "Might as well make it count," she muttered to herself. With a wave of her hand, she unfroze her localized chunk of the world.

Both of the kids jumped back. The boy pulled a wrench out of his belt, and the girl whipped out her knife. It was, surprisingly, bronze, not steel.

Back where Piper had been standing, Leo make and unpleasant noise, "Piper! What'd you do that for? Do you want to draw every demon in the area, and potentially expose your magic?" Oops, Piper thought. He sounded pissed.

"It was an accident, dear. I just decided to take advantage of freezing the entire block." Leo scowled back, so Piper continued, "Look at the bright side. At least I didn't blow something up instead."

During this exchange, the two teenagers had nearly gotten whiplash, looking back and forth with wide eyes.

"Who, in the name of Hephaestus, are you people?" teen Leo blurted.

Leo, cordial as ever, stepped forward hand extended, "I'm Leo Wyatt, and this is my wife Piper Halliwell."

Piper couldn't help smiling at her husband. The teenagers, however, simply regarded his hand with suspicion.

"I assure you both; we have no intention of harming you," Leo continued. He glared over at Piper, "And I'm sure my wife is quite sorry for scaring you out of your skins."

"Well, I guess in that case…" the girl hesitantly slid her knife into its sheath and accepted the proffered hand, "Piper McLean." She glanced at teenaged Leo who simply scowled and crossed his arms, "The grump over there is Leo Valdez."

Piper's Leo turned his hand to the boy as the two Pipers shook. With a huff, the boy accepted and greeted both of the adults. Piper was surprised at the sensation of grease on the boy's hand.

"So," Piper ventured, looking at the girl, "What's with the knife?" Teen Piper's jaw tightened, and Piper immediately regretted the question.

Teenage Leo on the other hand frowned, "You can actually see it?"

Piper gave him a look, "Well, if I couldn't, would I be asking about it?"

"Piper," Leo murmured, either in warning or to calm her…. probably both.

Teen Piper frowned at the use of her name, "That's confusing."

"Really? I hadn't noticed," Piper replied dryly.

"By the way…" Leo looked at teen Piper, "What was that? The magic you used."

"It was… unlike any charm or spell I've encountered," Piper agreed

"Well, since you were the one who popped in front of us—I might remind you we were leaving—would you care to explain what exactly you are and what that magic was?" teen Leo glowered at Piper.

The experienced witch found herself feeling a bit like a deer in the headlights. "Well…" How could she explain herself? Should she be simple or… thorough? How much should she trust these strange kids? "…that's complicated."

"Well, un-complicate it." Leo was not impressed with this chance encounter. Not one bit. It reminded him of all the surprise monster and god attacks he's had over his time as a demigod.

The woman who bore Piper's name glanced at her husband, "I'm a witch."

"A witch?" Piper echoed.

Leo couldn't help but snort, "Yeah, and I'm Marty McFly."

The adult Piper gave him a proper glare. Like… the kind of momma-bear glare that makes your voice stop working. Only Sally Jackson was truly capable of giving Leo a glare like that. "Whether it fits into your world view or not," she said icily, "I am a witch, one of three chosen sisters; we've saved the world more than once. As for my magic, that was one of my two active abilities: molecular immobilization."

"What's your other one?" Piper asked curiously.

Her older namesake smiled, "Molecular combustion."

The daughter of Aphrodite's eyes widened comically, "So when you said that you didn't blow something up, you meant—"

"Yes," the woman smiled encouragingly, every particle of her body screaming 'mom', "Sometimes when I'm stressed, I can't control my powers as well as I'd like."

Leo turned to the man, who still stood behind them, "So I guess that means you're a wizard or a warlock or something, right?"

To Leo's immense surprise the man blanched. "I am definitely not a warlock," he said with a look of disgust. His demeanor softened, "I'm actually a Whitelighter. Well, was."

"Whitelighter?" demigod Piper echoed again.

"They're like guardian angels for witches," adult Piper supplied.

"What do you mean was?" Leo narrowed his eyes, "Why aren't you one anymore?"

Adult Leo smiled, "That's a very long and complicated story. But, I'll give you the simplest version: I clipped my wings and became human again."

"Again?" Leo was still not convinced about these characters.

"Wings?" Clearly Piper had picked up on a different part of the sentiment.

"Whoa there. We told you who we are. Now it's your turn." Adult Piper crossed her arms.

Leo looked desperately at Piper, and found a similar look staring desperately back. Leo had no idea how he was supposed to start. I mean—he didn't trust these people, but he had a feeling that they've been telling the truth, so Leo felt obligated to at least share something

Thankfully, Piper—gods bless that girl—spoke up first, "What do you know of Mythology?"

Leo's namesake frowned, "Which kind?"

"Greek and Roman."

The man nodded, "I'm very familiar with it. Piper may not know as much, but we did face a related evil a little less than a decade ago." Meanwhile, his wife smiled at him and made her way back to the bench.

Related evil? Leo found himself wondering. "Well," he jumped in, "It's all real. You know how in the stories the gods are always running around having children? Well, they still do. I'm a son of Hephaestus."

Piper smiled beside him, "I'm a daughter of Aphrodite."

"Back at—" he stopped himself. Better not reveal Camp Jupiter. "—our home, there are kids of almost all the gods. One of my best friends is a son of Jupiter, and his sister—a daughter of Zeus—is lieutenant to Lady Artemis."

"And Percy, who's a son of Poseidon, declined the gift of immortality once after saving Olympus—"

"—which hangs over New York—" Leo interrupted.

Piper glared at him as she continued, "—from the Titan Kronos and his army."

Leo surveyed the faces of the two adults. They were now standing side by side a few feet from the bench they had claimed before the chance encounter. The man looked baffled beyond belief—as if they'd just told him the world was flat. The woman, however, looked strangely intrigued and awed… and also in disbelief.

"Actually," the mechanic found himself venturing, "our last huge battle to stop the apocalypse happened around a year ago. Seven demigods, including me and Piper here, went on a quest to stop Gaea, supreme creepy homicidal dirt face, and heal the rift between the Greeks and Romans."

At that, adult Piper frowned. "I thought Gaea was mother earth."

"You're thinking of Pan, the god of the wild," Piper supplied, "Gaea had her son Kronos killed her husband Uranus, and later bore the race of giants with Tartarus himself. She really hates the gods, and hates humanity even more."

"Hated. Past tense," Leo muttered, "I kinda died to destroy her. Remember?"

Adult Leo frowned, "I'm sorry?"

"To storm or fire the world must fall," Piper quoted. "That's a line from the Prophecy of Seven."

"I'm fire, and my friend who's a son of Jupiter is storm. I wasn't about to let my bud Jason duke it out with dirt face—especially after I figured out I was gonna die anyway."

"And you're alive… how?" adult Piper frowned at him.

"I took the physician's cure—basically a cure for death. Very restricted, as you might imagine. Asclepius made it for us."

Piper frowned, "I made him make it for us. And then you had Hazel trick us all so you could take the cure with you and we wouldn't know what you had planned."

"But 'cha know you love me," Leo grinned.

Piper frowned deeper. "I'm still pissed you didn't send an Iris message to let us know you were alive." For a moment the two friends had a staring contest, forgetting about their surroundings and situation.

Leo nearly jumped out of his skin when adult Leo cleared his throat.

"What do you mean you made Asclepius make the death cure?" adult Piper peered at Piper.

Adult Leo nodded in agreement, "Yeah—does it have something to do with that magic you used on us?"

Leo watched his friend blush, and stare at the ground accusingly. "It's charmspeak," she managed to mutter, "A gift," her voice turned a little sour at that, "that I got from my mom. It's pretty rare." She glanced at Leo, "Sorta like children of Hephaestus that can summon and are immune to fire."

"That's me," Leo smirked, "Hot stuff."

"Alright," adult Piper clasped her hands together, "This is all fine and dandy, but I'm still confused as hell." She turned to her husband, "We fought Cronos and Demetrius, who were Titans, and you opened up that vase thingy and turned us into gods." She glanced at Leo and Piper. Leo was surprised by the apprehension in her gaze. "You turned me into the Greek Goddess of the Earth… gave me the power of Gaea."

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