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Mortality…a simple but very confusing word that many might think is a simple thing. But they wouldn't be wrong if they did think it was a simple concept. Mortality is the state of being subjugated by death, or in simple terms you can die. Mankind does its best to put this word in the back of their mind for all people who are subjugated to mortality fear it. But who does not fear death?

Humans and any animals are all the same in this aspect, death is the last thing on their mind most of the time. But when a time comes and their lives are threatened that is the only thing on their mind and how to prevent it. But even to this day humans fear death more than anything, to even go as far as cause deaths of others to protect themselves from death. Death to humans is the last stop and they want to prolong that stop for as long as they can.

Even with all of our knowledge of the human body after death it is a mystery unknown to men and women across every galaxy and every universe. The concept of death is like that of a closed door. We don't know what is on the other side only until we open it and find out, the only problem is that once you open the door and pass through the door you cannot go back. However there are some who look at this door and laugh since they will never have to open it themselves.

These people are called immortals, people who have ever lasting life and do not fear what cannot reach them. This door is a joke to many of them a concept they never have to worry about since they cannot die. However some immortals know that even with death no longer available to them there is an even worse fate…fading. This is what one might call a true death, no afterlife no rebirth, a death in which no one pure immortal can escape.

But thankfully to fade it takes considerable variables to do so to an immortal, even getting tossed into a volcano cannot cause one to fade. But simply reform since their body was destroyed but their soul remains alive. But to make one Fade is to destroy the very soul of an immortal for an immortal can live without a body. A body to a true immortal is nothing but a device to allow them to interact with the human world.

But there is still a few immortal that are cursed to fear death even if their age is not a problem, these few and rare immortals are called half immortals. They are simply a human gifted with the everlasting life of a true immortal. But a human cannot become a true immortal for the true immortals would never allow a simple mortal into their personal realm but only a taste of it. You could almost say it is like the crumbs of a fine meal that slipped away and fell on the ground.

But these half immortals are very limited too few in this world such as the hunters of Artemis. A group of 13 year old girls that travel across America with the goddess of the hunt. She is one of the few gods left that Zeus allows to turn humans into half immortals. Still even then she takes precautions in turning humans immortal. You must be wondering though, you seem to make it as if the gods themselves are not immortals.

Well you would be wrong they are simply the third and last category of what an immortal can be classified as. From the bottom up you half immortals, true immortals, and finally godly immortals. Beings that possess the power to bestow the power of immortality and even then some to the beings of this universe. They unlike the true immortals are nearly 100 times more powerful.

They are the beings that hold the world in their hands and decide its path and how the humans advance. They are the beings that change the world for the better or worse, they are the cause of wars, they are the cause of peace, they are the gods of Olympus.

But even with a rule over everything in this world there are few things even they cannot control. Beings that were born far before them and lived centuries in hiding far from civilization. But these beings are long asleep, they live in their dreamless worlds of darkness away from the world around them. One reason is because a dreamless sleep is the closest thing they can come to death since even they fear the permanent death of fading. Second is because if they wake their very presence will affect the world they stand on.

Skies would turn black, seas and oceans would turn to poison, light itself would vaporize the surface of the planet, and nightmares would become realties. For this reason they sleep or take refugee deep under the planets crust away from everything. But some still are awake but simply partake in the duties that their domains demand them to. You all must be wondering what I am getting at.

Well let's make a recap with a few simple words put into sentences, humans are prone to die, gods and immortals a prone to live forever, half immortals can live forever but can die by a sword, the Olympians control who live and dies, beings so powerful they could destroy the world live deep in the crust and most sleep to this day. But how does this all fit together?

Well that is where I come in, my name is Perseus Jackson an enigma to these rule that have been set by Chaos herself. I am the definition of a rule breaker to say the least and I cannot say I am one to deny such a fine title. But back to the main point at hand, where do I fall in place in all of this information? Well I am glad you asked because in tail I will explain how I fall into the place that can only be called Perseus Jackson.

But let us begin our journey at the beginning of the end in the year 3000. In the one place that I can be me without worrying about some certain deities bothering me. Unfortunately those certain deities' didn't quiet get the memo.




"Milady I have the repot you wanted." I heard as I looked up from a map that laid flat on a table in my tent. As I looked up I saw my hunters leader, her name was Zoe Nightshade. But currently you could almost not tell it was her as she was in one very large and poufy white coat. To be precise it was a polar bear skin parka, currently the ones we purchased to make the trip were not sufficient for the weather we were in.

She just pulled down the hood as it revealed the newer winter coat underneath it along with a pair of goggles. But from her nose which was slightly frostbitten I could tell even with all the extra clothes it still didn't protect her nose. She didn't keep the goggles on long though as she reached up and pulled them off along with her second hood which was silver. As she did it revealed deep charcoal black irises and a face of a Persian princess.

"Thank you Zoe." I said as I took the frost covered file from her, and set it by a couple others I have as Zoe just stared down at the map. It took me a minute to notice that she hadn't left as I looked back up at her with an eyebrow raised.

"Is there anything else that I can help you with Zoe?" I asked as she shuffled in her spot for a second as she cleared her throat.

"With all due respect Milady…some of the girls are beginning to wonder if what we are going here is worth the effort." She said quickly and quietly as she looked down as I sighed.

"Well I wouldn't want to spend my summer in the coldest place in the world but it must be done, why do you think I allowed you all to age to 18?" I asked her as she couldn't find an answer, indeed it was rare for Artemis to age her hunt to fit certain situations. Being in Antarctica was one of those situations.

"Also why are you looking at a map of Antarctica without all the ice?" Asked Zoe as she looked at the map in front of me. Indeed it was this continent without its icy layer above it, special order from Athena I might add.

"Because the person we are looking for isn't dumb enough to hide on the top of the ice." I said as Zoe raised an eyebrow.

"What type of person has the resources to drill a hole to the land of Antarctica?" She asked me as I smiled as an old thought crossed my mind.

"The very person we are looking for." I said as suddenly my door was thrown open by a hunter gasping for air as the icy wind blew inside. I just grew worried face as the hunter was helped off the ground by Zoe as I walked over and closed the door as the icy air was cut off.

"Atlanta what is wrong?" Asked Zoe as she sat the young women in a chair as she pulled off her two hoods and goggle as Atlanta looked at me with panicked eyes.

"B-b-b-b-b-b…." But she couldn't get it out as I motioned for Zoe to move as I kneeled down in front of her shivering body.

"Atlanta listen to me." I said as she nodded quickly as she looked into my eyes.

"I need you to take deep breaths, in and out in and out." I said as did the movements myself as Atlanta did them as well. But as I watched my extremely scarred hunter calm down I shot a glance at Zoe as she nodded. Quickly she put on her goggles and pulled back on her two hoods and rushed out the door. As the door shut I turned my attention back to Atlanta as she seemed to have calmed down.

"Now I need you to tell me what you saw." I said as I knew she was just on border patrol.

"R-Really big-."

"PENGUIN!" Yelled a voice outside as I raised an eyebrow as Atlanta nodded her head vigorously. But then I noticed she wasn't scarred she was freaking out in enjoyment, then I forgot that Atlanta was what you would call penguin fanatic. Or anything with feathers and looked cute Atlanta was all about it, she had only seen pictures of the flightless birds and right now I bet she was in heaven.

"You have got to be kidding me." I said as I hung my head down as Atlanta began to giggle.

"Milady you have to see him he is so cute!" She said grabbing my arm as she pulled me to the door as I didn't try and fight back. Luckily for her and my own persona; secret I found penguins very cute and cuddly.

"Fine, I guess I need a break anyways." I lied to myself as Atlanta just smiled as she pulled up both her hoods and put on her goggles as she led the way as I put on my own. As I exited the tent I was met with a chilling wind as I shivered. I swear the next time I get a mission to go out of country I will force father to make it in Hawaii.

"So where is this penguin…" I said as my mouth just hung open at the sheer size of the easily 20 foot tall behemoth of a penguin. All the hunters were just starring at the behemoth of fluffy feathers.

"Oh my gods." I whispered which didn't get lost in the wind to Atlanta who was still smirking under her massive winter coats.

"I know right, isn't he adorable?" She said as she rushed the giant beast as I tried to call her back as she suddenly hugged her leg. I just sighed as the massive beast didn't mind as he seemed to just waddle for a couple feet then stop. I had to admit though he was adorable looking, but back to the main thought at hand.

"How in the hell is he so big?" I asked outload as the girls faced me as we all starred at him.

"Well…" Zoe tried to think of something but couldn't find an answer.

"Chemicals maybe?" Said one of our youngest hunter at the tender age of 378 years old.

"No I don't think that could happen, the chemicals would be destroyed by the weather before they affected anything." I said as they others seemed to agree.

"Well how about magic?" Said Tiffany who was close to 1000 years old.

"I don't think gods live out here." Said Zoe as Tiffany nodded. But I just continued to stare at the now named Penguin called Billy as Atlanta called him.

"No your right but sometimes gods aren't the only one who can create things like this." I said as all the girls looked at me.

"Girls pack up and get ready to move, we are going to fallow Billy." I said as they all got confused looks as the penguin didn't seem to mind as we quickly packed up camp. In a matter of minutes everything was packed and ready to go, also Atlanta had mounted the head of Billy.

I just sighed at her antics as but I knew I couldn't do anything to stop her as she sat up to her breasts in feathers. But as all the hunters gathered around Billy he suddenly let out a massive squawk of some kind. Though it was not loud it had a certain undefined sound in it, I just grimaced at the sound as Atlanta seemed unfazed by it.

But after a few moments Billy began to move forward with steady wobble but the steady wobble for Billy easily covered a hundred feet in less than 300 feet in about 15 seconds. Which made it so the hunt had to run to keep up with the quick moving penguin. But as we ran with him I began to notice the horizon behind us began to get louder. In a matter of minutes there where thousands and maybe even tens of thousands of smaller penguins.

"The hell?" I said as they all were sliding past us with intense speed not a normal penguin sliding speed.

"Ahh!" One of the girls shouted as suddenly she was swept away by the penguins as I watched in horror as she rid the penguins like a wave. But suddenly all I heard was an echo of a scream as I saw the penguins with my hunter on top of them suddenly go down a tunnel in the ice. I tried to run to save her but suddenly my ankles were swept from under me as I screamed.

"OH GODS!" I screamed in surprise as I realized I was being swept away by the penguin wave, but I could only watch in horror as each of my girls were all swept away by the deadly cuteness of the flightless birds. Each down a different tunnel in the ice as I watched then each disappeared in the massive wave of penguins. I tried to summon a knife but as I did my hand was suddenly bitten by the birds as I dropped the blade at the sudden pain.

"Dammit!" I yelled as suddenly the large penguin went down a massive tunnel in the ice as my current carrier penguins were going right for it as well. But suddenly mine stopped right in front of the hole as I was suddenly dropped on the ground right in front of the large hole. I just groaned in pain as the little birds gathered around me as I looked up at their merciless black eyes.

Who would have known that I, Artemis goddess of the hunt, would be done in by penguins? I just suddenly felt myself being pushed into the ice tunnel by the fluffy birds as they all pushed their bodies up against me. As my legs slipped over the edge as I tried to find something to grab onto. I did managed to find one thing to grab onto, unfortunately that one thing was not something would stay in place.

That something was an unsuspecting penguin who was about half the size of the rest of them. With a scream of rage and of terror I pulled the tiny flightless bird to my chest as I slid down the large tunnel and into the darkness of the ice.


I don't quite know how long I was sliding for but I do know one thing I didn't stop screaming once. The poor bird that I had 'captured' was trying to get away the whole time as it squeaked in horror as I kept him or her firmly planted in my chest. It acted like a life support for me as I slid down the endless darkness as I clenched my eyes shut.

Finally it felt like I was slowing down as the slide leveled out but I just kept screaming and the little penguin kept squeaking as I held it tight to me. However I kept my eyes sealed tight afraid of what I might see if I do, but as I finally started to stop sliding. With one final breath I let out a powerful scream as I finally came to a halt as I felt my back touch something hard since I was sitting up.

"Milady can you please stop you are loud." I heard as my scream finally came to an end as I instantly recognized the person's voice as my eyes snapped open to a surprising light. But they also were surprised to find the ice around me was glowing a soft blue and the first couple inches of all of it were see-through.

"Zoe I was so scared." I said as I turned around dropping my small captive as he scurried away and left me to hug the legs of my lead huntress. All I did was feel a hand patting my head as I looked up at Zoe who gave me a small smile.

"You really need to get over your fear of slides." She said to me as I sniffled a little bit as I hugged her legs tighter as she continued to pat my head.

"I-It isn't my fault it just happens when I am around them." I whispered as she smiled at me, it was a terrify truth of being a daughter of Zeus. Anything that may lead to water that is liquid terrified me, that includes slides. Let's just say showers and small bathtubs were about it for me.

"Yes I know now I think we need to figure out where those stupid penguins took us." She said as I realized the situation we were in right now. I just slowly stood up as I looked around to see most of my hunters all gathered around me with a curious face.

"Not a word." I hissed at them as they all made a zipping of the mouth and threw away the zipper. But as I looked around I noticed all the penguins that came down with us had disappeared into smaller tunnels in the halls. The main tunnels apparently all connected into one massive tunnel which dumped us all in this glowing ice room.

As I looked around I noticed all the girls were in the room as they looked around as I noticed Atlanta had captured my once prisoner. The little penguin however looked more comfortable in Atlanta's arms as she lightly scratched the flightless bird on the head. I just grew frustrated at the fact the bid was so calm with her and not me but also why Atlanta captured it.

"Come on girls let's find a way out of this place, Atlanta where did the big one go?" I asked her as she turned to me and pointed to a larger tunnel that was around a bend in the ice corridor we all were in.

"Well I guess we fallow the tunnel then." I said as I began to lead the way through the elegantly carved ice. It was like it was carved by the greatest sculptor as it bent and curved in the most elegant and natural way.

"This place is beautiful." Said Haley as we all gazed at the elegant way the ice was carved in, the light blue glow having a massive effect on the already beautiful designs.

"Indeed it is." I said as I noticed it was no longer as cold as the outside, in fact it was about 32 degrees instead of negative 79 degrees. I even went as far as to take off my polar bear fur coat as I let out a breath as the others followed suit. This left us in our normal silver parkas and winter pants and combat boots.

"I must say how was this place never discovered?" Said Tiffany as we all agreed with her comment.

"Maybe because I didn't want it to be discovered." Said a male's voice as I jumped in surprise as I hadn't been suspecting that. As I jumped I instantly had my bow in my hand and was aiming it at the source of the noise. But nobody was there as I looked around quickly and found nothing as I slowly looked around but still nothing.

"Milady are you okay?" Asked one of my hunters as they all looked at me weird.

"What? You didn't hear that?" I asked them as the all looked at one another and then they all shook their heads.

"No…Milady did that slide have more of an effect on you than I first thought?" Zoe asked in a worried tone as a blush lit up my face as some of the girls snickered.

"NO! It in no way had any effect on me!" I yelled as I put away my bow and began to match forward as the girls just snickered lightly. I swear when I get back into warmer weather I was going to make these girls work so hard they will wish they were back here.

"If you say so." Zoe said in an unsure tone as I sighed and continued forward.

"Remind me why Thalia couldn't make this hunt again?" I asked them after we had been following this tunnel for about an hour.

"Don't tell me you forgot she was due for her monthly Alpha pheromone replacement." Zoe said as I sighed as I had totally spaced that.

"Right I had completely forgotten, remind me next time will you." I said with a wave of my hand as Zoe rolled her eyes.

"If I remember correctly I had told you hundreds of times about her monthly pheromone replacement." Zoe said as I scoffed.

"I would have remember if you had told me that many times." I said as she raised an eyebrow.

"Really? So tell my Artemis when is your next pheromone replacement happening?" She asked me as I opened my mouth and stopped as I had no clue.

"Its next month, the day after your mother's birthday. Also if everything goes well you will officially become a Beta no longer this Omega bull shit." She said as I sighed, then I realized something. We had approached a dead end.

"Great." I said as I looked around the room to find no other tunnels.

"Great indeed, Atlanta I thought you said the big penguin when this way." I said as she nodded and looked around as the penguin in her arms suddenly started thrashing. As it did it bit her hand as she dropped the bird.

"Damn that little bitch packs a punch." She growled as she started to chase after the little animal but before she could the thing suddenly went and slid right through a wall. Yep you heard me right through the wall, not under not over but through. We were all stunned to say the least as we all looked at the wall.

"Is this like harry potter or something?" Asked one of the girls who I believe was a daughter of Hecate.

"Maybe…" Zoe said as she stepped forward and touched the wall as suddenly her hand passed through it. As it did she turned to us and then turned back to the wall and suddenly walked through it.

"Zoe wait!" I yelled but I was too late as she disappeared behind the wall as I ran up to it but stopped a foot short unsure what to do. Suddenly though her head popped back out of the wall as she smiled at all of us.

"You all have to see this." She said as she went back through as we all looked at one another then slowly the girls began to go through the wall one by one until only I was left. Slowly I approached it as I did I placed a hand on the image as it slipped right through as I steeled my nerves and slipped the rest of my body through as fast as I could.

As I stumbled through the wall I was quickly met with a very interesting sight. Instead of a giant ice plane or a massive group of cuddle friendly penguins, I was met with a scene that made me rethink that I was in the coldest place on earth. In front of me and my hunters was a log cabin in the middle of a field of lush green grass.

The cabin itself seemed to only have enough room for at least one bedroom, one kitchen/dining room, and a bathroom. The field itself was about the size of 4 or 5 football fields and was chalk full of lush green grass. But as I looked towards the cabin I noticed a small garden by the side of it that looked to be growing carrots, corn, squash, and some other vegetables. There was even a light coming from a glob that floated above about 300 feet and provided plenty of light to the room.

But as I looked around I noticed the massive penguin was currently laying down on a block of ice on the side of the cavern along with the small one. I motioned for some of the hunters to capture Atlanta if necessary as I started to walk through the green grass as I was stunned to actually find it warm. Not only that but the air in here was also much warmer than the tunnel, it was an even 77 degrees in here. I even took off my parka as I was reduced to a silver tank top.

The other hunters were all reduced to their thick long sleeve shirts, you see as a goddess I don't get as cold as them but I still have my limits. But as we all walked forward to the cabin I was surprised to see smoke coming out of the chimney and going who knows where. But in my mind I was super surprised. Who in this day and age of the year 3000 used a brick chimney to cook food?

"Well I see you guys made it." Said a male's voice which was the same one I heard before as I turned to see a male in just a shirt and shorts come out from behind the cabin with chopped wood in his hands. I was stunned to say the least as I looked at the man who gave the hunt a curious glance until it landed on me.

As it did he just gave me a small smile as I felt my cheeks begin to burn in both rage and something else. But as I was about to retort back Zoe spoke up as the rest of the hunters armed themselves.

"Just who are you boy?" Zoe asked as the man in front of us grew a simple grin.

"Well I go by a lot of names, but the one your mistress knows me by is Perseus." He said with a small smile as I was now blushing uncontrollably as my feet began to lightly fidget.

"Well you all must be hungry please come inside, also I would advise anyone against riding on Happy." Perseus said as he motioned to the giant penguin which was now asleep.

"So his name is Happy huh." Said Atlanta as Perseus looked over at her.

"Indeed it is not please come inside feed yourselves, I hope you all like vegetarian soup." He said as he walked inside the cabin as all the girls turned to me.

"Milady what do we do? Is he the man we are searching for?" Asked Zoe as I looked at her and nodded.

"Indeed it is, but I suggest you all grab a bowl of food I know you must be hungry from the journey." I said as a few stomachs growled in agreement.

"Wait Artemis why are you being so trust worthy of this male?" Asked Tiffany past her and at Phoebe who caught my gaze as her hands began to fidget.

"I see I forgot most of you were accepted into the hunt long after I met him." She said as they all go confused looks.

"You have met this male before?" Asked Tiffany again.

"Yes but that was long ago before some of you ancestors were even born. However I am only going to say this once, do not under any circumstances disrespect this male. He has done much for me in the past and the reason we are here is to pick up a few favors." I said as they all looked at me like I was joking.

"But milady-." I simply but her off before she could speak again.

"I know what you are all thinking but the reason we are here is to ask for his help, I know most of you disagree with this but it must be done. He is the only one who can possibly help us in the next decade." I said as they all shared looks of confusion but Zoe and Phoebe both looked at me with looks of betrayal as I hid something from them.

"Also Phoebe I am sorry I didn't tell you it was him before we got here, but I needed your help on this mission. I knew you would back out if you knew it was to find him." I whispered as she gave me an angry glare and marched towards the house as I sighed deeply as I soaked in my misery.

"Milady what is this man to Phoebe?" Asked Zoe as the other hunters soon fallowed behind their strongest hunger aside from Zoe who is the fastest.

"Ah I seem to forget Phoebe is older than you sometimes Zoe. That man to Phoebe is a savior and a betrayer, but that is all I can tell you without her consent. Come now let's go eat." I said as I marched ahead as Zoe was left with a confused face as she slowly fallowed behind as I entered the cabin to find Phoebe serving the girls as Perseus stacked firewood in the corner of the room.

"You know I remember houses like these." I said as he turned to me with a smile.

"I know as do I." He said simply as he got his own bool of the vegetarian soup and started to eat as most the hunters went outside to eat as a few such as Zoe, Phoebe, and I all stayed in the room as he starred at us.

"Let me guess you're not hear on vacation." He said as I sighed.

"Olympus is in trouble." I said as he scoffed as Zoe got an angry face.

"Why is that so funny boy?" She asked him as he looked up at her with a mix of curiosity in his eyes.

"It is just that after 15,000 years you might think that the Olympians would get their act together but I guess they still need little old me to help them out." He said with a tone of mockery as Zoe growled at him.

"Zoe enough." I said as Phoebe who was sensing the tension got up and bowed to Perseus as he gave her a sad smile.

"It was good to see you again Percy." Phoebe said as he laughed.

"Oh do not worry I sense you will see more of me in the coming days, but it is good to see you again as well Phoebe." He said as she quickly left the room to the other hunters who were coaxing over the small penguin with some of the soup.

"They grow up so fast don't they?" He said in a tone that seem much too old for a man in his late 20's.

"Milady will you let this man disrespect Phoebe behind her back?" Zoe asked as she glared at Percy once again as he shrugged.

"You know I remember when you were just a tiny little baby, man what happened to those days." He said as Zoe froze and turned to look at me as I sighed as I knew the next question.

"Did you know my mother?" She asked him as he raised an eyebrow and looked at me as I didn't meet his gaze.

"Of course I do I have known her many years, why wouldn't I?" He said with a shrug as I felt Zoe's eyes grow wide.

"Then please tell me who she is! I have lived my whole life not knowing who my mother or father is. So if you have any knowledge of who they are then please tell me." Zoe nearly begged the man in front of her as I could feel two eye boring holes in my head coming from Percy. (Yeah sorry to tell you guys but Zoe isn't the daughter of Atlas in this one.)

"Artemis I can't believe you have kept her in the dark for the past 5000 years." He said as Zoe's eyes went wide as they landed on me as I flinched at her glare.

"You knew and you never told me?" She asked in a deadly silent tone as the whole room and happy sounds of the hunters seemed to grow silent.

"Of course she did, believe it or now Zoe but your birthright one of a kind." Percy said as she looked over at him.

"Tell me who my father and mother are and then I will tell you how rare it is." She nearly snarled at him as he got a small smile on his face.

"Well Artemis I think 5000 years is enough time for her to not know, so go on a tell her." He said to me as I silently cursed him as Zoe just stared at me as I took a deep breath and let it out slow as I spoke.

"Zoe I would like you to meet your father Perseus Jackson first Mortal and first human Alpha in existence. Also the very man who changed me from an Alpha to Omega with mana and helped me give birth to you."

In that moment a loud number of what's came from outside the hunters and a blush brighter than Apollo's teeth shown on Artemis's face. But Zoe could only do one thing in that moment, she fainted.

All right everyone this is the rewrite I hope you all enjoy the little cliff hanger I gave you all, just think of it as a new story and boom you will all love it. Also the next chapter I plan to have Percy go to Olympus. Also I hopped you all like the father daughter fun I threw in here.