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"What if wiped the memory of anyone unimportant to the matter concerting you and never told anyone about you again?" Hestia asked knowing that only this Empire and one other had seen the hand. Nothing but a day's work for the magicians under her control. At this time the grumble seemed to disagree again as everyone sighed.

"What if we say pretty please?" Said Zoe as the grumble stopped for a minute as if considering the possibility.

"Yeah, we are all so tired and you're so strong. Please Mr. Guardian." Said Lux in sweet voice as the grumble seemed to sigh and finally agree. Leave it up to the women to coax a guarding of the immortal plane to teleport them.

But with that they all disappeared and were sent right back to their Supreme Empire leaving the area empty of life. At this time all the people around the barrier all seemed to forget the last 24 hours of their life as the guardian did his duty and kept the immortal plane safe. But little did

Percy and his group know that this was far from the last time they were going to see this guardian.



I felt a familiar pressure on my chest as I slowly awoke from my slumber. As I did I flinched in pain as I felt my whole body was beyond exhausted. I could barely even open my eyes to see several women snuggling up to me for warmth as I sighed in my head. With no way to move at the time I just closed my eyes and let the four do as they pleased with me. As usual Artemis was sleeping on my chest, Hestia was holding onto one of my arms and using my shoulder as a pillow. Hera was currently spooning Thalia who was small enough to be curled up between us both.

"Haaaaa." I physically sighed I laid there in a dull pain. I guess this is what a human felt like after running a marathon or doing some other straining physical activity. You could say this was my first time experiencing such a pain.

"Hmmm?" Said a voice as Thalia slowly sat up and gave cute yawn. Her short spikey black hair more than a simple mess as it was everywhere. But still her lightly freckled cheeks were rubbed gently by her hands as her electric blue eyes opened.

"Morning." I heard her mumbled as she rubbed her eyes some more and gave another large yawn. With a couple more lips smacks and a test breathe to see how much her mouth smelled, which only earned a shrug as if saying it wasn't that bad. But then she looked down at me and instantly sobered up as her eyes went wide.

"Percy you're awake." Thalia said surprised as I nodded lightly as if telling her to be quiet. But I was too late as everyone started to mumble protests about waking up as they slowly all sat up. Artemis simply using my chest as a chair as her legs straddled me at the sides. Each goddess present clearly not a morning person as they followed the same routine as Thalia, a quick eye rub, a test breath, and a curious stare at Thalia who seemed wide awake.

"What's wrong?" Asked a sleepy Hera as she yawned loudly and ran a hand through her long soft brown hair which only handled have the problems she was having with it.

"Nothing is just that Percy is awake." Thalia said as everyone turned to me as I just starred at them. But as they did happiness quickly entered their eyes which was quickly followed by confusion.

"Why do you look like that?" Hestia asked as confusion covered her face.

"Look like what?" I asked her as I looked around everyone as Artemis who was somehow not embarrassed about her current position on top of me spoke.

"The age of your body shrunk, you at least look roughly the same age as Thalia." Artemis said as I seemed to forget all the pain in my body and shot up as Artemis let out an 'eep' and was tossed onto the bed in front of me. Quickly I picked up the struggling 11 year old goddess and handed her to Thalia as I jumped up and ran to the bathroom.

As I reached the bathroom I skidded to a stop in front of a mirror as all the maids in the room looked confused as they prepared a bath. But I paid none of them any mind as I stood in shock in front of the mirror as I looked at a 16 year old Percy. As I did a thousand thoughts ran through my mind as I tried to adjust my age but nothing happened effectively leaving me in my 16 year old form.

"My I never thought you were so sensitive about your age Percy." Said a voice as I turned to see Hera and the others walking in the bathroom. Artemis was somehow getting a piggyback from Thalia and the 8 year old Hestia was standing in front of the two with her arms crossed.

"I-I am not I just have never been in a form this young. Plus I can't seem to change back for some reason." I said as Hestia nodded.

"Yeah this happens with gods all the time. When we use up a lot of power we are forcefully aged or become younger. I think you just used up to much power and look younger now." Hestia said as I sighed deeply.

"Man I had the perfect 5 o'clock shadow going. My jaw line was perfect as well. Damn I hate being young." I said looking at my smooth face that seemed to know nothing about the world. Yet as I turned around and back towards the 4 I saw smiles grace their lips as I felt a chill go down my back.

"Well I do have to admit, young Percy is kind of hot." Said a shameless Thalia as all the others nodded.

"Kind of makes me want to have a taste." Said Hestia as Hera and Artemis seemed to internally agree but still gave looks of disapproval at the goddess.

"How long does this last normally?" I asked Hestia as she shrugged.

"Depends, sometimes a couple days sometimes years. But most of the time it actually longest amount of time it would take for this form to age to the previous one. My guess is that you have about 1 year until you return to normal. Until then your power is simply going to grow as you age. I suspect in a few weeks you're going to have the power of a god." Said Hestia as I let out a groan.

"I don't see why you are complaining." Said Hera as I shot her a look.

"You're not the one that looks that same age as his children." I said as she opened her mouth to retort but couldn't find a comeback as she closed her mouth.

"Well beside all this stuff happening right now…" Thalia said as she slowly let down Artemis and walked up towards me. Somehow she looked more freighting in this instant than ever in my previous time with her. Suddenly I was punched in the gut as hard as the demigoddess could as I doubled over and nearly threw up, slowly I sunk to the ground as all the maids and the other three starred wide eyed at Thalia.

"That is for nearly draining all my essence from me." She growled as I coughed a few times.

"I deserved that." I said as she nodded firmly as I sat on the ground wheezing lightly as I slowly regained my breath. Even my body's strength defense was reduced to a normal humans as that punch actually hurt like hell.

"Yes you do." Said Thalia as I slowly stood back up and gripped the spot she hit me. Man in this form I actually felt human. Creepy feeling I might add for someone who has been living the past 8000 years with the body of a god.

"You also-." She said as she suddenly came forward and kissed me as I was startled a little. Not to say that I didn't hate it, but I didn't remember Thalia being this…close with me. But as she kissed me I couldn't help but kiss her back. Our tongues battling for dominance as our inner Alphas seemed to beg for more. As we kissed for a minute we were finally forced to part due to the lack of air. With a light pop and a string of saliva connecting our mouths we both looked at one.

"Deserve this." She said in a sexy voice as her electric eyes found my blue, but before we could continue a low whistle sounded from behind her as she broke apart from me and blushed.

"I think our little Alpha likes young Percy." Said Hestia as she giggled a little as Thalia blushed beyond the shade of any normal red.

"Well I can't blame her he does give some…qualities older Percy didn't have." Hera said as I felt like I was being stripped before her brown eyes. Artemis seemed to notice this and kicked the goddess in her shin.

"Oh no you said I have to wait until my wedding with him to be claimed which means sex. And I am so not letting you guys have your way if I can't. From now on Percy isn't allowed to sleep with any of you until I can." She said stubbornly as Hestia and Hera narrowed her eyes at the goddess before them as Thalia shot me a glance but then turned away. Thankfully right then a person entered the bathroom with a confused looked.

"What are all of you doing?" Said a familiar voice as Irene entered the bathroom carrying a towel and some toiletries.

"Irene!" I yelled as I rushed towards her only to have her hand shoot out in front of her and stop me from approaching as she looked me up and down.

"Not that I don't mind being close to you, I haven't remembered enough to start any physical contact with you." She said in a serious tone as I sighed and nodded as everyone glanced at one another and then back at her.

"So I presumed you are aware of your memories seal in your mind?" Asked Hestia as Irene looked at her and stopped for a second.

"Yes…Hestia right?" She asked as Hestia nodded lightly as Irene's face went scarlet from embarrassment as if an image appeared in her mind.

"What's wrong?" Hestia asked as Irene coughed lightly and faced her again.

"N-Nothing just some memories popping up, anyways I need a bath." She sated as everyone nodded along with her.

"That will give us girls plenty of time to chat. Percy I would just use the public male bath." Hera said as I sighed.

"Do I have to?" I complained as Hera nodded.

"Yes you do, now go." Hera said as I sighed again and stalked out of the bathroom.


As Percy left the room all the women turned to Irene as the mixed blood seemed to be frightened by their looks. But before she could do anything an 8 year old goddess shot into her with a huge hug. Irene just smiled as Hestia hugged her as she leaned down and hugged her as well as the other three went into an uncomfortable silence. Soon the two broke the hug as a smiling Hestia skipped off and toward the bath as her closed flashed away revealing a nude butt.

"So nice meeting you all." Irene said.

"Actually we have met before, I am Hera queen of Olympus and goddess of family. I guess you could say I am one of Percy's…wives." She said as Irene was at a loss of words as she tried to remember Hera but only the image of a 16 year old in a white chiton with no face appeared in her head.

"Don't strain yourself to remember, just let them come naturally." Hera said with a smile as Irene nodded and turned to the other two females as they looked up at her.

"My name is Thalia daughter of Zeus. I am going to marry Percy soon." Thalis said as Irene slowly looked between Hera and Thalia as a question formed in her head.

"Does that mean Percy will be marrying a mother and step daughter?" She asked as Thalia and Hera shared a glance but then looked back at her.

"Greek gods don't have genes so to speak, in reality it is more of a magic imprint. So in your way Thalia and I are not related by blood only by family bonds." Hera said as Irene nodded.

"But she is Zeus's daughter which makes her your step daughter right?" She said again as Thalia sighed.

"Don't worry about it the Greek family tree is full circles and I mean literally there are circles of blood lines that do happen in Greek family trees." She said bluntly as Irene showed a face of disgust as she turned to the female who was making a thinking face in turn to Thalia's statement.

"Let me guess…Artemis?" Irene said as Artemis smiled and nodded.

"Yep the one and only goddess of the hunt. Also I am to be married to Percy." She said as Irene grew confused.

"I thought polygamy was illegal." Irene said.

"On earth they are but here they aren't. Actually they sometimes happen in some areas more than normal marriages. Anyways it is nice to meet you." Artemis said as Irene nodded as she noticed a flash of…jealousy in Artemis's eyes.

"So may I ask what you know so far?" Asked Hera as she started to strip as the others joined her to get ready to bathe.

"Well from what you all have just told me and the stuff I already knew. I now know that I am some sort of goddess born from two different goddess, I am married to Percy who has several other soulmates who I am told I will learn to love and they will love me back. That I have a daughter and several other step children with Percy and I have powers over earth. Also I have an entire 14000 year memories that I cannot access." She said as everyone seemed to nod as they compared it with their knowledge.

"So I guess that means I am going to have sexual relations with Hera aren't I." Said Thalia as Hera shot her a glare.

"Yep." Said Artemis with a smirk on her lips.

"But that means so will you and me." Said Irene to Artemis as realization dawned on her as her body shivered.

"You're taking this pretty well I might add." Hera said as she slowly sunk into the bath and moaned a little as the warm water reached all the right places.

"Well I guess you could say my memories are already shaping me into who I was. Plus you kind of get used to it after the creator of the universe kidnaps you and tells you that you are the only hope to stop some super powerful dude." She said bluntly as everyone nodded as they rested in the warm water.

"I guess that will do it." Said Thalia running a hand through her short hair.

"You're taking the fact that she met the creator of our universe pretty well." Said Hestia who was floating in the water in front of everyone.

"I talked to Zoe about some stuff and apparently Chaos has a crush on Percy and I mean not a little one. Like building a shrine of him in a special room crush." Thalia said as she swore she heard someone sneeze.

"Oh? Really?" Hestia said with a growing smirk on her face as she slowly sank into the water and dove deeper into it. Just like a sea monster that was planning something evil.

"Anyways…" Hera said passing Hestia's behavior off as something completely normal.

"Now that you are with us in a sense is there anything you want to know?" Hera asked Irene as she gently ran a sponge over her body and looked up at her.

"Well besides the whole multiple wife things which I am going to get used one way or another. Why is Percy so…young? I mean I know he can adjust his age with mana or whatever but when he visited me he only looked like a 24 year old. But why?" She asked as Hera sighed.

"He is running low on power after his fight so he will be in that form for a while." She said as Irene glanced around her as she whispered to the three before her.

"I have to admit. He looks kind of cute." Irene admitted as Hera raised an eyebrow.

"I know right." Said Thalia in a surprised tone.

"Makes me want to just kiss him." She said in dreamy voice.

"You already did that." Said the Hestia whose head popped out of the water and then disappeared back under the water like a sea monster.

"I know and you know what, I want to do it again." Thalia admitted as Hera sighed and put her fingers to her head.

"You do that, but I don't think Percy is going to do much when Irene is around." Hestia said as she startled Hera as she seemed to just appear on her lap as her small head rested in-between her breasts. Hera just frowned at the goddess and put her arms around her effectively capturing the monster of the tub. Hestia however didn't seemed to mind as she starred at Irene as Irene got a funny face.

"Why is that?" She asked as all four women sighed.

"Because you're his special person still." Artemis said with a hint of venom which earned her a underwater kick from Hestia which didn't seem to faze the goddess.

"What does that mean?" Asked Irene.

"Think of it this way. Percy is still not used to this whole harem thing. At most he slept with Hestia and you and believed to sleep with Hera but she managed to get her way out of that with some magic and drugs. But you were his first soulmate and only soulmate that he claimed unit a while ago, so for the next couple years he will make you his priority over the others. Don't be surprised if this goes on for a while." Artemis said as Irene seemed surprised.

"I mean that much to him?" Asked Irene as all four women nodded.

"Yep and just so you know Percy has claimed Thalia, Hera, and Hestia which means his emotional state is in a shift to make it so he loves those three just as much as he loves you. That isn't the end of it either, another soulmate by the name of Reyna will be joining after I am claimed during my wedding night." Artemis said with a sigh as if nothing in this world was fare.

"You love him don't you?" Irene said as Artemis gave her a glance.

"Yes you can say that, I don't know if you remember but he was the one that gave me Zoe. In a way we did have a child together and even if I am a man hatting goddess I cannot bring myself to even moderately dislike Percy. That man broke down my barriers like they were nothing and then left me out to dry for 5000 years because of you. Yet I do not hate you because even then I knew I could not be with him. He was to perfect and only someone like you deserved him." Artemis mumbled as she pulled her legs to her chest and blew bubbles while her mouth was under the water.

"I…I don't know that to say." Irene said a little surprised at the new development.

"How about some words of encouragement." Artemis grumbled as Irene slowly smiled.

"Okay, then I am going to make a new rule." Irene said as everyone grew curious.

"While my memory is still incapacitated I think I know enough to trust you all and believe that the future will be bright for all of us. Including you." Irene said as she nudged Artemis.

"What kind of rule are we talking?" Hestia said as her eyes sparkled.

"Simple, until my memories are at least halfway unsealed I will not sleep with Percy. Instead he can only sleep with all of you and treat you all as he would me. But I will still be present if he decides to have orgy with all of you, though I will not be partaking in the being penetrated part. But if he does start to treat me above the rest he will be on the couch and without sex from everyone for a year. I feel that if he can do this until my memories return at least half way this whole uneven love in this harem will disappear." Irene said as some eyebrows were raised.

"What happened to the confused college student who didn't know about any of this?" Asked Hera.

"Simple I have memories from the past 1000 years of my life which allow me to change quickly and efficiently. You could say this is one of those changes and to be honest I feel that deep inside me this is what I would really do. Now what do you all think?" She asked everyone.

"So basically Percy cannot show over affection for you but he can do so for us, thus bringing up his level of affection towards all of us and making things all even out. I like the concept and agree fully, though I don't know if he will resist not fucking you if we all do decide to partake in one night together." Said Hestia.

"Oh that is easy. Percy might be a beast in bed with his Alpha Prime and all that but I think a little threat about no sex for a million years will put him in place." Irene said.

"But what about me? I can't even do anything because this women won't let me until I am married to that idiot." Said Artemis as Hera nodded.

"Easy then sex is completely off the board until you get married. Well for him at least." Irene said as she suggest a certain unspoken topic between all the women. Mostly the probability of lesbianism between them all. Not that Hestia and Hera cared but Artemis and Thalia, they were a little touchier about the subject.

"While I don't mind and honestly I see it happening some way or another. I think that act should be reserved for when one of us needs a…release of tension." Said Hera with a blush as Hestia snickered.

"Well until it happens I say we don't worry about it. For now are we all in agreement? As long as Artemis is not claimed and married to Percy sex is off the table and only things such as kissing and cuddling will be allowed. Also until my half my memories return I will not have sex with Percy but will partake other kinds…" Irene said as a sudden wink was shot towards Thalia as her face went red.

"I don't see why not." Said Hestia.

"I agree." Said Hera.

"S-Sure, whatever." Said Thalia.

"Thank you all." Said Artemis as everyone smiled as did Irene.

"So since that is settled any ideas what we should do with this Reyna when she pops up?" Asked Irene.

"Actually we are going to see her when we head back to earth. If you didn't already know a year here is a day there so don't worry about being late. We already know which day we need to head back to see her." Hestia said as Irene nodded.

"I think we should do the same now as we are doing when Reyna pops up. Just our places will be replaced with Reyna's so no sex until they are married and no sex until Percy thinks of us all equally?" Said Artemis as everyone nodded.

"Then it is good then." Irene said with a smile.

"Well I don't know about you guys but I think I am perfectly clean. How about we get out of here and go say high to some princesses who might have a few questions." Hestia said as all of them laughed and exited the bath. But during this whole conversation little did they know that Percy was feeling like he was going to be dragged into something very restricting when he got back.


Percy slowly came out of bath refreshed and squeaky clean. Unfortunately he had to have his personal guard with him, all of which looked at him like a strange creature in his younger form.

"What?" Percy asked as Maximus just stared at him.

"I just haven't ever seen you take on such a young form, if I hadn't been able to recognize your aura then I would have assumed you were one of the Emperors sons. But I must be honest do not go into town in this form you will have women swarming you. I feel that your wives will be displeased if that happens." He said as I couldn't help but nod. I do have to admit my 16 year old was very good looking.

"I will take note of that. But for now I think I am going to have to worry about my wives jumping me than other women. You could almost say they enjoy the young Percy more than old Percy. But for me this is just weird." I said imagining that fact that I was the same physical age as my daughter and even younger then some.

"Indeed it is odd, but if I were to guess right you will change back soon. I see this age regression very often in some of the troops. Based on your power usage yesterday…" He mumbled to himself.

"Yeah I know somewhere around a year." I said as Maximus nodded.

"Yep, also I noticed that Irene was back. Should I make preparations to notify the other Emperors?" Maximus asked.

"No not yet, let her adjust to this place for a few weeks and I will ask her. In the mean time I wish for her to be left out of any decisions regarding the Supreme Empire. She actually doesn't have her memories from her time here. So don't expect her to be like she was." Percy said as he suddenly sneezed ashes rubbed his nose.

'Did I stay in the bath to long?' Percy wondered as he rubbed his nose, unknown to him his daughters and his wives were all talking about him.

"Well I am going to get back to the palace and relax. I need a couple days off after what happened." He said with a large sigh as Maximus nodded. After that Percy left for the palace and what he found was interesting. Everyone was currently in the main living room and laughing like a normal family. Well as normal as you could get when you have five wives or soon to be wives and five daughters and one step daughter.

"Hey looks whose back." Said Thalia with a smile as I gave her a short glare.

"Yeah…" I said as everyone just stared at me. Sally was wide eyed as was Paul as they looked at me. Tracy, Zoe, and Yuel who were all sharing a couch with Zoe in the middle but all their eyes were locked on my in complete shock. Mostly Yuel who's mouth was basically hitting the flor as she gaped at me.

Lux and Phoebe were just the same as Yuel as Lux who was currently sharpening a sword dropped the sword in shock and Phoebe who was maintaining her bow dropped in on the ground. Even Phoebe's 'boyfriend' was surprised as he starred at me. All in all the room went silent as I came inside with nothing but a blue shirt blue pants and one 16 year old body.

"W-What happened to you?" Asked Yuel in complete astonishment as she starred at me as I sighed.

"I consumed to much energy and my age was reduced to a 16 year old." I said with a sigh.

"W-Well I…don't know what to say." Said Yuel.

"Well I do, dad I think it is safe to say that you look adorable. I can't wait to tell my friends about this." Said Lux as Irene just starred at her daughter with a slight amount of wonder.

"You don't have any friends." I said without missing a beat as Lux opened her mouth to retort but slowly closed it.

"I…have friends." Lux whispered but her tone suggested she was lying.

"I may only remember a few things about you, such as your chocolate addiction, but even I know you don't have any friends." Irene followed up as Lux looked at her mother like she was just betrayed.

"M-Mom!" Lux yelled in a complaining tone.

"Haha." Irene laughed lightly and rubbed her daughters head. Lux just pouted as she let Irene rub her head.

"Anyways how are you holding up?" Asked Percy towards Irene as she shrugged.

"Fine I think but then again I think I might be in shock after learning so much about this place. Such as to find out I have a daughter and that I was a queen to a Supreme Empire that is like super rich. Also kind of surprised that there were other women my husband is going to be married to." She said with a sigh as her eyes stayed wide open like she was remembering something.

"Well you did get introduced into a world you have very too little memory of. Also who isn't shocked to find out they have a daughter they didn't know about." I said as she nodded as Hera seemed to flinch at that sentence but I paid her no mind.

"True but ever since I have come here I have been remembering more and more. Such as the fact that I have my own personal guard and gryphon named Light." She said as I nodded.

"Yes those are some of the things that you did have. If I remember right Light is in Lux's possession. Still I am happy to see you becoming you again." Percy said with a smile as Irene lightly smiled but then cleared her throat.

"Actually Percy we need to talk about something." She said as Percy nodded seeming to not notice her tone as everyone but the wives seemed to be interested in the topic.

"Sure about what?" He asked as Irene glanced at the girls as they all nodded.

"I know you are more affectionate towards me and more emotional towards me more than the others. But I would appreciate it if you would let me regain at least half my memory before we try anything. At this point you are still a stranger to me and I think need some time to adjust to all of this. So in the mean time I would like you to spend more time with the others." She said as Percy tried to speak but he slowly nodded his head in acceptance. He should have known this was going to happen.

If there is one thing that Irene is very critical about it is that he must love all people equally. It happened with Hera and Hestia and he wasn't very surprised it happened now. Plus he knew he need to get closer to the others and not let them be slowly introduced into his harem. He knew that he need to love everyone just as much as he did Irene, so you could say he saw this coming.

"Alright I don't mind, as a matter of fact I am sure you and Lux would like some alone time. So how her and you chat it up in here and me and the others go out for the day." Percy said as Irene and the others smiled seeing that Percy was accepting this new rule. Though it was only half explained they figured they didn't want to talk about their sex life in front of their children.

"Alright I don't see why not." Artemis said as everyone nodded as their plans for the day was laid out.

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Hera (same as Thalia)

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