Yes yes I know its sad that I'm already doing a authors note after the first chapter but this is important, I'm changing something in the story but I'm to lazy to go back through the first chapter at the moment. Because Autumn is my friends character I'm not sure what to do with her. So what I'm doing is I'm going to change the character in general. So in Chapter 2 and so on, the girl wont be named Autumn anymore it will be Ayame. Also the one review that I got *insert sad face here* asked what they look like. So because I kind of suck at describing features, I found this animation character generator and I will create them and then post it on my deviantART page (when I find my password) and put the link on my profile.

Til then...please keep reading and enjoying my story. I want to get 1 more review before I post up the next chapter. My update goal is next Friday, but if I get one more review I will post sooner. Until then my lovely potatoes. :)