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Adam looked down at Carlos as they drove. The little boy was currently clinging to the front of his shirt. He could not bring himself to set the little boy down, not now that he seemed to accept the comfort that had been offered.

The former king looked up and quickly meet eyes with Jay. The former thief appeared to be relaxed, but there was no missing the way he watched anyone who got too close to Carlos. Adam was surprised and honored that Jay and the girls had allowed him to take care of the toddler.

Of course the former king also thought that it might have something to do with the fact that the three kids felt like might do something wrong. Like… they did not know if they could care for him properly. Even so the three of them were doing what they could for their friend.

Evie and Mal would no doubt be working endlessly to try and reverse what had been done. And Jay… well as the former thief smirked at him the former king could not help but return the smile… Carlos would definitely have a very fierce protector.*

As they all made their way into the castle Belle quickly ushered Ben and Jay to their respective rooms. Adam had offered Carlos to Jay, because form some reason even though the castle had more rooms than the couple knew what to do with the boys had chosen to share a room. Instead of taking Carlos as Belle had expected Jay to do the boy shook his head.

"Nah, he's attached to you. Until he is at least properly introduced to me it would probably be best for him to stay with you."

Belle had understood the logic in his decision, and she smiled as she saw him glance back at the boy before he made his way to his room.

"I am going to my office, why don't you go get a couple hours of sleep. Tomorrow could very well be a hectic day."

Belle looked back to her husband and nodded. Before she left she walked over to the sleeping boy and placed a kiss on his forehead. She then kissed her husband, then turned to go to bed. As the former king turned to settle in his study for the night.

The first thing that Carlos became aware of was the noise of someone walking around the room he was in. The second and most important thing, well at least to him, was the fact that there was someone right next him. No, someone was holding him. Panic squeezed his chest as he registered the arms around his back. Eyes flew open as a gasp flew past his lips.

The only thing he saw when he opened his eyes was black. He pushed against the body holding him, the arms restraining him dropped away, and Carlos sat up straight. Black suddenly changed to blue and he realized that he had been asleep against someone's chest. He quickly looked up and meet the eyes of the man…, Adam, that he had meet earlier, and he looked very concerned.

Adam had been so nice to him, and the sad look on his face made Carlos feel… icky? Almost like when mommy gave him that look right before he got in trouble, but different. Mommy's look scared him, but Adams look made him… sad. Because Adam looked sad, and Adam was too nice to be sad. Carlos did not want to be the reason Adam was sad. He wanted Adam to smile, because Adam deserved to smile.

Adam was still watching Carlos with that sad look, and Carlos thought desperately for a way to make it go away. But how could… it was then that he thought about earlier, Adams face when Carlos had told him his name.

But that couldn't be right, because mommy got mad when he talked. Then again Adam was not his mommy. He did not want to get punished, but if he could not make Adam smile then, well…. Carlos felt he deserved to be punished. So Carlos took a breath and gathered his courage.

"Hi…" Carlos said quietly as he braced himself and watched Adam's face.

No hitting, but no… wait was that, yes, the corner of his lip twitched upward. Success! Well, sort of. So, talking made him happy? Grownups were weird, but if talking was what Adam wanted, well then Carlos could do that.

In Carlos' limited experience there were three rules to follow when it came to dealing with adults, and that was to do what they wanted, stay out of the way, and be quiet.

Rule one was simple and worked with all adults, but Carlos was beginning to think the other two were not going to work with this adult. He would just have to figure out the other two rules as he went. Well, he had to figure out one rule.

Rule one was always do what grownups wanted, so that meant rule two would be to talk. Except now that he was supposed to talk he did not know what say…

A hand on his shoulder made Carlos Jump he looked up and Adam was smiling down at him, but Carlos hadn't talked, hadn't done anything to earn the smile. Why did grownups have be so confusing,

"What are you thinking so hard about?"

Carlos sat for a moment not really sure how to tell him, and shrugged. Then froze, he was supposed to talk. It was his first new rule and he had already broken it.

"I understand, I have those moments myself."

Carlos looked up in confusion. Adam liked it when he talked, but did not get mad when he didn't. Carlos did not understand adults at all.

"Breakfast is ready, sir."

Carlos jumped at the sound of the new voice in the room and clutched Adam's shirt. Adam patted his back gently and chuckled lightly.

"Thank you Chip."

Carlos turned toward the other person in the room and saw another man. He looked younger than Adam, he had blond hair, and a nice smile.

Chip stood next to a table that sat in front of a couch. The table was full of all kinds of food. Now that Carlos could see the food he realized how hungry he was. If Chip was standing over there then that must be where Carlos was supposed to eat. Suddenly Carlos wasn't so hungry anymore. He was not sure he wanted to be that far away from Adam. So far the man had taken care of him and not hurt him. So far Adam was safe.

"Would you like to eat at your desk?"

Carlos looked at Chip. His question had been directed to Adam but he was smiling at Carlos, which the little boy timidly returned.

"Yes, that'll be fine." Adam answered.

Next thing Carlos knew he was being lifted and turned to face the desk. Then there was food sitting in front of him. Food that smelled so good it made his tummy grumble and mouth water. There were so many choices he did not know where to start.

"I would suggest starting with the pancakes."

Carlos turned his head and found himself eye level with Chip. The younger man was knelt down to his level instead of towering over the little boy. He smiled for some reason that was beyond Carlos. Where ever he was the people sure did smile a lot.


The young man's smile seemed to widen for a moment, before his look turned serious. Carlos was torn between curiosity and anxiety at his sudden change in expression.

Chip looked up at Adam.

"He doesn't know what pancakes are. How could you let that happen?"

Carlos frowned, it was not Adam's fault he did not know what a pancake was. He was about to speak in the man's defense when Adam sighed.

"You are correct I should have never allowed that to happen, but we can remedy the problem right now. What kind do we have today?"

Carlos looked up and saw that Adam once again had a sad look on his face, but there was something else, he looked like he had that icky feeling Carlos had earlier… like he had done something and now he felt bad about it. But, that did not make sense. Adam was too nice to have done something bad.

"Chocolate Chip"

Carlos turned his attention back to Chip and he looked like he had the icky feeling to.

"Carlos, I think you'll like them." Adam said from behind him.

A plate of bread that had brown spots on it was brought closer to him. Carlos looked at the bread suspiciously. He usually tried to avoid food with spots, the last time his food had spots he got sick. But this spotty food smelled really good. So far they had been nice and nice people would not try to make him sick.

At least that was what he hoped.

Carlos brought the fork to his mouth, carefully took a bite and sat in shock. It was wonderful, he had no idea that food could taste that good. It was warm, and sweet and…. he wanted more. He was then shoveling food into his mouth.

He heard Adam chuckle behind him, but could not be bothered to see why. He was munching happily at his food until he noticed that Adam was not eating, but sitting in the chair reading.

Carlos could appreciate wanting to read, learning was the best, but a person should eat when there was food. Who knew when the opportunity to eat something so yummy would happen again?

So Carlos put his fork down and looked at all the different food.

Adam was looking into the records of food distribution to the island while he let Carlos eat. He was a little more than disturbed to find that what was sent was no more than the leftovers of the people of Auradon.

He was brought from his thoughts when he felt Carlos turn in his lap. When he looked down he saw that the little boy was tentatively holding out a warm biscuit.

"Here. Its yummy I checked."

Adam glanced at the little boy's plate and there was indeed a half-eaten biscuit sitting on it. He smiled sadly at the thought that the boy made sure to food was good before he offered it.

"Thank you Carlos." Adam took the offered food a noted the happy look on the white haired boy's face before he turned back around in his lap and started eating again.

Adam was munching on his biscuit when Ben entered the room. He had to resist the urge to pull the little boy close to him. He had a similar problem when Ben had been this age. He had a hard time letting anyone else take his son from him and it looked like it was going to be the same with Carlos.

The little boy in question looked up when Ben entered the room, he must have remembered him because he smiled and offered a biscuit to the young king as well.

Without missing a beat Ben walked across the room and took the offered food and took a big bite.

"Thanks buddy." Ben knelt down much like Chip had earlier before he continued talking.

"So I was thinking that maybe you could spend some time with me and my friend for a little bit."

Adam could feel the little boy tense a little at the mention of another person and leaving Adam's side. It was clear to everyone that the former king was the one the little boy had attached to.

"My dad has to have a meeting today, it will be very boring and I thought we could have some fun together until he got back."

Adam could feel himself tense as he waited for the child's reaction.

"He'll come back?" Carlos asked quietly.

"Of course I'll be back buddy." Adam was quick to assure the little boy.

"Okay." Carlos reached out for Ben and Adam could not help the smile that found its way to his face at the way his son's face lit up with Carlos's action.

Though Adam had to force himself not to bring attention to the fact that the little boy had a biscuit clutched in his tiny hands. No doubt because the little boy was not sure if he would be feed again.

It was then that Jay came into the room.

Jay was nervous as he made his way to the former King's office. He had been informed this morning that he and Ben would have Carlos for a few hours this afternoon while the former king and queen set up a meeting with the other leaders of Auradon.

It had been made clear last night that Carlos had no idea who he was. What if his little buddy did not like him, or worse what if he was afraid of him? Jay would probably end up sulking in his room, like poor Dude was doing at the moment. The dog refused to leave Carlos's bed this morning. Jay was not sure how Dude had even managed to get to the Castle, but when he woke up this morning there he was.

Jay stood at the door to the office and braced himself for what ever happened. He would do what was best for Carlos, even if that meant keeping an eye on the little boy out of sight. He really hoped it would not come to that.

With that thought in mind he walked into the room.

He paused when he stepped into the room. Carlos was currently in Ben's arms. It was odd seeing the boy in something other than his signature colors, yet there Carlos was in yellow and blue, looking like a little prince.

"Hey, Jay." Jay looked up to see Ben motioning him over.

Well here it was no turning back. Jay quickly walked over.

"Do you remember Jay from yesterday?" Jay watched Carlos study him.

"He was at the door." Jay winced, yeah he would remember that.

"I got out." Jay watched the slight smirk form on the toddlers face.

Yep, Carlos was definitely an isle kid through and through.

"Yeah, you were pretty quick." Jay admitted with a chuckle.

It would seem that Jay had passed some kind of test because the next thing he knew he was being offered a biscuit.

"Want one?" Carlos asked.

Jay smiled despite the situation. He doubted that the royals in the room knew what offering food meant for Carlos. Facts were food was not always easy to come by. When you found it you held onto it. If you offered to share it was because you cared or trusted that person as much as one could on the island.

Basically, Carlos had just declared Jay a friend.

"Yeah, thanks." Jay made sure Carlos saw him eat it. That was also a sign of trust.

"Well I better be off. I'll see you later Carlos."

Jay nodded in approval to the former king. It was a good idea to let Carlos know that. So the little boy did not think he was being abandoned, Carlos would probably reason that he deserved it or it was some type of punishment.

Chip came in as the former king stepped out. He had some boxes with him. Once he sat them down Ben knelt next to them with Carlos in his lap.

Jay watched the little boy eye the boxes in curiosity, but make no move to touch them. Well, that was not acceptable.

"Alright let's opens these up and see what we got." Jay said as he pushed one box toward Carlos and opened one himself.

"Wow." Was all he could say when he saw all the toys in the boxes.

When Jay looked up he saw a look of astonishment on little Carlos's face. Little hands moved hesitantly toward the box only to pull back quickly. Jay watched as Ben acted as if he had not noticed Carlos's reaction and reach into the box and pick up whatever it was that little boy had been after, and Jay was not at all surprised with what Ben pulled out.

"Puzzle anyone."

Ben sat Carlos on the floor and the three of them went to work. It was not a little kids puzzle, but something with a lot of pieces and bright colors that captured Carlos's complete attention.

They had been working on the puzzle for about an hour when Carlos started to slow down. Ben initially thought the little boy was getting tired, but when he looked up to check he saw pain on the little boys face. Carlos was rubbing at his arm and Ben felt sick as he watched a bruise form there.

Ben looked up at Jay to make sure he was not simply imagining things and the look on the former thief's face told him that he was not.

A gasp from Carlos quickly brought his attention back to the little boy. He was hunched over his arm now.

"Carlos?" Ben called out to the little boy.

When Carlos looked up to see what Ben wanted all Ben could see was confusion and pain on his little face. Sweat was beaded on his forehead and as he went to say something his whole body suddenly jolted forward as he curled in himself with a scream that would haunt the young King's nightmares for the next few days to come.

Ben and Jay were quickly at the little boy's side, what Ben saw threatened to make him sick.

After they had managed to get Carlos to sit up straight and gently pry his arm away from him, they saw that it was bent at an unnatural angle.

What kind of potion was this? His arm had just snapped in front of them.

The little boy started gasping and writhing in pain, and it took the sound of another snap for the two older boys to figure out what was happening.

Ben watched as Jay reached forward with shaking hands. The former thief gently pulled the collar of Carlos shirt to the side, and Ben was shocked to see that the little boys shoulder was very obviously dislocated, and Ben was almost certain that the snap they had heard meant that the little boy's collar bone had broken to some extent.

Ben watched as fear quickly to hold of Jay's face. He quickly jumped up and pulled out his cell phone.

"Mal, we have a problem."

Jay paused so Ben assumed Mal was talking.

"Mal, stop for a minute and listen to me. We have old injuries appearing over here."

Jay rolled his eyes at whatever Mal had said.

"How about the time he said he actually thought she would kill him, does that count as serious enough?"

Ben felt terror crawl down his spine. The little boy was crying and trembling.

"Circumstances are different now, it's all happening at once, for him right now there is no reason to be in so much pain."

Jay paused again and turned white.

"No, not yet. I forgot about that part. Maybe if we keep him still….. You're probably right."

Ben watched Jay pace as he listened to Mal. He suddenly stopped and there was a look in his eyes that made Ben shudder.

"Do you need my help?" Jay looked absolutely deadly at the moment.

"Ben." The tiny voice below him brought his attention away from Jay.

"Yeah, buddy?"

"Was I bad? I hurt… I'm… sorry if…"

"Hey you did nothing wrong, we are going to try and make it stop." Ben gently stroked white hair away from his face, frankly he was scared to do anything else in case he accidently caused the little boy more pain.

"Evie found whoever did this with her mirror. Mal and Fairy Godmother are going after them now." Jay's voice made Ben jump.

"That's good." Ben said.

"Whoever did this better hope they can fix this before…" Jay trailed off.

"How bad did this get?" Ben finally asked after a few minutes.

"Cruella broke two of his ribs, one punctured a lung. He told me he remembered not being able to breathe, I think Jasper took him to Yen Sid or something. It was a close call I would rather not have him re-live."

It was then that his father strode into the room with the castle doctors.

"Evie sent me a message, she told me what to be prepared for." The former king then knelt next to Carlos.

Ben looked up to see his mom standing in the door way, she looked worried, and like she wanted to be in the room cuddling Carlos, but did not dare to get any closer.

It was ten minutes later that the gasping started and the doctors moved Ben and the former king out of the way as they moved Carlos to the castle infirmary. Everyone followed behind the doctors then waited anxiously outside the room as they worked.

Twenty minutes after that, the girls and Doug arrived with Fairy Godmother. Fairy Godmother had something in her hand as she walked straight in the room with Carlos.

It was another hour of waiting before Fairy Godmother walked out of the room.

Adam looked up as soon as Fairy Godmother walked out of the room.

"How is he?" The former king asked as soon as she stepped out.

"As well as can be expected." She answered sadly.

"What does that mean?" Belle asked from Adams side.

"The injuries did not disappear when he returned to his proper and his body is once again adjusting to a full body change, so add the pain from that and a fever on top of everything." Fairy Godmother explained as she sat down.

"So can someone please explain what happened?" Ben asked

Mal sighed as looked annoyed, but Evie was the one to answer.

"Apparently the daughter of your friend the Beautiful Enchantress thought the new King deserved a lesson, so Carlos had to suffer." Evie rolled her eyes.

"Wait is this the chick who Carlos would not go out with last week?" Jay asked and Mal nodded.

"Wow, the chicks here do not take rejection well." Jay muttered

"The rejection was how she pick her target, but the lesson would have been the same with any of you. The children on the isle of the lost need help, and as the new King it is my job to help." Ben said

"Yes and you have been doing that Ben, this lesson was unnecessary and dangerous, and she better not come anywhere near Carlos again. After all I learned from the best on how to get even. My mom cursed a baby over not getting invited to a party, but this chick hurt Carlos…" Mal's eyes glowed green before she calmed herself.

Ben rubbed her back, and the former king found himself agreeing whole heartedly with her sentiment.

Carlos woke feeling absolutely awful. Everything hurt and he was absolutely burning up. When he opened his eyes he had no clue where he was, because for a moment he thought he was back at Hell House. He was still confused because the last thing he remembered was sleeping in his dorm room, and he was very obviously not there. This caused him to panic and something next to him started making noise, and when he turned to look something pulled at his chest. He looked down to see a tube there and before he could panic further a face was suddenly in his field of vision.

"Evie?" Carlos winced and the sound of his voice, he sounded awful.

Evie held up a cup and place the straw in his mouth. It was then that he realized how thirsty he was.

"What happened?" He asked after a long drink.

"You turned down the wrong girl." She said quietly.

"So she beat me up?"

"Age reversal potion, turned you three."

And that sentence explained so much, three had been a rough year, from what Carlos could remember. A whine from the floor suddenly caught his attention.

"Hey Dude, what's the matter?"

"Someone missed you." Evie explained as she lifted the dog so he could lick Carlos, before she put him back on the ground.

Carlos yawned and Evie was suddenly tutting at him.

"You should go back to sleep."

Sleep sounded good to Carlos, he knew he would need lots of it. With how he felt he knew it would be a long recovery.

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