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Carlos groaned as he leaned against the door. Today was going to be interesting. He felt terrible… and gross… he needed a shower. With a sigh Carlos turned to switch on the water.

"Man really?" he heard Jay say from the room.

"Some of us don't enjoy being covered in our own filth." Carlos called out as he undressed

"Hey now!" Jay laughed "I am very clean. Girls don't go for overwhelming man stink."

"Whatever it takes to make you feel better." Carlos was laughing as he sunk into the tub.

Warm water was definitely the best part about living here. It helped with the aches that had settled into his body. Hopefully he would not be as stiff. Yeah it sucked to try to climb after the others when his body did not want to cooperate. After the first panic attack he had, once he started hanging out with Jay and the girls, he had tried to follow Jay up to Ursula's roof. Yeah that had been a disaster. His legs gave out close to the top and if Jay had slower reflexes he would have been splat on the ground. As it was he could no longer hide the trembling in his body, concentrating on not having another panic attack threw hiding his weakness from them out the window. They didn't seem to care though. Evie simply smiled and patted the seat next to her. It was then that Carlos realized that Jay had gotten Carlos and himself back on the ground.

Jay playfully pushed Carlos and caused him to stumble into Mal's side, and then made his way back up Ursula's roof. Mal sighed in annoyance and shoved him over to Evie. Even Carlos knew that there was no malice in the action.

Carlos smiled as he remembered that day. Banging on his door quickly brought him out of his reminiscing.

"Bro! Hurry up." Jay called out then paused. "A bath really?"

"You're just jealous I thought of it first, and I'm getting out."

Carlos felt immensely better after his bath, and a little more optimistic about the day ahead.

Evie was finishing up with Dude when Jay left to go get Carlos. Mal and Ben left not long after he had to find a secluded place to chill for the day. Doug was currently on his laptop studying something rather intently. When she had asked what he was doing he just smiled and told her it was a personal project.

With a sigh she went through the items she had gotten when they went to town. She had picked up material for a new outfits, matching ones for Dude and Carlos. When Carlos was doing better she would fit it to him. Then there was a picnic basket, Jay would get the food after he brought Carlos here, while they waited for Ben and Mal to come back and lead them to the picnic area they picked out. Ben had picked out some things for games. Of course a picnic blanket. Evie walked over the bag Mal had brought into the room.

Evie frowned she could not remember what Mal had bought. She noticed the bag as Mal and Ben left and when she had asked about it Mal had shrugged and said that she thought it would come in handy. Evie sighed and unpacked the bag, after all Mal meant for it to be brought along with them. What she found there made her smile.

First she pulled out a small red pillow. She sat it aside and pulled a throw blanket. It was black and white. With the pillow all three of Carlos's signature colors were covered.

"A blanket and pillow?" Evie looked up at Doug who was watching her from the table.

"Carlos has a tendency to sleep a lot on days after nightmares." Evie answered with a smile and a shrug.

"Oh, good thinking Mal." Doug smiled and went back to his computer.

"Good thinking indeed." Evie could not believe that she had over looked the fact that Carlos would be tiered today. Leave it to Mal to pick up her slack. Evie smiled, Mal cared a lot more than she was comfortable with sharing. They would get her there, but this was a start.

Dude was suddenly alert. His tale was wagging happily as he made his way to door. His excitement made Evie smile. Only one person made the dog that happy. Both she and Doug turned to the door expectantly and moments later Carlos and Jay were coming in

"Oh, buddy look at you!" Carlos knelt down and scooped up Dude. Evie could not help the pride that came along with someone approving of her work.

"Evie this is great." Carlos quickly made his way to her and threw his free arm around her in an enthusiastic hug.

"Glad you approve, tomorrow we'll work on yours."

"Hear that buddy another matching outfit." Carlos made his way over to Mal's empty bed and cuddled the dog close.

Evie could not help her smile. He seemed more relaxed then she had ever seen him after a nightmare. There were still traces of exhaustion in his posture, but he was nowhere near as edgy as he used to be.

"So, anything else we need to do?" Jay asked from the door way.

"Just need to get the food together." Doug said from across the table he stood up and closed his lap top and moved toward the picnic basket.

"It's okay, bro I got it." Jay took the basket from Doug and exited the room.

"Carlos you okay?" Evie asked as she saw him wince and roll his shoulders.

"Fine, but still a little sore."

Evie looked down at he her bed and all the stuff she still had to get together and over to Carlos who had gone back to playing with Dude.

"I can finish that." Doug offered. Evie pressed a quick peck to his cheek in thanks then made her way over to Carlos.

"Scoot up." She ordered as she sat behind him.

He looked over his shoulder in confusion, but complied none the less. Evie quickly brought her hands to his shoulders and started to massage. She felt him tense as she began to work out the knots in his shoulder, but soon he started to relax.

"I take it that you are enjoying that massage." Doug stated as he joined them. He laughed at laughed at the mumbled reply that he got.

"All done. Feeling better?" Evie asked a few moments later. She frowned when she got no reply.


"I think he fell asleep." Doug was the one to answer her.

He stepped forward and gently took Carlos's shoulders and motioned for Evie to move off the bed. Once she was out of the way He lowered Carlos to the bed.

"We should let him sleep?" Evie looked over at Doug.

"Yeah, you have more fun when you're not exhausted." Doug answered easily. As he turned the table he had been working at earlier and packed up his computer.

"Yeah. I hope we have a lot of fun today." Evie sat down next to Carlos and picked up Dude from where he had snuggled up next to her sleeping friend.

"Lots and lots of fun." Evie cuddled the dog close, and laughed as he licked her face in agreement.

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