Elder Scrolls Skywalker

"Hello lad! It's been a long time since I've seen one of you!" A voice laughed. "It's so nice of you to fall by!"

Luke let out a pained groan. He rubbed the back of his head as he tried ot gain bearings. The first thing he noticed was how impossible bright and colorful everything wa- was that a mushroom? It's as big as a tree! What planet was he on again? "Where am I?"

"You're home ladie!" The man smiled. His yellow cat like eyes glowed with insane pleasure. He suddenly went calm. "Or at least my home. It could be yours to but that's all on a state of mind."

Luke frowned. 'What is this man talking about?' Taking a deep breath her looked over at the odd man. The man at least appeared human. He appeared aged with comed over white hair, and those... piercing yellow eyes. He was thing but tall and his clothes were two faced. "Alright sir where's your home?"

The man smiled with a wolfish grin and laughed. "Ooh! Your a philosophical mortal."

"Mortal?" Luke asked frown deepening. 'What's so philosophical about asking where I am?'

"Or maybe your just not very bright."

"Hey!" Luke cried out indignity.

"This area is very dull though. Here I thought you'd be a Dimentia person."

Luke let out an exasperated sigh. "Can you tell me where my ship is so I can get where I'm going?"

"So you can see the green dwarven elf." He chuckled. "And people say I'm mad!"

Luke gapped. "How do you know Yoda!"

"Now your paying attention! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sheogorath deadric prince of madness." He gave a mock bow.

Luke raised a skeptical eyebrow. "What's a dreadra?"

"How rude!" Sheogorath snapped. "Lizards tails boy, In-tro-ductions!" He spat pronouncing his words with great vigor.

Luke blushed in embarrassment. "Sorry, sorry!" He quickly amended. "I'm just really confused. My names-"

"Luke Skywalker. Rebel, Hero, Farmer and presumably son of a very power hungry man."

Lukes impatient scowl turned into one of utter confusion. "how?"

The madman laughed. "You my friend are in a bit of a pickle."

"I understand that." Luke sighed frustration returning. Gaining control of his anger he focused again on Sheogorath. "Please I just want to know how I got here."

"Let's just say you got too close to the wrong planet." He smirked. "But enough of that, you my unlucky friend are about to wake."

"This is a dream?" Luke asked suddenly relieved.

"Oh my mortal friend, if only." The elder gave a dramatic roll of the eyes.

"But you just said-"

"Let's just say I owe a friend a favor." He gave Luke a knowing place. "The point is your in our realm now, and I hope you can entertain! Because your filling for her/him."

"I can't stay here, I need to get to Tatioone." Luke attempted again.

"Didn't you hear me?" Shoegorath asked. "Your in our territory now. Don't worry it won't be long all you have to do is not die. Do try not to seem to mad down their. Ta-ta~"

The world faded into a blanket of air. Luke couldn't say anything before he was suddenly in free fall. "What are you doing!"

Sheogorath only smiled. He gave a small wave as Luke plummeted to the earth.

Luke felt it before anything else. The Force. It was almost suffocating, it poured out of ever crack and cravis. It wasn't like anything he had ever felt before. He could not only sense the presence of everything around him. He could almost sense their very soul. But there was a darkness to it. Just on the rim. Unlike Darth Vaders presence that was the equivalent of a dark storm complete and utter darkness. This seemed more faded, but it's presence was there all the same.

It took him a while to even realize his hearing had returned. Hoof steps echoed all around him as he felt the earth move under him. Slowly he opened his eyes.

"So your finally awake." A blond heavy built man across from him noted. "I was beginning to worry."

Luke blinked rapidly. Where was he now! This place seemed normal enough. It had humans... What he assumed was horses. What planet was he on?

"You were caught crossing the border same as us, and that thief over there!" The blond man continued.

Luke looked over at the accused man. He was filthy lithe man bond up like everyone else in the cart. "Curse you Stormcloak, the Empire was fine before you came along nice and lazy."

The thief's attention switched to Luke, but Luke barely noticed. His attention was focused on one single thing. The Empire! They were caught by Imperials! If they found out who he was-. He shivered as the memory of Vaders dark presence filled his mind. No he couldn't face him again! Not so soon!

"Watch your tongue your speaking to Ulfric Stormcloak, Yarl of Windhelm and true high king!"

"Yarl Ulfric..."

Just now did Luke look over at the fourth person in the...wagon. He was obviously a wealthy or at least for this planet. Dressed in jewels and fine colored furs. Stuffed in his mouth was a thick cloth. His square jaw tightened as he glared back at the thief.

The theirs eyes widened. "Your the leader of the rebellion if they've captured you... Oh deadra where are they taking us!"

Lukes heart nearly lept out of his chest. Only to be dragged back down by his waring mind. They weren't talking about him! This was not his rebellion, this was something else!

The other blond male gave Luke a concerned look. "You are awfully quiet there kid. Are you alright?"

Luke nodded and smiled. "No I'm alright. Just a little wracked. I can't believe this is all happening."

He gave Luke a sad smile. "I don't know where were going... but Sovenguard awaits."

The wagons were pulled towards a wooden gate, the doors swung open on their arrival.

"General Tullius sir, the headsman is waiting!"

"Good, let get this over with!" The man in charge ordered pushing his horse to follow after the wagons.

"Look at him." The blond man hissed. "General Tullius the military governor! And it looks like the Thalmor are with him! Cursed Elves! I bet they had something to do with this!"

Lukes head spun. 'Why? How? What was he doing here? He was on his ship talking to R-2 just moments ago! They were going to see Yoda! Than that man Sheogorath appeared, now he was going to get his head chopped off on some random planet!

'No.' Luke stopped himself. 'I must remain calm, getting frustrated will not help. I need to trust in the force.' He felt the energy of the force around him. At first their was nothing but darkness. It was almost as if the planet itself was controlled by the darkness. It seeped into him digging in ready to take him down. But then their was a light. It flickered in the darkness.

Lukes reached forward with his subconscious and cradled it. As small as it was it still managed to keep the darkness away.


The cart jolted to a stop.

"Why are we stopping!" The thief cried out.

"What do you think, end of the line." The rebel soldier said solemnly.

Luke looked up meeting the other rebels eyes.

He gave Luke a sad smile. "We shouldn't keep the deadra waiting."

Luke nodded returning the smile.

"Move it!" A female voice growled out. The four of them stood up, being led out single file.

"No I'm not a rebel!" The thief continued to wail. "You can't do this!"

"Face your death with some courage horse thief!" The rebel soldeir snapped.

"Head towards the block as your names called out, one at a time!" The female called out again.

"Empire loves their list." The soldier growled.

The women shouted orders and another man approached the cart.

'These must be the imperials.' Luke thought looking over the heavily armored soldiers. 'Do they plan on killing us here and now? No questioning, anything?'

"Ulfric Stormcloak, Yarl of Windhelm." The male imperial called out reading his paper.

"It's been a honor Yarl Ulfric." The rebel whispered.

Luke wanted to say something but what could he say. These men had lost everything, now they were going to lose their lives. "What's your name soldier?" Luke asked finally.

The man gave Luke a surprised look.

"I'd like to know who I am to die with." Luke explained eyeing the headsman and his barbaric axe.

"I'm Ralof." He answered his sad smile returning.

"Ralof of Riverwood." The Imperial called off.

"I'm sorry you got dragged into this." Ralof whispered. He walked towards the block head held high.

"Lokir of Rorikstead."

Luke could feel the panic change into full on hysteria. "Calm down." Luke tried. "Your not going to make things any better."

"No!" The Thief cried out.

"Just go there is nothing else you can do right now." Luke encouraged. "We'll figure something out, we'll get out of this."

"No I can't!" Lokir rushed towards the Imperial. "I am not a Rebel, you can't do this!" He made a mad dash for it.

"Halt!" The women called. "Archers!"

"No, we aren't apart of this you can't-" Lukes words were cut short as the arrow cut through Lokir. His heart dropped as the mans Force presence completely vanished. 'We weren't apart of this.'

The Officer turned back to the prisoners. "Anyone else feel like running?" She growled.

The other Imperial looked at his list and looked at Luke. "Wait, you there step forward." He ordered.

Luke walked forward until he was directly in front of the two Imperials. A part of him wanted to jump into action use the Force and make a brake for it. But the Force was urging him not to for some reason. It was a quite urging but still a stern one. He had to be here...but why?

"Who are you?" The Imperial asked.

The Force around him urged him forward. Calling to him.


"I am Luke."