The blaster was tugged out of Leia's hand and thrown to the wayside onto the cold metal floor. The small crew was quickly surrounded by Stormtroopers. All locked and loaded.

A Stormtrooper grabbed onto Leia's upper arm dragging her forward. She twist and tugged trying to escape.

Lord Vader watched the whole thing impassively. "Take her to the detention center."

"My Lord." The Imperial officer stepped forward hesitantly. "What of the other's?"

"I have no use of them."


There was a sudden blaze of gunfire. The crew pulled out their hidden blaster. There were loud shouts as men on both side fell and then there was silence. Leia didn't need to see them to know what had happened. But she did there lay six men she led to their deaths.

Her heart clenched and she made herself look away. Her eyes instead locked on Lord Vader. Even through the mask she knew he was looking right back at her. The hatred she knew he felt for her was almost palpable. She straightened remaining dignified even in her baggy clothes. But her burning brown eyes told it all she hated him just as much as he hated her.

The Stormtrooper tugged at her arm. Reluctantly she gave letting them lead her to her cell.

Luke walked up the mighty steps to the shrine. The cold winds had depleted the closer he got. There was a clear darkness in the air but it wasn't malicious. It was a relaxing darkness soothing almost. But it was laced with an underlying threat that Luke could just barely pick up on.

Lydia to her chagrin refused to follow. Instead she made herself busy picking at the dragon bones and stuffing whatever she could into her pack.

When he tried to talk to her after her freakout. She refused to talk to him. Her eyes would look towards the blue person with plain distaste. This idol, embodiment of the Force or whatever it was terrified her.

When he made it to the feet of the statue the blue skinned women was already there.

"Here she is the mother of change. Mistress of dusk and dawn Prince Azura." The women stared up at the statue with clear reverence.

Luke eyed her curiously. "What's your name?"

The women blinked as if she was startled awake. "What?" She asked quietly.

"Well you introduced me to Azura, and you know my name sorta. What's yours?" He said giving her the already famous Skywalker grin.

She eyed him quietly. With an accepting nod she broke her silence. "I am Aranea Lenith."

"Luke Skywalker." He replied. He held out his hand and she took it giving it a firm shake. Luke's attention fixed back onto the statue. It was a pretty enough women staring deep into the sky. In one hand she held a common depiction of the sun. The other a crescent moon. "So what is it your lady needs help with."

Red eyes closed. "She has sent me a vision." She took a deep breath.

Luke felt the Force shift around her a mix of the soothing darkness and a burning light. He reached out into it. Something in the Force gave him a violent shove. Luke retreated but still watched with his mind's eye as the very fabric of this world seemed to be twist and pulled.

"You must go to a fortress." Aranea spoke. "Endangered by water, yet untouched by it. Inside you will find an elven mage who can turn the brightest star black as night." She exhaled her red eyes met his blue ones.

"So she wants me to retrieve this star from a mage?" Luke asked. What was any of that suppose to mean? Endangered by it was by water. Elven Mage… didn't Lydia call that one women an elf. She practises magic so maybe it's related to her?

The blue skinned women sighed. "I'm sorry. I know it's not very clear. But Azura is always right."

Luke stared at her. This seemed like a run around. He didn't even know what he was suppose to be looking for. But she sounded so convinced. He gave a firm nod. "Alright I'll see what I can do."

Aranea studied him. After a brief pause she nodded back. "Thank you."

"I do have a question for you." He glanced down the staircase. Through the thick snow further down he could just barely see Lydia's dark outline. "I am not from around here. I was just wondering why is my friend so scared of your mistress."

She followed his gaze and paused thoughtfully. "Azura's did not incline to tell me your whole story Sky-walker. But what she did say has painted a odd picture. A child of the Sky Walker's from beyond Nirn returning to our planet. What sense could that make to any mortal?"

"Wait returning?" Luke's eyes wen wide. "What do you mean?"

Aranea shrugged. "As I said Sky-walker Azura's isn't always clear. But she is always right." She glared down the stairway. "Your friend pardon me is a Nord not as ignorant as some but still ignorant. Daedra are powerful creatures they control the world around us making it bend to their will." She gestured up at Azura. "Azura's is one of the most benevolent of them all. She is even one of the founder of my species the Dark Elf's and mother of the Khajiit."

"Lydia mention something about dwarves do you know anything about that?" Luke asked curiously.

Aranea scowled. "Nordic speculation. They insulted her yes, but there is no proof saying she made disappear."

"But she could of." Luke pressed.

Aranea's scowled turned to him. She smiled grimly. "This is all just speculation."

"Of course." Luke said nodding along.

Her red eyes darkened with what Luke couldn't tell. "Yes she could have easily done so."

A dark cloud surrounded them. Luke smiled . "Thanks for answering my questions. I'll see what I can do about" He didn't wait for a response he rushed down the stairwell escaping the dark energy.

Lydia waited at the base of the statue. She jumped to her feet as he approached. "Well?"

"Well uh." He looked over his shoulder. His vision of the temple blocked by a fury of snow. He took a deep breath. "We are going to look for a star."

"A star...You mean Azura's star?" Lydia replied off the back.

"Azura's star?" Luke repeated.

Lydia glowered. "You know it's one of her relics she sometimes gives people. I've seen a drawing of it once. It's like a big gem shaped like the sun or something."

"Oh-" Luke frowned puzzled. "Why didn't she- nevermind let's get out of this cold."

"Wait!" She hollered suddenly. "We can't go into town!"

"What why not?" Luke asked baffled.

"What if your cursed?"

Luke's arms flopped down to his side with exasperation. "Lydia…"

"I'm serious." She watched him warily. "What happened up there."

He shrugged. "She gave me a prophecy about the star and told me to go find it."

"Azura did!?"

"No! That lady Aranea." He tiredly repeated the what Aranea told him.

Lydia was still tense when he finished. "So this is just a regular quest."

"It sounds like it. I figured I'm probably just going to train for a while might as well do this while I'm at it." He started walking down the mountainside. Lydia fell in behind him.

He smiled at her. "So you are still coming with me?"

Lydia let out a loud huff. "You're my Thane of course I am going with you."

"That's not what you said earlier." Luke reminded.

Lydia rolled her eyes. "You were talking crazy saying you don't know what a Daedra is!"

"I don't Lydia." He gave her a wry smile. "Well I guess I kind of do now. Or least a novel concept."

She paused looking at him still somehow shocked by the revelation.

Luke let out an annoyed groan. He spun back to look at her. "Fine listen." He paused unsure what to say. "Aranea was right I'm not from around here...Or really this...planet" He paused giving Lydia time to say something. "How do I put this I was traveling in my… ship." He stopped to look at her. She just continued to stare at him completely baffled. "With my...buddy Artoo and next thing I know I'm on the ground next to a giant mushroom."

"Mushroom?" She mumbled.

"Yes and this person come up and starts talking to me. He had white hair and yellow slitted eyes. I think he said his name was Sheo-"

"Sheogorath." Her eyes were widening.

"Yes." Luke replied smiling. 'Finally this is getting through to her.' His smiled turned into a puzzled frown. "You know now that I think about it he did say something about Daedra-" He cut himself off sensing the waves of panic coming off of Lydia. "Hey are you ok?"

"Uh yes yeah." She smiled brightly like everything was alright. The Force begged to differ. "Let's go get our reward for the dragon."

"Alright if you're sure you are ok."He pressed.

Lydia nodded continuing to force a smile. "Trust me I've never been better. My Thane just had conversation with the Daedric Prince madness nothing wrong with that!" She chattered excitedly.

"Well it's not really chatted as much as talked at." He paused. He glared over at Lydia. "Prince of madness?"

"Yeah well I guess a good ammount of people say they've talked to him sooner or later." Lydia struggled taking a step back.

"So you think I'm crazy?"

"Well yes. But just a little." She gave Luke a sheepish shrug.

"Oh for Force's sake."

"No, no! I promise I won't hold it against you!" Lydia desperately amended.

"That's not saying you don't think I'm insane." Luke grumbled.

"How about different does that work?"

Luke raised an eyebrow at the brunnette.

"It's as I said I choose to follow you. You're my Thane so it's my job to protect you." Lydia tried still clearly desperate.

Luke sighed in defeat. "Fine whatever let's just get going."

Leia sat in her white padded cell. With an angry hiss the cell door opened. Leia could hear the familiar breathing before she actually saw him. Unconsciously she scooted back wanting to put as much distance between her and him.

The Dark lord of the sith walked in the door quickly slamming shut behind him.

"Lord Vader no entourage this time." Leia baited.

The Dark Lord didn't take it. "Where is he?"

Leia held her ground. "Where is who?"

"I am not here to play games Princess." The Dark Lord growled. He pointed a glove finger at Leia. "Where is Skywalker!"

"With the Rebellion." Leia answered automatically.

"Lying to me will not help you princess. Young Skywalker disappeared little over a weeks ago. Now I want to know where."

Leia faltered. "How do you-"

"Where is he!?" Lord Vader continued not giving an inch.

Princess Leia scrambled to regain her composure. "And what makes you think I'd tell you anything."

"We have ways to find out the truth." He warned heavily.

Leia shook her head. "What are you going to do your probe droids didn't work, Alderaan's gone, Han's gone, and Luke's out of your reach!" Before she could even finish. The pressure kept mounting getting stronger and stronger. She rested her forehead on her palm trying to ease the pain.

"I have my ways."

Too late Leia realised what was happening. She took a pained breath as the pressure filled her mind and started forward into her memories. "No!" It didn't stop it just kept stabbing deeper into her throwing away anything it didn't see as useful.

"Where is he?" Those words so angry and full of fury echoed through her head.

Next thing she knew she was on the floor staring at Vader's boots. Leia was hyperventilating uncontrollably. Her vision was speckled with a rainbow of bright dots and an uncontrolled ringing blared in her ears.

She blinked uncontrollably. She was only vaguely aware that Vader was leaving.

Her hands splayed as she weakly pulled herself up her arms fought her control. She slipped sliding to the floor. Red became the dominant color in the bright dots.

'Luke.' She reached out blindly. Desperate to latch onto something.

There was nothing.

'Luke please!' She tried one more time. The world around her was fading the blinding red dots coating her vision till it was nothing but red. 'Don't leave me alone!'

In the corner of her eye Leia could make out a light. She pushed herself to her knees then using her little seat pushed herself to her feet. She tried to follow the light but it remained in the corner of her eye just out of sight. The world spun around her. She clung to the steel walls to steady herself. The pain in her head was just too great.

Red warning light blared across the Executor. The gigantic ship was being pushed sideways by an unnatural force. Admiral Piett scrambled from station to station trying to rectify the Executors course. But the more the Executor tried to pull back the harder came the push.

"I don't care what you do just make it stop!" The Admiral shouted.

The Aid turned back to the controls altering the course.

After a few minutes the sensation of being pushed stopped. The Executor stabilized itself again.

"Check the scanners and prepare for an attack." The Admiral ordered.

A loud "Yes sir" echoed through the bay.

Admiral walked over to the viewport. He gazed into empty space trying to see for himself caused what happened.

"Sir the scanners aren't picking anything up!"

"Try them again." Admiral Piett ordered. He continued to stare into space. But nothing was there.

The world was still spinning but the red was gone. The pain in her head was still intolerable. "Luke." The light was still there but no matter what she did it didn't get any closure.

"So how is it suppose to work?" She had asked once. Watching as he practised calling item's to him.

Past Luke smiled at her. "It's kind of hard to describe. You just kind of reach out and grab it."

"So it's like normally picking it up?" She inquired a bit of teasing in her voice.

"Not exactly." He had laughed. He had frowned. "You kind of reach into the Force and into yourself and then you just ask and it's there.""

The memory faded. Leia clenched her eyes shut. Her mind felt like something had ripped it. She reached out to the light again. She didn't know why she wanted it so badly it was just so familiar it reminded her of Luke. But again it evaded her grasp.

"Reach into the Force and into yourself." Luke's words echoed.

So Leia did she ignored the light. The pain was harder to get through. Her teeth gritted at the pain as she pushed on through. She did it on the Death Star she will do it again! The pain didn't fade but that didn't matter she wouldn't let it control her. Once again she reached into the light this time it reached back. As it grabbed hold of her she could feel other presences around her watching.

With a sudden jolt the light presence pulled her forward.

Leia tried to pull back. The presence morphed and changed before her to a blinding white light with no warmth or kindness that Luke's had carried. "Who are you!?" She demanded.

Leia could almost see it smile. "I am life." With that it jerked her forward. The world around Leia faded. In the back of her mind Leia could hear a familiar Darth Vader screaming in anger.

Luke stopped mid step. He looked around frantically.

Lydia frowned beside him. "My Thane?"

"Sorry," He started walking again. "I thought I… you know what nevermind." He looked over at Lydia who was staring at decisively small purse. "Will you stop that. Staring at it pitifully won't help us."

"They didn't believe us." She moaned pitifully. "We gave them it's skull and everything."

"It's better than nothing." Luke said silently agreeing. "What we need to do is get into the college. Then we will have rooms and we can focus on finding a steady income."

"Or we can go to meet the Greybeards. Save the world and reverse whatever Sheogorath did to you." Lydia pressed smiling innocently.

"I am fine and the college is our priority afterwards we can go to the Greybeards." Luke opened the door to the inn. "Though first thing first we need to find Azura's Star."

Lydia grimaced. "Right, please the Daedra first."

"The question is how do we figure out where it is?" Luke pondered. "My first guess would be to check the college but we aren't allowed in."

"What does she expect us to do?" Lydia grumbled rolling her eyes.

"I guess we find who last had it." He handed the innkeeper his fee for the night. "We just need to start asking around."

"Oh sure." Lydia walked up to a man dressed in a mage's robe. "Excuse me sir humor me for a second. We are looking for Azura's star you wouldn't happen to know where it is do you?"

"Who sent you?" The man barked back. "Was it the college the Jarl? We agreed there would be no more questions!"

Lydia froze in shock. "Uh?"

Luke practically jumped in front of her. He blue eyes wide with excitment. "You know about Azura's star?"

The man glared back at him. "Who are you and who are you with?"

"Right sorry, I'm Luke." Luke gestured over to the still startled Lydia. "And this is Lydia. We were sent by Azura to find her star."

The man scowled at them. "Right." He said in a deadpanned voice. "You're working with a Daedra now tell me the one about the Argonian maid."

Lydia seemed to snap out of her reverie at that. She gave a small snicker from behind Luke.

Luke chose to ignore her. Instead focusing her frustration on the mage in front of him. "Look we need to find that star. We are not leaving till we get it."

The man grumbled something under his breath. "Alright fine just calm down and I'll tell you everything. The name is Nelacar. I assume you know what a soul gem is?"

"Afraid not." Luke replied.

The man grumbled something else under his breath. "Alright a soul gem is a special kind of gemstone. Once you kill an opponent in battle if you're fast enough you can cast a spell and bind that soul to the gemstone."

"That sounds awful." Luke mumbled frowning. A sick feeling build up in his stomach "Why would someone do that?"

"I'm getting to that." Nelacar snapped. "Once you have a soul gem they can be used to enchant something. Give it a little bit of magic. Make your armer resistant to the cold. Maybe make that sword of yours catch everyone you strike on fire."

"By killing people."Luke's voice darkened. "We are talking about murder here."

The mage shrugged. "I like to see it as putting a use to a few worthless bandit's. Besides it's not all people." He met Luke's disapproving look. "Listen do you want to know or not?"

Luke shifted. He looked like he desperately wanted to say more but held his tongue.

"So anyway Azura's star is a Daedric artifact that allows any number of souls to pass through it. Some of us wanted to find out how. I was working under Malyn Varen then. If only we knew what he was really planning." A sad look crossed his face.

"What happened?" Luke pressed.

"It drove him mad." Luke didn't miss the sudden bitterness in Nelacar's tone. "Malyn wanted to alter the star. He was dying. Thought he could trap his own soul inside it and become immortal." Nelacar paused taking a breath. "He took his few loyal disciples to Ilinalta's Deep and vanished."

"I think I've hear of that place." Lydia frowned. "We have heard rumors that Necromancers were haunting the place."

"And nobody checked on them?" Luke asked. He was feeling a little ill at ease. Using people's very souls as a power up. Now Necromancy! What was wrong with these people!

Lydia shrugged. "If anybody went to check it out nobody came back."

"Look," Nelacar started catching both of theirs attention. "I don't care who asked you to find the star but don't take it back to Azura! They are the reason Malyn went insane!"

"Who messed with a Daedra." Lydia snorted. "What exactly did you expect to happen."

Nelacar tipped his head in defeat. "Maybe so, but a lot of people lost their lives so Azura could get her revenge."

And that's it. Hopefully again the characters are in character. Leia is usually the strong leader character so it was kind of hard to put her in a situation where she kind broke down a little. I'm still not sure how long Lydia is going to around. Right now she's the guide she counteracts Luke. I'm trying to use her kind of as a straw man. To be more comics relief, that's probably not that funny. But I'm still worried she is more annoying than anything. She will be around at least for this quest.

Besides that if you have any complaints let me know. I know my grammar is bad. So I hope you can forgive me for that. Enjoy and have a good year.