"Yes, Prince Zen."

"Do you think I can find someone who can make me believe that she truly needs me?"

Her lips were soft as they moved against his, returning his feelings in equal measure. Her fingers curled into the material of his jacket, keeping him anchored to his place. When it became necessary to breathe, the couple parted but did not open their eyes. Zen leaned his forehead against Shirayuki's and let out a small, content sigh. Slowly, his eyes opened to take in her soft features. The first thing he saw was her small smile. His attention was quickly captured by her emerald orbs.

Zen moved the hand that was tangled in her hair forward to stroke her cheek. The love and acceptance in her eyes washed over him like a fresh, cool breeze on a hot day. She returned his feelings and not only that, but she was willing to work for their relationship. Shirayuki knew it would be hard to be in a relationship with the second prince of Clarines but she took his hand anyway. It was this determination, passion, and quiet strength that Zen had fallen in love with in the first place.

The couple spent another half hour just sitting together holding hands in the forest. No words were spoken, all that was needed had been said earlier. Finally, Zen stood and helped Shirayuki join him on her feet. It was time to get back to their lives as a Prince and an Apprentice Pharmacist. They held hands as they walked, just until the edge of the forest. Zen held her back before they exited the sanctuary of trees. "Thank you, Shirayuki." He said.

Shirayuki smiled up at her Prince. "Anytime Zen," was her only response. And then the two headed back to reality, each with a new lightness to their steps.

Weeeeeeeeell I'm back! I've started watching Akagami No Shirayukihime and I. Love. It. The animation is beautiful and I love the story. I went and read the entire manga to date and I love that too! So I came up with this idea to do 26 drabbles and short one shots that follow the alphabet. If you have an idea for the next letter, please do share it in a PM or review. I hope you enjoy!