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Chapter One- The Verge of History

(Connor PoV)

"Chrom, we have to do something," a young-sounding feminine voice says worriedly. My head is pounding, and even trying to open my eyes is a monumental effort.

"What do you propose we do?" a deeper, more familiar voice asks the first.

"I… I dunno..." the first person says, unsure. Then, unable to help myself, I let out a groan, the headache getting worse by the second. I manage to open my eyes and see a blonde girl and a blue-haired man blocking the sun from my face.

"At least one of you is awake now," the blue-haired one says.

"Hey there!" the girl says, smiling brightly.

"There are better places than to take a nap than on the ground, you know. Give me your hand." He pulls me up, and I see that I am a few inches taller than he is. "Are you alright?"

I glance around, taking note of the unconscious girl, who seemed somehow familiar to me, and a blue knight watching me carefully. "…Y-yeah. Thanks, Chrom."

"Ah, then you know who I am?" he asks.

I shake my head. "No. While the name sounds familiar, I only heard the girl say you name as I woke up." He nods in understanding.

"Well, it seems you have me at a disadvantage. What's your name?" Chrom asks.

"It's… it's…" I have to stop and think for a moment, but I still can't come up with anything, and trying to remember makes my head hurt. "I, ah, can't seem to remember. Where are we, exactly?"

"…You don't know your own name?" The man looks confused. Before he can continue, I hear a soft groan from below me and to my left. I look down, and see the girl's eyes flutter open. She looks around briefly, and sees me. I offer her my hand, and pull her up when she takes it.


"Is that my name? I ask. She nods.

"You don't remember your name?" I nod my head. "Do you at least remember me? I'm Gwyn, your sister! …Actually, I can't remember any more than that, now that I think about it," she adds after a moment of thought.

"Hey, I've heard of this! It's called amnesia!" the blonde girls says excitedly.

"It's called a load of pegasus dung," the knight in blue says skeptically. "We're supposed to believe that you can remember your brother, but nothing else?"

"B-but it's the truth!" I exclaim.

"Yes, I can't seem to remember much of anything," Gwyn adds.

"..What if it IS true, Frederick? We can't just leave them here, alone and confused. What sort of Shepards would we be then?"

"All the same, milord, I must emphasize caution. 'Twould not do to let wolves into our flock."

"Right then—" Chrom starts. "We'll take them back to town and sort this out there."

"Wait just one moment. Do I get a say in this?" Gwyn and I say at the same time.

""Peace, friends—I promise we'll hear all you have to say back in town. Now, come on."

"What will you do with us? Are we to be your prisoners?"

Chrom laughs heartily. "You'll be free to go as soon as we establish that you're no enemy of Ylisse," he answers.

"Is that where we are? Ylisse?" I ask.

"You've never heard of the Halidom? Ha! Someone pay this actor. He plays quite the fool! The furrowed brow is especially convincing…"

"Hey! Gwyn says indignantly.

"Frederick, please. This land is known as the Halidom of Ylisse. Our ruler, Emmeryn, is called the Exalt. I suppose introductions are in order… My name is Chrom—but then, you already knew that. The delicate one here is my little sister, Lissa."

"I am NOT delicate! …Hmph! Ignore my brother, please. He can be a bit thick, sometimes. But you're lucky the Shepards found you. Brigands would've been a rude awakening!" Lissa, the girl says. Chrom is about to say something, but she interrupts him "Chrom, look! The town!" We look in the direction she's pointing, and see a village engulfed in flame.

"Damn it! The town is ablaze! Those blasted brigands, no doubt… Frederick, Lissa! Quickly!"

"What about these two?" Frederick asks.

"Unless they're on fire as well, it can wait!" the lord says harshly.

"Aptly put, milord," Frederick says, ignoring the harshness of his prince's voice.

"Let's go already!" Lissa says, dashing off ahead of the others. Chrom and Frederick rush to catch up, leaving Connor and Gwyn by themselves.

"But what about..." I say, noticing the weapon at my side, a finely crafted steel sword. I see Gwyn pulling a tome out of her long robes, which look exactly the same as mine, strangely enough. It's an Elthunder tome. "We need to help them."

"Yeah," she agrees. I nod, and we run after them, weapons drawn.

"…e have to stop them!" Lissa tells Chrom.

"Don't worry—after today, these bandits won't be bothering anyone ever again…" the lord says darkly as we come to a stop beside them. Frederick gives me a brief, curious look before returning his attention to the cautiously approaching bandits, who scatter when he looks at them.

"You followed us? Why?" Chrom asks me.

"I… I'm not certain myself. But both of us are armed, and we know our way around a fight, if you'll have us," I say. He nods.

"Of course—strength in numbers. Just stay close!" the lord tells us. "Remember, we face practiced thieves and murderers. They will grand us no quarter. It's kill or be killed."

We all take up fighting stances, and Chrom looks over at me. "So, Connor, I see you use a sword. Is it—Wait, is that a tome? …You know magic, Gwyn?"

"I… believe so? I suppose I should check…" she answers, flipping open the tome. Chrom involuntarily takes a step back.

"You believe so? Perhaps I'll just keep a few paces behind you for the time being…" the lord says worriedly.

"No, I can control it, I'm sure," she says placatingly. "Now, how did this work again? Ah, yes…" Thunder crackles ominously at her fingertips.

Together, Chrom and I charge forward at a group of three bandits. Chrom cuts one down, slashing through the man's axe and cleaving him in two. I exchange a quick set of blows with another bandit, but as with Chrom, weapon quality shines through and I break his sword and finish the disarmed bandit with a stab to the chest.

I look over at Chrom to congratulate him, and horror fills my body as I see the third bandit about to strike at the lord. I yank at my sword, which is stuck in the bandit's chest to try and assist him, but the sword is stuck fast. I prepare to tackle the man as Chrom turns to block it, but the brigand suddenly drops dead, a massive hole in his head, accompanied by the crack of thunder an instant later.

"Thanks!" he calls back, before more bandits appear. I see several mages mixed in as well, and Chrom and I dive for cover behind some fruit stands. Gwyn catches up and exchanges fire with them, and while she kills them, she is scored several times and gets a bad burn on her exposed hand.

Fredrick rides up, the way clear for him, with Lissa mounted behind him. She hops off his horse and pulls out a staff with a blue gem attached to the top.

"Hold still, Gwyn, and give me your hand," the young princess says. Gwyn whimpers as she takes her hand, and looks like she's about to pass out from the pain. The skin around the bird is charred, and I can see part of the bone exposed. I feel a flash of worry for my sister, but Lissa touches the staff to her hand, whispering, "Heal," and the staff glows bright blue. When the light fades, the burn is gone, and Gwyn looks much better.

"I may not be able to attack like Chrom, but when you get injured, I'll be the one the one stitching your bones back together, care of my trusty staff!" I hear Lissa say. "Just tell me where to go, Gwyn."

Several minutes later, it looks like a large majority of the bandits are dead. I felt bad for killing them, but I quashed those feelings to deal with them later. Right now, it was us or them, and I wasn't about to let them make the choice for me.

"Still with us, Connor, Gwyn?" Chrom asks as we finish with the last wave of bandits, leaving us with only three left, including their leader. The other two I dismissed; their weapons were weak, and they weren't likely to hit Chrom or me anyways. Their leader was the problem. His weapon was of reasonable quality, and he looked to be a skilled fighter.

"Hmm… It's strange. Here on the battlefield, I can… well, see things," I say, Gwyn nodding next to me.

"See things? Like what?" the blue-haired lord asks.

"The enemy's strength, their weaponry, the flow of battle… Connor and I must have studied this somewhere," Gwyn replies.

"So you're saying you can size the enemy up at a glance?" Chrom says incredulously.

"Yes, it would seem so. And perhaps more, if we apply ourselves…" I trail off, trying to remember things, but a group of bandits bursts out of the buildings, separating us from their leader and charge us.

A few minutes later the attackers are all dead, leaving all four of us alive, but out of breath.

"Are you two all right? Don't rush into danger," Chrom warns Gwyn and me.

"I'm fine, Chrom, don't worry," I say. To my left, Gwyn fires off her Elthunder tome towards the remaining mage. He tries to dodge, but it blows a chunk out of his chest and kills him. The leader and his remaining man wisely take cover.

"You've lent us your strength, and that makes you a friend. Having an ally by my side gives me courage," Chrom says, patting me on the back. "That goes for you too, Gwyn." More mages file out from a side street just in front of the last two men, forcing us to take cover.

"Thank you, but I think there's more to it than that," I say. The blue-haired man gives me a perplexed look.

"What do you mean?"

Gwyn answers for me. "If I'm not mistaken, there's a tactical advantage to fighting side by side… it's fuzzy… wait, yes; working in pairs improves strength, defense, speed… yes, yes, I'm sure of it!" she exclaims, waiting a brief moment before popping out of her cover and killing another mage. The others duck back into cover and I take the opportunity to rush them, Chrom and Frederick right on my heels. We overwhelm and kill them in seconds.

As Frederick is finishing up with the last mage, Chrom and I charge the leader.

"Here, sheepy, sheepy! Come to the slaughter!" the man yells, cackling manically.

"You die today!" Chrom snarls, lunging towards him. The exchange a series of rapid blows before the lord disengages with a flourish. I jump in, not giving the leader a chance to breathe. I swing as fast and as hard as I can, keeping him on the defensive, but I trip on a rock and lose my balance, giving him the opening he needs to disarm me and send me toppling to the floor.

"I am General Garrick of Plegia, and you shall feel my—" A sword sprouts from his chest. He looks at it with confusion; it's Chrom's sword. Garrick coughs, spraying blood everywhere. I scramble out from underneath him, and Chrom pulls his blade out with a sickening crunch. "Curse you, Ylisseans. You will… feel… Plegia's wrath…"

I get up shakily, my brush with death all to close for comfort. I retrieve my sword after which Chrom slaps me on the back.

"Well, that's the end of that," I say, trying to regain my composure. "By the way, what's Plegia?"

"You don't know? Your robes are from Plegia, after all," Chrom says. I look just as confused as Gwyn when they close in on us. "They're our neighboring country to the west. They've been trying to provoke war with us for years now. Emm is the only reason we're still at peace. If they keep sending bandits our way, though, and we might be forced to confront them…" Chrom trails off.

"Lucky for the town, we were close. But holy wow, you two! Swords, sorcery AND tactic! Is there anything you can't do?" the princess gushes. Around us, the villagers begin to gather.

"You're certainly no helpless victims, that's for sure," the prince comments while Frederick dismounts from his horse.

"Indeed. Perhaps you might even be capable of an explanation for how you two got here?" he asks. Both of us shake our heads.

"I understand your skepticism, Sir Frederick. And I cannot explain why only some knowledge has returned to us," my sister says. "But please, believe us. We have shard all we know."

"You fought to save Ylissean lives. My heart says that's enough," Chrom says.

"And your mind, milord? Will you not heed its council as well?"

Chrom sighs. "Frederick, the Shepards could use people with their talent. We've brigands and unruly neighbors, all looking to bloody our soil. Would you really have us lose such able tacticians? Besides, I believe their story, odd as it may be."

"Th-thank you, Chrom," I stammer. Next to me, Gwyn blushes as he looks at her.

"So how about it? Will you two join us?"

"We would be honoured," Gwyn replies. Chrom smiles, and turns towards Frederick and Lissa.

"Now, if we want to get to Ylisstol before evening tomorrow, we had better get going," the lord says. We all nod, and begin to walk out of the town.

"Milord, please! You must stay the night! We are simple folk of simple means, but we would gladly toast your valor with a feast!" an older villager, looking to be in his fifties or sixties says.

"A most generous offer, sir, and no doubt your hospitality would be grand… But I'm afraid we must hurry back to Ylisstol," Frederick replies.

"Dark meat only for me, medium well, and no salt in the soup. I simply—wait, what?! We're not staying?! But, Frederick, it's almost dark!"

"When night falls, we'll camp. Eat off the land, make our bed of twigs and the like. I believe several days ago you mention 'getting used to this?'"

"Frederick? Sometimes, I hate you," Lissa grumbles.

"You've quite the stern lieutenant there," Gwyn comments.

"Yeah, well, 'stern' is one name for it… I can think of a few others!" the princess snarks.

"Frederick only smiles when he's about to bring down the axe," Chrom says with a light laugh.

"Duly noted," I say, glancing over at the knight.

"*Ahem* you do realise that I AM still present?" he asks dryly, glaring daggers at the both of them.

"Oh, we realise." Frederick is silent for a moment as he looks at the prince and princess. Then, he smiles. It's a cheerful smile, but the looks it brings to Chrom and Lissa tell me otherwise.

"Milord remains as amusing as ever. Now then, shall we be going?"

"All right, all right. Ready to go, you two?" he asks Gwyn and I. We nod. "Then let's go. The capital isn't far."

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