Author: Happy Camper27

Requested by: Uchiha Salad

Prompt: Yāyún and Dino's first meeting (paraphrased)

Timeline: Summer after Yāyún's Third year and somewhere around the beginning of the Daily Life arc.


Dino Cavallone was clumsy. Most everyone (in the mafia) knew this. It often got him into trouble—sending him tripping headlong into some odd Don's (or Donna's) nefarious plans, often to the exasperation of those around him.

And this time was no different.

"Uuwaaahhh!" Dino cried, tumbling head over heels down the flight of stairs. He was in an old bookshop, filled to the brim with dusty old tomes. His eyes widened as he spotted a kid, no older than fourteen, turn and stare up at him with bright green eyes. The kid started to move, but it was to no avail. Dino felt more than heard the kid grunt as he collided with him, sending them both flying.

When they finally rolled to a stop, Dino sat up, holding his head. "Owwww," he whined, before jumping up. "Oh no! Are you okay?" he babbled, the Italian flowing from his mouth as he reverted in his panic.

The kid grunted, sitting up carefully. He paused, staring for a moment at Dino's shoes—what was with the kid? It wasn't like his shoes were that pretty or expensive—before turning his head slowly upwards.

Dino shied away, stunned by the strength of the glare the kid was sending his way. Those bright green eyes were narrowed slits, and the pale lips were turned down in a vicious glower.

"Are you okay?" he asked again, holding out a hand for the kid to help him up. The kid stared at his hand, those eyes fixing on the hand as though it had offended him. "Oh God, please say you're alright! Don't be mad, please?"

"I can't understand you," the kid gritted out, standing up and once again fixing Dino with that chilling glare. He flushed, feeling hot embarrassment in the pit of his belly.

"Sorry," Dino offered in his thick accent. "I don't speak good English. I did not mean to hurt you."

The kid looked him up and down before locking on to the hand Dino still had extended. He reached out, and grasped Dino's hand in his own surprisingly elegant one. Dino only had enough time to think, oh, before he lay on the ground of the shop, wheezing. The kid had thrown him, and had done it easily. The kid glared down at him, looking only mildly vindicated, before he turned away.

"Hey, what's the hold up, Yā?" a boy stood in the doorway to another part of the shop, holding several bags in his arms. Then, the boy noticed Dino, who was still wheezing in an attempt to get his breath back. "Who's that?"

"An idiot." The kid—Yā?—replied without missing a beat. The other boy looked consideringly at Dino, and Dino shivered as the eerie feeling of Mist Flames whispered along his own Sky Flames.

"Alright then. Shall we go?" the boy asked, depositing several bags in the kid's arms. "I do have a couple places I want to get to before dark, you know. You're such a slowpoke." The kid's face spasmed, and he followed the grinning purple-eyed boy.

"Slowpoke?" he asked lowly, looking almost offended.

"Yup! You're so slow, Yā," the Mist laughed, dancing out of reach of the kid. Just in time, too, as the kid had lashed out with a hand, clipping the area where the Mist had been just seconds earlier.

"Idiot fox," the kid hissed.

"I thought the Twins were foxes?"

"You're more annoying."

"Really? Am I?"

"Shut up."

"Why should I, Yā? You know you love me."

"Shut. Up."

The door shut behind the two, and Dino sat there for a moment, staring after them. Then he shook his head, and tried his hardest to put the entire incident out of his mind. After all, out of mind out of sight, and he hadn't survived so long in the mafia by dwelling on things that were sure to drive him insane. Nothing had happened. Nothing had happened.

…it wasn't until he reached the hotel that he realized what the sharp, almost sick feeling in his gut was. He had, after all, felt it before.

Whoever that kid was, his Flames were powerful.

After all, it wasn't everyday that even a mid-level Sky like Dino found someone so much stronger that any attempt to Harmonize was thrown off and rejected like swatting away a bug.


A few months later, Dino would freeze, staring into a face so very similar to a face he once saw in a bookshop in London. The kid—black eyes, not green, but so similar—would attack him, swinging tonfa at his face with a ferocity that Dino had only seen that once, in that small slip of a green-eyed kid.

When he found out the truth about the two, he would feel a moment of aha! before the terror of the situation made itself known to him.

And he would dread the day that the two ever met.

Because it would herald the end of the world.

He was certain.


Here it is! I hope you like it, Uchiha Salad.

I think this one is going to be cannon for The Winds of Change, but an outtake—it will likely be referenced later on in the plot, but I don't think it's going to be specifically written in, as this scene is from Dino's point of view.

Stay Awesome!

~Happy Camper27