Author: Happy Camper27

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Prompt: Twins' father and Lily talk about Arianna and Callista + James on the side. (Somewhat paraphrased)

Timeline: During the Childhood Arc, sometime before the twins' eighth birthday.


Lily sighed as she sat down. She and James were out for the day, with the children being babysat by the older Weasleys. It was a gift from heaven as far as she was concerned; as much as she loved her children, they could be a handful at the best of times.

A buzz in her pocket alerted her to the fact that someone was calling her cell phone. It was something she had been given by the father of her daughters; it was small and handheld, which was something she had never really seen before. Most cell phones were huge, bulky things that had limited dependability over large distances.

But only one person had access to this phone's number.

"Hello?" she asked, flipping the phone open and pressing accept call.

"It's good to hear your voice, Bella."

"It's good to hear you as well, Caro," Lily murmured, a smile finding its way to her face unconsciously. She glanced around, and stood. The bench was a bit too open for such a conversation.

"How are you, Bella? It has been quite long since we last talked; mi manchi."

"Tired, Caro. The children are quite a handful sometimes." Lily replied, and caught James's eye as he exited a coffee shop carrying two steaming lattes. She took a turn down an alleyway, trusting James to follow her.

"I understand, Bella. Livio is so very energetic I have trouble keeping up sometimes. I feel so old when I look at him. How are le mie stelle carina?"

"They're growing up, Serafino," Lily said, leaning against one side of the alley. She suddenly felt so very old as she thought of her two beautiful daughters, with her red hair and their father's blue eyes. "They're growing up, and I wish you were here to see them."

"I wish I were there too, Bella." He sounded sad, and longing. "I want nothing more than to be there with you, to see our daughters and have them see their brother. For us to be a family, even as complicated as it might be."

Lily laughed, and she knew it sounded wet and watery with painful tears. She wondered for a moment what would have happened had it been this man she had found married so many years ago, with her Little Cloud still growing inside her. But she tossed that thought away, knowing that it led to nothing but a masochistic sort of pain that she couldn't afford right then. After all, if she hadn't married James, she would never have had her Little Prince.

"I want that too, Caro, I want it so bad. When will you come back to England?" she asked instead, and took the latte James held out for her. He looked her over with sad hazel eyes, upset that no matter how much they may care for each other, the absence of the man she was talking to ripped a hole in her heart that widened with every breath without him.

"…I do not know." Serafino said. He hesitated. "There are…people after me, Bella. I do not wish to put you, nor i nosti cari dolci in danger."

"What kind of people, Serafino?" Lily asked, knowing that he wouldn't answer her. He never had.

"…Mi dispiace, Bellissima. You know I cannot tell you that."

Lily sighed, and nodded even though he couldn't see her.

"I wish you could, Serafino."

"As do I, but unfortunately I have little choice in the matter. I would tell you, Bellissima, if I could. Please, believe me."

And Lily laughed, because she did. No matter what he said, she couldn't help but believe him, because this man…he had caught her in his trap of sweet honey, and she didn't even want to pull herself free, even after six years of not being able to see him.

"I do, Serafino." Lily said, and they were both quiet for a moment.

"Is James there? I would like to speak with him," Serafino said finally, and Lily held the phone out to James. He took it, and lifted the phone to his ear. Despite no longer being able to hear Serafino's voice, Lily can just imagine what Serafino is telling her husband.

'Do not hurt her, take care of her', as though she were some sort of precious treasure incapable of protecting herself. James smiled and nodded in response to something Serafino had said.

"Don't worry," James said. "She'll be safe, I promise."

He handed the phone back to her, and she lifts the phone to her ear once more.

"Ti amo, Bella," Serafino murmured. "I have to go, I will call you again as soon as I can." With that, the phone clicked off, and Lily sighs.

"Talk to you later," she whispered into the phone, as though he could still hear her. She slid to the ground, fighting back the pain that coiled in her chest.

"Will you be alright?" James asked, and Lily couldn't help but laugh. James. Despite how she had hated him in school, he had now become one of her closest confidantes. He knew her, and knew what questions not to ask. Will you be alright, he had asked, not are you alright, because she wasn't alright. Not at all.

"I don't know," Lily said, and James gave her a small smile, and crouched down in front of her.

"Well," he began, "I don't know about you, but there's an ice cream shop just down the road that's calling my name." Lily laughed, and if it was wet and bitter, tinged with tears that they both knew she wouldn't cry, neither of them said anything. "No, really!" James insisted. "I can hear it now: Come on, James," he affected a high pitched voice, "you know you want too; I'm right here, with lots and lots of sweet treats just for you!"

Lily giggled, and held out a hand to him. "Help me up, you lump," she said easily. "I think I can hear that shop too."

"Of course, Princess," James laughed, bowing deeply as he rose and helped her up. "Ladies first, Princess!"


It was Arianna and Callista's eighth birthday, and Lily can't help but sigh as she thought of Serafino. She saw him in them everyday, and it made her love them all the more fiercely even as it made her heart ache painfully.

But the gift that he had sent for the twins sent a lance of panic into her heart. The 'red stuff' that the twins ask about made her heart leap into her throat, and when she opened it in the kitchen, desperate to keep her children away from the splotches of redredred blood, she found a letter tucked away in the twin dresses he had sent.

I am sorry, it reads in his elegant cursive. Please forgive me, Bellissima. If you ever stumble upon my Livio, tell him 'Io sono il Giglio che il vostro Angelo colto'. He will know you.

It was like a knife to her heart, but the thought of her children, waiting oh-so innocently kept her from letting that pain sweep her away. A single tear wound its way down her cheek as she read the last two lines, spotted with blood that she knew to be his.

I am sorry, my love.



So…yeah. This is somewhat tragic, and it made me really sad to write it. I hope this is alright, history, and that you like it. This is actually cannon for the Winds of Change –verse, but it takes from Lily's perspective and adds some depth to her relationship with the twins' father. Also, if I got any of the Italian wrong, let me know and I'll correct it.

Quick Translations:

Bella: Beautiful

Caro: Dear

Mi manchi: I miss you

Le mie stelle carina: My cute stars

I nostri cari dolci: Our sweet ones

Mi dispiace: I'm sorry

Bellissima: Very beautiful

Ti amo: I love you

Io sono il Giglio che il vostro Angelo colto: I am the Lily your Angel plucked

Stay Awesome!

~Happy Camper27