Author's Note: This one-shot is actually a scene I did for a friend of mine, cmartinHFD, for his Gohan and Videl/narusaku crossover fic: Legacy of Heroes. It ended up being a nice little story so I decided to share it with you all separately. Basically, Naruto met up with Gohan and Videl on his way back from his 3 year training trip. So while the two DBZ characters are being interrogated by Ibiki and mind probed by Inoichi, our favorite couple is reuniting over a bowl of piping hot ramen. So check out cmartinHFD's profile page if you want to read the rest of the story.


Naruto and Sakura at Ichiraku's

Meanwhile, in the middle of the shopping district of the Leaf village.

Sakura parted the flaps separating the interior of the Ichiraku ramen stand from the outside world. The smell of pan fried noodles, meats, and vegetables filled her lungs with their enticing scents. Immediately she was greeted by none other than the store owner's daughter, Ayame. Filling in for her father who had taken a rare day off.

"Sakura-san!" The noodle maiden cried in delight.

"Good afternoon Ayame." Sakura greeted in kind.

"Back for another quick bite before returning to the hospital?" Ayame inquired. "You're in luck, I just finished a piping hot pot of vegetable ramen."

"Not today, I'm off duty today. Actually I brought someone you might like to see."

Ayame glanced behind Sakura to see the silhouette of a young man. This got Ayame's attention. It wasn't often, or ever, that Sakura would bring a date with her. And the boy in question could hardly be called that. Even with the flaps obstructing his face, Ayame could tell that the young man was fairly tall, muscular build, spikey blonde hair, and if she was looking through the slits in the flaps right, cute little whisker marks on his-Holy crap is that-"Naruto?"

"In the flesh, ya know." The blonde smiled at the waitress turned chef before taking a seat closest to where Ayame was standing by the counter before Sakura could even sit down. "No time to talk, I need three bowls of miso ramen with extra pork to start with, and four more to come after that." The brown haired girl could only nod to confirm the order what with the now grown up Naruto leaning over the bar to get right into her face. Ayame took this time to appreciate how handsome the blonde had gotten over the last 3 years of being gone. The Toad Sannin's training had stripped the boy of all his baby fat, leaving hard angled jaws and cheekbones until only the face of a man remained. Although you could still see the twinkle in his eye of carefree youth and the smile of innocents on his face. So the remnants of the old cheerful Naruto was still there to enjoy. Something both ladies had picked up on.

Sensing that she was about to be caught staring, the ramen chef quickly turned around and began her favorite customer's order, not even bothering to ask for Sakura's order.

"You know something Ayame-chan? I spent three years roaming the elemental nations with Pervy Sage, and not one. Not one! Ramen stand had anything near as good as your old man's."

"Is that right?" Inquired Ayame. "I'll be sure to tell my Dad. He'll be delighted to know that our favorite customer proved that our ramen was the best in the world."

"That's right. When I become Hokage, it's going into law that Ichiraku's has the best ramen in the entire world." The Hokage to be raved.

"Speaking of…where is your dad? I was looking forward to seeing the old man."

"Oh, he's under doctor's orders to take a day off once a week after I had to treat him for exhaustion." Explain Sakura, muscling her way back into the conversation.

The two ramen enthusiasts looked to Naruto's left at the pink haired medic who they both had forgotten was there. Both were embarrassed.

"I'm sorry. Was I interrupting a conversation between you two?" Sakura asked in a rather forceful way.

"Oh jeez, I'm sorry Sakura-chan," Naruto stammered trying to ease the situation. "It's just that it's been so long since I've had Ichiraku's ramen and seeing Ayame again…"

Sakura ignored the flustered blonde and ordered her own bowl of vegetable ramen. Giving the whiskered teen a taste of his own medicine. The two sat quietly for a moment before Naruto attempted conversation again.

"So Sakura-chan, you trained under Granny Tsunade right? That must have been tough, tell me about it."

"Oh it was, Naruto. She literally beat into me the ins and outs of all things medical. From assessing injuries and ailments in the field and in a hospital. To stabilizing allies and treating patients…" Sakura continued on with more detail about how exactly she used her mystic palm technique to heal people. While Naruto would this interesting he was mostly distracted by seeing Sakura's face light up as she talked about being a medical ninja which she obviously took a great amount of pride in. Naruto hadn't seen Sakura get this excited about something since Sasuke.

Before that depressing thought could set in, Ayame brought them their ramen. Four piping hot bowls of goodness. Like a kid on Christmas, Naruto's face split into an ear to ear grin. He thanked Ayame and the ramen gods before splitting his chopsticks and diving in.

Sakura was halfway through explaining about how to heal chakra burns when their food arrived. She knew that there wasn't a force on this or any plane of existence that was going to keep Naruto from enjoying his ramen. So she let him chow down while she attended to her own meal.

Her vegetable ramen was as delicious as ever and Ayame even remembered that Sakura preferred it to be low sodium. She might have long been off a diet ever since starting Tsunade's Ass Kicking Training (her words, not Sakura's), but that didn't mean she had to partake in overly unhealthy foods. In fact, her medical training had made her even more self-aware of what foods she put in her body. Even if the long shifts at the hospital usually didn't allow her to make smart choices. Still, Sakura always choose to come here at least once a week. A little habit she got into after Naruto had dragged their old genin team to the small shop every time it was his turn to pick. When he left for his training with Jirayia, it became a nice little reminder of him and of happier times.

By the time she was finished with her bowl, Sakura looked over at her reunited teammate surrounded by nine empty ramen bowls. A quick motherly scolding for over eating such unhealthy foods and the duo had paid for their meals and waved goodbye to Ayame.

The kunoichi and the ninja walked side by side with one another through the bustling streets of the Leaf. Naruto with his arms holding up the back of his head and Sakura with her arms draped across her back.

"So Naruto, tell me about your other two friends. They seem like they've got an interesting story behind them."

"You wouldn't believe it if I told you, Sakura-chan. They come from a world without chakra or jutsus. Everyone just uses Ki. They fight mostly with taijutsu. Kind of like Bushy Brows, but these guys can fly and shoot beams out of their hands."

"Now you're pulling my leg."

"It's true, I've seen Gohan do it. We got attacked by an armada of pirate ships off the cost of this one resort island we were staying at and Gohan flew up into the sky and rained energy blasts down upon them like some divine hand of God!" The blonde raved. The pinkette had a look on her face of wonder, imaging someone being so powerful. Then she got an evil idea in her head.

"That reminds me. Naruto, do you know if Gohan is seeing anyone?" She asked, more interested in the reaction than the answer. The blonde stumbled at this one.

"Gohan?! W-why would you care if he's seeing someone? You barely know the guy!" The boy stammered.

"No reason, but I would like to get to know the guy. Like you said, he's an interesting character. Plus I just love strong guys."

"Hold on Sakura-chan. I'm a strong guy. Why don't the two of us go out on a date instead of you and this stranger?" Naruto was desperate that she listen to reason.

Unfortunately, Sakura was having too much fun teasing the blonde Baka to stop now.

"Who said anything about a date? Besides, he's a friend of yours. That hardly makes him a stranger in my eyes if you like him."

"I-I…" The Leaf's Most Unpredictable Ninja was caught completely off guard.

He's so lucky that he looks cute when he's clueless. Which is most of the time. Sakura thought.

Honestly, she had missed this. Teasing Naruto. You could always count on him to react in more interesting ways then you ever could with Sasuke. Looking back on it, Sakura was disappointed that she didn't take the time to hang out with Naruto more before he left on his training trip. It probably would have led to a lot more memorable moments for Team 7 and between the two of them. Too much time had already been wasted pining after Sasuke.

No matter, Sakura was determined to make up for lost time. Even without Sasuke being there to act as the carrot driving the two of them forward, there was still work to be done. And no doubt they would be called upon soon by her master to use their training to benefit the village somehow. As Sakura's mentor could attest, time was always short for a ninja.

For now, the duo had to reintroduce Naruto to Shikimaru and Temari.