Author's Note: Hot damn, it has been awhile. Over an entire year. Which is when most people would write a story off for dead. Jokes on them, because I have returned. With another chapter from Legacy of Heroes that focus primarily on NaruSaku. Context is minimal, because I want you to go read Legacy of Heroes on Cmartin and Panda Productions. Spoilers for that fic are ahead, so if you have any plans to read it after this story, be warned.

'What I'm about to tell you is completely true. So please listen carefully.' Inner spoke.

'I'm listening.' Sakura nodded.

'You know of the sage brothers, Indra and Asura, correct?' Inner asked.

'Well of course I do. That's Academy knowledge.' Sakura stated.

'Did you know that Asura had a wife and kids?' Inner asked.

'What? But Asura practiced abstinence. He didn't have a family.'

'That is what they would have you believe. The fact is that Asura did have a family. I should know...I was his wife.' Inner informed.

'You were Asura's wife?' Sakura repeated in awe. 'I thought you were just a voice in my head.'

'And if I had my way, that's all you would ever think of me. The truth, however, is that I am not your inner self, your ego, or your subconscious. I am you. The you, you once were. I am what Asura is to Naruto. Or what Indra would be to Sasuke. I am you, and you are my reincarnation.' Inner thought.

'Wait, Naruto is...Asura's reincarnation?! Sasuke was Indra?!' Sakura exclaimed.

'And you are the lesser known Chimera's reincarnation.' Chimera stated.

Now Sakura was completely flabbergasted. 'I-I'm...'

'A demi-goddess. At least once you unlock all of my powers you will be. Congrats.' Chimera smiled.

' How did you get these powers?' Sakura asked.

Chimera chuckled to herself as Sakura opened her eyes and found herself in a black inky world similar to the one where she had met Naruto's parents for the first time. Opposite her was a beautiful woman in a kimono of flowing pink ribbons and resplendently done up hair and make-up. She looked like the noblest of Daimyo wives. Above lords and high priests. Her hair was dark pink and her face made her look like she could be Sakura's older sister or even Sakura's twin a few years down the line. She looked beautiful.

Sakura's awe turned to horror when she noticed the woman sinking into the blackness below her feet. Sakura tried to run after her, but found her own feet bogged down in the stick black tendrils of her own subconscious, dragging her down as well. Sakura held her breath as she was completely concealed into darkness, only to blink and find herself standing outside in the garden of one of the most magnificent palaces she had ever seen. Three stories of while marble walls with roof tiles made from the finest clay. The wooden doors leading inside or serving as windows on the stories above, made the finest wood, expertly crafted by what looked to the completely creative unconscious Sakura as the work of master artisans. The garden was decorated as well with flowers and planets from every corner of the globe. All blooming with colors Sakura didn't even realize existed.

It looked to be the palace from long ago that Sakura assumed was owned by the man who ruled the world. The only thing not worthy of awe about the entire scene was the clothes line hanging above Sakura's head, in between her and the garden. And that's when Sakura heard the sliding wooden door open and a little girl wearing simple peasant robes and sporting pink hair a shade darker than Sakura's walked outside carrying a basket of laundry.

'Enjoying the palace?' The little girl asked Sakura as she walked past her and started hanging up the laundry.

'Inner? I mean, Chimera?' Sakura asked the little girl.

'In the flesh.' Chimera said without turning away from her chore.

'Wait, hold just looked like a princess a moment ago, why do you look like a maid now?' Sakura asked.

'We are in one of my memories. Specifically, of my time living as a servant girl for the Hagoromo clan.' Chimera said as she pinned up a wet undershirt up on the line to dry.

'The...Hagor...what?' Sakura asked.

'Just call them the Sage clan. Or the Clan of the Sage of Six Paths. All the rest of the peasants do. It's a terribly confusing name. Even worse to try to write. It's gotta be the worst part of being the future matriarch of the clan.' Chimera laughed.

'So wait, let me get this straight. You were a maid to the Sage Clan, then you married Asura?'

'That's jumping ahead a few decades. I'm only six years old at the time.' Chimera said as the scenery around the two of them began to change.

'But yes, I end up marrying Asura.' The world shifted to show a wedding ceremony happening far in the distance atop a beautiful hill covered in blooming cherry blossom trees. Then it shifted back to the garden with the handing laundry. 'But for now, such ideas are the dreams of a foolish peasant girl who needs to learn her place and do her chores.'

Chimera hung another shirt up on the line before continuing. Sakura could see the sores on the bottom of her bare feet, indicating that the young servant girl was rarely off her feet.

'After my father died, my mother found a place for the both of us to live inside the palace, provided that we both worked.' Chimera said. 'I was as content as a child could be. I had my mother, clothes on my back, a beautiful home to live in, a warm bed to sleep in, and enough hot food to call this place heaven. In the decades that followed the sealing away of the Mad Queen Kaguya, many were not so lucky.' Chimera said as she diligently continued with her chore.

'Wait a minute, Kaguya? The rabbit eared goddess who ate the Chakra Fruit?' Sakura asked.

'The very same. This was her palace in fact.' Chimera said as she waved her hand towards the magnificent palace looming behind the two girls. 'Her sons inherited it after they sealed her away and saved the world. One of the twins would go off to meditate for fifty years. And the other would create Ninshuu to share with humanity. Or as you call it today, Ninjutsu.' Chimera said, making Sakura feel in awe of the world changing place she found herself in the center of.

'But I was a child back then. I had no understanding of that. I didn't even realize that I was serving the greatest and most powerful savior of this world that humanity has ever known.' Chimera said. As if on theatrical timing, on the other side of the garden, far away from the lowly servant's garden, a man with grey skin, the robes of a Sage, and horns like a demon, stepped out of his house and headed towards the garden's koi pond. Following close behind him were two boys looking to be around 5 and 7 years old. Both of them were wearing robes as splendid as the man Sakura knew instinctively to be the Sage of Six Paths. They both ran around the garden and played like two young brothers often do. With a rough game of tag where the goal wasn't to touch the other person, it was to shove them into the ground.

Eventually the father managed to corral his sons into paying attention. Sakura watched as the Sage of Six Paths walked over to the Koi pond and began walking atop the water's surface without breaking his stride. He then sat down in meditation and invited the brothers to join him.

The younger brother looked in awe of his father's magic trick and ran over to join him, only to take one step onto the pond's surface before crashing into the water below.

The older brother meanwhile, stoically obeyed, stepping carefully onto the water's surface. He made three whole steps forward before he too fell into the water.

Sakura couldn't help but smile when she saw the two brothers. There was something so oddly familiar about them.

'It's uncanny, isn't it?' Chimera asked. 'How much they remind you of Naruto and Sasuke I mean.'

'It really is...I think I understand them better now.'

'That they are brothers? No great leap of logic there.' Chimera said as she completely stopped in her chore to observe the two boys her age try again and again to walk on water.

'But what about you? What was your relationship with them?'

'Hmmm? Oh, I was there only friend.' Chimera said as the scene changed again. Now Chimera was walking away from Sakura who had to jog to catch up with her. Chimera was carrying another basket of freshly dried laundry down the hall as the two young Sage brothers ran around the corner, the older brother chasing the younger brother.

'Get back here!' Indra cried as he ran after Asura. Before Chimera could react, Asura collided with her and they both took a tumble.

'Ah! Watch where you're going!' Asura and Chimera said as one. Sakura couldn't help but giggle at their interaction.

That's when the two kids opened their eyes and looked at one another. Asura looked up and saw the prettiest girl he had ever seen and Chimera saw the two young princes of the palace.

'My Lords, I'm sorry.' Chimera bowed her head as low as she possibly could, just as her mother taught her.

' its fine. I wasn't watching where I was going.' Asura said sheepishly.

Indra took that opportunity to pound his fist into Asura's head.

'Ow! What'd you do that for?' Asura cried.

'That's for sewing horse dung into my mattress.' Indra scoffed.

'Geez, brother. Can't you take a joke?' Asura whined while Chimera took the time to scramble all of her split clothes back into her basket before she got in trouble.

'Do it again and I'll sew horse dung up your nose!' The seven-year-old threatened.

'Ah whatever- Hey, where are you going?' Asura cried out when he saw Chimera trying to slip away unnoticed.

'I uh...I gotta finish my chores.' Chimera said.

'What are chores?' Asura asked in confusion.

'Fool, it is what servants do.' Indra answered.

'Wait, you're a servant?' Asura asked.

'Y-yes, my lord. I am a faithful servant of yours and of the Hagoromo clan.' Chimera bowed.

'Hey now, no need to bow to me. Come on. Leave these chores and come play with us.' Asura grinned.

Chimera looked up in horror at his suggestion. 'Play? B-but my lord. The chores...if a don't finish them, my mother will be really angry with me.' Chimera said meekly.

'Then let's go ask your mother. Is she a servant too?' Asura asked as he took Chimera's hand.

Chimera blushed heavily. 'Y-yes she is...'

'Then I should be able to order her around like I do you. And then we can play together.' Asura smiled as he dragged Chimera off with Indra following close behind.

Sakura ran after the three of them, leaving the laundry basket behind. They searched up and down the castle, rounding corner after corner until Sakura found herself running outside atop a beautiful grassy hill in the middle of summer. From there she watched as the three children played together. Running around, playing tag and king of the hill, with Chimera being pushed down and crying once or twice before finally shoving both boys down and proclaiming herself Queen of the Hill.

The scene changed and the four of them were exploring deep in the woods. Looking under rocks and walking along logs. The boys leapt from tree top to tree top while Chimera ran on the forest floor beneath them. They went swimming in the rivers together, sat underneath the stars during a meteor shower, and even hunted down a boar together. Asura and Indra acting like Chimera's personal bodyguards against the savage beast.

The scene changed again as they were back inside the palace as the snow outside battered the walls with the winds of winter.

Chimera did her chores, but also sat to watch as the Sage brothers learn a new jutsu. She would yell out encouragement for them both and ran to get the medic whenever one of them burned their cheeks learning to breath fire.

Sakura then blinked and found herself looking at Chimera who was walking down the hallway alone, carrying a heavy mattress. When who else but Asura showed up to help her carry it.

Sakura smiled, but then the scene grew dark and Sakura turned around to see the only source of light was a single candle for a desk. Where Chimera and Indra were seated opposite one another and Indra appeared to be teaching Chimera how to read and write.

Indra sat closer to Chimera to help her with a particularly difficult word and Sakura was almost surprised when she saw Chimera leaning her now 12-year-old head against Indra's shoulders. And Indra didn't seem to mind it one bit.

'You had feelings for him, too? So why did you push me to go for Naruto so much?' Sakura asked.

'Because your flip flopping feelings for the two boys are nothing new. I was no different back when I was your age.' Chimera said as she sat up from her desk, leaving Indra behind to continue the scene without her. 'Although Asura clearly liked me more, and was sweet, and kind, and funny, do you think that held a candle to his brother? Who was older, smarter, more serious, more powerful, and the shoe-in to one day lead the greatest clan in Element's history?' Chimera asked.

'Back then, no...but now...'

'Well don't think I completely made up my mind when I was 12 either. Still, even before I had bled, if Indra had asked me to bear him children, I would have said yes. Of course, I assumed that meant a lot of kissing in bed and nothing else.' Chimera admitted.

Sakura giggled. 'But what about Asura?'

'Him?' Chimera asked as the scene changed to show Chimera watching from the porch as the rain pounds the garden training grounds while out in the middle of the Koi pond, a 16 year old Asura did handstand push-ups with his shirt off. He was so young, yet his back muscles rippled with each dip. A sight that had mortal women everywhere thanking the gods.

'I might have been more reserved with him at first, but I wouldn't have hated the idea of bearing him children.'

'Sure you wouldn't have.' Sakura smirked.

'I'm serious. Even when I was 12, if both of them had asked me to bear them children I wouldn't have refused. I loved them both, albeit for different reasons.' Chimera stated.

Sakura raised an eyebrow. 'Seriously? Isn't that polygamy?'

'It is, but it wouldn't have mattered. Asura and Indra were the two princes of the Savior of the World. People might have talked, but no one would have questioned it had they both taken the same girl as a wife. Even a lowly servant girl.' Chimera stated. 'Hell, many in the servant's quarters talked about the two boys starting their own harems to spread their divine lineage as far and wide as possible. I however had a few choice opinions to give on any princesses and noble ladies who came to our palace and asked to join in such a potential harem.' Chimera smirked.

The scene quickly changed to Asura asking Chimera what she thought of the latest daughter of a great daimyo who came to present herself to the boy.

'Sure. She's make a great mother of your children if you like clubbed feet and skanks.' Chimera said.

'Wow, you've got a good eye for this, Chimera-chan. Thanks.' Asura smiled before he ran back into the palace's meeting hall to reject the princess's generous offer of marriage.

'Why didn't you just offer yourself to him right then and there?' Sakura asked.

'Because at the time I was still a lowly commoner and he was the son of a demi-god. All three of us were still friends at the time, but I could rise no higher without permission from either of the two.' Chimera said as the scene changed again to a resplendent ball. Lords and Ladies from all across the neighboring kingdoms had come to attend. Chimera watched from the shadows of the second story of the palace at the garden below, draped in hanging lanterns. From there, she watched as Indra and Asura danced with two beautiful princesses dressed in kimonos that Chimera could only get closed to if she was ever asked to clean one of them.

'No matter how much I wanted to.'

The scene shifted again, and now Sakura found herself looking down from the balcony alone at a similar looking party but this time with Chimera down on the dance floor in between the two brothers. She was dressed in a kimono grander than the ones worn by the two princesses in the last memory, and she looked to be drunk on happiness, dancing arm in arm with her two favorite men in the world.

'I did say that I was their only friend.' Chimera said as she appeared next to Sakura, looking to be around her age of 16, maybe older.

'That's a beautiful kimono.' Sakura said, it was the only thing she could think of.

'You like it? It's my favorite kimono.' Chimera smiled as she twirled around to give Sakura a 360 degree view of her dress. 'The brothers were both flabbergasted when I didn't attend the ball with them. So instead of just sending a servant to request the local artisan to make me the best kimono in the world, or asking the artisan to make the kimono for free (which he would have been happy to do, I'm sure), or even ask their father for the money to pay for said kimono. The two of them went down from their palace into the city that had sprung up around their castle and worked odd jobs for six months to pony up enough gold coins to pay the artisan for my kimono. All so that I could attend next year's ball with them.' Chimera sighed.

'They even covered it in seals to protect me, those two paranoid Bakas.' Chimera said fondly. 'By their own words, it cannot be burned, pierced, bludgeoned, or cut. All for my protection. The only thing it can't do is be cleaned after stained.' Chimera chuckled as back down on the dancefloor, Sakura witnessed Asura slapping Indra on the back, causing him to spill his wine all over Chimera's kimono's sleeves.

Sakura giggled again, as did Chimera at the memory.

'That all sounds so sweet. What made you chose Asura over Indra though?' Sakura asked, making the party fade away into the darkness.

'In a way, I didn't.' Chimera said as the scene changed to the inside of the palace meeting hall, where she and Sakura were spying on a meeting held by the Sage of Six Paths with Indra and Asura.

'Once Indra had completed his training, he chose to leave the palace and travel the world to spread the teachings of Ninshuu and learn more about the world.' Chimera said sadly as the world quickly shifted to her and Indra alone in his room. Sakura couldn't hear what they were saying, but she knew that Chimera was begging Indra to stay, or at the very least take Chimera with her.

The scene faded back to the meeting hall. 'While Asura decided that he would stay behind with me and all our friends from the village. Together, he said, he would spread the teachings of Ninshuu gradually and learn to be a good ruler over the people. So that when Indra returned he would only have to focus on leading the clan and the religion in their father's stead.'

Sakura witnessed as Asura and Chimera waved goodbye to Indra as he set out on his journey. Chimera held her heart in her chest while Asura held out his fist to salute his brother.

'For three years, it was just the two of us.' Chimera said as the scenery kept changing around her. 'Asura would complete his training with his father, and I would become more involved in helping Asura fulfilling his duties.' Sakura saw Chimera fold laundry while Asura trained in the garden. Helped him memorize the scrolls the Sage had given to him. They visited the forest and dipped their feet in the river together. During mealtimes, Asura would barge into the servant's dining room and sit next to Chimera and all their friends rather than eat an elaborate meal alone at the master dining hall.

Then they were walking through the streets of the village. The villagers bowed before Asura who carried a comical amount of feed bags atop his head while Chimera casually walked from stall to stall completing errands and finding more things for Asura to carry on his own.

The scene changed again and Sakura found herself sitting in a beautiful carriage with an impatient Asura tapping his foot and an annoyed Chimera staring at him. Both were dressed in some of their finer clothes, but something felt off about this memory.

'What's this memory?' Sakura asked.

'This is the day I fell in love with Asura for good.' Chimera said just before the carriage stopped and there was a commotion outside. 'We were on our way to a faraway Daimyo's court to spread the word of Ninshuu. That is, until we were attacked.' A scream punctuated Chimera's words, making Sakura jump. She could faintly hear blood splattering against the side of the carriage.

'Son of the Sage!' A man called out from outside the carriage. 'Your guards are dead! Come out so that you may join them!'

Asura immediately stood up and despite Sakura and Chimera both knowing better than to worry about him against a few bandits, they both lunged at him and grabbed the sleeve of his robe.

'I won't let them hurt you.' Asura promised them both. He gave them a determined nod before he opened the carriage door and stepped outside.

'Your choices have led you here, as have mine.' Asura spoke to the bandits. His voice was regal and sympathetic. Exactly as Sakura imagined a true leader's voice should be.

'I will give you a new choice. Leave here now and live.' Asura spoke as Sakura could hear footsteps creeping closer towards the man. 'Or stay, and face your destiny.'

'Fucking heretic brat, feel the divine judgement of Lord Jashin!' The attacker cried as he lunged at Asura. Sakura could hear a scuffle, but when she tried to look out the blinds of the carriage, she could not see anything, she could only hear the sounds of battle.

'Why can't I see anything?' Sakura asked.

'Because I did not look.' Chimera replied with her face hidden in her hands.

There were more explosions of ninjutsu outside as more men cried out their last. Blood splattered against the roof of the carriage like rain, and Sakura swore she could hear the man she loved cry out in pain.

'Naruto!' Sakura screamed, silencing the battle outside.

For a few terrible seconds, all was quiet. Sakura could hear Chimera's heartbeat as a man stepped closer towards the carriage. The door swung open and Asura stuck his bloody head inside the carriage.

'You alright, Chimera-chan?' Naruto asked before Sakura shook her head and remembered that this was Asura, not Naruto, looking at her.

'I'm alright, Asura.' Sakura said breathlessly before she noticed the gaping wound atop Asura's forehead. 'Baka! What we're you thinking taking on all those bandits alone?' Sakura ranted as she yanked Naruto into the carriage.

'Geez, Sakura-chan. Not so hard.' Naruto whined as he was forced to sit down next to Sakura, their knees pressed against one another as she inspected his head.

'Answer the question, Naruto.' Sakura demanded as she saw to her delight that the wound didn't appear to be foaming or green. I.e. not poisoned.

'I was thinking I needed to protect you, no matter the cost.' Naruto said as Sakura tore at the sleeve of her kimono.

'Sakura-chan, your dress!' Naruto cried.

'Baka, hold still.' Sakura ordered as she took the strip of fabric and dipped it in her canteen of fresh water. She then cleaned his wound, ignoring his fussing, and then tore off another strip of fabric from her other sleeve and wrapped it tightly around his forehead.

'There, that ought to keep the rest of your blood in your brain. Not that it needs much, being so small after all.' Sakura stated.

'Geez, you're so mean, Sakura-chan.' Naruto whined as he looked up at her, their faces so close that their noses actually touched. Time seemed to stop. Sakura could feel Naruto's breath on her lips and felt his blue eyes tracing along her face to meet up with hers. The carriage felt incredibly cold, but Sakura's kimono felt so stuffy and warm.

Sakura had never seen that look on Naruto's face before. It wasn't goofy or in awe, it was serious...

And handsome...

And brave...

Their lips crashed together. Neither knew who made the first move, and neither one of them cared. There was a hungry in their bodies that needed this touch more than ever. Like a drug they had been denying themselves of for years or maybe even all their lives. The next thing Sakura knew, she was on the floor of the carriage with her shoulders and thighs exposed with Asura kneeling over her on all fours. Wanting nothing more than to slip back into a state of dream like bliss and let come what may. But alas, the stench of death hit her soon after it hit Asura.

Sakura could only watch as Chimera and Asura picked themselves up and tended to the dead assassins and the dead guards surrounding their carriage.

Asura lay the assassins to rest in a ditch while Chimera wrapped their bodyguards up in bedsheets and placed them inside the carriage. The two of them then continued their journey to the nearest town where they found an Inn with a bath and a private room for two.

Sakura stood outside the porch opposite the room that Asura and Chimera were staying at. The moon was full, the lanterns inside were snuffed out, and Sakura could faintly hear them from across the courtyard.

'I'm sure it would have been a fantastic story to tell my first-born son he was conceived on the day assassins following our enemy Lord Jashin attacked us.' Chimera mused as she walked up from behind Sakura to lean against the wooden railing with her.

'But sadly, it was not meant to be.' Chimera sighed. 'He would be conceived a year later during our honeymoon. Same hotel room though. So that's something.'

'And you were how old then?' Sakura asked.

'Oh...19...20...around that age.' Chimera thought.

'What? That young? What about the rest of your life? Didn't you want to further yourself first?'

'Further myself? This was 22 years after the death of Kaguya and the creation of Ninshuu. I was supposed to be married off and producing babies by the time I was 16.' Chimera said. 'My god, the way my mother droned on. "You're going to become a seamstress all your life if you don't settle down soon and find a nice boy. You can't just hang off the robes of the Sage's sons and expect them to come around to you. They will both marry princesses. You will marry a nice stable boy or another servant boy. If you're lucky at the rate you're going."' Chimera ranted in an old crone's voice.

'But I told her no. I was doing important work helping Asura spread the word of Ninshuu to the people. I also gave him insight to the wants and needs of the commoners. Which he gladly accepted to help better their lives.' Chimera said as she began to walk slowly down the porch of the hotel, followed by Sakura.

'You on the other hand, there is so much for you in this century to help you provide for a growing family. But this whole waiting till you're in your 30's to have children thing is ridiculous. You do know that you start to lose your fertility after your 32nd birthday, right?' Chimera added

'I also have dreams of being the Head Medic in the Leaf village to leave my own legacy behind. I love Naruto but I don't want to just be remembered as his wife.' Sakura said.

'And you can still do that and sometimes children can make a stressful day seem like a thing of the past. I'm not saying to jump his bones and get knocked up now, but perhaps a few years down the road.'

'So long as you aren't going to artificially restrict my powers until I have children, then I'll seriously consider it.' Sakura compromised.

Chimera shrugged. 'Fair enough I suppose.' Then her eyes lit up. 'Actually, this reminds me of a story you might enjoy as a future Head Medic.'

'What?' Sakura asked.

'It's nothing too important. Just an example of me leaving my mark. Plus, I never get to tell this story.' Chimera said as the scenery shifted to the top of a rocking ship caught in a storm. Chimera was now hunched over the railing with Asura standing next to her to rub her back through the storm.

'As per Asura's decision, he choose to spread Ninshuu gradually across the world like a wildfire, compared to Indra's lightning strike approach. But occasionally the two of us would travel far out into the world to spread our message to friends of Asura's who invited us to meet with them and their countries across the seas.' Chimera said before she vomited over the side of the ship.

Chimera wiped the bile from her lips before turning back to address Sakura. 'So, the two of us were off to answer the invitation of one of Asura's friends that he had met in a bar. Who just so happened to be the son of a Senator from across the seas. I think they called themselves Romulans...Remeses...?' Chimera guess as the storm clouds broke and Sakura could see a beautiful city of white marble box houses climbing up the massive hill that the entire city was built upon.

The trio entered the city with a small caravan of servants following behind them. The civilians that gawked at them all wore strange clothes to Sakura. Like bedsheets draped around their torsos.

'Togas.' Chimera answered for Sakura. 'One of their odder traditions, but it works for their warm climate.'

'Oh, I think you mean Romans.' Sakura corrected.

'I don't think so. I remember distinctly that their garments are called togas.' Chimera said as they soon found themselves skipping the long walk through the city and found themselves inside an amphitheater where men in much finer and grander togas sat in their elevated seats before them.

Asura started preaching to the Senators about Ninshuu while Chimera started to get antsy. She hopped back and forth on each foot like she was standing on a hot plate.

'To spare you the gruesome details, I went to look for a chamber pot and ended up discovering that the Romulans used aqueducts and running water for the world's first flush toilets.' Chimera said as the scene quickly changed to a large stone room like a public bathhouse like Sakura knew from the Leaf village, decorated with pictures of naked men and women with flowing hair, holding lightning bolts, tridents, and harps.

'I then had Asura request that the Romulan engineers share their knowledge of toilets that didn't stink. Which they were happy to agree to in exchange for the gifts of Ninshuu that Asura provided for them.' Chimera said proudly. 'We brought the schematics back to the palace and within the year we had our own public toilets washing our waste away. Reports of diseases were cut in half after that.'

Sakura blinked. 'That actually is kind of impressive. How come this isn't in any of the history books?'

'Because Asura would later decide to share these ideas of civilization along with his father's teachings of Ninshuu. Soon everyone was using aqueducts across all the cities. And so he got the credit for passing along the idea of sanitation to humanity.' Chimera said. 'By the time that Asura, Indra, and their father was considered to be myths, I was shoved back into the footnotes of history. Not that I realized that until my 10th reincarnation.'

'How many times have you reincarnated?' Sakura asked.

'I've honestly lost count after the first thousand years.' Chimera shrugged. 'One generation bleeds into the next, and I jump around from one reincarnation to another. Sometimes before my previous reincarnation has passed. The same with Asura and Indra. They inhabit a young soul according to fate's will and grant that reincarnation with their blessings. Subtly guiding them throughout their lives.'

The scene changed and Sakura found herself jumping thousands of years into the future to the interior of a hospital room at Konoha General. There she was surprised to see her mother, looking much younger and much more tired, cradling a new born baby while a woman with long blood red hair and a three month along pregnant stomach looked down and smiled at her goddaughter.

'Kushina and my mom...' Sakura breathed out.

'Oh Mebuki, she's beautiful.' Kushina smiled, holding out her finger to rub Baby Sakura's pudgy little cheek.

'Thank you. She's got her father's hair. Something I'm sure I'll never hear the end of from my Baka of a husband.' Mebuki sighed as Sakura could hear outside as her father Kizashi was hooting and hollering for joy out in the hallway.

'Not that this isn't a beautiful sight, but what's the point of this?' Sakura asked.

'Nothing terribly important.' Chimera admitted before she walked over to Baby Sakura, dressed in the same splendid robes that Sakura had seen her in the first time. She lingered over Mebuki's bed. Stopping only to rub Kushina on the belly. If Kushina felt Chimera's touch, she made no indication of it. Next, Chimera leaned over to spy Baby Sakura's tiny sleeping face. Sakura came in close to observe this as well. She looked exactly like she did in all her baby photos. And that was before Baby Sakura opened her eyes to look up, not at her mother, but at Chimera.

'Rest now, little one. We've got your whole life ahead of you.' Chimera soothed before she reached out and touched Baby Sakura on the forehead. Sakura was suddenly brought into her infant self's perspective, just in time to see Chimera turn transparent and vanish from the physical plane. Sakura was so upset that she started crying, only to be set upon immediately by her mother and godmother.

'I just thought I'd show you the first time we met before I got us back on track.' Chimera admitted as Sakura found herself and her former Inner self back at the palace, where another baby's cries echoed through the halls.

'Definitely interesting, but the main thing I wanna know is how you got these powers?'

'Of course, but that's a simple explanation.' Chimera said as she led Sakura deeper into the palace corridors. Past the giddy servants cleaning sheets and scrubbing floors with a spring in their step, and into the main chamber outside of a bedroom where the screaming was loudest. Out there, Sakura could see Asura, his father, at least a dozen men from all walks of life, and two young boys that both looked to be mixes of Asura and Chimera.

'Is that it? Is that my third son's cries?!' Asura asked frantically as he stood outside of the bedroom chamber. None of the other men spoke and all of them seemed to be terrified of stepping any closer towards the paper and wood door.

'Come on, this is no place for women.' Chimera said as she led Sakura past all the big burly men just in time for the wooden doors to open and a terrifying looking old woman stepped out into the living room.

'It's a girl. A healthy baby girl.' The woman declared as all the men took up cheers and Asura looked speechless. Giving Sakura and Chimera plenty of time to slip into the bed chamber where Sakura found Chimera seated in a sweat stained mattress surrounded by emergency wet nurses and midwives and female friends from all over the world.

Sakura stepped closer and saw Chimera holding a shrieking bundle of blankets in her arms. Her daughter's cries seeming to wish to pierce the Heavens.

'For the love of your father-in-law, Forehead! Can your daughter be any louder?' A tall woman with raven black hair exclaimed.

'Zip it, Pig. You didn't hear me complaining when your daughter cried so hard it made my ears bleed.' Chimera snapped.

'No one was hearing anything at that point.' One of Chimera's midwives stated.

'Well we must calm her down somehow. Perhaps she needs more skin to skin contact with her mother?' Another dark-haired woman suggested.

Chimera thought about it for a minute and figured it was the best idea she had available to her. She unwrapped her baby girl into her arms and held her close to her bear skin. The little girl with brown hair like Asura's clung to her mother's breast, but did not suckle. She kept crying, and Chimera could not stand to hear her daughter's shrieks like she was in pain. She willed her daughter to be calm and still. She kept imagining wrapping her daughter in her protective warmth until she felt her newest child calm herself.

'Forehead! You're glowing!' Chimera's best friend exclaimed.

'More like I'm caked in sweat.' Chimera said sweetly.

'No, you're actually glowing! You're using chakra!'

Chimera opened her eyes and found to her astonishment that her arms were covered in a glowing green aura, and it was enveloping her daughter, calming her down enough to fall asleep in her mother's arms.

'How are you doing that? Only the Sage and his direct descendants can use chakra. You were once a commoner. How can you use it?' The ancestor of Ino's asked.

Chimera thought back on it and remembered all the way back to her childhood. The long mornings, afternoons, and evenings that she had spent playing with the Sage brothers. The pushing, grabbing, and touching that went on between the three of them over the years. How their very touch always seemed to invigorate her. And when she made love to was like a shot in the arm of adrenaline. This was a similar feeling, only being released by Chimera instead of taking it in.

'I guess I've always had chakra. I've just never had the need to try and use it.' Chimera lied to give the simplest explanation.

Sakura watched as the midwives, wet nurses, and friends all faded away until only she, Chimera, and her daughter were left in the room.

'To clarify, my time spent growing closer to Asura and Indra allowed me to absorb their bits of chakra lingering off their bodies. That's the best explanation I can come up with.' Chimera explained.

'I meant this Kami Mode.' Sakura clarified.

'I'm getting to that.' Chimera said. 'By the time I had borne Asura a third child I could use chakra myself. So I began experimenting with my powers.' The scene changed to a twenty-five-year-old Chimera practicing out in the garden, the same one that Indra and Asura had been taught in by their father all those years ago.

Chimera was attempting to walk atop the Koi pond and was succeeding faster than Asura or Indra had ever managed. Meanwhile, her two eldest sons were sparing against a guard while their father watched over the both of them and Chimera.

'Doing great, honey!' Asura cheered for her, the same way she had cheered for him. 'You too, boys. Attack low, break his roots!'

The two sons obeyed and ducked low to deliver low kicks to the poor samurai guard's ankles. The mortal man was no match for two boys with chakra enhanced limbs. While neither one of them were older than 5, they both knocked him to the ground.

'Excellent job.' Asura praised.

'Whoo-hooo!' Chimera cheered for them before she felt a sudden rush of fatigue. Her constant chakra training was too much and she found herself growing dizzy atop the water's surface. She fell forward, right into Asura's awaiting arms.

'Medic!' Asura called out as he held his wife and brought her to dry land.

'Mommy?' The youngest of the two boys called out as he and his brother ran towards their parents.

'I'm fine...I'm fine...' Chimera insisted as she waved off the world spinning.

'The Hell you are, you pushed yourself past your limit again, didn't you?' Asura lectured.

Chimera looked up at Asura with tired eyes. To Sakura, she looked to be on death's door with Chakra Exhaustion. By all rights, she should have fainted dead away, but Chimera kept herself conscious and held up her arm.

'My Prince...please, I wish to try my theory again.' Chimera begged.

'Chimera-chan...please no. You must rest now. There will be time for theories and practice later.' Asura insisted, but Chimera shook her head.

'If not now? Then when? This scenario is exactly what my jutsu is designed for. Please.' Chimera insisted.

Asura sighed, but relented. Sakura was confused when he held up his arm and began to channel chakra into it enough to be visible like blue flames. Chimera then reached out her palm just beyond the grasp of her husband's arm and concentrated.

Sakura's eyes went wide when the chakra off of Asura's arm began to waver and then started to float towards Chimera's outstretched hand, merging into her body. Within seconds, all the fatigue was gone from Chimera's eyes and she sat back up with completely renewed vigor.

'Oba, Dachi, come here.' Chimera then ordered. The two boys ran two feet closer to their mother's side, who placed her palms upon their heads. She breathed out, and Sakura could see visible chakra transferring from Chimera's arms over to her sons. As soon as she was done, the boys were leaping around like they had just woken up on Christmas morning, and Chimera remained just as invigorated.

'It's just as when you tried it on me.' Asura said in awe. 'You can take another person's chakra, enhance it, and then transfer it over to whomever you wish.'

'Plus, every time I use this jutsu, my own chakra reserves grow stronger.' Chimera smirked.

'Oh this is wonderful, Chimera-chan. We shall be able to spread the word of Ninshuu even faster now. All thanks to you.' Asura leaned forward to peck Chimera on the lips.

'So you can absorb chakra and transfer it. How come I can't do that?' Sakura asked.

'You can. You just haven't tried to yet. You've been so focused on the side effects of my power. What you call Kami mode.' Chimera answered.

'Okay...wait, hold on. How come you got nervous when Beerus showed up?' Sakura asked.

Chimera blushed. 'Long story, really dumb, but a few hundred years into reincarnation and I became so sick of Asura and Indra's shit. So I took a break and accepted the advances of a handsome and powerful God of Destruction from the next dimension over. Well that lasted a total of ten years, the Godly equivalent of a one night stand until I came back to this dimension and started reincarnating again.'

Sakura went wide eyed and blinked. 'You dated Beerus?!'

'If you can call it dating. He never wanted to do anything besides eat, train, and visit planets to harass. I tried to get him to change his ways. Stop destroying planets for such minor infractions and only destroy the truly rotten ones, but he's more stubborn than Asura and Indra combined.' Chimera scoffed.

'Oh believe me, I know...even if my exposure to him was short, I could tell.'

'Yeah. There is a reason my reincarnations only ever end up with Asura or Indra's reincarnations. There are a few exceptions, but those are never as fulfilling. At least not to me.'

'So that's why I was always drawn to them...Chimera, was it fate that I got put on the same team as them?'

'It must be. I don't select whom I reincarnate into. I'm just drawn to them. And in all my time spent as a Leaf ninja, I've always been on the same team as Indra and Asura. It's uncanny.'

'Has it always been Asura?' Sakura asked.

'Not always.' Chimera admitted. 'Sometimes it was with Indra. I pushed you away from his reincarnation this time because I know this one was going to be trouble for you in the long run. I knew that you would've been much happier with Naruto than Sasuke.'

'You didn't act that way when I was younger.' Sakura said. 'You encouraged me to go out with Sasuke.'

'To be honest, I was trying to pre-emptively end Sasuke's strife. Indra's clan was on the boiling point after his and Asura's reincarnations founded the Leaf village. I figured if I calmed his heart I could stop him from turning evil and sparing him and Asura from fighting one another for once.'

' don't have to do that anymore.' Sakura sighed.

'I seems that death cleansed his mind of evil and seeing you and Naruto finalized it.'

'Does that mean that the cycle is broken? Indra and Asura won't fight each other anymore?' Sakura asked hopefully.

'No. One has died without killing the other before. Sometimes through outside interference, other times through old age, but the cycle always repeats. Those two fight, and I have to pick a side.' Chimera said grimly.

'How come they fought in the beginning? What started it?' Sakura asked.

'To answer that, we need to go back to when Indra finally came back.' Chimera said, once again making the world shift around them until they were back to the palace where Chimera was holding a one month old baby boy in her arms. Her first baby.

The little boy was cooing in his mother's arms who radiated beauty as she held him. All was well as they sat in the back gardens of the palace. All until a shadow blocked their sunlight, making Chimera look up and gasp.

'Indra!' Chimera cried out in surprise.

'Hello, Chimera.' Indra stated with a smile on his face. He looked so much older than the last time Sakura or Chimera had seen him, back when he was 18. He looked wore out, tired, but also wiser. With that same stoic look on his face as if the world around him bored him.

'My God, it's been almost 4 years. You never write, you never told us you would be returning. How are you?' Chimera asked as she stood up with little Oda in her arms.

Indra looked down at his nephew's brown hair and knew immediately. 'I see you and my brother have been busy.'

His words cut Chimera, who for the briefest moment, looked down at her own son in shame. 'You were gone for so long. A lot has happened.'

'Yes, clearly your words that you would wait for me were just that...words.' Indra said, making Chimera's blood run cold, then boil.

'You...dare speak to me like that? After leaving us for so many year?' Chimera asked, her voice shaking. Then she felt something jab her in the forehead and she looked up to see Indra as the culprit with his index and middle fingers pointed at her.

'I'm just kidding. It's natural that this could happen and no one is more ecstatic about this development than I am. Now where is my baby brother?' Indra smirked that cocky smirk of his.

'Hold on, before I tell you, would you like to hold your nephew for the first time?' Chimera inquired.

Indra looked down at the swaddling bread bundle with spit running down his chin.

'I suppose.' Indra said as he held out his arms and took Oda from his mother's arms.

'What is his name?' Indra said, noting the weight of the baby in his arms.

'Oda. After my father.' Chimera said before she slugged Indra right in his gut. He doubled over, still holding the baby, which Chimera took from his arms.

'Your brother and father are inside. Welcome home, Indra.' Chimera said as she walked off with her son nestled protectively in her arms.

'Thank you...' Indra squeaked before the scene changed to the interior of the meeting hall where the Sage of Six Paths sat facing his two sons and his daughter-in-law who held his only grandson.

'Indra, my eldest son. You have finally returned to us.' The Sage of Six Paths declared.

'I have father. I have seen the world, I have spread your teachings far and wide, and now I am ready to take the necessary steps to assume my role as your successor.' Indra said as he bowed his head towards his father. Asura and Chimera looked at each other fondly. This was it, this was what Indra always wanted. Now he would return home and their family would be whole again. All anyone was waiting for were the words of confirmation from the Sage of Six Paths, but they never came.

An awkward silence hung in the air as the Sage remained silent. Indra would not look up, but Asura and Chimera shared a glance or five, silently wondering what was going on.

'Father?' Indra asked without raising his head.

The Sage tisked, as if wishing he didn't have to break the news to his son this way.

'Indra...while you were gone, I had made my decision. I'm sorry, but you won't be my successor. I am passing that duty along to Asura.' the Sage spoke.

All eyes in the room went wide. Indra's, Asura's, Chimera's, Sakura's, even Oda's.

'Father?' Indra repeated.

'Indra...tell me, have you heard of your brother's deeds during your travels throughout the world?' The Sage asked.

'I have heard rumors, yes. Whispers here and there of his deeds, but nearly all of them confined to this country that we live in. I have spread our reach to the farthest corners of the globe!' Indra insisted.

'Yes, I have heard rumors of your teachings as well. Like flashes of lighting on the horizon your teachings are quick, brilliant, and ever fleeing. You perform a great deed in a village or city. Righting a wrong before heading off to next one. Never forming lasting bonds of friendship with the people you meet.'

'Why should I befriend them? They are all mortals beneath us, father.' Indra argued.

'And is Chimera not a mortal? You befriended her, did you not?'

Indra bit his tongue. 'She is different...father...'

'I have heard enough. While you have been away, Asura and Chimera have worked together to spread the teachings of Ninshuu slowly but surely. Like a wildfire, their influence has spread across the country and to its neighboring nations. They have formed alliances and bonds of friendship that will last for generations. Ensuring not only that Ninshuu spreads, but remains...' The Sage stated.

Indra's fist tightened and even Chimera could feel his chakra rising.

'So that is it then? I am nothing to you? My years of toil and isolation wasted? Spreading your teachings, father?'

'Do not despair, my son. Your efforts have not been forgotten. Nor has your sacrifice to carry out my work. I am confident that you will serve your brother well as his second once I have returned to the earth.' The Sage stated.

'Outrageous!' Indra snapped as he chakra made the wooden tiles beneath his feet split open. 'I return after 4 years and you expect me to assume the place behind my younger brother! I AM YOUR HEIR! YOUR FIRST-BORN SON!' Indra bellowed, kicking up a gale storm from his chakra alone.

'You forget yourself, boy.' The Sage spoke with a demonic voice that made even Sakura shiver even though this was a memory.

Indra then felt a grip on his wrist and an even greater chakra presence standing next to him. He looked back and saw his younger brother staring at him with a blank expression.

'Calm yourself, brother. You are startling your nephew and Chimera-chan.' Asura stated.

Indra looked over his brother's shoulder and saw Chimera cowering behind Asura while protecting her baby boy Oda. Indra's rage broke and he returned to his seated position.

'I am sorry brother, I've forgotten myself.' Indra admitted.

'It is alright, brother. I understand completely.' Asura reassured as he patted his brother on the back just as he had 4 years ago.

Asura then turned back to face their father with a serious face.

'Father, is there no way for Indra to regain your favor as heir to the clan? I will give up the position myself. I only wish to serve the people, raise my family, and spread Ninshuu.'

'And that is precisely why I have chosen you as my successor, Asura. Your drive to serve me and humanity is pure, born of love. Not out of duty or obligation. It is what I want Ninshuu to be for humanity, a uniting force for peace and harmony. Through your actions, you have proven this. I will not allow you to reject your status as clan heir. Not while I still draw breath on this mortal plane. Should you switch hands of who will lead the clan after I am dead, you will do so without my blessing...' The Sage paused to consider his next choice of words. 'But if Indra manages to prove himself worth of retaking his birth right before my death, then I shall make the appropriate choice.'

'As you wish father.' Asura nodded.

Indra grimaced, but nodded too. 'Thank you, father.'

Chimera can jump ahead now.

Chimera then turned back towards Sakura. 'So, do I need to go on or can you fill in the blanks from here?'

'I think I get it. Indra was blinded by jealously towards Asura and you.'

'More towards Asura than me. I wonder sometimes in my most bitter moments towards Indra that he saw me just as another prize. Something he was entitled to because he was born as the Sage's oldest son. But then it makes me think that if it were true, would that mean that Asura saw me as a prize too?' Chimera admits.

'That's ridiculous, Asura loves you. In all your lives.' Sakura states.

'That's what I always think.' Chimera said.

'So with that out of the way, is it safe to assume that the Sage never changed his decision and he died with Asura as his successor?' Sakura asked.

'He did, and Indra did not take it well.' Chimera said as the scenes began flashing one after another. 'He spent the next 8 years trying everything he could to regain his father's favor. He did grand feats of his powers. Destroying entire kingdoms of heretics, moving literal mountains to bring a river to a dying remote village, but it was never enough. My husband never fell out of favor with the Sage.' Chimera said sadly as the scene changed to a distraught and frustrated Indra.

'We tried to help him, Asura and I, but it was never enough. Indra became more and more distant from his family. He even left us for 3 years again when he could bear to look at our seemingly perfect family.' Chimera said as the scene changed to her and Asura watching Indra leave again. This time with their five children by their side.

'Things finally came to a head when father-in-law was on death's door.' Chimera said as the scene changed to her, Asura, and a small army of servants all attending to the Sage as he lay in his bed. Weak and coughing.

The doors to his bedroom flew open and in stepped Indra, looking drenched from the rain. He had evidently just run day and night to get here in time.

'Father...' Indra said as he dashed over to his father's bedside.

'Indra...My son...' The Sage said weakly.

'Father.' Indra said as he brushed past Sakura and Chimera to kneel next to his father's left side. All the while Asura knelt by his father's right side.

'Indra...I wish for you...To aid your brother...And his family...He will remain...As my successor...'

The air in the room ran ice cold while Indra gripped his father's limp hand.

'Father...I have come back from the kingdom to the east. It has no longer under grips of the heretic teachings of Jashin. I have even made friends and allies. And shall have another grandson soon. With a common girl I wish I had time to introduce you too. Please reconsider...please...' Indra begged.

'Indra...You have...Only done your deeds...To benefit yourself...Asura...Has done his deeds...To benefit...The world... You do things...That suit your needs...Not the needs of others...'

Indra gripped his father's hand tighter. Tears flowing down his cheeks. 'I there truly is nothing else I can do to make you accept me as you successor...'

'No...and before you do what I know you are about to do...please reconsider...stand by your him when he is lost...serve the clan and humanity brothers...adhere to my dying wish...' The Sage of Six Paths breathed heavily as the Impure world loosened its hold on him against the inevitable pull of the Pure world.

'I'm sorry father...I cannot.' Indra stated as his words boiled.

Faster than anyone could blink, Indra drew his sword and held the tip underneath Asura's chin. The younger brother looked up at his older brother from in between their dying father.

'Indra...Is this really the path...You choose...?' The Sage asked.

'It is father... If you will not accept me as your successor over my brother, then you will accept me after I am your only successor available to you.' Indra stated without breaking eye contact with Asura.

'Then...You have learned nothing...You have failed...In my teachings...You have failed the clan...And you have failed me...At being...My...Son...'

'I'm sorry you think that way, father.' Indra spat as he dug his sword a little deeper into Asura's throat.

'No...I am sorry...for I have failed you as much as you have failed in turn.' The Sage said before descending into a violent fit of coughing.

'Indra...please...stop this madness at once.' Chimera begged.

'Brother...please...I don't want to do this. Not when you have a son on the way.' Asura stated calmly.

'Oh you think you can beat me after all these years? Need I remind you who was always the stronger of the two? The big brother.' Indra spat.

'Times have changed, brother. And I have changed too.' Asura said as he slowly stood up to face his older brother. 'You, however, seem determined to stagnate.'

'I am determined to keep what is mine.' Indra spat.

'What you lost.' Asura snapped. 'And what I was willing to share with you, which is more than I could ever expect from you.'

'Share? My birthright?' Indra growled.

'Yes. I would have loved nothing more than to lead humanity side by side with you and Chimera, but your pride wouldn't let you brother.' Asura growled. 'And now you pull a sword on me over our father's literal deathbed. Are you fucking kidding me?' Asura's chakra levels raised up to a level Sakura didn't think was possible for Tailed Beasts. 'I have always enjoyed prosperity from showing mercy and forgiveness to those I would call my enemies. But what you do now. I cannot forgive.' Asura snarled.

Sakura felt the entire palace shaking as the two Sage brothers unleashed their Killing Intent on one another. The very ceiling opened up and Sakura could see two titans, demons made of chakra, one dark purple and the other golden yellow. Clashing with one another.

It seemed to go on forever, Sakura witnessed some of the rawest, most powerful chakra based attacks she had ever seen. They were almost like Ki attacks given form. It was overwhelming.

And then it was silent.

Sakura blinked and found herself back out in the gardens. The trees were taller than ever, the gardens had been filled with all new flowers. And the Koi pond was filled with dozens of young children training to walk on water. All of them being taught by a 28-year-old man that Sakura recognized as Oda. Chimera's first born son.

'Behold, Sakura, the fledgling Senju clan.' Chimera declared as she stepped forward to join Sakura against the railing. Chimera was now nearing fifty years old and like Tsunade somehow looked more beautiful than ever. Chakra agreed with her.

'What's going on?' Sakura asked in astonishment.

'Well my son Oda is taking up his father's duties of training the next generation of the Sage's clan, or what will be the Senju and later splinter off to become the Uzumaki clan.' Chimera answered. 'I believe he is training a combination of his own children, his nieces and nephews, and his youngest twin brother and sister.' Chimera smiled.

'Amazing...' Sakura said in awe.

'Yes...It is, isn't it?' Chimera smiled as she watched her grandchildren as old as 12 and as young as 5 training with her first-born son. Her first pride and joy. She knew that she had grandchildren even younger, but she had taken a break from bearing children of her own for now.

'I don't get it. Indra and Asura were at each other's throats. Yet seeing this, it makes me think they've buried the Kunai.' Sakura pointed out.

Storm clouds seem to appear out of nowhere at Sakura's mentioning the older brother's name.

'Far from it.' Chimera said as one of her youngest granddaughter fell into the pond and had to be rescued by Oda.

'The fighting comes in waves, sometimes with years in between them. But the last 20 years our family had been constantly harassed by Indra and his fledgling Uchiha clan. He and his son attacks our allies. Defenseless villages or peaceful cities to draw Asura and my sons out. Then he ambushes them in an attempt to kill him.' Chimera spat.

'My God...' Sakura whispered as she noticed that a few of the children who were training had some pre-existing injuries that they would never have gotten from training. Bandaged cuts, eye-patches, and an amputated arm on one of them.

'What happened...?' Sakura asked in horror.

'Indra happened.' Chimera said. 'He means to destroy our entire clan and he doesn't care who gets involved in the fighting. Men, women or children.'

'Disgusting...' Sakura spat.

'Yes, but thankfully, this will be the last day. At least for me.' Chimera stated ominously.

'What...? How?' Sakura asked, dreading the answer.

'I didn't know it then, but this will be my last sunset. The last time I ever gaze upon my grandchildren and youngest boy and girl.' Chimera said as casually as she would talk about the weather.

'I'm sorry, I don't follow.' Sakura begged, desperate for clarification.

'I'm sorry, but I'd hate to ruin the suspense.' Chimera smirked as an aide came rushing to find her.

'Lady Chimera!' The man cried out, having sprinted all the way from the main gate to the gardens.

Chimera sighed before putting on a face. 'Yes? What is it?'

'It is Lord Asura, my Lady. He and your sons have returned from their hunting trip. They have been attacked, my lady.' The aid informed her. 'By Indra.'

Chimera and Sakura's blood ran cold as Oda overheard them and ceased the lessons. He leapt over to his mother's side, looking to be a striking resemblance to his father.

'Was anyone seriously injured?' Oda asked.

'Most of them, my Lord.' The aid reported. 'But sir, the most severe is your closest brother. Lord Dachi.'

'What about my brother?' Oda demanded. 'What happened to Dachi?!'

The scene changed and the servant pulled back the blanket from Dachi's cold face. His sisters and his wife all turned away in horror. Chimera, Sakura, and all the men looked down at his corpse. Their blood boiling.

'This was the last straw.' Chimera said to Sakura while the family grieved. Their bodies acting out their anguish, but their voices were silenced.

'Dachi was not even the first son I had lost to Indra. Nor the first grandchild that was taken from me. The first family member. The first lifelong friend. But my heart had been broken one too many times before. I was sick of my family being attacked and it's children having to fight. Never knowing the peaceful days that myself, Asura, and Indra had blissfully enjoyed from birth into our adult lives.' Chimera ranted.

'Seems to me that Uchiha hatred and demand for power runs very far back...I just didn't know how far back.' Sakura stated angrily.

'It's not all that runs back from the beginning. Their lust for revenge comes from these twilight generations as well. Not a few months earlier Oda had managed to kill Indra's oldest son and the heir to his fledgling clan. He swore he would pay us back and today he fulfilled that promise.' Chimera said as Dachi's wife wept atop his cold chest.

'That was Indra's entire plan. Eye for an eye, blood for blood, one son for another.'

'He's a monster.' Sakura decided.

Chimera looked down and felt the same pain in her heart that she felt that afternoon in the summer. Centuries later, it's intensity never wavered.

'I decided right then and there that enough was enough. I didn't share Indra's desire for my clan's enemies to be wiped off the face of the earth, or my husband's foolish notion to never give up no matter what the adversity. I was a grandmother who had buried four of my grandchildren and three of my children. I wanted this idiotic feud to end once and for all so that my family could live in peace. Once and for all.' Chimera stated.

'What did you do?' Sakura asked.

Chimera looked up at Sakura with a look that she had seen only on the faces of mother's who had lost their children to cancer. A lack of hope. 'Whatever I had to.' Chimera said.

The scene changed and Sakura stood over Chimera as she sat alone at a desk in a private room, lit by a single candle stick. She was writing a letter, although the language and dialect were way to ancient for Sakura to make sense of.

'I am penning a letter to Indra, who I knew would be camped somewhere outside of the city, waiting for Asura to come looking for him in a blind rage, which my husband would never do. At least, not given the circumstances.' Chimera explained to Sakura as she finished writing the message and wrapped it up tight. She then sealed it with wax and flashed her chakra. Sakura didn't realize what Chimera was doing until she noticed the window next to her desk. She thought nothing of it, until a tiny ball of fur and nine fluffy tails leapt through the window and at Chimera's feet.

'KURAMA?!' Sakura exclaimed.

'You summoned me, Lady Chimera?' Kurama asked, albeit with a much younger, cuter sounding voice than Sakura was used to. He was like a kid, a kit. He was also so incredibly fluffy and cute like a stuffed animal made living that Sakura had to stop herself from scooping him up and squeezing the stuffing out of him.

'Oh this is too good! I can't wait to lay into that fuzz ball for this!' Sakura laughed.

'Yes, Kurama. I need you to deliver a message to Indra. Within the hour if possible. I want a response as fast as humanly possible.' Chimera said.

'Well shoot, I'll get it done in a quarter of that time. I'm a fox!' Kit Kurama declared as he stood up on all fours and puffed out his chest like a kid playing samurai.

Sakura was laughing so hard that she was holding her sides.

Chimera giggled. Despite the deathly seriousness of the situation, even she could not hold back her delight at how cute the little baby fox was. Even if he was only 50 years old, he was the human equivalent of 5 years old.

'I know you will, but be careful. Indra's Sharingan can control you.' Chimera said as she handed Kurama the letter, which he leapt into the air to snatch it out of her hand with one of his tails.

'Don't you worry about a thing, Lady Chimera.' Kurama chirped. 'I'll get this message to that jerk Indra before you can blink.' Kurama then turned his fluffy little tails and leapt out of the window into the moon lit world outside.

'Oh my god! He was so adorable yet so funny!' Sakura laughed.

'Trust me, I have trouble not laughing out loud whenever I see what a hardass he has become.' Chimera smiled.

'Hoo...oh man...' Sakura breathed, finally recovering from her laughing fit. 'I think if you talked to him as you are now, he'd recognize you.'

'It's been way too long for that. But maybe once you all defeat the Frost Demon we can mess with Kurama.' Chimera smirked.

'Oh definitely.' Sakura smirked back.

'But for now. I'm going to skip us ahead a half an hour when Kurama returns with Indra's reply.' Chimera said as Kit Kurama returned with the same message with new writing written on the back.

'I got it, Lady Chimera!' Kurama proudly declared. 'I had to threaten to bite him so that he'd hurry up, but eventually he replied quickly.'

Chimera smiled. 'Good job, Kurama. I'll make sure to have a nice tasty steak for you tomorrow.'

'For reals?!' Kurama yipped. He rolled on his back like a puppy dog. 'I love steak!'

'OH MY GOD STOP! I'M GONNA PEE!' Sakura cried in laughter again.

Chimera unrolled the message while Kurama ran around her feet in joy for his reward.

'Looks like Indra accepted.' Chimera stated for Sakura's sake.

Sakura was able to catch her breath upon hearing that. 'Oh god...what is it?'

'Indra has agreed to meet with me at his camp to discuss terms for surrender.' Chimera said as she stood up and rubbed Kurama's belly to get him to stop running.

'Lady Chimera! I'm ticklish!' Kurama laughed.

'I know, Kurama. Now I need you to make yourself scarce for the time being. Don't accept any summons from anyone else in my family for tonight. And whatever you do, don't tell anyone about the message I had you deliver.' Chimera ordered with a smile.

'Wait a minute! Terms of surrender? Who's surrender?' Sakura asked as Kurama hopped away and Chimera penned another letter that she left inside her desk away from prying eyes.

Chimera then stripped herself of her usual kimono meant for daily wear and changed into her kunoichi outfit. A robe similar in design to Asura's that Sakura could tell from the stitches was not used just for kinky nights alone with Asura. Then Sakura recognized it by its fabric as the same dress that Asura and Indra had bought and embedded seals into for Chimera all those years ago.

'Come on, Sakura.' Chimera said as she stood framed in the open window, gazing out at the night time world filled with mystery and adventure. 'It is time to end this tale, for the first time.' Chimera said as she leapt out of her study and over the gardens of her palace.

Sakura leapt after her and when she landed the two of them were walking deep inside of the forest Sakura could just barely recognize as the one she had witnessed Chimera playing in with Asura and Indra as children. It seemed that everything was coming back around full circle as they stepped further and further into the inky black unknown.

'I remember being so scared when I first walked through this forest as a child.' Chimera said out of the blue. 'Even with Asura and Indra by my side.' They leapt over a river Sakura swore was the same one they once swam in. 'But back I walked to what I assumed would be my certain death...I didn't feel scared at all.'

Sakura didn't say anything as they leapt over a ridge with a cave.

'Maybe it was because of my grief for my second son was so great. Or maybe because I kept forcing myself to think of my grandchildren finally being free to live happy carefree lives. But I wasn't scared.' Chimera admitted. 'Except matter how many times I relive this memory with however many reincarnations of myself. When I know the outcome. I can't help but be afraid... Funny how that works.'

' gave your life to save your family, didn't you?' Sakura asked.

Chimera looked back at Sakura as if the girl was already supposed to know the answer. 'I did. But not in the way you might think. Or maybe just not how it appears now.'

'Why didn't you use that red form that you give me? You could've just taken him down.'

'Do you think I want to kill him? What would that accomplish besides spreading the anger and hatred to his children who would then take it out on my children? I said I wanted to end it, not prolong it.' Chimera stated as Sakura noticed them coming towards a campfire.

'So then how are you going to end it?' Sakura asked as she began to notice figures standing or sitting around the campfire.

'Watch.' Chimera said as she entered the camp where Indra and his 12 children stood around the campfire with him. They all shared distinguishing traits with Indra, most notably his glowing red Sharingan that were all staring at Chimera and felt like they could even see Sakura. But the two women could tell at a glance that all of these children came from different mothers. Either willing or from rape. They all looked to be conceived in the same year.

'Hello, Chimera-chan.' A voice dripped from the mouth of the leader of the fledgling clan.

'Hello, Indra.' Chimera spoke with an exhausted voice. Any love or admiration in her voice had long since vanished from when she addressed the man she once had a crush on.

The Indra children all shifted uneasily in their seats and on their feet. Expecting a fight when Chimera and Indra remained calm.

'So, you wished to speak to me?' Indra asked smugly.

'I want you to turn around and leave this kingdom once and for all. Then keep going until you've crossed the great sea and are a thousand miles away from the nearest ally of Asura's.' Chimera demanded.

A few of Indra's son laughed at Chimera's presumption, the others knew from experience how dangerous this woman could be.

'And why in the world would I ever do that? I wasn't under the impression that you could order me around.' Indra stated.

'I'm not ordering you. I am begging you in the name of our past friendship to let sleeping dogs lie. You've killed mine and Asura's second son. We've killed your oldest son. We are even. Let it end.' Chimera stated. 'Just leave my family alone and I know that Asura and our children and our grandchildren will never pursue you. You can teach Ninshuu on your side of the world. You can claim yourself to be the founder. We'll call our teachings something different. I don't care. I want the fighting and killing to end once and for all.'

The Indra children all went silent. This honestly sounded like a good deal. No more hiding in run down villages in between attacking members of the Senju clan at their father's insistence.

Indra just leaned forward in his seat.

'Interesting.' Indra said. 'You really will do whatever you have to get rid of me. Just as you said in your letter.'

'That's right.' Chimera said without a hint of hesitation.

'Very well. I'll do just that.' Indra stated. 'I will take my family east until we are beyond the influence of even your most remote allies. We shall forget our dead siblings and start our own Ninshuu in another continent and never harass your clan again.' Indra said, surprising even his children. 'On one condition.'

'Name it.'

'Bear me a son.' Indra said.

'EXCUSE HIM!?' Sakura roared.

'Is this some kind of petty revenge against Asura?' Chimera asked bluntly. 'You get to be with the woman he stole from you thirty years ago?'

'Partly. But I have also noticed that you have borne my brother the strongest children. We have killed two of your sons for ten of my sons and daughters. My brother and I are even in terms of strength, thus you must be the deciding factor when dozens of other commoners produce me nothing but these weaklings.' Indra waved his hand at his spawns.

'They are weak because you have never given them a reason to fight other than to serve your own pathetic revenge.' Chimera stated.

'Maybe, but this will prove it, won't it?' Indra asked, his offer now on the table.

'You can't be serious. You wouldn't actually sleep with this creep, would you? After everything he is done? After all the pain!' Sakura screamed at Chimera. Who just looked back at Sakura without any hope in her eyes.

'I said I would do anything to end this. And I meant, anything.' Chimera said.

'But's too much...what would Asura say? How could you do this to him?'

'I imagine he will hate me for being unfaithful. And he would be right to. But so long as this saves my children, I will be content to be shunned and disgraced.'

'How do you even know he'll keep his word?!' Sakura exclaimed, only to be answered with silence.

'How do you want this? I will not travel with you and leave my family.' Chimera stated.

'And I care little to deal with you being pregnant. I remember your temper from when we were young. I have no interest in witnessing it with a child growing inside you.' Indra said.

'So then you wish for me to bear your child in secret for nine months?' Chimera asked. 'That shouldn't be a problem. Asura and I make love enough that it wouldn't be a stretch that it was his.'

Sakura smirked at her counterpart's cheek of telling her ex how much she was having sex.

'And in return, my clan shall cease hostilities for nine months until you give birth. Then you shall present to me a healthy son and my clan shall leave your inferior clan alone for the rest of time.' Indra said.

'And what if it comes out a daughter? I can't control its gender. I'm not sure if you are aware.' Chimera asked.

'Then we will have to try again. Won't we?' Indra sneered. Making both pink haired women shiver.

'You can't be serious! You can't go through with this!' Sakura exclaimed.

'And why not? Are you saying you wouldn't mother a bastard to save the rest of your children?' Chimera asked.

'Wha- I couldn't- I mean, I uh...'

'When you become a mother, you will understand your duty to your children. And when you become a grandmother, you will understand your duty to your clan.' Chimera stated.

Sakura couldn't respond to that. How could she? Despite her scare a few weeks ago, she's not a mother and her clan had dwindled down to her, her parents and one or two distant relatives. She had no experience with being in a large clan or a recognizable period.

'Very well. Give me a week to prepare. I must grieve for my son.' Chimera said.

'No. It's now or never.' Indra said firmly.

Chimera blink, not even surprised. 'You really are the worst, aren't you?'

'He is what life has made him.' Indra said, quoting one of the philosophers who came to the Sage's castle.

'He, was an asshole to begin with.' Chimera countered as she walked past the campfire towards the biggest tent that was obviously Indra's.

'Wait a minute. How can you bear him a child? At your age, your fertility is in the tubes.' Sakura pointed out.

'You may remember that an Uzumaki bloodline is vitality and an extra strong life force. That bloodline comes from chakra, and they got that chakra from Asura. Which is where I got it from. Thus, I can bear children for longer.' Chimera answered.

'Oh...huh...didn't know that.'

'Yeah, so be sure to thank Asura the next time Naruto goes at you like a locomotive.' Chimera winked. 'Or you know, when it just saves his life.'

'Heh...yeah...' Sakura chuckled in embarrassment in a very Naruto like fashion.

Chimera smiled before slowly walking towards the tent, Sakura's heart was racing with every step. Chimera stopped outside of the tent flap and Indra walked right past her.

'Don't be so nervous. This is what you've always wanted, isn't it?' Indra smirked as he walked up to Chimera and whispered in her ear.

Chimera turned back to Sakura with a sad smile on her face. 'You know what the saddest part of this whole thing is?'

'What?' Sakura asked, afraid of the answer.

'He's right.' Chimera admitted. 'Deep down...I've always wanted this. Because deep down...I still love him.'

Sakura gasped. 'Why? After everything he's done?!'

Chimera shrugged. 'It's my curse. To love two men. For they are my brother too, my family.' Chimera then stepped into the tent to leave Sakura out in the cold.

Sakura watched as Indra followed her into the tent, a smug look on his face was evident to Sakura as she glared daggers at the man who would do such a repulsive act.

'Yeah, keep going you sick prick.' Sakura spat, knowing that this was just a memory and that he couldn't actually see her.

She tapped her foot in irritation, waiting for the scene to change as it always did, but she remained in front of the tent.

'Um? Chimera?' Sakura asked to no reply.

'Chimera!' Sakura shouted, trying to gather her past life's attention. Still no reply.

'Oh please tell me you don't want me to watch.' Sakura groaned before she sensed movement coming from the bushes behind the main tent. Sakura's curiosity got the better of her and she headed over to behind the tent and pushed past the bushes. There she found the absolute last person she wanted to see right now. Asura. Hiding in the bushes and looking at the tent. Which was casting a shadow showing two familiar silhouettes laying on top of one another.

'Oh shit, Chimera!' Sakura called out, hoping to get her attention.

'It's fine, Sakura...this is what happened.' Chimera answered from the tent.

Asura then brushed past Sakura and ripped the back of the tent wall open.

'CHIMERA!' Asura roared.

'A-Asura! Honey, I can explain!' Chimera tried to say.

'Sleeping with the enemy!? My brother!? And the murderer of our children?! How can you explain?!' Asura roared as he pushed past Chimera and swung his sword at Indra.

'How does it feel, Asura? To watch the woman you love returning to her true love. After all these years...' Indra smirked as he backed up to grab his own sword.

'Asura, it's not true! I love you! I was trying to get Indra to leave for good!' Chimera begged him to understand.

'SHUT UP! YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!' Asura screamed at the top of his lungs. 'You're a cancer on the world and to me, brother! I should have done this long ago!'



Asura became enveloped in golden chakra that began to elevate him off the ground with each step.


'That...looks like Naruto's transformation...' Sakura gasped in awe.

'That's not an accident.' Chimera said as Indra began to envelop himself in purple chakra like armor.

'What the...what is this?' Sakura asked.

'Susanoo. The final and greatest power of the Sharingan.' Chimera explained. 'It is an absolute defense that completely conceals the user in chakra and is perfect for offense and defense.'

'Unbelievable...wait, what if Sasuke was able to...' Sakura trailed off as she imagined the horror of it.

Indra's children all fled at the sight of the two titans raising higher towards the sky.

'He would have had to kill his best friend and replace his eyes with another pair of Sharingan in order to unlock Susanoo.' Chimera consoled.

'My God...Sasuke could have been this powerful?' Sakura asked as she looked up at the two titans.

'Stronger I'm sure. Now watch what happens.' Chimera said.

Asura's chakra form them grew four other arms and Indra's created a sword made of chakra. The two men slammed their feet into the dirt and the battle began.

'And this all started because Indra didn't get what he wanted? What the fuck...really? Is he 50 or 5?' Sakura deadpanned.

'You tell me. You've seen this whole story through my eyes.' Chimera said.

'Well then what do you think of his side of the story?' Sakura asked.

'How would you feel if you grew up with everything, knew nothing but a perfect life, and then had it all snatched away from you as punishment for doing things the way you thought they should be done? Truly, Indra's only mistake was leaving on his pilgrimage, which the Sage of Six Paths encouraged him to go on. Where did he go wrong?' Chimera pointed out.

Sakura pondered things for a minute. 'The Sage of Six Paths never wanted Indra to be his successor, did he?'

'I can't honestly say.' Chimera admitted. 'He loved both his sons, that is without question. He would praise both of their deeds around the dinner table. But it was Indra's decision to go. And Asura's decision to stay. Father-in-law merely provided them both with his wisdom on how to go about with both methods. Except Asura was the more successful of the two.'

'I'm just calling it as I see it. I don't know, maybe I'm just over thinking it.'

'You could spend the next two thousand years have this debate in your head. I should know, I have had this debate in my head.' Chimera admitted.

'I don't know about you, but I doubt I'm gonna be jumping from person to person. I plan on going to Grand Kai's planet after I die.'

'Yeah, good for you. You think I wouldn't like to be free of jumping from person to person? I want to see my children and grandchildren again. Maybe even meet the rest of my family. Dachi's wife was pregnant at the time and she named her daughter after me. And I never even got to meet her.' Chimera grumbled.

'Oh no.' Sakura gasped in horror. 'I didn't mean it like that. I just meant...'

'I know what you meant...' Chimera sighed. 'I'm just tired of jumping around bodies every other odd century.'

'How did that even happen? It must have something a minute...' Sakura paused going deep into thought.

'What?' Chimera asked.

'Hold on a married a son of the Sage, you aided him in spreading the good word of ninshuu, you had several children with him...YOU BECAME A GOD?!' She exclaimed when the realization hit her.

'A demi-god, technically. A God has less love for mortals.' Chimera said.

'So what?! It makes sense now! When you passed, you were granted the powers of the Sage Brothers by association and marriage!'

'You act like this was a blessing.' Chimera said as the two brothers grappled with one another, rolling around in the Titan forms, flattening the landscape as they went.

'Well, no. I'm just saying that this really makes sense now. I finally understand now and that's what is making me a little giddy, I guess...sorry.'

'Don't worry about it. Just watch closely for the next few minutes.' Chimera said before she burst into a fire red chakra, covering her entire body. Purple ribbons wrapped around her torso and limbs as her eyes burned with white flames.

'Woah...can I do that?'

'When I'm done with you, you will. Until then, witness my final moments.' Chimera said before she leapt 2,000 feet into the air at the two titans. Indra had his back turned which gave Chimera the exact opportunity she needed to punch his Susanoo in the back of the head.

Indra stumbled and turned around to see Chimera in her Kami form falling right by his head. He slashed his sword at Chimera as she sailed through the air. Sakura gasped when she saw Chimera nimbly leap over the sword taller than the palace she grew up in.

'CHIMERA! LEAVE NOW!' Asura ordered.

'I WON'T!' Chimera shouted as she punched Indra's Susanoo right in his ribs, sending him flying 2 miles away.

'I LOVE YOU, ASURA! AND I LOVE OUR FAMILY MORE THAN ANYTHING! INDRA SAID HE WOULD LEAVE OUR FAMILY ALONE IF I BORE HIM A CHILD! SO I AGREED!' Chimera shouted as she felt through the air until she was caught by Asura's giant chakra titan.

Asura's giant hand brought Chimera closer to him. 'Why...'

'For us. For our sons and daughter, and their children, and their children's children. I didn't want one more drop of blood shed between our houses and I was ready to die with you hating me for that.' Chimera said with tears in her eyes.

'I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I couldn't risk you saying no.'

'So you went behind my back anyway and cheated on me...I thought you were better than that...after all we've been through together.' Asura spat.

'If it makes you feel any better, he never touched me. I was lying on my back, waiting for him to get it over with when you showed up.' Chimera said.

' doesn't...the fact that you were allowing him to procreate with you is what's the worst.'

'I know. And I understand that you hate me for it. But I did it to protect our family and I would do it again.' Chimera said.

'There are other ways to ensure our families safety...cheating on not one of them.' Asura snarled.

'How then? Fighting? Negotiation? We've tried that for twenty years!' Chimera cried. 'I was ready to die for this family!'

Asura looked over at Indra who was taking his sweet ass time recovering from that punch. 'I fucking hate it when you're right!' Asura snapped.

'Just let me help you...let me redeem myself for the pain I've caused you.' Chimera pleaded.

'Fuck! You're cooking me Udon for the next month!' Asura ordered.

Chimera smiled. 'Anything you want, honey.'

'And you're wearing the dress gift that Caesar sent us next time! I don't care how breezy it is.' Asura ordered.

Sakura looked up and could see a white see through dress meant for Arabian dancers hovering in the sky as Chimera imagined it.

'I'll wear it anytime you want.'

'While serving me Udon?' Asura asked.

'Anytime.' Chimera smiled.

'You sure you want to give him so much power?' Sakura asked.

'Yes I was. I was willing to do anything to get back on his good side. Even if it meant I had to wear nothing for a month straight, I was willing to accept.'

'I'm just saying. You give'em an inch and they take a mile.' Sakura said.

'Anal?' Asura suggested.

'I'm willing to give you anything you want, but not that.' Chimera smirked.

'Oh good, I was worried that I'd be walking all over you from now on.' Asura smiled.

'How can I have more children if you fuck me in the ass?' Chimera winked.

'Maybe I just wanna feel your tight ass around my cock?' Asura smirked.

'Umm...weren't you guys fighting Indra?' Sakura asked, starting to be grossed out.

'Wait for it.' Chimera said before there was a huge explosion and Indra's Susanoo appeared out of the rubble.

'Shall we?' Chimera asked her husband.

'We shall.' Asura smirked as he charged at Indra with Chimera standing on his shoulder. The two titans met and the three of them clashed.

'I'm actually just going to skip ahead because we all know how this song and dance goes.' Chimera said as Sakura witnessed the three demi-gods fighting one another to the bitter end. Asura and Chimera worked together as a perfect team while Indra used every jutsu in his arsenal. The battle seemed to last for hours and by the time Susanoo and Asura's chakra form had been extinguished, the landscape was completely unrecognizable. All that was left were burning splinters and smashed rocks. Chimera was laying on a pile of rubble; Indra's last hit having knocked the wind out of her while Asura stood over her with his arm limp and dripping blood.

Indra stood opposite Asura, looking no better. The both of them were bleeding and had their garments torn. Their chakra levels were also dangerously low.

'Will you...just die already...' Indra growled.

'Indra...' Asura gasped out. 'Please stop this...we're family...we can put...this all...behind us...and live a happy when we were young...'

'Aha-AHAHAHAHAHA!' Indra burst out laughing, his voice echoing all throughout the battlefield.

'The hell is he laughing about.' Sakura snarled.

' really are a fool, brother!' Indra laughed. 'You think we can go back to the way we once were? No. Not when I'm so close to killing you both once and for all.'

'Is it really such a farfetched idea to imagine? Or are you so blinded by pride and revenge that you refuse to see your own short comings?' Asura spat.

'Are you blind? I killed your second son not a day ago. I've got your bitch of a wife on death's door after I had her in my bed. And you want us to both hug it out? Read the fucking mood for once, Asura!' Indra roared.

'How about you open your eyes and wake up!' Chimera yelled. 'He gave you the opportunity to take his position and he's giving you the chance to change now and just like before, you spit it back in his face!'

Chimera shakily stood up in defiance. 'Personally, I'm tired of giving you chances to change. You're a curse to this world and I would rather see you laying in your own blood at our feet then let you continue to draw breath...'

'No, can't do it. You're too weak to do anything.' Indra sneered.

'I will...with my dying breath...I will take you down. One way or another, you will die this day-ASURA! NO!' Chimera screamed when Asura rushed past her.

Chimera tried to run after him, but something was wrong with her leg, she couldn't move. Asura clashed with Indra, all their chakra was depleted and they had been reduced to fighting in hand to hand combat.

'What's happening?' Sakura asked.

'These...are my final moments...' Chimera answered.

'What?' Sakura asked as she looked back and saw that Asura was starting to give ground to Indra.

'Just watch.' Chimera said.

Indra stuck a devastating blow to Asura, then another, his defenses seemed to be crumbling beneath Indra's onslaught. He took one last punch to the face and fell to his knees. His neck exposed to the heavens.

Indra paused as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing. His greatest enemy, kneeling before him, completely helpless.

'You great fool! I always knew you would kneel before me in the end.' Indra proclaimed as the picked his sword out of the rubble and lined it up to skewer his brother. 'Goodbye, Asura...'

The younger sibling closed his eyes and heard the sickening sound of metal slipping through flesh, yet he felt nothing.

Sakura looked on in horror at what she just witnessed.

Chimera had leapt off of her broken leg and made it in between the two Sages at the last possible second. She took Indra's sword right through her heart.

'CHIMERA-CHAN!' Asura cried as he lunged to catch her before her legs gave out. Indra quickly stepped back, horrified by what he had done.

'Chimera...' Indra whispered.

'Chimera, stay with me!' Asura begged, ignoring his own fatigue. His hand pressed against her entry wound, her blood seeping through his fingers and staining his chest.

'I'm...I'm sorry...dear...looks like...I won't be...keeping that deal...after all...' Chimera gasped out.

'Damn it, I don't care about that! I just want you to live. Live for our children. You were always the better parent.' Asura cried.

'I...I'' Chimera said. With her last breath, she transferred the remainder of her fleeting Chakra before everything went black.

Sakura found herself surrounded by darkness. The same inky black darkness that first surrounded her when she began her meditation.

'It was at that point I passed out. Asura used the remainder of my chakra to kill Indra before he succumbed to his own injuries. All 3 of us died that day, but because of my relationship with Asura, I was granted the same status they were; a demi-god.' Chimera explained.

'My god...' Sakura gasped out.

'Yes...I learned later on from my reincarnations that Indra's children fled the country that very night. Without Indra to guide them, they ceased to attack my children. For two hundred years afterwards, there was peace. My family prospered long enough that they began to stagnate and grow corrupt from so much power and influence. Which gave the Uchiha clan the opportunity they needed to lead a rebellion against the Senju kingdom. Overthrowing our theocratic monarchy and scattering my family to the wind.' Chimera said. 'From there, history repeated itself with our two houses clashing together like waves of two great seas. Until Asura's reincarnation Hashirama Senju managed to convince Indra's reincarnation Madara Uchiha to cease hostilities and form a village where ninja clans that had all splintered off from the blood of the Sage of Six Paths and of his twin brother. Madara agreed, but this did not stop their quarrels. They fought many battles, even after they made peace. And it was only after my reincarnation, Mito Uzumaki, gave up her body to let Hashirama seal Kurama inside of her, that Hashirama gained the upper hand to kill Madara.'

'Naruto's ancestor?' Sakura asked.

'Yes. You know that the Senju and the Uzumaki were once the closest descendants of me and Asura. When the Uchiha clan destroyed our kingdom the Senju fled the country and fought against the Uchiha for the next two thousand years. The Senju clansman who would go on to be the Uzumaki clan took refuge on a remote island surrounded by whirlpools where they hide from the Uchiha and mastered their craft of Fuinjutsu. It was my pink hair that later mutated into their trademark blood red hair.' Chimera said.

'Then...Where did the Haruno clan come from?' Sakura asked as she pointed to her own pink hair.

'I don't know. It's been two thousand years, I'm certain that at some point one of my clansmen broke away from the family and remained a clan of civilians up to this day.' Chimera shrugged.

'So, wait...That means...I'm one of your descendants...?'

'Possibly. You could even be a descendant of a cousin of mine that I didn't know about. Genetics are a funny thing.'

'Woah...' Sakura breathed out in awe.

'So now you know everything.' Chimera sighed.

'Wait, one question. Madara, you said that Hashirama, one of Asura's, he killed Madara. You're certain of this?' Sakura asked.

'Yes I am. Whoever this Madara is now is not the real one.' Chimera assured.

'So do you have any idea who it could be?'

'No. I have no idea who it could be. But it's not Madara himself I can promise you that.'

'Alright, if you say so...' Sakura said as she just stood opposite Chimera in her godly form. 'So is that it? I can use your powers now?'

'No. Now we can begin your training.' Chimera stated.

'Training?' Sakura asked.

'Yes. To use my powers and what you call Kami mode more effectively. By completing that, you should be able to keep pace with Naruto on the battlefield. Perhaps even surpass him.' Chimera smirked.

Sakura went wide eyed. 'S-surpass him...?'

'Naruto is indeed powerful in a raw sense, but Asura does not like to directly instruct his reincarnations. I, however, have no such problems with giving you a helping hand.' Chimera smirked.

'Wow...That's...That's amazing! But how would that compare to Gohan and Videl?'

'The half Saiyans? Hard to say. Their raw power of Ki can't be matched, but there is a reason that Chakra outlived Ki on this planet. We shall surpass them with skills and finesse when they come at us with overwhelming might.' Chimera declared.

'Um... We're not fighting them.'

'But we could. If their clan ever threatened our clan we could take them out.' Chimera stated.

'We literally had two threesomes with them. I think we are friends for life at this point.' Sakura said.

'Yea...That's true. But we can smoke these other Saiyan's.' Chimera smirked.

'Oh, without question. Now teach me how to do that.' Sakura said.

'Alright.' Chimera smiled as the scene changed and Sakura found herself sitting at her desk back in her old classroom in the Academy. Chimera stood by the chalkboard wearing a Chunin Instructor's outfit.

'Pull out your notebooks and hold onto your butt, girl. Class is in session.' Chimera smirked.

Author's Note: Yes, I did copy a scene from Samurai Jack and reworked it in there.

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