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Prolouge: Before the Beginning

The sky was dark, the clouds nowhere to be seen, and the stars twinkled above like the flickering of candles. No doubt it was a peaceful evening tonight in Flounder Heights, with no activity on the streets, the shops closed for the day; only the lights around to shine the empty roads below. It was quiet as well, unless you were close enough to the electrical wires above the buildings.

That is what went through one inkling's mind as he looked out the window from his apartment, lying in his bed with his pajamas on and his lamp still on. His main color was orange, his eyes were blue, his skin was fair in tone, and his hair was in a flattop style along with having a Van Dyke as facial hair.

He sighed, as while the night is peaceful; it also meant that another day will come, forcing time to move forward. He wished it didn't have to sometimes.


The inkling turned to the young, child-like voice that belonged to his five-year-old niece, who stays with him in this apartment. She had the same colors as her uncle in terms of hair and eyes; her differences here that her skin was also orange due to youth, and her hair was let down. She looked upset, holding her teddy bear in her hand and holding her arm with the other.

He was concerned. "Yes, Coleen?"

The girl, Coleen, was hesitant to reply, yet she trusted her uncle. She talked back to him with an innocent yet reluctant tone.

"I…I had a bad dream."

She thought her uncle would sigh, having dealt with this so many times, but as usual, he only smiled an beckoned her to come on the bed with her, with her obeying. Once she was seated she was asked a question she was all too familiar with.

"Can you tell me what happened?"

Coleen looked away, hesitant again. Her dreams before were simple and could be easily forgotten; however, this time it was something different.

"Um…can I ask a question instead?"

Her uncle frowned; this wasn't anything he was used to, but he went along with it if it meant helping his niece.

He gave her a smile. "Sure you can, sweetie."

It took a couple seconds, but she finally asked the question nagging in the back of her head.

"Uncle…did mommy…really love me?"

Okay, that was unexpected. His eyes widened in surprise, frowning again. Was it natural for kids her age to ask if their parents loved them or not? He sure didn't think so, and he wasn't going to let Coleen question her own mother.

He laid a caring hand on Coleen's shoulder. "Of course she did. My sister loved you from the bottom of her heart. She and your father both loved you till the very end. And before you ask me if I love you, here's a little something to prove it."

He smirked, before rubbing the sides of Coleen's torso; the reaction was instant.

"Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha! U-huh-ncle! Sto-hah-hah-hah-p," she laughed with a big grin on her face.

He decided to let Coleen catch her breath before she sat back up again, feeling better than earlier.

"Remember what I always say," he began. "Things may look bad now, but there is always a chance for a brighter future. Don't forget it, Coleen."

Coleen smiled. "I never did, Uncle."

She wrapped her arms around him in a tight embrace, feeling him return the favor. They stayed in the hug for a minute before they let go of each other.

"Do you want to sleep in my bed tonight," he asked, "It'll help keep the nightmares from entering your head."

Coleen nodded. He uncle lifted the covers, allowing her to slide underneath, before being tucked and snuggled in with the bear in her arm. The two stayed close, neither wanting to part. It was now time to turn off the lamp, and get some rest.

"Love ya, Uncle Kevin," said Coleen.

Kevin smiled. "Love you too, sweetie."

After a kiss was laid on her forehead, Coleen slowly drifted off into slumber. Shortly after, the same thing happened to Kevin, wrapping a protective arm around his niece to keep her warm and safe.

As the night continued on, the stars continued to twinkle. It was a peaceful life the two inklings were now living…for now. Soon the relationships of many will be put to the test. Soon the world will be in danger of what's coming. Soon…Coleen will be thrown from her peaceful lifestyle, and into the biggest adventure of her lifetime.

Until these events happen, there is a time limit ticking away.

Time is running out.

The countdown…is almost up.

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