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She'd thought their love was true, and for her it had been.

But Chris hadn't waited.

If he was happy with that woman, then she couldn't begrudge him his happiness. While she loved him, it was clear she loved him too and – well, he loved her back.

Not Kim.

Kim was again the moon – but how things had changed. Now, she was doomed only to reflect the light of their love (her own love for the sun… and his.)

She steeled her resolve, knowing what she had to do. This was for the best. For her. For him. For all of them.

She loved (loves) him enough to let him go.

Reaching for the smooth metal, she presses the tip cold against her heart. The gun's in perfect condition, polished, gleaming, and as she closes her eyes the last thing she sees is a flash of brightness on its surface – a reflection of the sun.