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[Ddraig talking out loud]

[Ddraig talking to Issei in his mind]




{[Scene Break/Start/End]}(I borrowed this from many authors whose stories I have read)

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{[Scene Start]}

It started out simple enough, Issei was just about to start a new school year at Kuoh Academy, an all girls school, which got turned into co-ed recently. Just the thought that he will be one of the few guys in a sea of beautiful girls made Issei drool and imagine echhi scenes, which made him giggle like an idiot.


He slammed his annoying alarm clock.

"Ugh... Is it morning already...? It's like I didn't get any sleep at all..." It took him a while to process that it was to be another day in a mostly girls' school. With this, the white haired boy shot up to his feet but in the process he fell down and hit the ground with a thud. "Ow..." He stood up and started to clutch his head at the place where he landed. He then fixed his spiky hair and stood up. He went to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. As he got there, he looked at himself in the mirror. His spiky hair was a little messy, but he fixed it. He then fixed his hair.

The front half of his hair fell on the upper part of his face, forming a couple spiky bangs. The other half was a little longer and it pointed backwards. The hair's ends were spiky as well. This was actually his normal hairstyle, he was raised with this hairstyle, this was the normal look of his hair. He just fixed it a little, because he was shaggy. He quickly washed himself and exited the bathroom.

As he exited the bathroom, Issei got back to the bedroom. As he got there, he started doing his basic morning training routine. 30 push-ups and 60 six-ups. Issei was taking care of his body. After all, don't all the girls like muscular and thin guys? Yes they do. Issei was a bit tall as well. Roughly 5'7.

After he was done, he went to his dresser and took out his uniform which the school has provided for him. His uniform was nothing really special actually. Just a black blazer with white outlines, white dress shirt with black highlights, black dress pants and brown dress shoes. Nothing who knows how fancy.

Once dressed, he made his way downstairs to his kitchen and began making himself some breakfast. Yes, Issei lived alone. He was only sixteen, but he was able to look after himself. That's why he asked his parents to live alone. His parents compiled and left him on his own. Well, he wasn't FULLY alone. His parents lived in the next town. But hey, he was still alone! Yay, right? As he was done with his breakfast, he took his bag with him and went out for school.

{[Scene Break]}

Issei was already in front of the school gates. 'Another day in Heaven!' he thought. He really didn't like school very much, but the single thought about girls all around him while in there was enough to will to visit it everyday.

As he started to make his way towards the school, he looked around him. Yep, there they were. The pretty girls. They were in their small groups, chatting. Some of them, even not knowing his name were having interest in him. Why you ask? Well, most of the girls found him attractive, smart and athletic. And yes, that was true. Issei was all that. However, the fact that he was being watched by so many beautiful girls got him the hatred looks of the guys. Issei however didn't care. All he cared about, were the girls. Even if he was in the school for a week now, he STILL didn't have friends. Most of the guys hated him. And the rest of them were or pretty dumb, or incorrigible perverts. And everyone knows that if you hang up with these guys, your reputation falls pretty quickly and Issei didn't want to lose the respect of the female population.

So he started to make his way towards his classroom but something stopped him. He looked up and he saw it - the old school house. Yes, normally people would think that there is nothing who knows how important there. And Issei thought so too. Every time when he passed close to the house, she would be empty. This time however he saw someone in it. He saw the goddess of the school. She was a buxom girl with long crimson hair. She was looking at him with her big blue eyes. She stood like that for a couple of seconds until she didn't turn around and headed deeper into the building. As she did so the wind waved her hair in an awesome display for Issei to see. 'Wow... She is so beautiful. Her long red hair, her beautiful green eyes and her-' It was at this moment he was snapped out from his thoughts by the ring of the bell, meaning that his class was starting. "SHIT! I'LL BE LATE!" He yelled and started running like his life depended on it.

{[Scene Break]}

Inside the old school building the red haired girl sat at her desk and spoke to the other figure in the room.

"Who was that white haired boy, Akeno?"

"From what I have heard, his name is Hyoudou Issei. Second year I think... He transferred one week ago." Said Akeno. Akeno was the second goddess of the school. She had long black hair which she usually have tied in a long ponytail. She had purple eyes and buxom body, just like the red headed girl with the exception of her breasts which were a bit bigger.

"I see. However I sense something strange about him. I think that he is no ordinary human."

"Are you thinking what I am thinking?"

"I'm afraid yes Akeno. However we can't be sure. The only way to be sure is to send somebody following him. Please when Koneko is dismissed by her class, call her here."

"Yes, Buchou." Said Akeno with a large smile and her eyes closed.

{[Scene Break]}

The classes were over. Issei was about to go home, however he stopped at one bridge which was on his way home. It was just a part from all his days. Every day while walking home he stopped atop that bridge for few minutes listening to the relaxing sound of the river below. It was relaxing to him.

"Umm... Hello." He heard a shy greeting. When he turned to the source of the sound, he saw a young black haired girl, probably sixteen. "You're Issei Hyoudou, right? You study in Kuoh Academy, you are a second year?"

"Yes, that's me." Issei replied with a smile. 'Damn, she is pretty.' He thought. 'But that uniform, I never have seen it before. Is she from another school or something?'

"Umm... My name is Yuyma Amano and I was wondering..." She had a little blush on her face. It appeared that she was shy and was afraid to continue.

"Yes? What is it?" Issei encouraged her.

"I was wondering..." She became even redder in the face. But after taking deep breath, she finally said what was in her mind. "If you would be my boyfriend!"

He pretended to think about it. 'Damn! She is gorgeous! I can't say no to that!' "Sure." He said to her with smile.

"YAY!" She cheered after that. "Then how about we go to a date on Sunday?" She said, blushing again.

"I would love to." Said Issei, smiling. "How about 11 o'clock at the center?"

"Yes! I will be waiting for you then! See you there, Issei-kun!" She said while going on her way.

After he saw that she was far away enough, Issei started to yell and jump up and down in happiness. "YES! FINALLY! I GOT A DATE! I! YES!"

[You do realize that she is a Fallen Angel, right Partner?] A deep, gruff voice in Issei's mind said.

'Yes I know, Ddraig.' He spoke back to him in his mind. 'But hey, who knows. Maybe she is different.'

[There is no different Fallen Angel, Partner. Obviously she is here because of me. She wants to see if you are my host. The only way she can do that is by killing you.]

'I know, Ddraig. Father already told me all about that. But if she wants to kill me, I welcome her to try. I'm sure she will be quite disappointed.'

[Don't get too cocky, Partner. Even you can fall. It's true that because of your natural powers you are quite the warrior, but don't get hard - headed.]

'Jeez, you are such a tease sometimes, Ddraig. But you are right. She IS Fallen Angel after all. If she tries anything funny then I won't give her a chance to do anything else.'

[I know, I know. You are not the type that lets these things go.]

'That's right. Besides even if it's for a few moments I will experience what a date is like. Just to prepare myself for any girl that really likes me.'

[You do realize that this WON'T be a date, right?]





'Shut up Ddraig.'

And with that the conversation in Issei's head was over. He continued his way home. However due the argument in his head and his deep thoughts, he didn't sense that short, white haired girl was following and observing him. She just stood there in the distance, watching him while licking a lolipop.

"...I have to report back to Buchou." She said and went on her way.

{[Scene Break]}

"I see. So you say that a Fallen Angel made a contact with him?" The red haired girl asked, after heard the short, white haired girl's reports about Issei.

"...Yes. They will be going on a date in Sunday. Buchou, I think she will make attempt to kill him."

"I see. So my suspicions were confirmed. He REALLY have a Sacred Gear. Good job, Koneko."

Koneko then proceeded to sit down on a couch and start eating a chocolate bar which she has got seemingly out of nowhere.

"Buchou, what should we do?" Asked Akeno.

"We will send Koneko to follow them on their "date" and if she actually kills him we will recruit him to us." Said the red haired girl.

"You are actually going to let her kill him?"

"It's not like I hold anything against him, but if we attack the Fallen Angel and stop her from killing him will be a declaration of war between us and them." The red haired girl said and sipped from the tea made by Akeno herself. "Besides, I can send my familiar to give him a flier and when he is close to dying we will be summoned there just in time to save his life."

"But it's still cruel to let him die like that, Buchou." Said Akeno, trying to convince the red haired girl, which also appeared to be her master.

"Look, let me say it like that. Even if we stop that attack and wipe out his memories, the Fallen Angels will still want him dead. And if we interfere we will get into another long war. I think my way is easier both for us and for him. Understood?"

"Of course, Buchou." Replied Akeno with happy smile and her eyes closed.

{[Scene Break]}

Issei got into his home early. He had a giant grin on his face. Even though he knew that "Yuuma" was a Fallen Angel, he didn't care. After all, he have his hopes that she is different and won't try anything funny. And if she does, then Issei won't hold back either. He will return the favor. Issei closed the door and locked it. He plumped down on the sofa and turned the TV on. It was Friday, so he didn't have to worry about school tomorrow.

[That's what you'll be doing, Partner? Just sitting here and watching TV?]

"Yeah. As I told you earlier, there is not reason to panic. Do you really want to repeat the conversation?"

[No, not actually. I just want to warn you.]

"I know you're concerned about me Ddraig, but really, have more faith in me."

[It's not like I don't have faith in you Partner, but what if she leads you to an ambush?]

"I already told you. I have faith in some things. Perhaps she is different as I said earlier. And also, you know that even if this happen, I will get out alive. After all, I was trained by the best."

[Yes, you have a point here. I see I can't convince you not to go out with the Fallen Angel... Just promise me you will be careful.]

"You are getting too fatherly, Ddraig. But if that is going to relax you - I will be careful."

[That's all I wanted to hear. Now, if you don't mind, I am going to sleep.]

'Lazy dragon...' Issei thought.

{[Scene Break]}

Saturday came and went. Nothing interesting happened during that day. So it was now Sunday. Issei was just leaning on a wall close to the town centre.

'Hmm... She should be here soon.' He thought.

"Please take a flier!" This snapped him out of his thought. When he looked at the source of the voice, he saw that it was a girl, dressed with short dress and bat - like hat. She was holding a piece of paper with some strange writings over it.

"Ah, thank you." Issei took one and looked at it. It had a strange drawing, known as 'Magic circle'. It was used for summoning a devil. At the bottom of the paper was written text. The text read: 'Your wish will be granted'.

'Weird. I don't remember which family was this crest of. I saw it somewhere until I trained in the Underworld, but who actually used it?'

When he looked up, he saw that the girl was gone. "Meh. I probably won't use it anytime soon." He said and then putted the flier in his pocket.

"Issei-kun!" He heard the voice of Yuuma which was running in his direction. When she finally got to him, she was blushing slightly. "I hope you didn't wait too long for me."

"Nah. In fact I just came." He said while rubbing the back of his head. "Shall we get going then?"

"Yes. With big pleasure."

{[Scene Break]}

The "date" went normally. They were walking around the town, went shopping, and all the other stuff normal people do at dates. He even bought her a present. It was a necklace in a shape of heart. It wasn't who knows how much, but Issei was still new in this. Yes, the date went normally. But then Issei saw something.

She was short, petite girl, with white hair, that was just a little below her shoulders and hazel eyes. She was around fifteen - sixteen years old. She was around 4'9 in height. It was Koneko. Koneko was watching them and following them the whole day. Why you ask? Well she was following orders from her master, the red haired goddess of the school.

'Wow. She is beautiful.'

[But she is flat-chested.]

'That still doesn't change the fact that she is quite the beauty. However, her being here from all places, on Sunday... Something doesn't seem right. Was she following us the whole day? If yes, then I didn't sense her.'

"Issei-kun?" He was snapped out from his thoughts by the voice of Yuuma, which was calling him. "Are you alright?"

"Ah yes. I am. Sorry, it looks like I was lost in my thoughts."

"No problem. Say, do you want to go to the fountain? It's very beautiful at night."

"Yes, wherever you want." He said, while smiling.

{[Scene Break]}

It was night time. Issei and Yuuma were now close to the fountain and about to get home. When they neared it however, Yuuma stopped.

"What is it?" Issei asked her.

"Issei-kun, I had a lot of fun today. And before we go our separate ways, will you do me a little favor?"

'Well, moment of truth. It's time to see if what I will have to do from now on to you, "Yuuma-chan".' He thought."Of course. What is it?"

"Will you... die for me?"

Issei then acted surprised, as if he didn't know she was a Fallen Angel at all. It was then, "Yuuma" began to transform into her original self. She changed her appearance and she looked like nineteen or twenty years old. Her bust changed it's size and became bigger. Her face, looking innocent before also changed. Her previous clothes now gone, she was wearing a black bra that was hiding only her nipples and black panties. From her back showed two wings. They looked like the wings of Angel, however they were black. Black like the night. She then summoned a spear of light in her right arm.

"You know, normally I wouldn't have done this, but I have orders. The date was nice though. And I'm going to keep your present. It's nice and suits me." She said to Issei, who looked like he was in shock, but was actually acting. "Now then Issei-kun, any last words?"

Issei shacked his head, as if saying 'no'. "Then this makes my work easier. Farewell, Issei-kun." She said as she raised her spear and stabbed Issei in the chest with it. He puked some blood and his eyes lost all the life they had in them. He then felt on the ground in a puddle of his own blood. "If you are going to be mad at someone, be mad at God for putting the Sacred Gear inside you." She said, as she was smirking.

"You know, you should really check if it was really me before talking, "Yuuma-chan", or shall I call you Raynare?" Issei spoke from seemingly nowhere.

"What the-"It was then, that Issei who was laying before her in a puddle of his own blood disappeared in a flash of light. "Illusion? But that means..."

"I guess that Ddraig was right about you after all. You Fallen Angels are all the same." Issei's voice ringed all over the place, unknown where was it's source.

"Where are you!? SHOW YOURSELF!" Raynare yelled in fear and started throwing spears all over the place.

"Now, now. You won't hit me like that. But since it was you who asked it, I'll come out." Said Issei and went out of the nearby bushes.

"How are you still alive!? Who are you!? WHAT ARE YOU!?"

"How am I alive? Simple. The one that you stabbed wasn't me, but an illusion created by me. Who am I? I am Issei Hyoudou. What am I? Let's just say that I won't tell you, ok?"

"Die already!" Raynare said and threw another spear at him. However he dodged it with ease. Then, before she could even understand she missed, Issei was gone. "What!? Where is he?"

"I hoped we could truly have something between us, Raynare." Issei said from behind her. Just when she turned, she was welcomed with a punch from Issei. He punched her in the gut, while using some senjutsu to stun her. When he was sure that she was unconscious, he went up to her and stared down at her.

"What should I do with her now? Should I kill her?"

[No. Don't kill her, Partner. You won't achieve anything by it. You will make the things harder for yourself.]

"What if I wipe out part from her memories? I will remove her memories from after she found out that the stabbed Issei wasn't me. She will think she succeeded and she will leave me alone."

[Yes, this may work. Do it then.]

Issei then knelt down next to her, putted a hand on her head and said a chant. With that, it was done.

"Let's get home, Ddraig. I'm tired."

[You are just gonna leave her like that?]

"Yes. She will think that she fell down from exhaustion. Plus it's nigh time. And we are near to the fountain. No one comes here at night. So no one will see her like that. Besides, she will wake up after 20 minutes or so."

[Alright then. If you are sure that it will work.]

"It will, Ddraig. Don't worry."

And with that, he headed to his home.

{[Scene Break]}

In the Old School House, the red haired girl and her whole team were waiting for the appearance of the magic circle, meaning that Issei is on the verge of dying and just waiting to be saved from the red haired girl. That however didn't happen. The magic circle didn't appear.

"Buchou, maybe something happened?" Said Akeno.

"Yes. It looks like my plan has failed." The red haired girl sighed.

"A shame. He was handsome." Said Akeno, while licking one of her fingers.

"Akeno, contact the Student Council. Inform them about Issei Hyoudou. Tell them that he is dead."

"Yes Buchou."

{[Scene End]}

Heeey there. That was the prologue. Probably wasn't the best, but hey, I tried. Oh man, I have so many people to thank for the inspiration. So thank you LordxSesshomaru, Paynis, G1Splicer CALEDY, Selet, Grey - senpai, VorpalHaze, McCornbread, Liars-by-Red, a bunch of guys from that Wattpad site. Thank you guys for all the inspiration.

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