Somebody to Die For



Summary: They were thought to only be partners. Only few people know their secret. Let's take a look at this couple on and off the battlefield.

Somebody to Die For

Chapter 1: The Call

Clint woke up to the sun shining in his face. He groaned, covering his eyes. "Dammit," he muttered.

"You're noisy in the morning, Barton," his wife of five years told him.

"We forgot to close the curtains, sorry that the sun hits my face first in the morning," he answered, making her laugh softly.

On his left hand was a thick gold band. Her left hand that was resting on his chest had a simple gold band shaped almost like a small tiara with seven diamonds on it. Clint kissed the top of his wife's head, holding her close for a minute before getting up. Natasha reached over, grabbing his shirt that was lying on the floor, pulling it on as he pulled on his pajama pants. "What's the plan today?" she asked as she got out of bed.

"Our usual training, Nikolai and Gabrielle should be up," he replied.

Natasha smiled as they went to get ready for their workout.

In the basement, the two of them were locked in their usual workout routine of hand to hand combat. Clint grabbed his wife's arm, threw her onto the floor. Natasha immediately rolled onto her knees, swiping her leg out to try to knock him down. Clint hit the mat. He kicked up, hitting Natasha in the stomach. It wasn't long before they were wrapped up in each other. Both struggling for control. "MOMMY! DADDY!" their daughter shouted. Clint was hovering over his wife when they heard their daughter shout.

"And duty calls," he answered.

Natasha smiled as she pushed him off her. "Come on, daddy," she teased him.

"Ooh call me that later on," he answered.

"You're a pervert," she told him, making him laugh.

They reached the top of the steps as their daughter rushed up excitedly. "Mommy, can I get pancakes?" she asked.

"Of course," Natasha replied as she picked her up.

Clint walked into the kitchen to find his son, Nikolai, building a model airplane. Nikolai had the dreams of becoming a pilot. He always wanted to fly. "Morning, buddy," Clint said smiling, kissing the top of his head.

"Dad, can we go flying?" Nikolai asked.

Clint grabbed orange juice out of the fridge. "I'll see if Mike can let me borrow his plane today," he answered.

"Really?" Nikolai asked.

"Yep, you got a good report card this semester," Clint replied.

Natasha smiled as Nikolai jumped up from his chair, hugging Clint tightly. "Thanks dad!" he said excitedly, making Clint chuckle. He kissed the top of his son's head, holding him close.

Later on, Clint drove up to the airport with Nikolai anxiously looking out the window. "Wow! Is that our plane?" he asked.

"Yep," Clint replied as he gout of the car.

"AWESOME!" Nikolai explained as the nine-year-old got out of the car.

Clint wrapped his arm around his son's shoulders as they walked over to the jet. They walked over to the jet and they got inside. "You ready, buddy?" he asked in the headset.

"Let's go!" the boy said excitedly.

Clint chuckled as he started the plane up as Nikolai looked out the window excitedly. Clint couldn't help but smile, the day Nikolai was born it their lives had changed completely. Natasha a one-time killer assassin that SHIELD wanted to take out, only he made the different call. He fell in love with the Black Widow instead as she fell for him. It took months for her to trust him, but when she did their relationship was stronger than any other partnership in their field. They were married in Budapest, as Clint likes to remember it. He gave her his mother's ring, the only thing that was worth keeping of his childhood was the ring.

They didn't think about having children. It never crossed their minds. Then Nikolai came along, it shocked and terrified them both. Then, Clint brought his growing family to his family farm. He never thought he would see that place again. He had no desire to see that place again, but then he led his pregnant wife inside.

Clint held Natasha's hand as he led her up the stairs to the house. Taking out the key, he unlocked the door, pushing it open because it was stuck from the lack of use. Natasha went inside first. It could use a bit of fixing up, there were some old stains on the old rug. There was still cigarettes and ash in the ash tray on the table. There were some old beer cans and bottles sitting up on the counter. Some broken chairs in the kitchen from one of his father's last rampages. Natasha rested her hand on her stomach as she walked through the living room as their unborn son kicked her hand. "It's actually a beautiful place," she told him, surprising him.

"Think so?" he asked.

"Have I ever lied to you?" she asked, giving him a slight smile and raising her brow at him.

Clint chuckled, but then he could see that with a fresh coat of paint and removing everything that was his parents', this could be a home. Natasha moved her fingers over the walls where broken pictures hung. She took one picture down, showing her husband as a child holding his first bow with a sad smile on his face. She walked over to see Clint staring uneasily at the house. From the beginning he had doubts of being a good father after what his father had done. Placing the picture on the end table, she walked over and stroked his cheek with the back of her hand. "Hey," she called softly, pulling him out of his reverie. She rested her hands on his cheeks, making him look at her. "You will never become that man," she told him, "You could never hurt me, or our son." She took his hand and placed it on her stomach. "You are better than your father ever was," she assured him. Clint looked at her and rested his forehead against hers. Her arms moved up and around his neck. "We can make this home," she whispered.

Clint looked over at Nikolai to see him staring at the world below. "What do you think, buddy?" he asked.

"This is awesome!" Nikolai answered excitedly, "I want to do this when I grow up."

Clint smiled as he ruffled up his son's hair. "You can do anything you put your mind to," he answered. Nikolai looked at his dad with a beaming smile.

Natasha was pulling Gabrielle's hair up in pigtails. Natasha started to hum to her daughter, kissing her temple gently. "Momma, why do you gots to go aways?" Gabrielle asked.

"Mama is going to be gone for a few days, sweetheart," Natasha answered.

Gabrielle frowned. "But Laura will be here, you guys will have so much fun," she added.

"Okay," she answered softly.

Natasha held her daughter close, kissing her cheek softly. "Momma loves you so much," she told the little girl. Gabrielle hugged her mother tight with tears in her eyes as she sniffled. "Don't cry, Ladybug, momma and daddy will be home before you know it," she whispered. Gabrielle sniffled as she curled up in her mother's arms as Natasha rubbed her back.

That night, Natasha walked out of the bathroom wearing a dark purple negligee. She walked over, straddling his hips as Clint smiled up at her. "You be careful when you go back to Russia," he told her. Natasha ran her hands over his chest.

"I should say the same for you," she answered.

Natasha kissed him deeply as his arms went around her back. Clint kissed her back, moving her onto her back as his hands moved over her body. His lips started caressing her neck as she let out a sigh. She moved her knees apart so he was resting on top of her as close as possible. She playfully bit his shoulder and he groaned against her neck. She moved her hands along his back, dragging her nails along his skin. He nipped along her skin as she arched her hips up against his. "Fuck baby," he groaned into her ear.

"Clint," she moaned.

They slipped off each other's clothes easily. He nipped at her bottom lip playfully, making her laugh as she pushed him onto his back. Clint nipped along her jaw and then moved lower on her body. She moaned in pleasure, arching her hips as he moved his lips along her thigh. She gripped his arms tightly, letting out a gasp when he licked her slit teasingly. "You bastard," she muttered, making him chuckle. He kissed his way back up her body before she pushed him onto his back again. She rested her hands on his chest as she slid onto him. Clint groaned, tilting his head back as the pleasure coursed through him. Natasha smiled as she rested her hands on his chest as they started a pace. His hands gripped her hips as she gasped softly in pleasure. He sat up, holding her to his chest as they ground against each other. "Oh Clint," she moaned.

"Nat," he groaned in her ear.

She gripped his back as he held onto her hips as the pleasure mounted. Clint pushed her onto her back, gripping the blanket by her head as he sped up his thrusts. Natasha cried out, wrapping her legs tightly around his hips. A few more thrusts into her body and they both became undone. She arched her back as she cried out in pleasure as he buried his face into her neck, groaning.

They slowly came down from their highs. Besides the act itself, they loved the aftermath when they would just stare at each other with smiles on their faces. Natasha stroked his square jaw with a soft smile on her face. Clint pushed the hair from her eyes. "Still won't be as good as Budapest," he answered, making her laugh.

"Yeah, nothing hotter than adrenaline filled sex in between the biggest fight of our lives," she replied as she rolled to the edge of the bed, grabbing his shirt that he had haphazardly threw on the floor when he got ready for bed.

She pulled it on as he grabbed his boxer briefs off the floor, pulling them on as well as his pajama pants, since Gabrielle had the habit of coming in her parents' room in the middle of the night. Either from a nightmare or she just liked sleeping in her parents' bed more than hers. "You know, I think we should move Gabby into Nik's room," Clint commented. Natasha laughed.

"There's an idea," she answered, "Our nine-year-old son sharing a room with his three-year-old sister."

"What's wrong with that?" he asked.

"It's sadly not going to stop her from coming into our room at night," she answered.

"Why wouldn't that work?" he asked.

"Clint, she's three, she's at that age where she wants to be near us," she replied, "Get used to it, baby, because before you know it she's going to be thirteen and we're going to be the weird parents who embarrass her."

"God, I hope not," he muttered as he lied down.

Natasha stroked his hair, smiling at him. "What?" he asked.

"Just looking at you," she answered.

"Why?" he asked.

She rolled her eyes. "Do you have to cheapen the moment?" she asked, hitting his chest, making him laugh. Clint gripped her hand tightly when she went to roll away from him.

"Hey," he called to her.

Natasha turned back so she was lying beside him. "I love you, you know that right?" he asked.

"Always," she replied as their legs were entwined together as his arms went tightly around her.

Natasha smiled as she moved her fingers over his arm, letting out a deep breath. "Just be careful?" she asked.

"I'm just going to be sitting in my "nest" watching the doc test that weird cube thing," Clint answered, "Very standard, very boring."

She looked him in the eyes. "Clint," she said softly. He saw that she was really concerned. "After what we've been seeing in the last few years, please, be careful?" she asked. He moved his fingers along her cheek.

"Always," he answered.

She moved her arms tightly around him, kissing his shoulder. "I don't know how to live without you at this point," she told him as his arms moved around her back. Clint frowned as he rubbed her back.

"You don't need to worry about losing me, baby, I'm going to be around for a long time," he answered.

She kissed his shoulder again as they started to settle down a bit for the night. "I love you," she whispered into his neck.

"I love you more," he answered.

Early the next morning, Clint had showered and dressed in his SHIELD uniform. Natasha was packing up his duffel for him as they were trying to be quiet so not to wake the kids. She held out the small, think chain to him and he took it, slipping off his wedding ring as he wordlessly hung the ring from around his neck. This was routine. The two of them getting ready for their missions. They would both kiss their children 'bye' before they would go their separate missions. Natasha slipped her ring on the chain around her neck as he handed her the other duffel he had packed for her. "You come back to me, Barton," she told him.

"Shouldn't I be saying that to you since you're the one going off into dangerous territory?" he asked.

Natasha just straightened the sides of his jacket. "Just come back to me, Barton, you know I hate it when I become this worried wife," she answered. Clint stroked her cheek.

"I'll come back, I promise," he told her.

He kissed her softly, lovingly as his arms went around her back. Natasha kissed him back, her hands resting on the sides of his neck.

They both went into their kids' room, kissing them each as their kids sat up to hug them both.

Natasha sighed as she saw Laura walk in. "I know the routine, you guys just come back," Laura told them smiling.

"Thanks again, Laura," Natasha answered, hugging her.

Laura hugged her back with a smile before Clint gave the woman a hug. She became more than a part-time nanny for their children, she actually became one of their closest friends.

Leaving the house, Natasha walked over to the car as she heard the motorcycle start up. She looked over as Clint got on the bike, revving the engine. She watched as he sped down the road, kicking up dust behind him. She smiled a little before getting in the car and sped down the road.

(One Week Later)

Natasha let out a frustrated sigh as the General shoved the cell phone to her ear. "We need you to come in," Coulson told her.

"Are you kidding? I'm WORKING!" she snapped.

"This takes precedence," Coulson answered.

"I'm in the middle of an operation here and this moron is giving me EVERYTHING," Natasha told him.

"I didn't…give you…everything," the man said slowly.

Natasha gestured that she was on the phone. "Look you can't pull me out of this…" she started to say.

"Natasha," Coulson told her, cutting her off, "Barton's been compromised."

Her heart went into her stomach. "Barton's been compromised," the words echoed in her head.

"Let me put you on hold," she answered.