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Chapter one: A Tragedy

Baltimore 1962:

Link Larkin was sleeping in his house. He was completely passed out after a super long rehearsal at the studio. He was lucky he didn't get into a car crash over how tried he truly was. He didn't think life could get any better he has the lead spot in the local TV show, mostly A's in class (mostly…), and the sweetest, Kindest, Girlfriend in the world. Link remember the time where he had no clue what love really meant, then he met Tracy Turnblad. Sure, she may be a little bit bigger than normal girls but, he prefers it. She is just, amazingly Tracy and, she loves him for him. Link wasn't sure why he fell for her but, he knows he loves her.

Unexpectedly the Larkin household phone rang. Not wanting to wake up his family Link tiptoed downstairs to answer the phone.

"Ugh, who would call so early in the morning," Link mumbled to himself. He picks up the phone only to hear a wail on the other end. "Mrs. Turnblad, What's the matter."

"Link, we have terrible news. I don't know who would do this but, someone has… murdered Tracy." Link dropped the phone, and instantly he was swooped into an area of complete white.

"Hello?" Link shouted. In the corner he could see a video he went to see what it is.

What Link is seeing in the video

2015 New York City, New York

Torie was walking with boyfriend and co-star Justin Grace. He was the best. They were both staring in Broadway's new event for teens "Jr. Broadway," its Jr's first show. She's playing Tracy Turnblad and, Justin was playing Link Larkin. That's how they met. They instantly fell in love. They were on their way to eat and, suddenly, a figure appeared out of the shadows.

"Torie Goldman, you have a death wish," the mysterious figure said. He pulled out a gun and pointed it at Torie and shot. Torie closed her eyes waiting for death to claim her but, when she opened her eyes she saw Justin on the floor bleeding.

"Justin," she screamed.

"Torie… come here," Justin managed to choke out.

"No no Justin don't leave me.'

"Listen Torie promise me that you'll find a nice guy and move on."

"Justin I-"

"P-please just promise me."

"I Promise."

Justin caressed her cheek and, passed on. Torie cried and laid her head on his stomach and, instantly just like Link was swooped up in pure white.