Chapter 3 Stuck alone for an hour

After Tracy and Justin disappeared Torie broke down and cried but, who wouldn't. Link went over to her and put his arm around her.

"I'm sorry about Tracy Link. I know that you really liked her," Torie mumbled. Link felt bad for the girl, I guess he feels like he should be crying over Tracy but, at the moment he couldn't help feeling a strange wave of protection. It's the same wave he felt when Amber made fun of Tracy but, a little bit fresher.

"Hey, I'm sorry about Justin too."

"Well," she sniffed, "I guess you're living with me."

"I guess so."

"And you're playing Link, well you are Linkā€¦ It makes sense."

"Yeah, it does." Then there was a strange silence, Link didn't know why until he looked down at Torie and saw that was sleeping. Torie did fall asleep in Link's arms, she had a rough night and a lot of emotions flowing though her mind. Torie felt natural in Link's arms. She remembered when she was 7 and the movie Hairspray first came out. All the girls were in love with Zac Efron but, Torie was in love with Link Larkin's personality. The crush lasted years. She always believed that her Link Larkin would come and, he did.

"Link, Thanks for helping with the pain of Justin's death."

"Y-you're welcome."

And instant white came over him again. This time though he felt a weird surge energy through his system. Then, it hit him, he now had all the slang and knowledge (If you can call it knowledge) of a 2015 teenage-boy. When he opened his eyes he was in a hospital room with Edna and Wilber Turnblad, Seaweed, Penny, Miss Motor Mouth Maybelle, Corny, and Amber looking down at him.

"Raise and Shine Cracker Boy," Seaweed laughed and Penny punched him in the arm.

"Link are you okay," ask Edna.

"Yeah I'm fine but, I need to get out of this bed. I have someone I need to find." Link sighed at the memory of Torie crying, hoping she wasn't.

"Who could you possibly need to find Link," asked Amber

"A girl named Torie," He said with determination in his eyes.