Over the news, anchors talked about another vigilante's death at the hands of an unknown assailant. Nightwing knew who he was. The bane of his entire existence, even prior to him leaving for Jump City; the dark cloud looming over his head for years. Dick Grayson wasn't the best person to pick a fight with, he could break you without much hesitation. But, he did not know what to do when the opponent didn't care to be broken, one who lived in the shadows and feasted on pain; molded to be the perfect foil for Nightwing/Robin.

Big bright orange screened computers surrounded the masked mercenary, his stanch was that of a drill Sargent looking extensively at battle plans. Nightwing glanced and found a map of Blüdhaven. The power is still out all across the metropolitan area, Slade wanted Nightwing to confront him and Dick Grayson was happy to oblige. "It's nice to see you again, Robin." Slade refers to his foe as his old alter ego. "I'm not here to talk, Slade," Nightwing switches on his wrist gauntlets, just waiting for the perfect time. "You're gonna pay for what you've done to the Justice League!" He proclaims defiantly; his heart rate increases two-fold. "You should take deep breathes, I can sense your heart." Slade turns around, seeing the new getup Dick Grayson set himself up with. He almost smiled at the site of his black mullet haircut reaching his shoulders. "The people of Gotham, Blüdhaven, and most importantly..." Slade trailed off. "Will all see what I hang over their heads." He speaks with such calm, that still runs shivers down Dick Grayson's back.

Little do the 9-to-5 workers know of this standoff, nobody knew where Nightwing was and nobody wanted to know. "You want to protect the people who view you as a monster; a masked freak, they fear you, Robin!" Slade points his index finger directly at Nightwing, he almost flinched thinking this was the start of their confrontation escalating. Not now, not yet.

"I don't need to be loved. It doesn't matter what they think of me." Nightwing continues to stand ground. "Then what importance do they have to you?" Slade asks, pushing Nightwing further into his corner. "Why is Blüdhaven different from Jump City, or Gotham?" Nightwing stammered. "Cause... It doesn't matter." He said, not feeling good with that response. "And what about Batman, and Superman, and Wonder Woman, they couldn't stop me." Nightwing didn't need to here the rest to know where Slade was going with this.

"The emergency power to the Blüdhaven hospitals are fully functioning. Thousands of patients need their medication, Robin." Slade withdraws a black remote from his vest pocket. "Can you save them?" Only air separates his thumb from the button. "Join me, give in. It is the only way to save your pathetic city!" He demands of Nightwing. He was about to take his first step. When the lights went out on his gauntlets, that meant the end. An apprentice to Slade, once again. All his planning could not see this coming.

A loud whistle pierced the silence, turning their heads, the sight of what was to be seen surprised even Slade. "Nice to see you again, Slade." Beast Boy crouched over their heads, with the Teen Titans, both old and new members surrounding Slade. "It is good to see you too, Beast Boy." In no mood for formalities, Slade unleashed his henchmen, but not before a big cat swiped at his chest, making him lose the control. Nightwing dived for the control, getting a metal boot to the face while Slade freed himself from the Beast Boy's lion arm brace. Blood poured out of his nose, surely it is broken, gathering himself he seen Starfire & Raven picking him up. "You alright?" Raven asks, setting him on his feet. He didn't answer, Dick Grayson just switched on his gauntlets. Nightwing got to the fight.

"Still using robots as minions, Slade? No wonder no one follows you!" Tim shouted from the top, breaking more droids in half with his knifed boot. "Titans, get that remote!" Nightwing ordered. Slade threw Beast Boy off his neck, he landed on his feet, almost giddy with excitement. "Just like the old days, huh?" Beast Boy alluded, nudging Nightwing. "Not now, Beast Boy." He shot down his affection "All we're missing is Cyborg." Beast Boy thought to himself.

Nightwing charged at Slade, electrocuting Slade in the neck. He fell the floor, almost unconscious. When Nightwing was about to pounce, Slade's droids plopped themselves on his back, making him fall to the ground with a loud thud. He couldn't move, he was suffocating under all the pressure. He felt his back snap and released a loud cry, he couldn't struggle anymore, he couldn't even move. When it looked as if his vision would go black, all of the weigh was lifted. Tim extended a hand to his comrade. "You're always in need of a hand." He jokingly says. "Thank you." He said.

When the smoke off all the droids cleared, the Titans looked at their beaten foe. "I guess you're plan wasn't all that it was built up to be." Nightwing took Slade's remote, promptly crushing it. "This game is done, Slade, I will never join you." Nightwing tried to put Slade's fantasy to bed. Being able to only get to his knees, Slade laughed, looking up towards the young adults. "It's never over, I will always slip through the cracks; never be kept down, I am with you Robin, forever."

After Slade's jailing, Nightwing went off into the night to do God knows what. The Titans said their goodbyes, while Raven and Tim spoke on top of the Blüdhaven bridge. A weird choice, but Raven wanted to make sure no one was seeing her. Tim almost fell numerous times; it half scared him to death to be up so high on such narrow grounds.

"So, you're running off again?" Tim asks, knowing her answer. "There's things I need to sort out, Tim," Raven looks out into the relit city. "I need to be away from everything."

"It's peaceful isn't it?" Tim asks, laying a palm on her left shoulder. "Those people had no clue what was planned for them." Raven turned around and started walking away. "I'm going," And with a puff of smoke she was gone. Tim stayed on top of the bridge, without any way off. "Great," He said sarcastically. Another adventure in the books for Timothy Drake. Always fun for him.