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On the Outside


Wendy sat in her car for what felt like hours just watching the quaint suburban home. It had been some days since her encounter with Lana and nothing in her life had made sense since then.

Unable to face Thredson after putting two and two together, Wendy resorted to low tactics to be close to Lana, to try and make sense of things. Wendy knew she needed to plan her next move in just the right manner without alerting Thredson.

The house sat in silence for a while after Thredson left to work earlier that morning. Lana usually came out of the house around noon to sit on the porch with the baby or sometimes would take him for a stroll through the neighborhood. Wendy had noted a small cat that would sit with Lana on the porch or explore the front yard but it wouldn't go beyond the sidewalk.

It was strange seeing Lana live a life that was so different from her previous one pre Briarcliff. Wendy didn't even know that Lana liked cats. Or at least she had never mentioned it. But what was even stranger was watching her with that child. He was a little boy, no older than a year with dark hair in growing wisps and curls and a pair of cobalt eyes that resembled Lana's sister's. She had met her only once but even then the encounter was brief. Those two were like night and day in looks and personalities. It was obvious even with that one brief encounter.

On that day, like clockwork, Lana brought out the baby to the front yard. She sat him on her hip as she fetched the mail from the mailbox. She looked so natural with him. The old Lana had held a baby maybe once in her life. Wendy watched as the baby reached for the mail with fumbling hands. She could hear Lana laugh from inside her car; Wendy had missed her laughter so much that her jaw hurt from the tension of holding in her cries.

Lana ambled back to the porch and sat down. She sat the baby on her lap and looked through the mail as the boy slapped the letters but then found interest in the cat that had run down the porch and onto the grass to stretch its long body.

Thredson didn't seem to notice that anything was afoot or at least that's what Wendy wanted to believe. Wendy's blood boiled with jealous rage at the thought of Lana in that man's arms, playing his housewife and the stay at home mother of his child. It sickened her.

Lana was a go getter. She was a woman beyond her time and she lived a very fast paced life. Just the thought of wearing an apron made her laugh. How had things changed so much? Wendy felt sick to her stomach at the taste of the cigarette she had been smoking. Briarcliff had done a lot of damage to her mind even before Wendy stopped visiting her. She couldn't imagine how much more she had changed in the time after her last visit.

Wendy placed her hands on her lap, clutching onto the fabric of her skirt. What if they had done something to her at that horrid place to change her? What if that was the reason she didn't remember her? She seemed so...so complacent.

It all felt so surreal. Wendy shook her head in disbelief as tears gathered in her eyes. When she looked back out the window, Lana had sat up with the baby and was holding him over the grass on the lawn so he could see the cat. He lowered his chunky legs and brushed the grass with the bottom of his feet, lifting them back up. Wendy heard Lana's soft laughter from her place across the street and her chest tightened. Lana raised the boy back into her arms and headed back in the house, calling out a name. The family darted after her and the door to Thredson's house closed shut.

Wendy sat in silence for a moment. She let out a heavy sigh and reached for her keys in the ignition.



Lana could feel the soft lips brush gentle kisses upon the nape of her neck and up to her jaw line. She whispered sweet words in Lana's ear but the words made no sense; they almost seemed to be in a foreign language. The other woman's face was a blur but her lips were in clear view and her presence was a familiar one. Her hands pinned Lana down to a bed, hungry for every inch of her.


"Lana? Can you see me?"

Lana's blurred vision tried to focus on the other woman's face. "I can't see you."


"I can't see you."

"I'm right here."

Lana's eyes burst open to find nothing but darkness. She took in a deep gasp of air and her hands clutched the sheets beneath her as she was hurled from REM to reality. It took her mind a moment to get a hold of its bearings and slowly she remembered where she was. Little by little the beating in her chest began to calm; it must have been late into the night for the room was pitch black.

Lana sat up and hung her feet off the bed. She looked around the room, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness. She could make out the shape of Johnny's cradle by the window. She stood off the bed and gently walked to it. Johnny's sleeping figure lay gently in the cradle. Lana could see his little belly rise up and down ever so gently as he breathed. She raised her hand to caress him but hesitated in fear that she would wake him. It had been a challenge to get him to fall asleep that night to begin with.

Instead, Lana grabbed her robe off the rocking chair and stepped out of the room, without waking Oliver or their boy.

In the kitchen, Lana served herself a glass of water as Judy twirled around her feet, rubbing herself along Lana's ankles. It had been such a strange dream. It had been very similar to the rest but for some reason, it felt different. Lana stared at the now empty glass. Ever since that woman came to their door, she had been plagued with strange dreams and nightmares of her imprisonment.

Lana hadn't recognized the woman and she had thought nothing of her arrival. She had almost forgotten to mention it to Oliver when he came home later that day. He seemed a bit curious but not too concerned of the fact, as if he had a good guess on whom it was. Alas, Lana couldn't shake the strange feeling off. She picked up Judy in her arms and took her to sit down on the sofa. Lana brought her feet up and hugged Judy close as the small cat purred up a storm.

Lana tried to recollect her memories of all those dreams. They were all the same in one way or another. Then a picture came to her mind. Now, Lana couldn't tell if that picture was a memory or had been a dream but she could see it so clear in her mind. Everything was always clear but the eyes.

"I wish I could stop having these dreams, Judy…" She whispered to the cat, "I don't want them anymore."

Judy head butted Lana's cheek and Lana smiled. "I appreciate that, thank you."



Lana always felt a little lost after Oliver left to work in the mornings. She had kept the dream to herself, not wanting him to worry. Lana doubted a lot of things, but her love for Oliver was not one of them.

Lana walked into the living room from the kitchen and placed her hands on her hips. Johnny was in his playpen. He was starting to sit up by himself but still hadn't mastered the milestone just yet.

"Alright," Lana announced, feeling determined that day, "How about a walk to the park?"