Chapter 1

The temperature had dropped drastically and snow had started to fall. Winter was Donna Paulsen's favourite season. It was Thursday and the Pearson Specter Litt Christmas party was tomorrow, she had broken up with Mitchell a few days previous therefore she never had a date for the party. Donna wasn't worried about not having a date; she could always third wheel with Rachel and Mike, right? She was more troubled by who would be chaperoning Harvey to the function. "Probably some hot blonde who would be young enough to be his daughter, dressed in a dress short enough to see what she had eaten for breakfast" she thought to herself as she entered the lift.

Donna hadn't worked as his secretary for over 4 months now and he seemed happy enough with Gretchen, his new co-worker, as a result she was happy with how things were. She was more settled working for Louis knowing that someone was taking care of Harvey's life. Donna left the lift on the 50th floor and strolled over to her desk ready for another 10 hour shift.

It was 8am and Harvey Specter was adjusting his tie in the mirror ready for another day at the office. To anyone on the outside looking in they'd of thought he had it all, the looks, the money and a condo with a view of New York, but inside he still had that empty feeling. The same feeling he'd had for 4 months now. He made his way out of his apartment block and into the black Lexus, he greeted Ray as got into the vehicle. For the majority of the journey he was lost in his own thoughts, he had been seeing Dr Agard for nearly 4 months and he was finally on the mend. His panic attacks were not as frequent as before and as well she was helping him come to terms with being about to trust women.

His thoughts were interrupted as his phone buzzed in his inside pocket, it was a reminder sent out by Jessica that the Christmas party was tomorrow night. "Great!" he thought as he threw his head back and closed his eyes. He had been so busy with work that he hadn't had time to find some young, hot blonde to accompany him. His heart sank when he realised that Donna would be there with her date, Mitchell.

He made his way out of the car and into the firm. It was now 8:30 and he was sitting at his desk ready to start the day.

Jessica strutted into Harvey's off just after noon,
"I know you like to be late but tomorrow night you have to be there dot on 7" she said firmly.
"Good afternoon to you to Jessica, Me? Oh I am fine thanks! And yourself?" he joked showing her that famous Specter grin.

"Cut the bullshit, Harvey" she laughed "Robert Taylor will be there waiting to take pictures of the named partners for the Harvard newsletter, make an effort to be there, please" she practically begged before making her way to the door, "Oh and Harvey, I hope you aren't planning on bringing some trashy blonde".

He thought it was best to go alone otherwise he wouldn't hear the end of it from Jessica.

It was Friday, the day of the Christmas party and the only day that Jessica allowed everyone the day off to ensure they were all dressed to impress. Donna and Rachel had arranged to meet for lunch to discuss to night ahead.

"So what's going on with Mitchell? Is it definitely over?" Rachel quizzed.
"Yup, my mind wasn't in it. It was unfair to lead him on" she answered before tucking into her duck l'orange, "besides, he was a good head shorter than me in heels."

Rachel giggled before looking up from her food and directly into Donna's eyes. "Harvey still hasn't got a date for tonight, you could always drop him a text you nev-…" Donna never let her finish, "Rach, we've been through this. Things have turned out the way they're suppose to."
"I have never met two people as stubborn as you and Harvey; something's bound to happen again and hopefully soon" Rachel shot Donna a sympathetic smile.

After lunch was over they exchanged hugs and went their separate ways to get ready for tonight. Whilst in her apartment Donna thought about what Rachel had said but she didn't want to make a fool out of herself, she would rather face him turning up alone than face him after he had declined her invitation to be her 'date'.

At 6:59 Harvey Specter ambled his way into the function room, there were a few eager employees who had already arrived and then he noticed Jessica, Louis and a taller man he assumed to be the photographer. After, in Harvey's opinion, too many pictures they were free to get a drink. Mike and Rachel made their way across the dance floor and to a vacant table, Mike caught Harvey's eye and waved him over. Harvey shuck Mike's hand and gave Rachel an awkward hug, its safe to say he rarely hugged anyone.

"I would have thought Donna and her boyfriend would have come with the two of you" Harvey muttered before taking a seat facing Mike.
Rachel let out a laugh "boyfriend? Oh no, she broke up with him a few days ago! Donna said she was just going to come alone; she should be here any minute actually". Rachel swore she seen Harvey smile at the news she had just given him. Mike knew exactly what Rachel was up to, she was trying to play cupid.

"Alone? I would have picked her up on the way if-…" Harvey stopped mid sentence as he watched her walk in. His head had automatically turned to hers. She looked incredible; greeting her work colleagues as she made her way threw the crowd. She wore a white, high neck ball gown with her auburn locks tidied to one side.

Mike and Rachel both turned to see what he was glaring at, both looking at each other and smiling when they seen the fiery redhead make her way across the dance floor. Rachel flung her arms in the air to get her attention and then gestured her over.

"You look..AMAZING" Rachel blurted out, "of course I do and so do you" Donna smirked. Mike also complimented Donna as he stood up to hug her. Harvey's heart was racing, she looked stunning, he couldn't help but feel nervous. Donna made her way to the other side of the table were Harvey was still sitting, she could tell by his face he was nervous but she didn't know why.

"Hey, you look… okay" he joked trying to cut the tension between them before leaning in and kissing her cheek. The chemistry between them was on another level, both tingling with the touch of each other's skin against one another. Donna gave him a playful smack on the arm and said "not too bad yourself". They stared at each other for a few seconds too long before Mike broke their thoughts, "how about we go and get some drinks in, Harvey?" both men stood up and made their way to the bar.

"Told you he was coming alone" Rachel smiled, "he even said he would have picked you up if he knew you were coming alone". Donna laughed and told her friend not to try and play cupid between her and Harvey, in their history they could go from best friends to enemies really, really quick.

Harvey and Mike made their way back to the table with two beers and two Manhattan cocktails. The four of them enjoyed themselves laughing at stupid things Louis had done and when necessary making fun of Mike for his badly done bow tie. After a while Mike and Rachel stood up to dance leaving Harvey and Donna alone.

"So…" Harvey was quick to start their conversation now it was just the two of them "no date tonight" he stated with his usual grin, Donna grinned back at him before looking at the floor "nope, no date tonight" she repeated.

"Same. I don't know about you but I'm bored of messing round with random women, if id of known I would of asked you… to be my date tonight" he replied. "Who's to say id of accepted your invitation? I had plenty of offers tonight" she teased before sipping her fourth Manhattan. For the first time in 4 months they were getting along as if they still worked alongside each other, in fact this time they were even flirting without feeling like it was wrong. Harvey pulled Donna's chair closer to him, their faces just inches from each others.

"Donna" he whispered "I know I told you months ago that I didn't know how I loved you and that is still partially true, but I've been getting help with…things and-" at that moment a drunken Louis barged his way between the pair.

"Donna, were have you been all night? I think its time me and my secretary danced" he extended his arm for her to take it. Harvey's hand curled into a fist as he looked away from them and to his beer. Donna stood up to follow Louis onto the dance floor, she turned back and grabbed hold of Harvey's arm, "we will continue this conversation after I've danced this one song with him" she whispered in his ear before walking towards a drunken Louis who was now standing by Mike and Rachel.

Harvey sat in his own thoughts wondering what would have gotten said or happened between the pair if Louis hadn't came and ruined it. He suddenly felt a tap on this shoulder, it was Jessica handing him a glass of his favourite Scotch. "Looks like you two finally decided to take the plunge" she said amused, "Don't rebuild your walls before she returns, Harvey" with that she patted his back and made her way to the dance floor also.

Donna, Mike and Rachel left Louis ballet dancing around the floor and made their way back to their table. It was no surprise that Harvey was disappointed when he seen his two associates coming towards him with Donna. Once they were all seated they ordered another round of drinks from the waiter, Rachel and Donna were in deep conversation about what one of the other secretaries were wearing before Donna felt Harvey squeeze her thigh, he moved his mouth over to her ear "what do you say to me and you getting out of here and continuing our earlier conversation over a some food".