She threw the t-shirt behind them and continued to grind on him. He was giving back as good as he got, he hadn't been kissed like this for a long time and he knew within the next 3 minutes they'd both be naked on his couch, or bed if they made it that far. Memories from the 'other time' were running through his mind then came the flashback of her telling him she doesn't get involved with guys she works with.

"Donna… we can't do this" he said as he tried to move his face away from hers. Donna felt like the world had just stopped, she was unsure whether to slap him or just burst into tears. Why would he ask her out to dinner?! And then suggest coming back to his place?
"Your rule Donna, I don't want to violate your rule! Don't get me wrong, there is nothing more I want to do now than to take you to bed but I don't want to have meaningless sex with you tonight and tomorrow morning go back to the way we've been the last few months".

Donna's mouth turned into a massive smirk, "rule? What rule?" Harvey looked at her puzzled, she MADE the rule how could she forget?! She continued "Oh you mean the rule about me not getting involved with men I work with? I decided to withdraw that rule a few days ago". They both looked at each other mirroring each others ear to ear smirk, trying not to laugh, "you withdrew the rule and forgot to consult me about it?" Harvey questioned sarcastically, "I think we should go and discuss this matter in the bedroom, urgently!" with that he picked her up in one swift movement and headed towards the bedroom.


After the most mindblowing sex he had had in his life Harvey and Donna lay facing each other, Donna was half asleep with her eyes closed and Harvey couldn't stop admiring her. The 'other time' was fantastic but this time was a thousand times better. For the first time in his life he didn't have to make some silly excuse to make the woman in his bed leave, he was happy and he wanted her to stay with him for every night after this.

"If I must say, I was incredible" Harvey whispered, he knew she wasn't asleep yet, "everyone is entitled to their own opinion, Harvey" she replied yawning. Harvey rolled over on to his back and pulled Donna over to him, placing her head on his chest, "I think its time for us to get some sleep" he said as he kissed her head.


Harvey was woken up by his phone vibrating next to him. He couldn't help but smile when he looked beside, red hair splatted all over the pillows and the sound of Donna's steady breathing. He turned his head back to bedside cabinet were his phone was, he had 2 text messages from Mike
00:16: How was your meal? And by meal I mean date
10:28: No reply means you've been to busy to look at your phone, dirty stop out lol
Harvey couldn't help but laugh at the texts but of course he would not let Mike know he found his the slightest bit funny, Harvey's reply was,
10:30: Do people still use the word 'lol'?

He couldn't remember the last time he slept in so late, he wanted to cuddle into Donna but was afraid to wake her so he decided it was time to get up. He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled on his sweatpants then made his way into the living room, he found his t-shirt thrown behind the back of the sofa and smiled to himself as he pulled in over his head.

Never in a million years would he think last night would of turned out the way it did, both of them turning up separately and date-less to the party, him asking her out to dinner (or a midnight snack), him finally expressing his feelings towards her and ending up waking up next to her the morning after.

Harvey ran his fingers through his hair furiously when he remembered that she KNEW about his panic attacks, he didn't know how long she had known for and he prayed to God she hadn't experienced him have one. He made his way over to the coffee machine and pressed a few buttons to make himself a coffee, trying to mentally prepare himself for what questions she would throw at him when they got onto that specific subject. When she questioned him it was like being deposed at a deposition.

He sipped his coffee while looking inside to fridge to see what he could rustle up for breakfast, he heard a phone vibrate continuously and assumed it would be Mike calling to find out what happened last night. As he spun round he noticed it was Donna's phone on top of the kitchen counter, he thought it would be Rachel calling and that it would be funny to answer it, to his horror the name 'Mitchell' flashed up on the screen.

He stood there looking at the screen until the call ended, Rachel told him they had split up so why was he calling her now? Maybe Donna was using him as a rebound guy to get over Mitchell and now she might want him back. Harvey's ears started to ring as the thoughts raced round his head, he was tearing himself up and soon it would result in him having a panic attack, his vision blurred as he tried to make his way slowly towards the sofa. He heard his name being called and then felt a hand grab his arm, "Harvey? What's going on? Come on sit down".

Once seated she started to rub his back not saying a word, just to let him know she was there, within a few seconds the ringing stopped and his vision went back to normal, how was it possible that her presence could stop his panic attacks so suddenly. Donna knew what was about to happen to him but she couldn't understand why, she thought it was best not to mention it just yet and instead smiled at him "am I entitled to a Harvey Specter special this morning?". He raised his eyebrows at her with his Specter smirk on his face, "although you had the Harvey Specter special last night I don't mind repeating myself".

Donna laughed and smacked his arm then made her way to the kitchen to make herself some coffee, "I was talking about breakfast you Dick". Harvey sat on the sofa a while longer to ensure his had full control back of his body then followed her to the kitchen, he noticed her hair was wet and she smelt of his shower gel, she must of taken a shower before finding him in his state, "your… er phone was ringing, I was making myself coffee and… er I didn't have time to answer it". She turned to him handing him his coffee and then flung her arms around his neck messing with the back of his hair, "its probably just Rachel to see what the goss is, that girl has been trying to play cupid between us for months!" Harvey didn't know what to say back, he knew it wasn't Rachel, he pulled her waist closer to his and gave her a kiss, "why don't you go and ring her back".

Harvey leaned against the counter as he watched her pick up the phone, he wanted to watch her facial expression when she seen who it was. Maybe she would cry and regret everything that happened last night or she could lie to him and say it was a wrong number. All of Harvey's conclusions were incorrect, "its Mitchell" she frowned before putting her phone back on the counter and turned round to open the fridge in search of some bacon. She knew that Harvey had seen who was calling her phone, that must have been why she found him in the state he was in. Harvey's heart skipped beat, she didn't look at all bothered he had called and she hadn't even bothered to return his call. "Are you going to call him back?" he questioned her as she threw a pack of bacon into his hand and then went on to search for a frying pan, "he's been calling me since I broke up with him, it'll be the same shit he's said to me before" she then handed him the frying pan. "What shit's that?" Harvey asked narrowing his eyes at her, "oh you know, the usual. I want you back, I miss you blah-de-blah-blah. But I'm Donna so of course I'll be missed. This woman was truly amazing, even with wet hair and no makeup she was by far the best looking woman he had brought to his apartment.

Harvey told Donna to sit down while he knocked together bacon and eggs for their breakfast, she would have loved to sit outside on his balcony looking over New York, eating breakfast with the man she loved but after all it was December and she'd probably catch hyperthermia. 10 minutes later Harvey joined her at the dining table with breakfast. "You was about to have a panic attack wasn't you?" she asked before tucking into her bacon, "or it could be to do with the amount of alcohol I consumed last night" he replied. She looked at him then shuck her head, why is he building his walls up again? Harvey could tell she was pissed at him, she obviously knew the truth. "Yes okay, I may have been about to have one" he mumbled into this food.

"And it was to do with Mitchell ringing my phone?" she pushed trying to get him to answer, Harvey just nodded back at her too ashamed to answer. "Harvey, after everything that happened last night… I want to make us work, I never slept with you to try and get over Mitchell I slept with you because you are the man I love", its as if she read his mind, like she always does, "I will try my hardest to make sure this works, Donna" Harvey smiled at her stroking her arm. With that Donna's phone vibrated again, Harvey darted from the table to the kitchen counter.

"It's Rachel" he grinned, "I told you she'd ring to find out what happened" she giggled. Harvey answered the phone,
H-Hello Rachel
He heard her move the phone away from her mouth before attempting to whisper Oh my god! Mike, Mike! Harvey answered! R-Hey Harvey, is Donna there?
Harvey chucked the phone to Donna laughing, "she wants you".

D- Hey Rach
R- Tell me everything, right now.
Donna got up from the table before making her way into the bedroom, grinning at Harvey before she shut the door behind her.