Donna arrived home at 1:45pm and by 2:30pm she had ate half a tub of Chunky Monkey whilst curled up on the couch in her pyjamas. How could she be so stupid, to think he would change for her! She knew there would always be something there between Scottie and himself, they went way back, further than Harvey and herself. She was debating opening a bottle of wine to drown her sorrows but that was something he would do, not her, anyway she would probably end up at Harvey's office half cut by 4pm if she started now.

Her phone buzzed for the 6th time since she had stormed out of his grasp.

Harvey: Donna please pick up.

4 missed calls and 2 texts he had left her. Probably the most he had ever tried to contact her within the 12 years they had known each other. Again she read the message and stuck her phone back on the coffee table.

She would never have thought this would be how she would be spending her Monday, especially after the last few days they'd spent together. After they had confessed their love for each other, again, and which was far overdue. Maybe that's what he says to all his flings just to get them to bed. It was clear to her, Harvey Specter, New Yorks biggest bachelor, would never settle down. He was too content with being able to have any woman he wanted when he wanted.


Harvey slammed his mobile down on the desk for the 6th time that day, he could understand why Donna was angry but she didn't even let him explain. The situation was bad enough that Scottie was emerging from his office, out of the blue, but the accidental kiss made it 1000 times worse. Harvey thought his day couldn't get any worse until Louis barged into his office.

"So she's came back then?" he questioned
Harvey didn't even bother to look up from his laptop "what are you on about, Louis?"
"You know exactly what I'm on about. Donna! I take it she chose you" Louis challenged

Harvey clenched his jaw before banging the laptop shut and standing up. Louis was trying to wind him up and he knew it.

"I'll ask you again, what the HELL are you talking about?!" he shouted at the shorter man
"I told Donna to chose between working for me and sleeping with-" Louis didn't get to finish his sentence as Harvey grabbed him by his lapels.

Mike rushed into the office just in time, if he hadn't of shown up he was certain Harvey would of knocked Louis clean out. He didn't know what Louis had said but at this moment he didn't care, he couldn't let Harvey get suspended for nearly the second time in 4 months. He shoved Harvey towards his desk before turning to Louis

"I think it's time for you to get out of here!" Mike shot at Louis. With that Louis straightened his suit jacket and walked out.

Harvey poured himself a double Scotch and took his seat back behind his desk

"Don't ask" he signed as he sipped the liquor
"I don't need to" Mike replied "only one person can make your mood go from being on cloud 9 to wanting to kill anyone in sight that quick. I'd say do you want to talk about it but of course, you're you so I already no the answer"

Harvey rested his head in his hands, he didn't need this. Mike let out a sarcastic laugh and turned to leave the office

"Scottie turned up at the firm, she wanted us to go out tonight together" Harvey muttered just loud enough to make Mike turn back round, he walked over to the desk and placed his palms down leaning into Harvey.
"and you said no, right? I mean you told her about Donna?" he questioned
"of course I said no! What type of man do you think I am? in fact don't even answer that! I never exactly told her about Donna but I did tell her I was seeing someone"

Harvey downed the rest of his Scotch before continuing
"I asked Scottie to leave and she did. But on her way out she leaned in to kiss me, only on the cheek, but I moved and she ended up kissing my neck. To make the situation worse, it was right in front of Donna! And now I cant get in touch with her, I've rung and texted but had no response"
"Shit" was the only word Mike could think of.

Harvey ran his fingers through his her furiously

"then Louis barged in here shouting about Donna choosing me, I literally have no idea what he was talking about and I nearly lost it" this must had been the first time Harvey opened up to Mike
"you forgot to add the part where I came to the rescue" Mike laughed
Harvey shook his head laughing
"thanks Mike!" he smiled at him
"Harvey.. Just make sure you go round there after work and explain" and with that he left the office.

At 5:30 on the dot Harvey put on his overcoat and shut down the laptop for the day, he couldn't remember the last time he left the office this early. He decided against texting Donna letting her know he was on his way over because she would never open the door. He passed Jessica in the corridor near the elevators, she turned round

"Harvey?" she frowned at him, she had never seen him leave so early, well, early in the lawyer world
"Jessica!" Harvey gave her the Specter smile and walked up to her "look, I have stuff to sort out, important stuff"
She knew straight away the reason behind it all, Donna had been absent from her desk since noon
"Good Luck!" she voiced as Harvey continued in his original route to the elevator "Oh and Harvey" she shouted after him, "I'd take flowers if I were you" and with that she carried on walking.


It was pitch black at 6:30pm, it was winter after all, Donna decided to lower the blinds and thought it was now an acceptable time to crack open that bottle of Merlot she had been thinking about all day. She made her way to the kitchen and poured herself a large glass then positioned herself back on the couch and looked threw the movie channels for a movie to watch. She finally found the perfect one, Bridget Jones Diary. A brilliant example of how all men are assholes and also why not to date your boss. Harvey and Daniel Cleaver were similar in comparison, both really really good looking, rich and not to mention had probably slept with the majority of woman in their city. She was just settling down as she poured herself another glass when the door went. She was stunned when she realised who she was faced with.

"Mitchell? What are you doing here? I'm sure I was pretty clear in the message I left you!" she said angrily
"I can adjust Donna, I just weren't use to being with someone who worked 10+ hours a day" he pleaded with her
"Knock her again and ill get you done for harassment! She replied before slamming the door in his face.

Harvey was stood outside her building block, a bunch of 12 roses in his hand. As he made his way in he noticed a distressed looking man, similar build to himself with blonde hair as they passed eachother the man smiled at Harvey

"They for the wife?" he questioned
Harvey laughed "these are apology flowers"
"I should of thought of that! Good luck then man, hope it works out for you. Woman are stubborn creatures!" with that he walked out of the building.

Harvey looked back, strange he thought, very strange. He carried on to his final destination. He reached the 2nd floor and his heart was beating so fast, he was really nervous. Donna and Jessica were probably the only women in the world who could make him hot under the collar. He was now face to face with her door. It was now or never he thought. With that he extended his arm and banged on the door with his knuckles.

He heard someone rustling round inside and cursing at the door

"THAT'S IT, IM RINGING THE POLICE!" she shouted as she opened the door, for a second time that night she was stunned by who stood in front of her. There was Harvey, half his face hidden behind a dozen roses.

Harvey started laughing, he had no idea what she was going on about "c'mon Donna, 4 missed calls and 2 text messages is hardly going to stand up in court for harassment, I thought you knew how the legal system worked" he was being cocky and she couldn't help herself when he did, she wanted to throw herself at him.

"No one like a smart ass, what do you want? You here to worm your way out of your encounter with your ex?" she challenged him, trying to remain angry at him. In fact, she didn't have to try she was angry at him.

"Well if you let me in I can explain on how you have the wrong end of the stick" he replied

Donna walked back over to her spot on the couch and left the door open for him to enter. He strolled in and shut the door behind him. She pressed play on the remote and continued to watch her movie. Harvey moved her wine over and sat on the coffee table so she had no other choice but to look right at him, she tried moving her head round his to carry on watching Bridget Jones but it was no use she could not see the TV.

"you've got 3 minutes to convince me what I saw was harmless" she said as she took a sip of her wine and pausing the TV.
"Donna, Scottie came to the firm today because she's in New York on business. She asked if I wanted to go out and get a drink with her tonight and I told her I was seeing someone. Donna I have no business with her anymore, you know we were never good together and now I've got you I would never go back there, I have no reason to!" he said grabbing both her hands
"Oh so you told her about seeing someone and she just decided to kiss you?" she questioned him

Harvey was starting to get aggravated, "she never kissed me! Well she did but not in the way you think, she was saying goodbye an-" she had cut him off before he could finish

"just shoved her tongue down your throat" Donna knew she had gone to far by the glare he gave her. Harvey ran both hands through his hair and rested his hands behind his neck.

"You know that never happened, why are you being so difficult? You've asked me to explain and all you keep doing is doubting me before you've even heard the truth!" he shouted back at her.

Donna stood up and went over to the kitchen, she brought over another wine glass and poured him some wine. This was sort of her way of apologizing, she knew she overstepped the mark this time.

"carry on" she said before handing him the glass
"on her way out she leaned into to kiss my cheek, a friendly kiss, you kiss people on the cheek all the time its just what woman do! And I turned my head hoping she'd moved away but instead she kissed my neck. That is all. Now can we go back to how we were? Ive had an eventful day and just want it to end"

She stood up and gestured for him to do the same, she pulled him into her embraced before apologizing for overreacting. He grabbed both her cheeks and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

"these are for you, a rose for each year" he smiled at her and handed them over. He had never done anything so thoughtful. He thought giving Scottie a bottle of expensive Scotch was thoughtful, this showed just how much he loved her. He had actually stuck a lot of though into it.

Donna had put the roses in a vase and they carried on watching Bridget Jones together cuddled up on the couch. She explained what happened with Louis earlier that day which then explained what he meant when he charged into his office. She also told him what she meant about calling the police and how Mitchell had shown up a few minutes before Harvey did.

"ill kill the pair of them" he said slamming down his glass and reaching for his phone before Donna grabbed it from his grasp.

"You'd go to prison? For me?" she teased and then threw his phone half way across the room onto the rug.

"anything for my girlfriend" he smiled. They had not actually spoke about what they were but of course they were more than just 'fuck buddies', they were always more.

"Sorry Mr Specter, can you remind me when I agreed to such a title?" she giggled
"it's the 21st century, no one asks another person to be their girlfriend. I just assumed you knew" he laughed himself playfully hitting her with a cushion.

"Well then, until you ask me to be your girlfriend my title will remain as your ex secretary" she replied. Harvey threw his head back laughing.
"Okay then, stand up!" he pulled her up from the couch and wrapped his arms around her waist "I cant believe I'm actually doing this, this is a first so I hope you appreciate it" he said still laughing at the whole situation

With a deep breath he began

"Donna Roberta Paulsen, will you do me the honour of labelling yourself my girlfriend? With that she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him.
"Of course I will! This calls for a new bag to celebrate!"
"I wouldn't have it any other way" he smiled