Hey everyone. Thank you so much for all your support on this story. It means so much to me I can't begin to tell you. Since there's never been a Glee/ West Wing crossover before, I had no idea how this would go. It turned out to be my favorite I've ever written and it seems that you guys enjoyed it too! I'm really going to miss it and I'm sad that this time, it's really over :( Again, thank you all so much.

A few notes about this chapter - after what happened with Mark, I really don't feel comfortable writing Puck. I hope you guys understand, but that's why he doesn't appear. Maybe I will again in the future, but who knows? And in this story, Not The End is a song Finchel wrote, as is This Time :)


"I think they did a good job with setting up our place, don't you?" Finn asked Rachel.

"Yeah," Rachel said as she and Finn looked around their new house.

Finn could tell by the look on Rachel's face that she was thinking the same thing he was. "I wish we could stay in the White House, too."

"Yeah," Rachel repeated. She looked around some more. The family had purchased a two floor house with four bedrooms about twenty minutes from downtown DC. It was nice, no question about it. Having free room and board for eight years while working in the White House had let Finn and Rachel save the money to buy a nice place. But still - they didn't want to leave the White House.

But Presidents of the United States couldn't serve three terms. On January 20, Matt Santos would no longer be president. Over the past eight years, the country had completely turned around. Students were reporting less and less student debt, all Americans had access to the government health care program, unemployment was low, houses were affordable, the environment was in good shape and the United States was respected by nations around the world.

In November, Vice President Seaborn had been elected to succeed President Santos. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that he would continue the great work his predecessor had done. Finn and Rachel would still be involved with the administration, but not full time. As much as they loved White House jobs, they were very time consuming and stressful. Finn had taken a job as a glee club director at a local high school and Rachel had taken a job as a theatre critic at the Washington Post. They'd assured the incoming president that they'd still volunteer for events at the White House and on his re-election campaign in four years, but at the same time, it would be nice to have more free time.

"Want to go check on the kids now?" Finn asked Rachel.

Rachel nodded and took Finn's hand as they went upstairs. They peeked into what would be the girls' room. Emma, who was now eight, and Sarah, who was now four, were playing with their dolls on Emma's bed. "What are you two up to?" Finn asked.

"We're playing with our dolls," Emma said. "We asked Ryan if he wanted to play with us, but he didn't."

Ryan came into the girls' room after hearing his name. "If they weren't playing with their dolls, I would."

"So, what do you guys think of the new house?" Finn asked. "Just to warn you guys, you're going to need to clean your own rooms here, just like Mom and I did when we were kids..."

"We clean our rooms!" Emma protested.

"Yeah, but there won't be White House staff on hand to clean them if you don't," Rachel warned.

"The house is nice," Emma said.

"My room is still bigger than Nick's," Ryan said.

"And hey, Nick won't need to get his bags checked for sleepovers anymore," Rachel said. She turned to Emma. "Neither will Ava."

"I don't know if sleepover will be as much fun," Emma said. "We won't have the bowling alley and the movie theatre and the pool anymore..."

"And Brayden and Lily and Miranda and Peter won't get to join us," Ryan said.

"You guys will still get to play with them, but I'll miss living with them, too," Rachel said. "And the president-elect said we're welcome at the White House any time."

"Grayson and Callie won't have a house full of people to play with like you guys did," Finn added.

"We'll go play with them!" Sarah said.

"You will," Finn said.

"I'll miss the White House, too," Sarah added.

"You guys were really lucky to get to live there," Finn said.

"We know," Ryan said.

Finn wasn't sure if the kids knew just how lucky they were. He figured he'd spare them an emotional talk. The next few days would be full of emotional speeches and the kids were young. They wouldn't get it all. An era was truly ending. The Santos presidency was being considered one of the best now, up there with Lincoln, Washington and FDR.

And Finn and Rachel had been part of it.

"Mama? Dada?" Finn heard from down the hall.

"Sounds like someone might be up from a nap," Finn said.

"Maybe both of them?" Rachel asked.

"Let's go see," Finn said, taking Rachel's hand and walking down the hall with their three oldest children behind them. They walked into their two-year-old twin sons' bedroom, where one of the boys, Liam Burt Hudson, was sitting up in his bed. Liam smiled when he saw his family. "Hi!"

"Hey little guy!" Finn said, reaching over the rail to pick up his son. "Did you have a good nap?"

"Good nap!" Liam said.

Finn looked over in the other bed. As if on cue, Liam's twin brother, Christopher Matthew Hudson, opened his eyes. "Hi!"

"Hey!" Rachel said, lifting Chris out of his bed.

"Well, they seemed to sleep well in their beds at the new house," Finn said.

"They did," Rachel said.

"We'll still get to sleep at the White House tonight, right?" Emma asked.

"Of course," Finn said. "We'll sleep there every night until Inauguration Day."


As he got ready for the farewell event for the Santos administration, Finn's eyes fell on a photo he and Rachel took at their first event with the campaign. This summer, it would be ten years since they'd reunited. At this time ten years ago, Finn didn't think he'd be with Rachel, married and raising the five most amazing kids in the world.

Rachel took Finn's hand. "It's hard to believe that photo was taken nearly ten years ago."

"It is," Finn said. "I'm so proud of us."

"Me too," Rachel agreed. "It'll be nice to see everyone, won't it?"

"It will," Finn agreed. They'd invited the glee alumni to come back to perform at the farewell event. The main time everyone got to be together nowadays was weddings, since people were all over the country.

Finn and Rachel were the only ones in DC. Kurt and Blaine were still in New York, where Kurt was still at Vogue and a designer and Blaine was a theatre critic for the New York Times. Tracy was five now and Kurt and Blaine also had boy/ girl twins, Spencer and Katherine, who were three. Sam and Mercedes also lived in New York with their two-year-old son Gabriel and one-year-old daughter Alicia. Mercedes had two Grammys now and Sam was a football coach and music teacher at a high school. Artie and Kitty were in New York as well with their three-year-old son Tim and one-year-old daughter Holly. Artie was nominated for his first Oscar for Best Director and Kitty was a co-host on The Today Show. Rounding out the New York crew were Ryder and Marley. Ryder was a learning disabilities specialist at the New York public schools and Marley had just put out her first album. They had a two-year-old daughter named Ella and were expecting their second child.

Everyone else was all over the place. Mike and Tina were in Chicago, where Mike was a pro dancer and now faculty at the Joffrey and Tina was working for a nonprofit. They had a five-month-old son named Joey. Santana and Brittany were in LA, where Brittany had made Fondue For Two into America's top rated talk show and Santana did PR work, with their daughters, Molly, who was three, and Olivia, who was one. Quinn had reconnected with and married Joe Hart, who worked at the same real estate firm in Indiana she did, and they were hoping to have a child. Rory had moved to the United States to attend UCLA, where he and Unique met up and had just gotten engaged. Jake was also in LA and a pro dancer on Dancing With The Stars. Lauren had won gold medals in wrestling in the Olympics in both 2020 and 2024. Puck was stationed abroad right now with the air force, so Beth was staying with Quinn right now.

Finn and Rachel were definitely be glad to see their whole families tomorrow. Of course, they got to see Rachel's family in the White House all the time, and Burt and Carole, but it would be nice to see their other siblings. Kurt and Blaine were coming in with their kids and Beth would be coming with Quinn. Kylie and Jack had gotten married two years ago and would be coming in from Boston with their three-year-old daughter Abby. Kylie was a photographer for the Boston Globe and Jack was in law school, and they were expecting their second child, who they just found out was a boy, in about three months.

"The only good thing about Papa not being president anymore is I won't have to wear ties all the time," Ryan said as he came in.

"Hey, I'll miss the pretty dresses," Emma said.

Finn and Rachel laughed at their eight-year-olds' logic. "Oh really?"

"Yeah, me too," Sarah said.

"You guys are so funny," Finn said.

"We are?" Sarah asked.

"You are!" Rachel said. "Come on, let's go." She took Finn's hand as they made one of their final walks down the halls of the residence of the White House and into the parlor of the residence. "There you guys are!" Brayden said.

"You guys gonna miss the White House, too?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah, so much," Miranda said. "It's not fair that Peter got his junior prom here last year and I won't get a prom here."

"You're not allowed to be in high school, young lady, let alone talking about prom," Rachel said. She turned to Peter. "And it's crazy to think you're graduating this year."

"It is, isn't it?" Matt asked. "As if having five grandchildren wasn't enough to make me feel old, I'll have two kids out of high school."

"I'll be at Georgetown, so you'll still see me all the time," Peter said.

"That's right," Finn said. Matt and Helen would still be living in DC so the kids wouldn't have to move schools, which made Finn and Rachel happy they could still see their family.

"I'll miss living with you guys," Lily said.

"We were just talking about how much we'll miss living here with all of you," Rachel said.

"You guys are always welcome at the new place," Matt said. "I know it's not the White House, but I think it's pretty nice."

"And it still has a pool!" Brayden said.

"Our new house doesn't," Sarah pouted.

"You can always swim in ours," Helen said.

Burt and Carole came in with Kurt, Blaine, Tracy, Spencer and Katherine. Chris and Liam got excited at the sight of their uncles. "Hi! Hi!" the little boys chorused.

"Hey guys," Blaine said, hugging his two youngest nephews.

"Don't we get a hi?" Sarah asked.

"Of course," Kurt said.

"Do you like our dresses, Aunt Rachel?" Tracy asked. "Daddy designed them!"

"I do!" Rachel said. "Though why didn't you design dresses for me and my girls for tonight?"

"Sorry, I'm in the middle of designing lots of clothing for a big wedding," Kurt said. "I'm just glad I could come up with something for these two."

"I said nothing fancy for me," Spencer said.

Kurt groaned. "He doesn't appreciate good fashion."

"Sorry," Rachel said. "If it means anything, Ryan and Emma kept asking when it would be over when Les Mis came to DC over New Year's."

"Shame on you two!" Kurt said.

"It was so long!" Ryan complained.

"And boring!" Emma added. "But it did have good music."

"Maybe I could play some of them on my drums," Ryan said.

"They do like seeing the high school glee club's performances," Finn said.

"We'll be in glee club when we're in high school," Ryan said.

"Maybe I'll meet my future husband in glee club, like Mommy and Daddy!" Emma said.

"No," Rachel said. "You are not talking about getting married yet."

"Yeah, Emma, if I can't go to prom, you definitely can't get married," Miranda said.

"She's a freshman, so prom isn't too far away," Blaine said.

"It's bad enough that she's already taller than I am," Rachel said.

"Yeah, and I'm going to prom this year!" a voice said. Finn and Rachel turned as they saw Beth, Kylie, Jack and Abby coming in.

"What?" Rachel asked.

"Can you believe it, Rachel?" Kylie asked. "Our little sister's going to prom with one of her friends who's a junior... she told me on the way here."

"That's crazy," Rachel said, hugging Kylie and Beth. "How's that little boy doing?"

"He's doing great," Kylie said. "Bigger than Abby was at this point, so I'm getting nervous."

"Hey, I did it with twins twice, you can do it," Rachel said.

"I'm going to be the best big sister ever," Abby declared.

"Yes you are," Jack said.

"No, I'm the best big sister ever!" Sarah said. "Or maybe Emma is..."

"You can all be the best big sisters ever," Finn said. The all definitely had the best family ever, that much both Finn and Rachel knew.


"There they are!" Tina said. The New Directions alumni broke into applause as Finn and Rachel came into the room.

"Thank you all for coming," Finn said as he and Rachel hugged their friends.

"Of course, it's the White House!" Santana said. "And you guys."

"Luckily, President-Elect Seaborn told us he still wants us to perform at events from time to time," Finn said. "Which is good, because I don't want to not perform here."

"I liked the song you guys picked out for us to perform today," Marley said.

"Though I wish you guys had shared the songs you wrote for tonight with us," Sam said.

"They're surprises," Finn said. Finn would be performing a solo they'd written and Finn and Rachel would be performing a duet together that they'd also written. They were very excited to share the songs.

"Well, Finn did do a good job with Pretending, and Rachel did a good job with Get It Right, so these will probably be good," Mercedes admitted.

"That's right," Finn said.

"Are you guys going to miss the White House?" Artie asked.

"We will," Finn said.

"Watch them have major re-entry issues," Unique said.

"Yeah, you'll need to do all your own housework, drive yourselves around, make your own arrangements..." Kitty began.

"Yeah, we're hoping that's not too hard for the kids," Finn sighed. "We tried to keep them as grounded as they could, but it might be a bit of a shock for them."

"You guys will do fine," Mike encouraged.

"It's been a great eight years, well, this summer, it'll have been a great ten years," Rachel said. "For us and for the country. And now that we're out of the White House, we'll try to visit and come to your stuff more, I promise. The kids need to spend more time with their cousins."

"Are you guys almost ready to go on?" the event's MC asked.

Everyone spoke their agreement as the music for the opening number began and the glee alumni stepped on stage.

Rachel: I said remember this moment in the back of my mind

The time we stood with our shaking hands

The crowds in stands went wild

Finn: We were the Kings and the Queens

And they read off our names

The night you danced like you knew our lives

Would never be the same

Kurt: You held your head like a hero

On a history book page

Blaine: It was the end of a decade

But the start of an age

New Directions alumni: Long live the walls we crashed through

How the kingdom lights shined just for me and you

I was screaming long live all the magic we made

And bring on all the pretenders

One day, we will be remembered

Mercedes: I said remember this feeling

I pass the pictures around

Sam: Of all the years that we stood there

On the side-lines wishing for right now

Artie: We are the Kings and the Queens

You traded your baseball cap for a crown

Kitty: When they gave us our trophies

And we held them up for our town

Mike: And the cynics were outraged

Screaming, "This is absurd!"

Tina: Cause for a moment a band of thieves

In ripped up jeans got to rule the world

New Directions alumni: Long live the walls we crashed through

How the kingdom lights shined just for me and you

I was screaming long live all the magic we made

And bring on all the pretenders

I'm not afraid

Long live all the mountains we moved

I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you

I was screaming long live that look on your face

And bring on all the pretenders

One day, we will be remembered

Marley: Hold on to spinning around

Confetti falls to the ground

May these memories break our fall

Ryder: Will you take a moment, promise me this

That you'll stand by me forever

Quinn: But if God forbid fate should step in

And force us into a goodbye

Joe: If you have children some day

When they point to the pictures

Jake: Please tell them my name

Rory: Tell them how the crowds went wild

Tell them how I hope they shine

Unique: Long live the walls we crashed through

I had the time of my life, with you

New Directions alumni: Long, long live the walls we crashed through

How the kingdom lights shined just for me and you

And I was screaming long live all the magic we made

And bring on all the pretenders

I'm not afraid

Singing, long live all the mountains we moved

I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you

And long, long live the look on your face

And bring on all the pretenders

One day, we will be remembered

The crowd applauded at the end of the song as the glee alumni left, leaving Finn and Rachel on stage. "Thank you," Finn said. "It's hard to believe this is our last White House event as part of the Santos administration." He held Rachel's hand as he spoke. "A lot has happened over the past eight years. When we look at how far this country has come over the past eight years, it's amazing. There was a lot we wanted to do, but I know many people thought we wouldn't get most of those things done, but we did. And Rachel and I have both said so many times how much the past eight years have changed our lives. Had we never joined the campaign, we wouldn't be the strong, confident, capable, successful people we are today, and I know we're not the only people this administration changed for the better. But all things must come to an end, and soon, the reins will be passed to Vice President Seaborn. I've gotten to know him well over the past eight years and there is no doubt in my mind that he is going to be an incredible president and that he'll continue all the great work this administration did. So while I'm sad to be leaving, I know that this isn't the end of what we've done." The music began as he began to sing his solo for today.

Finn: Woah, woah

Woah, woah

Woah, woah

The sun will still shine tomorrow

So it's time for moving on

There's not a second for sorrow

Even though the moments gone

The puzzle has so many pieces

But you can't, you can't hide

'Cause life just keeps on living

And sooner or later you'll find

This is not the end, no

Your day is gonna come

This is not the end, no

You're not the only one

We all have our ups and all have our downs

That we have to find a way around

This is not the end, no, no, oh, oh, oh

This is not the end

Woah, woah

I know it's never easy

To pick yourself up again

Take a deep breath 'cuz you know that

It's time to look ahead

With one foot in front of other

That you can, you can fly

Into a better tomorrow

And leave yesterday behind

This is not the end, no

Your day is gonna come

This is not the end, no

You're not the only one

We all have our ups and all have our downs

That we have to find a way around

This is not the end, no, no, oh, oh, oh

This is not the end

Oh, oh, oh

Don't ever give up, no

Oh, oh, oh

It's just a start now

Oh, oh, oh

It's just a start now

This is not the end, no

Your day is gonna come

This is not the end, no

You're not the only one

We all have our ups and all have our downs

That we have to find a way around

This is not the end, no, no, oh, oh, oh

This is not the end

Oh, oh, oh

Don't ever give up, no

Oh, oh, oh

It's just a start now

We all have our ups and all have our downs

That we have to find a way around

This is not the end, no, no, oh, oh, oh

This is not the end

Woah, woah

As the crowd applauded at the end of Finn's song, Rachel took the microphone. "Wow. I told myself I wouldn't cry tonight, but I guess that was too much to ask of myself. Thank you all for being here tonight. It's been an incredible eight years and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it. My dad has been one of the best presidents this country has ever seen, in my opinion. He turned this country around when so many people thought there was no hope. More importantly, he's an incredible father to me and my siblings and an exceptional grandfather to my children. My children are young, so I don't know how much they'll remember of our time in the White House when they're older, but I'm going to have so many great stories to tell them. I feel so lucky that they're growing up in the country at this time. So, I want to thank everyone who made this world we're living in today possible." The music began for Finn and Rachel's duet.

Finn: These walls and all these picture frames

Every name they show

These halls I've walked a thousand times

Heartbreaks and valentines, friends of mine all know

Rachel: I look at everything I was

And everything I ever loved

And I can see how much I've grown

Finn: And though the mirror doesn't see it

It's clear to me, I feel it

I can make it on my own

Rachel: I'm not afraid of moving on and letting go

It's just so hard to say goodbye to what I know, I know

Finn and Rachel: This time no one's gonna say goodbye

I keep you in this heart of mine

This time I know it's never over

No matter who or what I am

I'll carry where we all began

This time that we had, I will hold forever

Finn: This old familiar place is

Where every face is another part of me

Rachel: I played a different game then

They called me a different name then

I think of all the things I did and how I wish I knew what I know now

Finn: I see how far I've come and what I got right

When I was looking for that spotlight

I was looking for myself

Rachel: Got over what I was afraid of

I showed 'em all that I was made of

More than trophies on a shelf

Finn: For all the battles that we lost or might have won

Rachel: I never stopped believing in the words we sung, we sung

Finn and Rachel: This time no one's gonna say goodbye

I keep you in this heart of mine

This time I know it's never over

No matter who or what I am

I'll carry where we all began

This time that we had, I will hold forever

Finn: I'm looking out from the crossroads

I don't know how far away I will roll

Rachel: I take a breath, I close my eyes

Your voice will carry me home

Finn and Rachel: I keep you in this heart of mine

This time I know it's never over

No matter who or what I am

I'll carry where we all began

Finn: This time that we had, I will hold

Rachel: This time that we had, I will hold

Finn and Rachel: This time that we had, I will hold




Ryan, Emma and Sarah all cried when leaving the White House on January 20. Chris and Liam started crying as well when they saw their older siblings crying.

Finn and Rachel knew they couldn't cry with their kids crying. Brayden, Lily and Miranda were all crying too when the Hudsons met up with the Santoses.

It took all Rachel had to not cry during the limo ride to the White House to the Capitol. This was Not The End, as the song had said, but this was the end of an era. She'd thought about what her friends had said - would she have re-entry issues? Would she be bored with having so much more free time? Would it be hard for the kids to adjust to having to do so many more things for themselves?

As the family got out of the limo, the crowd applauded. Rachel smiled up at Finn and squeezed his hand.

The family waited in the Capitol halls before the announcement came. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the First Family!"

Finn and Rachel stepped out with their kids and the Santoses. The cheers were so loud. It assured Rachel that even though the Santos administration was ending, everything that had been accomplished wouldn't be forgotten.

At the end of the inaugural ceremony, the new President and First Lady and Grayson and Callie escorted the outgoing First Family out of the Capitol. When Finn and Rachel got in the limo with their kids and the now former First Family, the reality that things had changed really seemed to set in.

"We made it," Matt said. "We all did."

"Yeah," Helen added. "The question is, what are we all going to do tonight and tomorrow?"

"Well, these guys will all have school," Rachel said. "But seriously, Dad, you did a great job."

"You did," Finn said.

"I like to think so," Matt said.

"You don't need to think," Helen said. "You did."

After a few minutes, the limo pulled up in front of Finn and Rachel's new house. "Well, this is where we leave," Finn said.

"It's going to be so weird not having you living with us anymore," Peter said.

"Would you all like to come over for dinner this weekend?" Rachel asked.

"Come to think of it, I don't think we have any plans," Helen said.

"Of course we will," Matt said.

"Can you even cook, Mom?" Ryan asked.

"Oh gosh," Rachel said. "Now I'll need to go back to making all my own meals..."

"This is going to be fun!" Emma said.

"Well, by the weekend, she'll have practice," Brayden said.

"Yeah," Rachel said. She, Finn and their kids said goodbye to Matt, Helen and her siblings before they headed inside. Rachel noticed Chris and Liam were looking tired, so she turned to the three older kids. "I think your little brothers need a nap..."

"No nap!" Chris protested.

"I think you do need one," Finn said.

"Not want nap!" Liam interrupted.

"Well, let's go to your room," Finn said. He turned to the three older kids. "We'll be with you guys soon."

The new house was completely ready for Finn and Rachel to live in with their kids. While it wasn't the White House, it was nice to know that they had their own place to live with their kids, just like they'd always dreamed.

The two toddlers eventually admitted to being tired and fell asleep soon. When they fell asleep, Finn and Rachel walked to the window. It wasn't the view they had from the White House, but it was still a lovely view of Washington.

"I love you," Rachel said as she kissed Finn.

"I love you too," Finn said, deepening the kiss.

"We did good, don't you think?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah, we did," Finn said. "I'm proud of us."

"Me too," Rachel said. "No matter where we are, or what we're doing, I know it's going to be amazing because we have each other."

"Yeah," Finn said.

"Mommy, Daddy," a little whisper came at the door. Finn and Rachel turned to see Sarah. "Will you come play with us?" Sarah asked.

"Of course," Finn said. They followed their daughter downstairs, so lucky to be right here with their kids right now. Even though the Santos presidency had ended, the good things it had done for Finchel and for the country would never go away.