Lord Of Time

Chapter 100

Daily Prophet

7th January 1960

Tom Peverell-Slytherin to throw his hat in the ring for Minister for Magic!

Daily Prophet

9th January 1960

Lord and Lady Black host naming celebration of their son now known as Heir Sirius Orion Black! Peverell Slytherin's named as godfathers!

Daily Prophet

15th January 1960

Peverell-Slytherin's more than generous donation to St. Mungo's! A Wing named after them will open in five months time.

Daily Prophet

19th January 1960

Peverell-Slytherin's officially open the renamed Slytherin corner! (What used to be Riddle estate and Little Hangleton)

Daily Prophet

21st January 1960

Tom Peverell-Slytherin's first solo outing visiting the Orphanage!

"Using children to elevate yourself, shame on you, Tom!" Hadrian had said to him, but they both benefited from it. Not only did it raise awareness, but it helped children find families.

3rd February 1960

Peverell-Slytherin's votes soar in what looks like could be a landslide!

6th February 1960

Albus Dumbledore released from prison! Hadrian Peverell-Slytherin says nothing on the matter!

10 February 1960

Albus Dumbledore throws own hat in ring for Ministership!

11th February 1960

Peverell-Slytherin's donate to struggling Irish Ireland's magical school lifting it out of poverty! First of the works to be done in two weeks! Four weeks until the school can thankfully reconvene!

"I can't wait to go back to school! Thank you, Mr. Tom!"

"Mum can't afford to let us attend Hogwarts…but I like this, it means I can go home at night. At Hogwarts you have to stay until the holidays. Thank you so much Mr. Tom!"

Daily Prophet

9th March 1960

Hadrian and Tom Peverell-Slytherin adopt a son! Welcome Severus Peverell-Slytherin!

Daily Prophet

10th March 1960

Albus Dumbledore donates entire library to Irelands Magical school!

Daily Prophet

15th March 1960

Hadrian and Tom Peverell-Slytherin create a new improved Blood adoption potion!

Daily Prophet

16th March 1960

Albus Dumbledore raises money for children on the poverty line! Total stands at ten thousand galleons!

Daily Prophet

19th March 1960

Albus Dumbledore reads to the youngsters in Diagon Alley! From the hours of 9am to 2pm drop in and listen!

Daily Prophet

5th April 1960

Albus Dumbledore donates to the new St. Mungo's labs!

Daily Prophet

19th April 1960

Albus Dumbledore promises better laws for all our safety! Amid talks in the small Welsh town of St. David's near Pembrokeshire.

Daily Prophet

8th May 1960

Tom Peverell-Slytherin promises equality in riveting speech at rally with a ground-breaking number of attendees.

Daily Prophet

15th June 1960

Pregnant Hadrian Peverell-Slytherin attends the opening of the new children's wing at St. Mungo's Peverell-Slytherin wing.

Eight months had passed since Sirius Black's naming ceremony, it was now September and everyone settled further into adult life. Naturally, there was still a lot going on in the background, to bring the magical world out of its stagnant ways. So easily done even with Dumbledore's sudden desire to toss his hat into the political arena. Most of the wizengamot were old, set in their ways, but they'd soon be passing on the baton to the next generation. Tom was very strategic in whom he chose to befriend. Or rather engage, since he did not truly consider them his friends. They were useful, or going to be, whispering into their ears, watching the chrysalis burst forth someone very different to who they really were. It was so very easy, and he relished the challenge. The only downside was having to spend a considerable amount of time with them, and not with his husband. He'd be gone for weeks at a time on campaign tours when all he wanted to do was be at home.

Most of what they really wanted to accomplish had been successful. The ones they so desperately wanted to see brought to fruition. The group home, and of course, naturally, the primary school. To think Voldemort had left all that potential land to waste and rot, instead of making it a veritable goldmine.

The new properties that had been built were worth more than an estate. So close to the school, a beautiful magical park, and near other magical areas so that their children had things they could do, children in which to play, and it was just a very short walk to school, they could stand at their doorway and watch their children run to school. They could perform magic without living in constant fear of exposure. Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley (not that it had houses) and Knockturn Alley was no longer the only magical area now and had competition.

With a new and improved blood implementation potion families weren't just content to allow children to become 'wards' of the family. No, they were actually able to save families from extinction. Admittedly children really should be adopted by younger couples, not those in their eighties but their lives would be significantly improved. Harry made sure that those who went with older couples were children calmer, more suited to them than rambunctious youths who were definitely suited to a young adventurous couple.

The potion fundamentally stripped them of their DNA and replaced it with the new blood. The only thing that 'showed' the birth parents was Gringotts blood scans, other than that? As far as everyone was concerned, they were biologically related to the family that took them in. Whether they were 'lost then found' or 'distantly related' or young enough to be passed off as their child. Which was happening more frequently, babies were being found in orphanages, and quickly and swiftly carried away in the night, the child minders memories wiped of any existence of such child.

The home had its own copy of a book that showed where every single magical child was. If they didn't have a home? They were very quickly notified, soon it would be group homes exclusively, since orphanages would become a thing of the past in the United Kingdom at least in the Muggle world. The magical world hadn't seen a 'need' for them, until of course, the idea was paraded philanthropy in their faces. Not that they understood the meaning of the word. They needed a way to watch over every magical child and ensure their safety in their homes. It wasn't easily done; the group home didn't make enough money to employ so many people round the clock surveillance. Why pay for something when surely, they could create a spell or alert or ward or something to ensure their wellbeing.

Which Tom naturally did.

"Didn't you have a meeting with Fabian Prewitt?" Hadrian asked, peeking open an eye, peering at Tom inquisitive.

"No, I am being the dutiful lover, and staying at home with you during your 'vulnerable' time." Tom replied dryly, there was nothing vulnerable about Hadrian, it was at the height of insult to imply otherwise. Still, it amused him to see others reacting as if he was, honestly, he had to stop himself laughing. Hadrian would be able to soundly duel any idiot and give birth at the same time. Of that, Tom had no doubt.

Hadrian sniggered into Tom's lap, they were due any day now, and it had been a long- and tiring-time making Tom 'eligible' so to speak for the Minister. When Dumbledore began to make his presence known, both had thought it might have been better to have done it sooner. Unfortunately, nobody would take a seventeen-year-old seriously, he had to gain momentum in the magical world overall before such attempts.

Dumbledore's actions against him were inexcusable in an educative setting, but political? Nobody really cared, and Dumbledore despite Hadrian and Tom's wishes had some political clout. He was gaining momentum, luckily not to a concerning number. Tom had been working for years, long before Dumbledore was released in order to be concerned. Also been working politically, Hadrian was so very good at twisting the crowd to his own advantage.

"Probably for the best," Hadrian murmured, craning his neck demanding more petting from Tom.

"Is it?" Tom asked wryly, massaging Hadrian's neck and shoulders, absently, as they sat together. They were a lot less involved in anything right now, politics, working or anything of the sort.

"Definitely," Hadrian declared, not at all concerned with Dumbledore or his rise of power. He knew Dumbledore didn't have enough political clout to be a concern right now. He had lot a lot of followers (he might not call them that but it's what they were) when he was arrested. "You know, we do need to come to some sort of agreement for a name for the baby…"

"I still insist that Montgomery Oswald sounds perfect for a boy," Tom said smugly.

Hadrian grimaced, shuddering at the very thought of naming their child anything like that. It was awful, what was it with the magical world reusing the same names of giving their children the most awful names in existence. It was just as bad as Tom's chosen name for a girl, Philomena Ricarda.

"And I'm telling you we are not giving our child a name like that," Hadrian insisted, rolling his eyes. "I know you felt yours was too normal, and not at all noble, but you're going too far in the opposite direction. Do you really want your kid changing their name the second they're able to do so?"

"No child of mine would dare to change their name," Tom insisted, sniffing indignantly, not after he had put so much thought into their names. "But I acknowledge your worries, we can look through the book again tonight?" he suggested, weak to Hadrian's desires. He had never thought he wanted a child; he'd had no care for them. He'd not wanted to share Hadrian, least of all with Fenrir but as he grew, he realized the benefit of it, and he became enchanted with the boy who now towered over them, Hadrian more so. He was sure it would be the same with this child too.

Hadrian laughed, until he caught a stitch in his side, "Oh, Tom, don't pout," kissing his hand softly, "I love you." he didn't verbalise it anywhere near enough. Tom felt it constantly through their bond. Although, he sure as hell said it a lot more than Tom but he'd known what he was getting into when he began dating him. He'd known Tom wasn't going to be overly emotionally loving. His…love would be expressed in numerous different possessive ways.

"And I, you," Tom murmured quietly, his hand trailing down towards Hadrian's slightly distended stomach. "Do you know anything about the Prewitt's?" not above taking advantage of his husband's future knowledge.

"Nope, didn't even know Fabian Prewitt was technically a junior," Hadrian confessed amused. The Fabian Prewitt Tom had 'befriended' wasn't the twins, the brothers of Molly Prewitt like he thought. "I always thought the twins were younger than Molly too." Which wasn't the case at all, the twins were actually a few years older than their youngest sibling.

"He's tolerable," Tom conceded, even if somewhat smug when he boasted about his children. He did have a seat – even if they were without much in the way of funds – in the wizengamot. "Although I do prefer his brother, too bad he's younger." Not surprising he was more tolerable; he had married a Black and wasn't as obnoxious.

"High praise indeed," Hadrian murmured, and that was high praise coming from Tom. "Which means he's easily manipulated." giving him a wry smirk staring up at him.

Tom gave a dismissive noise, staring down at those amused filled green eyes, he could get lost in them for hours, it sounded cliched but he could. He'd get lost forever if he could read Hadrian's mind, which naturally, he couldn't, both had exemplary Occlumency shields.

"I'm really surprised they'd even consider listening to you," Hadrian murmured, a far away look on his face. "Molly Weasley is…very, very light orientated, thought the sun shone through Dumbledore's ass and wouldn't hear of an original thought passing through…it was Dumbledore this, Dumbledore that…although, she once joked about using a love potion on her husband."

Tom stiffened, cold fury slamming like a tidal wave through the bond. A tsunami of grief and rage, he loathed that potion, and loathed the thought of it being used to take away anyone's free will. He couldn't and wouldn't forgive his father for fleeing, but he so rarely allowed himself to think on what it must have been like for him. He was a Muggle after all, and didn't have the first understanding of the magical world or its abilities. He shook of that thought vehemently. He'd deserved to die, end of story. "Molly Weasley was originally Molly Prewitt then." The mother of Ronald Weasley and Ginevra Weasley, two of the people who had attempted (actually succeeded he corrected) to kill his husband. Oh, he kept a good record of everyone he had to 'deal' with when they reached his husband's timeline.

"She was, yeah," Harry nodded, not unaware of Tom's list, but had commented only that 'I'll kill you myself if you get caught' to keep him on his toes. It took only a moment to get caught, to change everything.

Tom made a small sound, making sense of Hadrian's statement regarding Arthur Weasley (assuming it was him) and the potion being mentioned during Sirius Black's naming ceremony. He had avoided Orion as often as possible – without making it appear so – because he had pictures shoved under his nose every time they met up. Not to mention feeling like he was there for every single incident of the child's life. Orion was smitten, beyond belief. It's not as if Hadrian didn't take his share of the burden. He helped with all the children and loved it. although, he'd slowed down some in the past few months – unable to keep up with them all – and Hadrian only trusted him to see it through.

"Do you know what happens to the parents and when?" Tom questioned thoughtfully, mentally sorting out everything they needed to do.

Hadrian gave a small sound of confusion, staring up at Tom, "I'm not following," he wasn't following Tom's thought process at all. Whether it might be baby brain or not he wasn't exactly sure.

"Septimus and Cedrella," Tom prompted him.

"I have no idea," Hadrian replied, shifting slightly as a sudden pain flared within him. "Without my MOD powers I wouldn't even know they were his parents. He didn't even have a picture of them anywhere. Nor his brothers come to that, I know we all grieve differently but…ahh…Molly had pictures of her brothers up, admittedly only a two but they were still honoured…nothing about Arthurs."

"Are you alright?" Tom asked, concerned, Hadrian's pain tolerance was extremely high, to have had him crying out – and the bond completely serene – he knew something was going on. "Have you closed your end of the bond?" feeling deeply insulted and aghast at the very idea. They'd never closed the bond to one another ever, not in all the years since they bonded.

"No," Hadrian denied it, but he didn't try very hard, as he grimaced as another pain pierced his spine. "But I do…think it's time to call the Healer." He added sheepishly.

"You think?" Tom said dryly, lips pursed, unimpressed with Hadrian closing his side of the bond – not to mention the MOD powers – although it was mostly the fact Hadrian had managed it without alerting him that was actually bothering him. "And undo whatever you've done to the bond." He ground out through clenched teeth, not in anger, no but rather pain as Hadrian gripped his bicep so tightly that he swore he could feel blood trickling from a wound left by his nails.

"Does that hurt?" Hadrian asked, faux sweetness causing Tom's eyes to widen. Eyeing his husband as if he had just been turned into the devil himself. "If you think that's painful, you won't be able to call upon the healer if I let the bond open." Gritting his teeth, it hurt to walk, he was literally forcing himself to keep moving and it hurt so much.

"Open the bond you idiot," Tom declared, "The House-elves can get us everything we need, it won't be so bad with the pain shared." A slow wry smirk settling smugly across Tom's features, go figure he'd forget their usefulness.

Although, he quite quickly regretted that statement, and smugness. The bond opening full force by his pissed off mate was actually more painful than Tom anticipated. "Dobby!" Tom called out, sounding a bit more breathless than anticipated. "Shall I retrieve Fenrir and our friends?" it seemed everyone liked to hang around at these things. Big difference was the wait, unlike when it came to the girls giving birth…Hadrian, his husband wouldn't be labouring – literally – for hours to days to bring their child into the world. No, if all went well, it would be barely half an hour before Hadrian was awake and their child in the world. He wouldn't be inviting reporters or anything here, no, they'd wait. Mystery and intrigue would keep them thinking about the Peverell's. As a Politician it gave him no greater delight in knowing that they were thinking about him.

"They're busy," Harry said shaking his head, groaning as his bed finally, finally came into view. He knew his pain wouldn't miraculously go away, lying down, but it would help. His legs were shaking, men weren't equipped to handle this sort of pain women were. Of that he had no doubt, thank Merlin he wasn't going to spend the next day with this sort of pain until he 'gave birth' which he naturally couldn't do. However, the sac in which his and Tom's child was in, was deteriorating, which was causing the unending and agonising pain.

A warning that it was time.

As much as Tom detested the idea of sharing this moment…he knew that it was what Hadrian wanted. Plus, it was free babysitting duty, if Severus woke up, and he still couldn't believe he'd been talked into adopting Severus and now another child was about to be brought into their lives.

It truly was a good job they were immortal, otherwise Tom would have been more than displeased.

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