Lord Of Time

Chapter 102

"Fen!" Hadrian said, his entire countenance becoming exceedingly overjoyed, leaving no doubt to anyone that he was happy to see his son. The Healer shifted a little, clearly intimidated, Fenrir was very big, broad and rather unapproachable to an observer. It didn't matter that he dressed very well in a bespoke suit, or dressed in a pair of jeans and a top, he made people nervous. His pack though? He made his pack feel safe.

Fenrir glanced at the Healer; blue eyes intense before shifting back to his dad. He knew the best way to deal with those who had an irrational fear of him. Ignore them, become smaller than them or talk to them in a soft quiet murmur. His father and dad had taught him how to deal with every single possible situation in his life. Not because they feared he would embarrass them, but because they weren't exactly what anyone would call a normal family. They exuded normal, but they were far from it to be laughable.

Padding – as quietly as he could – forward, he claimed the seat that Tom had been in before he left. Taking Hadrian's hand in his, which almost swallowed him whole, his thick callused hand giving a reassuring squeeze. "How are you feeling?" staring enquiringly at his dad, not yet worried, the lead up to it had been more worrisome. Blue eyes flicking towards the countdown, soon, he realized.

"I'll be fine," Hadrian said, squeezing back in return, he had been worse pain, okay, maybe not, but it wasn't far off it. Admittedly, the Cruciatus Curse hadn't been applied for so long. If he ever heard anyone dismissing what it was like giving birth…oh, he was going to give them a piece of his mind. How did women do this more than once? Maybe that was the real reason they didn't have more…either that or St. Mungo's Obliviates how bad the experience really is from them. "You should head back…they need you." clenching his hand into a fist, and Fenrir didn't as much as react or grimace. He was much stronger than anyone would give him credit for, or maybe not, they did see how big he was. It was the full moon tonight.

Fenrir scoffed, "I'm not staying all night, I'll be back in time for the shifting," he informed his dad, "They're all excited to hear what you have." he added. The pack was a whole community onto itself, they all knew his dad well. He never had any unkind words to say about anyone, nobody was cast aside and declared they had no redemption.

Hadrian smiled, a big beaming smile, to be known, liked and revered for the things he had actually done…meant more than anyone would ever know. Especially Tom, who just revelled in the fame as it bought them closer still to their goals. "Hopefully it will be long enough to take a picture…but if not, then that can wait until tomorrow." And yes, he was the only one that cared about pictures, Tom and Fenrir couldn't have cared less.

Most likely because pictures had been the only thing he had of his history, the beginning of his life. Of his parents, peeks into the past were important, and it's why he'd also had so many pictures taken of the pack too. The great hall was bursting with pictures, the walls were covered from top to bottom of all the years, the children delighted in seeing them, and the new ones that were put up.

Fenrir didn't roll his eyes, but it was a near thing, "The baby is going to look the same for weeks there's no need to rush." Especially when he was in pain, and judging by the way he was gripping his hand it was some pain.

"Fenrir..." Hadrian said, "If anything happens, those photos, those memories might be the only thing you have."

Fenrir opened his mouth to say nothing would happen to him, nothing could happen to him.

"It's all I had," Hadrian ended in a confession, voice low and saddened, luckily it wasn't something 'unknown' so the healer couldn't use it against them – or try – because Tom would easily kill her than let her use them. Hadrian wouldn't get a say in it. He'd be quietly pissed, but Tom wouldn't care, for their lives came first before all else.

"Then we'll do it," Fenrir promised, it explained his overabundance of pictures he loved to take all the time. Hadrian didn't actually talk about his past very often, mostly because it no longer existed. "Is there anything you want to dress Sev in?" he teased quietly, distracting him from the pain as momentarily was it was. He couldn't believe he had a younger brother and another one coming…heck, when he had a kid, it was going to be the same age. Uncle/aunt and nephew/niece depending on the sex of his dad's next child.

Hadrian rolled his eyes, chuffing a little in amusement, "Anything but black."

Fenrir just gave his father a bemused look, Hadrian hadn't exactly let him on what particularly amused him about that statement. Although, to be fair he hadn't asked, this time of the month was a particularly busy one. "Hmm, Myrtle has him right now," he told his dad his head cocked to the side.

"That she does," Tom replied, making his reappearance. Just in time as a matter of fact, since the healer spoke mere seconds later.

"It's time," the sac's magic had diminished enough that it would be able to be penetrated. Glancing at Hadrian, rather amazed that he wasn't screaming his head off. This wasn't her first time dealing with a male pregnancy. Admittedly, she had more experience with women, naturally. This would be her eight male pregnancy birth, and all had survived. It's why she was so sought after; half of those pregnancies had been delivered in America. "Do you want your husband and son here?" she asked Hadrian, some preferred to do it alone, some wanted their significant other only and sometimes they wanted as much family as possible.

The look Tom graced her with suggested he'd love to see her try and evict him from the room. She wouldn't survive the insult of attempting to remove him. Considering magic didn't work as well on their son, that would be a laughable attempt too. It wasn't just when they were actually in wolf form that they were impervious to a lot of magic, but while in human form as well, especially if they fully accepted themselves.

The pinging of the Floo network indicated they had yet more guests, but Tom had no intention of going anywhere. Luckily it was a social accepted time not to greet guests, they'd been here often enough to know where to go. Although, Tom was rather curious who had come…Imogen?

"Just get on with it," Hadrian said through gritted teeth, the pain was paralysing, the longer they waited which according to all Hadrian had read, and been told, it was expected. Expected or not, it was too painful for him to tolerate for much longer. He swore, if the pain continued, he was going to scream. The backlash of that and his own magic being unleashed could be deadly.

Tom and Fenrir glanced at Hadrian, he wasn't ever quite so curt or angry sounding for no reason. He must be in a massive amount of pain, Fenrir stood, allowing his father to take his place, but didn't go far. Noticing that his dad was following him with his eyes to make sure.

"Se…Severus is due a bottle," Hadrian gritted out before slumping down in relief, as the numbing charm was cast upon him. Oh, Merlin, that felt so, so, so good.

"Don't worry about Severus, he's going to be fine, and even if the others don't know the schedule yet, the House-elves do." Fenrir told him, feeling a little bit of excitement. Was he going to have another brother? Or was he going to get a little sister? Probably best to have another boy, Fenrir could just imagine the look on his parents faces. A girl was a whole different world of troubles, even he still felt that way, men had it simple compared to girls and women.

Fenrir didn't so much as flinch as she watched the healer work on his dad. Watched as blood pooled around the wound the healer made from Hadrian's side to across his stomach. Stopping an inch or so from the outer belly button. Contrary to popular belief, blood wasn't immediately gushing from the wound.

Tom groaned softly, able to feel exactly what Hadrian was, and despite the numbness? It did not work when hands were sliding into his insides, slippery hands clasping around the sac, and easing the baby out. With a flick of the healer's wand, the strand of magic keeping the sac attached, disappeared as if they'd never been there. Then another quick flick of her wand, the sack was removed from the baby, as it was placed on the towel, red, gooey and with a set of lungs on it that made them all wince but be so, so relieved that all was well.

Fenrir watched the healer clean the baby, a grin – that looked way too vicious – appearing on his face. "A girl," he told them, "It's a girl."

"Who wants to take her?" she had to finish up after all.

Fenrir reached for her immediately, taking her, and beginning to clean her up a bit. Tom watched looking more than a little stunned. She had up until that point been more of an idea than an actual living being despite the deadline ticking ever downward.

He had a daughter, with confidence he didn't feel, he took his daughter and stared down at her. She'd thankfully calmed down a little, wrapped up in the towel. Blinking dazedly, a dark head of hair, she had his hair then, Hadrian's was brown. He couldn't help but wonder who she really was going to take after. Well, her and Severus too, since he'd taken the potion, but they still weren't sure what differences it would make in the child. Only time would tell.

And Hadrian of course, since he was the only one that knew what Severus truly looked like.

With Tom and Fenrir's attention on the new born baby, the healer's magic began to knit Harry's skin safely back together. Not a scar remained, not even a bit of puckered skin to show for it, it was smooth and as normal as it had always looked. Using the spells that Hadrian and Tom had ordered, actually allowing her to do so with other pregnancies. The rate in which that numbing spell had worked had amazed her.

"Welcome to your new home…" Tom begun.

"Don't you dare," Hadrian said, giving his husband a gimlet glare. "She is not going to be called…"

"I agree, it has to be something we both like." Tom agreed, it was clear Hadrian absolutely hated the thought of naming their daughter Philomena Ricarda. It was unique, it meant power and strength, so of course, he wanted her to have it. She could have used Mena as a nickname, it wasn't a masculine name.

Fenrir laughed softly, glancing away, very familiar with the sort of names his father would use. Then again, look at what he had been named, and then been turned into? Maybe there was a curse in the name. After all Remus Lupin had ended up bitten too.

Although, in this life he hadn't become Remus John Lupin. He had been born Remus John Lowell; his mother had gone back to her maiden name after her husband died. Life was too difficult as a single mother, especially after a war, with rationing still going on, so, it wouldn't be a surprise if she remarried. He'd left her what he had in his vault, which wasn't much, he hadn't had what anyone would call a stable job. His prejudice vitriol was too much for even the most prejudice person to endure. Nobody should be surprised he'd married a Muggle who believed what he said because she had nothing else to compare it too.

"Do you have any suggestions?" Tom asked, ensconcing their daughter safely in her carriers' arms. The glare disappeared immediately, as awe enveloped Hadrian. This new life, this wonderful child they'd been blessed with.

"We did that," Hadrian murmured, looking up at Tom, checking each and every finger and toe, "Look at what we did." He said a little more loudly agog, he'd given birth to a child of his own, his and Tom's. Don't get him wrong he loved Fenrir and Severus, and would not love any child more or less regardless of how they came to be in his life.

Tom watched and felt everything Hadrian felt in that moment, and smiled. "We did," taking Harry's chin lovely, he kissed him chastely. "However, you give me too much credit, I believe you did most of the work." Now that was true, but also for the healers benefit, he loved being a doting husband, but he wasn't one for actual words unless they were alone.

By alone he actually meant alone.

The knowing look he got from Hadrian indicated he wasn't buying it for a second.

"How about Hemlock? It's a plant." In line with the tradition of his mother's side, even if nobody would ever know.

"And you think my choices were bad!" Tom said exasperated, staring at Hadrian as if he had lost his mind.

"If you want something deadly use Kali or Hela," Fenrir pointed out, he knew his gods, in both worlds, all gods. He had been utterly fascinated by it all, and Hadrian always went out of his way to encourage any and all learning. Even if they had no intentions of going doing an educational path with it.

"Kali Nyx Hemlock Peverell-Slytherin," testing it out.

"How about Helena instead of Hemlock?" Tom suggested, it was rare enough, and it fitted in with the rest of the names. He did not like the name at all, Hemlock? Really? He felt it to be unoriginal, like Lily, Lavender, such common names without an ounce of though into them. "Helena after the princess of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships…ours would have launched a lot more than that." He told Hadrian proudly, he just knew she was going to be the most beautiful combination of both of them.

The Healer smothered her own amusement, it wasn't like she hadn't heard it all before. Giving the child another once over while the new fathers cooed over her tiny but strong form. Making sure everything was as it should be, it didn't hurt to double check all her results.

"Kali Nyx Helena Peverell-Slytherin?" Hadrian tested it out he rather liked it to be honest. "Or Kali Nyx Merry Peverell-Slytherin? Merry after your mum…who gave her life to ensure your safety from her father and brother." From his own grandfather and uncle, who would have rather torn the baby to pieces than live with the knowledge that their line was 'tainted'. He didn't want to use Merope; it wasn't exactly a rather friendly name. Neither was the other names to be honest.

Swallowing thicky, "I like that," Hadrian couldn't tell whether the emotions were fake or not. The bond they shared was going a little haywire. He wasn't used to a lot of emotions coming down his end of the bond from Tom. Tom was always so composed, so emotionally quiet, except when he was really angry, but it was very different, even when he was angry it was composed. This was entirely erratic.

Hadrian watched Tom closely, wondering if their child being brought into this world was changing him in a way that not even, he had been capable of? Or was he just more overwhelmed with emotions – that he usually had to tell him what he felt – today?

The Healer wrote everything down the new parents would need. In her experience she was better to do this. Since if she did not, she was likely to get Floo called and have to explain it all again. The pain relief, coupled with the exuberance and excitement of becoming parents seemed to close their ears. That and general exhaustion causes them to miss the most obvious statements of her speech. "I've also wrote down when I'll return to give you and the little one a check-up."

Tom took it and slid it into his pocket, seeing that Hadrian was almost a sleep, he picked up their daughter. "Get some sleep, we'll be in the living room," he coaxed him, and the trust Hadrian had in him became all too apparent as he immediately eased to sleep.

"Do you want some help in bathing and dressing her?" the healer asked, despite already being ready to leave.

"I'll do it, thank you, let me show you out," Tom said, he did not need help in bathing his own daughter thank you very much. He wasn't going to allow the Healer to remain in his home longer than needed. Plus, after a bath in the guest bathroom, Hadrian would return to their bedroom y this evening.

"You know my Floo address, if you have any questions that aren't on the list, please don't hesitate to get in touch." The Healer explained, as she followed Tom through the manor, making their way back to the general Floo network she'd came through earlier. "This little one will need her first feed soon and it's best to get her on a schedule as soon as possible." Rattling off her usual spiel when it came to after birth. Now naturally, Hadrian wasn't going to be able to give his child breast milk. He lacked the capability, it was beyond a miracle that men were able to give birth at all, but that was the beauty of magic. Magic like mother nature did whatever she liked regardless of anyone else's opinion. "Did you stick with my recommended milk for new-borns…"

"We picked one we thought was best, yes," Tom said, almost talking over her, but she paused long enough for him to interject politely. He knew as well as Hadrian did that, she was actually employed to encourage new mothers to take the specific baby formula. She got paid for that, but they had instead been more careful in their picking of a baby formula. They had done their research thoroughly on not only the healer but the best of everything for their child. Even with everything else they had going on. Other people's opinion did not matter.

The healer wisely heard the current undertone, and put it down to tiredness. She was a healer, not a profiler, Unspeakable or psychiatrist. She gave a nod, a fond little smile at the new-born before she used the Floo to return home. She'd give them her price when she visited for her next appointment. It wasn't as if she feared they wouldn't pay her, definitely not, not with the money they had.

Tom glanced down at the baby in his arms, entirely forgetting the healer as insignificant. Oh, he hoped she had Hadrian's eyes, they were beautiful. Not many people had such vivid green eyes, they were his favourite thing about his husband. Right now, he knew they'd be blue, and it would remain that way for a time. He'd read the baby books more times than he'd ever confess to.

His heart gave a twinge as he looked at her, "I promise…you'll always be safe with me," he might not be able to love her like other fathers love their children. She'd get all that from Hadrian, but he'd ensure they were all safe. He would kill for them, and was that not the great devotion one could aspire?

Gliding effortlessly through the hall, looking as if the baby didn't weight anything at all. As if the baby hadn't weighed at 7lb 2oz. As he approached the living room, he could hear the heated debate about something going on within. The closer he got, the far better he heard, apparently it was about the Live Tracking Rune his husband had created months before.

He used his wandless magic to open the doors, and join them.

"Well?" he wasn't surprised it was Myrtle, but that Merlin awful squeak he hadn't heard since he was a teenager was back again. "Boy or girl?" was it truly excitement that caused her voice to be that way when she was younger? He'd assumed it was something she worked hard to get rid of. He noticed immediately that Charlus, Dorea and Imogen had come by.

"A girl!" he couldn't help but puff out proudly, it wasn't a display, he was genuinely very proud. Which made him extremely rankled, his nerves were all over the place. He was a father to a new born child. Two new born children.

"Are you okay?" Myrtle asked, clearly noticing his worry.

Tom inhaled sharply, go figure it would be her, "I will be," he said sincerely. Even if he didn't like the girl, he wouldn't be able to touch her, if he did anything Hadrian would likely castrate him.

"Do you have a name for her?" Walburga asked, she was a beautiful girl, with Hadrian and Tom as parents there was no chance of her being anything but.

"We do," Tom said, "I'd like you all to meet Kali Nyx Merry Peverell-Slytherin." He thought about leaving out Merry, so he didn't have to explain the meaning behind it. Although, technically the family tradition Hadrian had wished to continue was no longer possible. Then he remembered he didn't need to explain himself at all.

"How's Harry?" Myrtle asked, "Is he up for visitors?"

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