Lord Of Time

Chapter 103

Camara lightbulbs were flashing continuously, almost to the point that Hadrian believed his vision would never recover. Signs were floating in mid-air, 'vote for Peverell-Slytherin' for 'vote for Dumbledore' as they all craned to get a look at the power couple and their children. Hadrian had both his children in a buggy, and there was a protective screen to prevent the light or sound bothering them. Then there was also the fact, it would prevent their pictures being taken.

They learned their lessons quickly though, since no publication, had published a picture of his child since. He had rained hell down upon them for publishing a picture of his new-born daughter without his consent. He'd sued them, sued them to the extent that their investors had pulled out and the paper had gone into liquidation. Not that Hadrian cared, it hadn't existed in his time (at least he thought so, then again, he hadn't known about the quibbler for five years) so it likely had pissed off someone else anyway.

Hadrian knew that other publications would test him as well, but there was nothing he wouldn't do for his children. They would never be burdened because of his fame, his or Tom's fame actually come that. No, he loved that they were too afraid of Fenrir to cross him, it meant he was safe from the backstabbing politics and newspapers.

"What's her name?"

"How was it giving birth!?"

"Did you have her in St. Mungo's?"

"How do you feel about your husband running for Minister?"

"Do you think you stand a chance against Dumbledore?"

"Hadrian how are you feeling?"

"What name did you give her?"

Hadrian made no effort to smile for the press, while Tom who stood in the front, made every effort. Protecting his family, while pandering to the masses. He wasn't stupid enough to believe he had no enemies, and he knew through Hadrian that Dumbledore was capable of a lot of things. Getting other people to do his dirty work was one of them, without question. They would always need to be careful, and he would have been anyway, he was by far the most cautious of the pair.

The Aurors arrived, urging the crowd to back off, to let the family into the Ministry. The Atrium had been changed to sit in the surroundings. Seats, banners, and podiums. And of course, the crowd ready to listen and hear what they both had to say. Voting day would soon come upon them, and both Dumbledore and Tom wanted the public to have the best impression of them. Then the Aurors situated themselves, set for however long the radio show would last, as crowd control.

Hadrian smoothly parked the buggy, which by the way had befuddled the entire community. Or rather the pureblood's anyway. It wasn't an every day sight to see a buggy being pushed up or down the rickety cobbled road that was Diagon Alley. It was magical, Hadrian had created it specifically for his babies. It enabled Portkey usage (with them only) and Apparation without fear of anything happening to them. Afterward everyone seemed to be in awe of it, and desired one for themselves.

Tom made a show of checking on both the children, which were growing thick and fast. Hadrian snorted very quietly, at the awww's that surrounded him on all side. Like a wizard checking on their child should be applauded. Although, sadly enough, it was the case back in the day, nowadays wizards were indeed taking more to do with their child's upbringing due to learning magic so early and knowing that their earlier memories influenced a whole lot.

'Are you sure you don't want to take them out and show them off while you're at it?' Hadrian though dryly as he stared at his husband. 'It might actually make them swoon.'

Tom had to smother his amusement, keeping his gaze averted. Staring at his daughter for a little longer, pangs of amusement tickling his funny bone. It wasn't so much as them swooning that amused him but the dramatic rendition that went through his husbands' mind. He was using people from the crowd as well, not just nameless faceless people. 'And you call me dramatic?' he pointedly asked Hadrian, as he fixed his daughters dummy before gracefully taking his seat.

The single witches couldn't help but envy the pair, they were the most handsome of wizards. Yet they'd married each other, still managed to have children and wonderful careers. To think they could have had that, it just wasn't fair, and the lust they felt for the pair was ever forming. It wasn't just the witches either, some wizards felt it too.

'Tom, you are, and if anyone disagrees, they're just afraid' Hadrian said wryly, gesturing for Myrtle to be let in by the Aurors.

Tom groaned, unheard by everyone, he still endured Myrtle but he didn't like her. He put up with her since Hadrian liked her so much. Which honestly, baffled Tom to the core. Then again there were a few people he genuinely liked that Hadrian refused to even entertain.

"Here you go," Myrtle smiling, as she handed Tom a bottle of water, and Harry a bottle of orange juice. "Do you want me to take the little ones?"

"Is your husband here?" Harry asked, peering up at her, as he set the orange juice aside.

"No, he's far too busy to take a day off so suddenly," Myrtle shook her head regretfully, "He's working the hours he must per his contract, then returning home to be with our son."

"Then look after Maddox, they'll be fine here," Harry reassured her, "If need be, I'll leave to settle them, Tom and I have it all worked out." He would have said yes if she hadn't had Maddox on her own.

"Alright," Myrtle agreed, "I'll see you all later, still on for lunch?" primarily asking Hadrian here, as she handed over the sandwiches, she'd bought for them. She knew them well enough they'd not brought anything for themselves, only the kids. Tom due to his rehearsing and Hadrian focusing on the kids likely.

"Definitely," Hadrian agreed, smiling, he couldn't wait, their meet-ups were becoming further and further apart. They still wrote a lot, of course, but it wasn't the same as meeting up. Then again, it was the same for everyone really. Welcoming to growing up and starting families and running empires.

"Great, see you then," Myrtle waved as she rushed back to her sons' side, a friend watching over Maddox in his buggy that Hadrian had created for her and him.

"Welcome to the Wizarding Wireless ladies and gentlemen, I am Vera Vector, we're here with Tom Peverell-Slytherin and his husband Hadrian Peverell-Slytherin and for the next hour we will be asking all manner of political questions for politic hour, stay tuned!" the host called into the microphone, utterly bedazzled and brimming with questions.

Hadrian turned to hide his snort, finding it hilarious. Dumbledore had been snubbed already, clearly the host was not a fan of Albus Dumbledore. That and the wizarding world weren't exactly very…original when it came to naming things. That's something that would never change, suddenly he was feeling rather…spirited about this next hour.

"Also joining me in this debate…Albus Dumbledore." Her voice could not have inspired anything or anyone less. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, joining me at the podiums are the two vying for the Ministership! Dumbledore and Tom Peverell-Slytherin…and I know who I would vote for!" she slyly added, laughing with a lovely lilt that automatically endeared people to her.

The audience laughed with her, who didn't like a little bit of ribbing? Except those getting ribbed if they couldn't take a joke naturally. Although, Vera most certainly hadn't meant it as a joke, and she was on the receiving end of a glare from both Dumbledore and Hadrian, that was his husband she was lusting after, after all. Not that he was worried, but Tom was more than his looks and he disliked the assumption that pretty – or handsome – people were stupid.

"Tell us, what would your first act as Minister for magic be?" staring at both of them, "Tom?" deciding to let Tom speak first.

"My first act if I were to be elected to position as Minister would be to create a new department within the Ministry. One that would deal exclusively with our children, magical children from all ages. To ensure their happiness and wellbeing, independent from Hogwarts in particular." Tom declared, lose limbed as he ignored Dumbledore entirely while implicating him so that nobody ever forgot what he did.

Albus smiled blandly at Tom, as if the words had gone right over his head. "A well thought out endeavour, Tom, I am proud of how far you've come since we met." Naturally, nobody understood the undercurrent going on between the pair, except for Harry and those closest to the pair.

Even then they didn't understand the full scope, Tom wasn't exactly the most talkative individual.

Tom remained silent, his face serene, the bond thrumming with calmness all being flowed through by Hadrian. Dumbledore, it seemed was already trying to play dirty, by angering Tom in hopes of getting him to 'screw up' or show his 'true colours' as Dumbledore likely wanted to reveal. To completely ruin Tom's chance of being Minister for magic.

Tom inclined his head.

"Dumbledore…would you answer the question?" Vera asked enthused, impatient to carry on, to ask Tom more questions. She knew Dumbledore's answers would be bland and of no interest to her listeners.

"My first act as Minister would be to make magic safe for all of us, there are some magic that need to be banned for our own safety and wellbeing." Albus said, with a reassuring manner, black magic, dark magic, necromancy, the darkest of arts should be forbidden entirely. He would see it done, and he knew a lot of people felt the same and would back him. Not as many as he would like, but he was sure that in the years that followed they would agree.

"Some magic?" Vera questioned, latching onto it, "Care to elaborate on that 'some magic'?"

"Necromancy, blood magic, the evillest of magic," Albus declared passionately, "The magic that turns upon its host, addicts them, turns them into people they aren't meant to be. The dark arts and those like it."

Harry stared at Dumbledore intently, was he seriously deluding himself that what? Gellert wouldn't have turned out the way he did without 'dark magic' seriously? They couldn't let Dumbledore begin this madness, dark versus light magic that he slowly designs as 'evil' means dark versus light 'good' magic.

"It doesn't addict everyone, only those who are ignorant of such magical rushes and how addicting certain magicks can be. It is why everyone should know, remaining ignorant would do more harm than good. In all other magical schools this class exists for a reason, and do you know how many become addicted? One perhaps every seven decades, and they are usually helped with that addiction and become fully functional."

"If they aren't given into temptation, then they won't even be aware of it." Albus chided Tom as if he were eleven again.

'Tell him just because he doesn't understand it, it doesn't make it evil' Hadrian told Tom watching the scene, one hand on the buggy at all times.

Tom's gaze turned sympathetic, "Just because you've not taken the time to understand it, it doesn't make it evil. The unknown shouldn't be so scary after all, do not let what happened in the past dictate how you run for Minister." It took everything in Tom not to smirk at the old fool in triumph.

Everyone was convinced Vera muttered a 'damn' but nobody could be sure. "My second question to you both would be, what do you intend to do to stop magic being exposed? The dragons are incessantly exposing us…what do you intend to do?" stopping Albus from even being able to mount a comeback, not that he would have, he was rather pale looking under that doting façade he was supporting. "Tom?" once again showing favouritism.

Hadrian glanced at her wondering if she was one of the 'Knights of the Walpurgis' that Tom had wrapped around his finger. She wasn't familiar so he doubted it, but she clearly would prefer Tom as Minister. It could just be the case that she hated Dumbledore; a good fraction always had done.

"There is a shortage of reserves for Dragons, and a shortage of dragon handlers," Tom explained, "Keeping magic hidden from the Muggles is a number one priority. I would see to it that dragon handlers get a raise and create more areas for the dragons to thrive in. discretion is most definitely paramount." Giving a raise, more than minimum wage would encourage others to the profession, and thus more dragon handlers.

Enthusiastic applause followed that pronouncement, all of them pleased to hear that. The Ex-Minister had refused to comment on it at all. And hadn't seemed to care either way, since they had Aurors to clean up the mess. Why would he care about some Muggles seeing when they'd be shortly obliviated? He had other significantly more important avenues he needed to see complete.

"I'm quite in agreement in seeing to it that more take to the profession and create a safe space for the dragons where they pose no danger to humans, Muggles and wizards alike." Albus agreed, sombre as the subject so required.

Light applause followed, a few pondered on whether he would just agree with everything Tom eloquently laid out. Those on Albus side knew exactly what his plans would be, and Dragons honestly would be the last thing on his mind. Ensuring dark magic was made illegal was his first and foremost priority.

"How do you plan on catering to a life in public when you so zealously guard your privacy?" Vera asked, "Dumbledore?" prodding him to answer.

"Everyone desires privacy, it's an innate need," Albus chided her, "Just because we want to work for the betterment of the magical world, it doesn't mean you need to know everything about me." He had a lot he wanted to keep hidden. He was so grateful that his past hadn't been dug into given Peverell's proclamation in public no less all those years ago.

"I see," Vera replied, unimpressed, "Tom?"

"I truly wouldn't mind, after all I've nothing to hide and people would be bored with such ordinary life I lead and would leave well enough alone." Tom said charmingly, "I get up in the morning, either Hadrian or myself see to the kids, the other prepares for the day, we eat breakfast, see to our estates, we truly aren't all that different. However, I am prepared for everyone's butting into my privacy however my husband doesn't care for it. He was taught from a young age, not to let his picture be taken, not to draw attention to himself. He was the only heir of the Peverell family. However, his main irritation is for our children who don't have a say. It's my belief they should grow up out of the spotlight. Should they desire to be in the paper when they're older, then I would be all too happy to allow pictures to be taken. They are minors, we must protect our children. If it's known what they look like, well, it could be rather dangerous. And our children are the heirs of two ancient lines, and cannot protect themselves."

Another round of applause with enthusiastic agreement. There was nothing more important than their heirs to the wizards and witches of the magical world. When you were raised out of the spotlight, to be invisible to protect your family, that would rub off on him as an adult. They finally understood Hadrian Peverell's reluctance to be in the spotlight.

"St. Mungo's is struggling even with your generous donations as of late, how do you intend to support them during this tremulous time?" Vera questioned, "Dumbledore?"

"Supporting St. Mungo's is vital, and I'm sure we can come up with an idea or two to help!" Albus beamed, "Diverting funds from far less important…"

"Thank you, Dumbledore…Tom?" Vera questioned Tom, actually looking forward to seeing what he would say.

"Supporting hospitals and clinics like St. Mungo's is a societal one, donations are vital to keep our hospitals afloat. My husband alone earns St. Mungo's three percent of every potion he creates, he understands how important it is that everyone receives treatment." Tom answered smoothly, "I would likely have a charity ball made in honour of the hospital to ensure funds are raised a few times a year."

Hadrian grimaced, attempting to keep an impassive look upon his face. He hated gatherings, any social gatherings were tedious that would never change. Tom loved the things though, and it was alright, he guessed getting to spend time with his friends, the rest was hellish. At least this year he had the most perfect excuse. Although, to be fair, they'd likely expect him to leave them to the House-elves.

The idea of balls and parties had everyone whispering excitedly, oh, it sounded wonderful. That was primary how they raised funds for things, by partying and such. They liked nothing more than donating the most and receiving prizes – that by the way they could have bought ten times over – but that was hardly the point.

"Who has the greatest influence on your political career? Tom?" Vera asked, curious about Tom and asking a more personal question. The public loved to know more about Tom the more she asked the more listeners she'd pull in.

"Myself," Tom replied immediately, not one for shying away from the truth. "I grew up in an orphanage, a magical child surrounded by Muggles. It was very difficult for me, and when I came into the magical world, immersed myself in the splendour that was Hogwarts…feeling at home for the very first time in my life…I vowed to change things so that I was the very last wizard or witch to suffer." Hadrian had told him never to be ashamed of his upbringing or of sharing it. It didn't make him weak, it made him stronger than those before him and made people malleable. Now Hadrian knew him well, and had no doubt used that to lure him into accepting it. Only his husband knew how to best manipulate him he thought fondly.

"Dumbledore?" Vera turned to the wizard in question, dressed fashionably, although his colours clashed a little.

"That's difficult to say," Albus begun, "I owe a lot of people for helping influence me to being the wizard I am today. My mother, for one, who raised me to be a gentleman, my friends, they know who they are naturally. More importantly, all the muggles and Muggle-borns yet to venture into the magical world…I do this for them."

Cheering and applauding met his words.

"You can talk to the talk, but would you ever actually do anything?" Tom refuted, "How long have you been swearing to change things? Where are the pieces of legislation proposing said change? That's right, there's nothing there…"

"I can't do everything at once…" Albus refuted.

"The answer is you'll do nothing," Tom argued, "In fact, from what pieces you're agreeing to, you'll entirely suppress creatures and their lives and rights! Which is wrong! One creature doesn't speak for all creatures they don't deserve your condemnation!"

Hadrian smiled nodding his approval, it wasn't so bad yet, but it would get there he knew that better than anyone. He'd play at being a god for the likes of Remus Lupin and the others who were bitten but really won't give a shit in any other way.

"The Muggle-borns deserve to know the true magical world not a façade that caters towards Muggle-borns like they're on holiday and will return home! They deserve to have the real deal! And thanks to my husband they get that! The books fully integrate them into the magical world! Giving them, any less is an insult to our ways and an insult to their intelligence!" Tom continued.

The cheering and applauding rose through the Minister atrium was the biggest yet. By all sides, right at that moment it didn't matter if you were Muggle-born, half-blood or pureblood. They were united by Tom's words, and his belief on the system Tom and Hadrian Peverell-Slytherin had been building for years now.

Tom gazed at Dumbledore; eyes gleaming with dark triumph. He would win this election no matter the cost. He would never let Dumbledore near the Ministry of Magic. He could imagine the horrifying result he'd bring to bear.

"Would you do anything differently if you had a chance to do it repeatedly?" Vera asked, "Tom?"

After a few moments of silence, Tom spoke, "I wish I could say that I'd like to have been adopted, to have known the love of a family. However, I would never risk the life I have now for anything in this world. My husband, my children are my world, I would suffer all over again just to know the love of a husband and my children."

Sniffles and aww's were heard throughout the atrium, witches clutching their chests dramatically. It truly was the most beautiful thing some had ever heard. Not that they know a lot about his life at the orphanage but what little he'd revealed it hadn't been good. To know he'd go through that just to meet his spouse again was so lovely.

"Dumbledore?" Vera turned to Tom's opposition.

"We've all lost family before our time," Albus said, quietly, aware that this was not going according to plan at all. There were too many people agreeing fully with Tom Riddle, and it had to stop, he had to be more sympathetic. "I'd change all I could. For them." Not saying names and such, plus it was public record about his parents and sister come to that. It was immortalised in the Daily Prophet too.

"If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?" Vera then proceeded to ask, "Dumbledore?"

"Most definitely make blood status obsolete." Albus answered nodding thoughtfully.

"Nobody cares about blood status these days," came from the audience.

"It's true! More seats are being filled within the Wizengamot each year!" another voice from the audience.

"Blood status doesn't matter!"

Dumbledore's twinkle dimmed significantly, yes; this was all true regretfully. He would have rather they not find out about their seats. A smaller Wizengamot would be far easier to control. Having it double in size was unfortunate. He had so many plans that had just fallen flat on his face. He was finding it difficult to reclaim his former status, since Azkaban. Unfortunately, he just wasn't quick enough to regain the needed trust. That and 'championing Muggles and Muggle-borns' wasn't needed anymore. The Peverell-Slytherins had made that need obsolete. Didn't they realize just how dangerous they were?

"What is your opinion of the current state of the economy?" Vera asked, "Dumbledore?"

"It could always be better," Albus informed them all, "We are such a small community, we need to diversify."

"Would you care to expand on that?" Vera asked, it was a very bland answer, it was as if he hadn't been aware of this upcoming interview.

Eyes twinkling, "Not at all, the time is almost up." The wizard said lightly.

"Tom?" Vera turned to him expectantly.

"I think we're doing better than we have in at least four decades," Tom said seriously, "Wizards and witches were having to live in the Muggle world because there was not enough housing in the magical sector for everyone. However, between Hadrian and I, we have created two wholly magical areas, not including our other ventures. With more people remaining in the magical world thanks to the new builds. Our own money is being used, which is stabilizing our economy better than ever. Within ten years more housing will be built, allowing more and more people to stay within our community! Building us up greater than ever!" he proclaimed.

Hadrian's lips stretched into an almost smug smile; it was true everything Tom had just said. They were still looking for another area to begin building on top of adding more to Slytherin corner (formerly known as Little Hangleton) the properties were being snapped up the second they went on the market. They were fair though, made sure it wasn't the pureblood's wanting to corner the market. Also making sure they could afford the rent, and the rent was an exceptionally fair price indeed.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen the hour is almost up, one last question…and this one from our audience today!" Vera called out, as a witch came towards them, a bowl in her hand filled with dozens of pieces of parchment. Twirling the parchment around with her wand before snatching one out, and opening it up. "First, congratulations on the birth of your daughter…may we have the honour of knowing her name?"

The room seemed to go completely silent.

"What do you say, Hadrian?" Tom asked, gracing Hadrian with an utterly besotted look, still so very madly in love with his husband after all these years. He was capable of love, just not like everyone else, his devotion added to it. Hand out in silent support of him standing alongside him. "Shall we?"

Hadrian stood up, striding towards his husband. Relaxing against Tom, eyes closed for a moment, before opening them. "We named our daughter Kali Peverell-Slytherin, heiress of house Peverell." Kali wouldn't be able to become heiress of the Slytherin line, so Fenrir and Severus were heirs of the Slytherin line and Kali the heiress of the Peverell line.

"Will we get to see her picture?" and on and on they called out questions, some squealing with the sheer excitement. It would seem as if they had forgotten what Tom had said just an hour ago.

"No, but you may see her," Hadrian said, moving over to his children again, wand out, easing his daughter out of her buggy. The grumbling gargle as she protested silently to being moved. Despite his wishes, they actually began to take pictures, but Hadrian had been prepared for that. "None of the pictures you attempted to take against my wishes will show anything." He informed them seriously, with that Tom eased Severus out of his side and they showed the children off.

They knew what they were doing, who was going to remember Dumbledore really when Tom and Hadrian baited the hook with family values. "Thank you so much for coming to see us today." Hadrian told them, beaming in happiness. Inside both of them were thrumming with satisfaction, it positively oozed from Tom, as he watched Dumbledore shuffled to the side as everyone focused on the expanding Peverell-Slytherin family who had worked so hard for the betterment of the magical world.

Dumbledore however, refused to go quietly into the night.

He'd fight for the 'greater good' and the betterment of the magical world.

Of his ideology.

Naturally, he was unaware of the massive advantage the Peverell-Slytherin's held, not just in the sway they had over the vast majority of the magical world…but by their knowledge.

Knowledge would always hold sway over all else.

After all, wasn't it known that knowledge was power?

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