Lord Of Time

Chapter 104

Albus Dumbledore and the Peverell-Slytherin family as well as most high up Ministry workers were in one of the biggest conference rooms the Ministry had to offer. It was two levels above the court rooms, but with very similar layouts, which was rather disconcerting, especially if you'd ever been in those rooms. The anticipation of waiting to find out who would become the British Magical worlds Minister was heightening every given moment. All of them, when they should rightfully be working, were waiting for the outcome. The public – that desired to – voted on who would become the Minister in a general election.

The goblins had erected top level spells to prevent anyone unwilling, you'd be surprised how many attempted to use the Imperius curse. To ensure nobody used Polyjuice potion to vote twice, or aging themselves to get their own vote. Admittedly it wasn't something that happened often, except for those teenagers with a penchant for politics. Or spoiled teenagers insisting they were 'mature' enough to take part.

This voting was special, everyone could feel it, yes, the newspapers and radio was constantly going on about it this time of year. However, it was more this year, it was just everywhere, magazines, interviews, newspapers, radio, even witch weekly was getting in on it. Admittedly with a few pictures of Hadrian and Tom's good looks and how they were voted 'sexiest men alive' which by the way had had Tom preening like there was no tomorrow.

Most people knew who was likely to win the voting, others liked to insist that Dumbledore would win hands down. He was older, had more life experiences. Recent happenings aside, they felt Dumbledore was the direction the magical world really needed. Ones who had listened to Dumbledore and had begun to eat up his propaganda, but luckily, for the majority of the magical world, his spiel wouldn't work.

The most intelligent knew Dumbledore was wrong, that the Peverell-Slytherin's were correct. The books he'd released, the new families emerging, it was phenomenal. It had all started when the young Peverell had returned to the magical world with a rather dramatic touch. Being attacked by Grindelwald – or Grindelwald's men the truth does tend to become distorted – and appearing in the very place where he could get help. He'd very nearly died, so it was as dramatic as one could make it. Then Tom and Hadrian proceeded to take care of the problem before it could destroy the British magical world. They'd saved them, and so young too.

Even the most headstrong and stubborn purebloods – who believed they were better – had ceded to their intelligence and belief when it came to a lot of things. Including the need to comprise when it came to what used to known as Muggle-borns and Mudbloods. They were now referred to new blood.

The ministry's conference room had tables strewn across the wall all groaning with the weight of the food upon it. In the middle to the right side of the room – where there was a dais – had a pyramid of champagne filled glasses on display, glimmering brightly, and safely spelled from spillage or falling down like a house of cards.

"It's hilarious to hear them talking like Dumbledore's going to win," Aiden commented, glass at his mouth before drinking half the glass in a smooth move. Dressed to the nines for absolutely no reason, and relishing in the attention nonetheless. Shaking his head ruefully, "Dumbledore's 'light' fraction is too small for him to have a hope in hell." The neutral and dark fractions – Hadrian hated him using this term – were too large and too wise to Dumbledore's games and honestly? His prejudice was to well known, his insistence on preferring the 'Gryffindors' had been his downfall Aiden reckoned. Dumbledore might be 'older and wiser' so to speak, but the power couple had taken a very serious threat and took care of it.

Hadrian made a sound of neither agreement or disagreement, "Nothing is set in stone." He commented, drinking from his own glass brought to him by Aiden.

"You're kidding right? If I were interested, I could bet and win hands down," Aiden commented, but thankfully due to Hadrian's comments he had more than enough money in the Avery estate. He didn't do it often, or to just anyone, but it happened occasionally, and nobody dismissed his word, not anymore. Only an utter fool actually would.

Hadrian smirked behind his glass, eyes gleaming victoriously, oh he knew they were going to win. They'd pulled no stops in showing the world just who and what Albus Dumbledore was truly like. Luckily for Aberforth, he didn't proclaim to anyone that he was Dumbledore's brother, and he wasn't facing the backlash.

"Honestly," Aiden said shaking his head ruefully, seeing the smirk, "Your need for modesty doesn't become you."

Hadrian laughed, "It staves of any disappointment."

"When have you ever been disappointed?" Aiden asked ruefully, he was the luckiest son of a bitch he'd ever met in his opinion. Which was highly regarded, he was a close and personal best friend with the Peverell-Slytherin couple. He was constantly annoyed by reporters trying to get information on them. Foolish idiots, as if he'd risk his life – Tom would kill him no doubt – to tell them anything, that's if he could, given the fealty he'd sworn to Hadrian during what was a difficult year, foolishly jealous and envious. He was lucky to have survived it really.

"Since coming here? Never." Hadrian said vehemently, "Are you sure your wife is going to be alright watching all the kids?"

"Imogen, Amelia and Myrtle stayed with her; didn't you know?" Aiden asked taken aback.

"They did?" Hadrian commented, glancing around, "I could have sworn I saw Imogen…" shaking his head, there were so people here, it was a surprised he hadn't mistaken more than just one person.

"Oh, that's her mother, it's why she's so happy to stay with the kids and leave everything to us," Aiden said dryly, they now knew just how Imogen really felt about her parents. They were only invited during holidays for propriety's sake and not always, since Abraxas wanted her to enjoy the holidays, and their families together. He didn't want her having to endure her parents and the holidays, it would make things rather distasteful. They only had until their children begun Hogwarts to enjoy their childhood. So, they invited them only once in the year and Imogen decided which one.

"They're here?" Hadrian asked, his nose wrinkling distastefully, he'd been one of the first ones to figure out just how Imogen was treated. Only because he was intimately familiar with the reactions. He was always amazed by how much she'd flourished under Abraxas' care; he didn't know her in his own time, naturally. So, he couldn't say what she would have been like without his interference. It didn't matter now. He had changed everything and in gotten a family as a reward.

"Unfortunately," Aiden commented, and the couple never found any welcome within their tight knit group. The only ones that catered to them occasionally was Abraxas and Imogen. Oh, they'd been very interested in Lucius, had tried to have a say in the child's life, make Imogen act a certain way but she was having none of it.

Hadrian grunted, drinking the rest of his glass, his husband as he often did, was off allowing others to 'rub elbows' with him. He already had friends in high society, he didn't really need more, but it amused him to see those beneath him trying too smarmy up to him. Like he didn't know what they were doing, but it was fine, who knew when he'd need them, if he'd need them.

"I don't know what you've got to complain about, don't think I've not noticed them avoiding you," Aiden told Hadrian, moving off to get two more drinks, before sidling up to Hadrian again, handing over the other drink. "To Tom," clinking Hadrian's glass.

"No more for me," Hadrian said, smiling his thanks, he wasn't going to appear tipsy in the photos – if they won – but they'd hear soon enough if they had.

"Of course," Aiden agreed, inclining his head, "I honestly have no idea why they're here," staring over at Dumbledore in clear distain, making no effort to mask it. He was much like Hadrian now as an adult, he couldn't put up with the games, or hiding his feelings, which likely made for a good thing he had no interest in the Wizengamot or politics. Dumbledore and his cohorts were sitting at the furthest end of the room. All calm, composed, and talking to one another, and it made his hackles raise and suspicion squirm in his gut. He hated not knowing what they were talking about or what they might be planning.

"You know very well why they're here; you are well versed in politics even if you can't stand it." Hadrian commented dryly, much had changed in Aiden since their school years, he's less patient and willing to show a front. Aiden would quip that it was his fault, that by spending so much time together that he was much like Hadrian himself now.

"He's bound to realize he doesn't stand a chance." Aiden grumbled, feeling incredulous, he was a smart wizard. Even if it made his stomachs bile rise, he had to admit he was very intelligent. Only a fool wouldn't give your enemy it's due diligence.

"Please, the only reason you're here is to see his face first hand," Tom commented, as he approached from behind them, "Complaining about his presence is therefore redundant." He added, his arm automatically reaching out for Hadrian and wrapped his arm around Hadrian's back, relaxing fully next to him.

"Tom, kettle meet pot, if he wasn't here, you'd find a way to see his face at the revelation," Hadrian replied with a wicked grin. They weren't anywhere near the votes, naturally, and they weren't allowed to be. Hadrian had ordered those who were in there to be sincere and honest in their finding of the votes. He wouldn't put it past Dumbledore or Tom for that matter, to use someone in order to emerge victorious. Mostly Dumbledore, Tom while he wanted to win, especially since it was against Dumbledore, didn't resort to dirty tactics. Only because Hadrian wouldn't allow it, Tom was not stupid enough to think otherwise.

"Ah, but he is here," Tom refuted smugly, hence why he had suggested it to Atticus Bones, something his husband had wondered, if it was a direct line of Amelia Bones or if it was a side line. There were more than one Bones after all, four children born of Lord Bones, between them they had eight grandchildren, and yes, there was an Amelia and Edgar in the brood. Hadrian wasn't familiar enough with them, to ask but he held the Bones family in high regard. They had been fair to him in a time where it would have been easier to go with the flow. The Bones family were fairly powerful, but nothing on Hadrian and Tom naturally.

"You made sure this happened," Hadrian grumbled, why hadn't he realized this sooner? To be honest he was too tired between writing his next book, looking after the kids, and trying to keep up with his friends and his husband he felt as if there wasn't enough time in the day. "Why did I come again?"

Tom gave his husband a faux disappointed look, "I expected you to figure it out, you were there when I was conversing with Atticus." Shaking his head, the faux look still in full affect, at least until Hadrian elbowed him, which Tom grunted and grimaced but otherwise remained inexpressive.

"Yes, and I fell asleep, three times if you recall," Hadrian grumbled petulantly, "I almost snapped your wand."

Aiden choked on his drink, coughing and sputtering into his inner elbow, "You did what?" he wheezed a little as he spoke. Ignoring the glances he received at his actions, wondering what had caused it, but not enough to eavesdrop.

"He kept poking me awake with it," Hadrian eyed his husband, he'd felt his amusement at his act too. He should have snapped the damn wand; it would be the least he deserved. Naturally, he was just kidding, to snap someone's wand was…horrific. It affects your magic, your core, and with how powerful he and Tom was? Yes, terrifying prospect.

Aiden bit his tongue, attempting to stop himself from laughing incredulously, Hadrian was very vindictive, much like his husband. He was very surprised he hadn't needed to go and get a new wand. "And he got to keep it?" grinning ruefully at the look Tom gave him.

"Only just," Tom confessed ruefully, to be fair Hadrian had been up all night the night before. He had been exhausted, and Tom had taken advantage of that to get him to come out for the evening. It was clearly too much and Hadrian had fallen asleep, getting that much needed rest. He had cut their evening short, and had the House-elves take care of the children for one evening. They needed rest, and it wouldn't harm them to be taken care of a few times by a House-elf. Dobby had delighted in getting to take care of Severus and Kali.

Kali and Severus who was getting so big and soon to be sleeping through the night.

"Good evening," Orion stated calmly, joining the group, with Walburga arm in arm. Speaking to them as if he hadn't seen them in months and as if they were mere acquaintances. Which naturally wasn't true, Hadrian was Sirius' godfather. Orion had observed he took a very honest interest in the children he had the honour of calling his god children. It's why he'd been so determined to see to it that Hadrian became Sirius' godfather. He was amazing with Lucius, so calm and patient, there would be nobody better.

Orion wasn't the only one to figure it out, no, Hadrian had three boys he was godfather to thus far. Lucius, Sirius and James Potter.

Hadrian observed that she positively glowed next to him, there was nothing in the horrific hag Hadrian had known in the future. Despite knowing Walburga for years, just some instances caught him off guard. She would be pregnant again in a year, with Regulus if she was still determined to have that second child she wanted so much. "Hey, how are you both?" quick to accept a few drinks from the trays that were going around by human servers. It was gaudy nowadays to use House-elves, one of Hadrian's proudest achievements. That's not to say they don't work, they do, they just aren't as abused and used anymore.

"We're both very well, it's getting no easier to leave Sirius," Walburga confessed, drinking from the glass she was given. She wasn't remaining out long, but it was nice to get out, to see everyone. To have some focus that didn't involve her son, as much as she loved him and likely spoke about him too often.

"I know, but they won't know we're even gone," Hadrian said wryly, "Isn't the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder?"

"As you say they don't even know," Orion chuckled, "Our parents went out far more than we did, and we're alright for it." He did indeed love his parents, enough to defy them when they tried to interfere in possible betrothals for his son. A boy who hadn't been awake for more than a few hours each time. It was ludicrous really, and he wasn't going to have his son marrying another Black cousin, he wasn't risking that for all things. Not that they'd said anything directly, or obtrusively, but Orion wouldn't have been surprised if that was the way it was going.

"It's funny how society changes, isn't it?" Hadrian murmured, to leave your child in his time? It would be derided, sneered upon, you were a bad parent if you did. If you were a mother, apparently Molly Weasley was an example to set. Strong, stubborn, staying at home, and taking care of everything. Although, she was too stubborn and her stern ways had sent a few of her kids to living in other countries as soon as humanly possible.

"My father certainly likes to complain so," Orion said in amusement, his grey eyes crinkling.

Hadrian grinned, wondering what was it about generations of children always commenting on what their father said and done? Oh, yes, because they didn't spend as much time together as the mother and child did. So, time with their father was infinitely more precious and easily more remembered. He couldn't help but wonder if Severus and Kali would think so for Tom. He couldn't say he'd noticed Fenrir had a particular favourite, although he was always the most affectionate, Tom was just as protective, and both of them would descend into hell itself to protect those they care about. Fenrir had more people he cared for than Tom. Tom's likely only existed on one hand, maybe two at a push.

Fenrir's pack however…was massive, as of the last count, it was eighty-two people, thank Merlin he had such a large area of land to help them all. It was a surprise Fenrir managed to find the time to visit as often as he did. With such powerful and charismatic parents at least half of Fenrir's pack had jobs, admittedly most of them with many various Peverell-Slytherin companies but they did have experience in the job they were applying for. Hadrian as charitable as he was, did not employ for the sake of it.

"I certainly understand the desire to do so when things don't go according to plan," Tom conceded, he didn't complain often, but when he did, he certainly let his ire be known. It wasn't often that a plan of his failed though, that was for certain. "But complaining for the sake of it has always baffled me." Unfortunately, changing in society was always inevitable, and hopefully for good not ill so to complain about something thus inevitable was…let's just say an ill use of time.

He knew that it was ironic, since another version of him had been obsessed with obtaining immortality – not something ordinary achievable – and had likely let the entire world know of his displeasure. That was a different him though, and surprisingly, he seldom thought of that sad creature and how it died. It was naught but a nightmare dream, in which neither of them would have to live through. Again, on Hadrian's part as the case may be.

The close group gained a few more couples, as they spoke about recent policies, shops, their children and new politics and laws they desired to see come into effect. Their jobs and naturally, the new books that were coming out as well as more they desired to see changed at Hogwarts.

"Weren't you interested in being Headmaster at one point?" Abraxas asked Hadrian.

"I was," Hadrian confirmed, for so long Hogwarts had been his home, so of course, it was natural to desire to stay there. What more guaranteed was needed if one became Headmaster? "Tom did as well, and the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor." Always good at defecting from himself, ever the Slytherin.

"That was back when you were…fourteen, fifteen though, you mentioned it when we were seventeen or eighteen if I remember rightly." Aiden pointed out, scratching his scruff as he thought on it. Absently making a note to shave tomorrow morning.

"I did," Hadrian confirmed, "I had considered it, but with everything Tom and I were planning…to be in charge of hundreds of children wasn't exactly doable. I decided to shelve the idea, who knows, maybe one day." Shrugging his shoulders, his biggest desire had always been to have a family, while Hogwarts came close to section…he'd never give up his family for anything.

"Why not do it now? Dippet is due to retire, you might not get a second chance to attempt it," Walburga commented, seeing their surprised glances, "I overheard the headmaster speaking about it while it was in Hogsmeade. He's concerned because he doesn't believe the deputy Headmistress has enough experience to take over."

Tom snorted, "Not entirely surprised, she's been deputy for what? Two years?"

"Correct me if I'm wrong but become deputy Headmistress doesn't guarantee you become the next Head teacher of Hogwarts, right?" Hadrian commented idly, "So why on earth would he be concerned about it?"

"Clearly he doesn't believe anyone else could take on such a task?" Tom said icily, Hogwarts was better now that Dumbledore wasn't there, but it was far from what Tom and Hadrian want it to be, but they weren't going to get everything they wanted done so quickly.

"Makes sense, he's actually quite difficult to please," Hadrian commented, "He has very high expectations, and I don't think many people meet them. I honestly think that the professors need assistants and cannot have more than one additional job outside of their teaching duties, such as Head of House etc…"

"I agree, I'm not sure the Head of Gryffindor house has been inside of the common room more than once a year." Aiden commented, "My wife's siblings were complaining about it." His wife was younger than him, not in school, naturally, but she had a younger sister and brother (twins) in the Carrows and the daughter had been sorted into Gryffindor, no surprise there. She complained that she never saw her head of house.

"Even after the war was finished?" Hadrian asked, frowning in annoyance.

"Even then," Aiden nodded, shrugging his shoulders briefly, just enough to move them. Half expecting to have his ass handed to him with a wooden spoon for shrugging. His mother had detested such plebian acts, speak with your mouth not your body, she'd state. It was a difficult habit to break indeed. "Minerva McGonagall doesn't seem to know what to do with students…"

"They're in her care for nine months of the year, and other than teaching them Transfiguration, they honestly don't see her." Walburga stated, "Slughorn could be rather…overwhelming, but he was always there for us. He was in the Common room at least once or twice a week even if only for a few minutes to see us. If anyone needed him, he made it his mission to help."

"Especially if you were one of his 'chosen'," Hadrian said dryly, but dipped his head, "He does a far superior job, no doubt about it." Agreeing fully heartedly with her, it was true, Slughorn was there for them always. He had wished them well, insisting he'd be listening, and stated he'd known they'd do great things and he couldn't wait to see what they'd accomplish. Part of that irked Hadrian, he wasn't Tom and Tom wasn't him. They had individual identities, had different desires and hopes and more importantly accomplishments.

The Black females joined them, or rather previous Black females, Hadrian wouldn't ever call them anything else. Despite the fact they weren't Black's anymore. Lucretia was a Prewitt, Cedrella was a Weasley, only Walburga was lucky enough to be a Black by birth and Black by marriage. Lucky depending on who you asked.

Hadrian knew how bad it really was, since he'd been a Gryffindor at Hogwarts for six years. His last year didn't count, understandably, since he wasn't at Hogwarts. "It's doubtful I'd be able to take over, I have no experience, only a fool would honestly take me on." Hogwarts was a school, it was multifaceted, he knew it was likely that he had no idea just how complex it was being Headmaster. It wasn't just sitting in an office, that much everyone knew.

Tom slowly and deviously smirked, "Please, if the public knew it was your dream? The outcry for you to replace Dippet would be massive. They'd have no choice, plus, the donations that could be given to encourage it would seal it." He would do anything for Hadrian, that's if he really wanted to do it.

"Is it something you want to do?" Lucretia asked, giving him a pointed look, "With two young children, it would be quite difficult, not impossible, but difficult." It would mean less time with them, and Hadrian would likely employ a Wizard or Witch to look after the children. They'd likely be made to swear vows or oaths up the wazoo, before they were allowed anywhere near the children. Which was understandable, she'd likely be exactly the same in his shoes.

"It's why Headteachers have Deputy Heads," Tom pointed out, "If they don't have a teaching job, their entire focus would be working as a Deputy headteacher."

"That is true," Hadrian murmured, it would be like working part time perhaps, and he could do that and ensure his children were safe, healthy and happy. It would only be for a few years before they begun schooling anyway and socialising with children their own age that wasn't their own brother/sister. Not that they were going to be secluded until they were three, no, they would be visiting their brother, Fenrir and the pack.

He could use someone from the pack to take care of the children, pay them, another income for the pack. Not that they lacked anything, they worked together to make sure they all had everything they needed. They refused charity now that they could make ends meet, Fenrir was an amazing Alpha but with Tom and him? Was there ever a doubt?

"…By Vera Vector! You're listening to the Wizarding wireless…" the wizarding wireless continued to drone on in the background, reporting what was happening likely in the atrium where the announcement would likely be given at the same time an announcement was due to be called out here.

"You should go for it," Cedrella enthused, "Dippet was Headmaster for decades, another chance might not come along in our lifetime." Wizards only worked for thirty to forty years before they enjoy life at their leisure, by then their children had taken over the running of the estate, of making money, of giving them grandchildren to cherish. "The prejudice is at an all time low too, which is amazing."

"We might end up with a worse Headmaster that makes the prejudice worse, Dumbledore has people still believing everything he said." Walburga postulated.

Hadrian just shook his head ruefully, honestly, Slytherins, the lot of them were ridiculous.

"If it's something you want, go for it, we'll make sure it happens," Tom murmured, able to sense Hadrian's warring emotions and indecision. "We'll be fine, it's not much different between using the Floo to get to Hogwarts instead of home." Peverell estate was his home, Hogwarts while it held a reverence to him, and always would, it didn't make him long for it like Peverell estate.

Hadrian made a noncommittal noise, neither agreeing or disagreeing, "I'll think about it, I mean I do have time, he's not retiring right now, is he?" he still had the rest of the school year to go, and surely, he'd stay to train whoever his successor would be.

The others shook their heads, they had no clue themselves.

"Doubtful, but it's clear he wants to retire and know Hogwarts is in good hands," Walburga commented.

"Is this it, ladies and gentlemen? Has a new Minister been chosen at long last?!" the tinny voice asked, sounding super excited, but also very pleasant to listen to. "We're being approached with a blue letter…this is it! Who has become the Magical World's Minister for magic? Tom Peverell-Slytherin…someone who will lead us into prosperity and might! Or Albus Dumbledore?"

"She's really brutal," Hadrian murmured, not even able to summon up disappointment or disagreement.

"Isn't she a delight?" Lucretia, "I wish I had known her while I was in school, I believe we would have gotten on so well."

Everyone turned to face the door when he was opened, rather forcefully, perhaps to get everyone's attention or perhaps a little too much magic into opening the doors accidentally. They were large and heavy doors after all, not so easily opened without magic, and forcing anyone that did attempt it to put their entire strength behind them.

"It's time," Tom murmured, watching impassive but with a hint of intrigue and curiosity, neither feigned, he was a great deal curious.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you so much for coming this afternoon," the wizard commented, standing proud and strong, chin jilted upwards just a tad. "I am very pleased to announce the winner of this election is…." With that he opened the envelope which then lurched up stop, envelope opening like a mouth, ah, like a Howler announcement.

"LORD TOM PEVERELL-SLYTHERIN!" the words echoing twice, through the real time announcement and the seconds delay through the radio. The almighty cheer of delight and exhilaration rang through the room, as the proud purebloods forwent their usual decorum and let their feelings be known to all.

It would have been a severe taint on wizarding society if Dumbledore had won against the odds he'd been pitted against.

The look on Dumbledore face would entertain Tom and Hadrian for many a century to come.

*Up the wazoo – up someone's buttock

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