Lord Of Time

Chapter 105


"Henry Romulus Peverell-Slytherin! no running!" Hadrian called out to his grandson, Dawn had given birth to twins, a boy and girl. Fenrir's face had been comical to say the least. A little panicked at the thought of trying to raise two children when he'd had enough trouble with contemplating just one. When he'd been told his name, he'd had to stop himself laughing, Romulus, honestly, why did they insist on giving their children werewolves names then being shocked when they become werewolves? It was as if they had a precognition episode when they were born.

Little Henry froze on the spot, now while Hadrian was the main spoiler and Tom was the one more serious…when either of them raised their voices the children paid attention. Not out of fear, they were never hit or hurt in any way. However, Hadrian hade sure they listened when it was important. Especially now since Hogwarts was rather dangerous for children if they weren't watched carefully. "Sorry grampa!"

"Thank you, now hold my hand, these staircases move," Hadrian then proceeded to explain to the now seven-year-old boy. Severus (eight-years-old) was silently following Hadrian, clutching his hand as he gazed around Hogwarts in silent wonder. "What do you think, Sev? Do you like it?"

"It's pretty," Severus said, "Daddy, why are we here?" turning to face his daddy curiously, as pretty as it was, it wasn't part of their usual routine, and he was curious to know why he was here.

"This is where daddy's new job is," Hadrian explained as they walked up the stairs, Hadrian being really mindful of their little feet and the jinx steps. "I'll be working here from now on."

"Headmaster Peverell-Slytherin, there is a one Cedrella Weasley and Arthur Weasley in the Headmaster's office, what shall I tell them?" the Bloody Baron questioned, floating in mid-air, scaring the bloody hell out little Henry and Severus who screamed and huddled into Hadrian. Luckily though their curiosity outweighed their fear at that age, and they were peering at Baron with unique curiosity that only children could elicit.

Hadrian frowned, "Inform her that I shall be in the office and with Henry and Severus as soon as I possibly can. Get the House-elves to see to it that they've got something to eat and drink while they wait, we'll likely be about twenty minutes." Kali was with Imogen, Ivy and Lucius today when Kali heard that Imogen was taking Ivy to the zoo she'd pleaded and begged to go and Imogen had agreed to her come, Severus had said no. The only interest in animals he had were the ones on paper or used in Potion ingredients.

"Very well," the Bloody Baron declared, before taking off, upwards, until he made his way through the staircases and well on his way to the headmaster's office.

Hadrian wished he'd taken the Floo or something, anything, even a Portkey. He'd just wanted to let the kids see Hogwarts properly, not just end up in the office. Although, the best view would come when they were eleven, and he smiled as he recalled his own time crossing over the lake and under the school on the boat.

Or more likely, waited until Monday, it would have been far easier with the kids at school. The life of being tutored and secluded from society was long gone. With only a few doing it until their children actually did accidental magic. Which set them behind, and embarrassed them, thus all children actually began 'nursery' at four and school at five, a lot of their day was socialising and having fun and learning their ABC's and 123s.

Shaking off his thoughts, easing the kids up the stairs, glancing upwards with pursed lips. They'd get there, there was only one more level to go, technically, since the gargoyle led them up to the 'fourth' level. "Come on then, one more level!"

"Kids at Hogwarts!"

"A Headmaster should be able to focus you know," one of the portraits said eyeing Hadrian was if he was the oddest thing to happen to the school.

"Well, if I think I'm lacking in any way I'll be sure to tend my resignation," Hadrian said dryly, paying no particular mind to the idiot of a portrait who likely believed that carriers and witches should stay home raising the kids and the husbands do the work.

Severus stuck his tongue out at the portrait who proceeded to stutter, young but knowing enough to realize he'd insulted his daddy. Hadrian didn't notice as he helped both kids up the next set of stairs. He did hear the stuttering but assumed it was to his answer, and rolled his eyes, honestly, he might be actually tempted to get rid of some of the more useless portraits.

"Okay boys, straight ahead to the gargoyle," Hadrian said cheerfully, pointing straight ahead so they knew what he was referring to.

"Tag you're it!" Henry tagged Severus before quickly zooming off as fast as his little legs could carry him. It was his very favourite game, and he always won it when he played it.

Severus glanced at his dad, before taking off with a laugh trying to catch up with Henry. An impossible task, everyone would agree that out of all of them, he was the fastest. Giggling and laughing echoed in the corridor as they ran around avoiding each other. Trying to avoid being tagged as it were.

Severus knew where he came from, Eileen was a distant aunt of sorts. He knew his grandparents the Princes. He was set to be the heir of the Prince estate. Hadrian hadn't argued or refuted the idea. They'd agreed to allow Severus to choose once he reached twenty-one. That way he'd know everything about each estate, and he could choose which name he wanted to take on.

He looked nothing like the little boy Hadrian had once seen in the Pensieve. He wasn't pale for one thing; he had more colour due to the holidays the family went on abroad. His nose was cute and buttonlike like Tom. Severus also had Tom's eyes, dark, only a slight deviation from the Severus he'd known. He was tall, Melin, help him, he was really tall he was already towering over all his friends, Sirius, James, Marlon, Ivy, and his sibling Kali.

And the only scowl he ever saw on his boy's face? Was when he didn't get his own way. His Severus was so full of life, happy, had more friends than he could ever have a need for. With a family that was so proud of him (Prince included) his love for Potions had remained, and Hadrian indulged it knowing that Severus truly loved to brew.

Hadrian walked along the corridor, it was a surreal feeling. To be here again, with Severus and Henry. Let alone them there as children, not to mention him and Tom being grandparents. They felt much too young to be grandparents, but Hadrian loved it. He wouldn't want any other life, he had a family, and a husband. Shaking off his thoughts, Merlin, he was getting maudlin in his old age.

Hadrian approached the gargoyle, wand pointed into it's left eye. "Headmaster Hadrian Peverell-Slytherin, password M.O.D." and with that the gargoyle jerked into movement, causing the children to squeal as it begun moving with them on it.

Hadrian grabbed a hold of their shoulders, giving them balance, "It's okay, it's meant to happen. Just stay still, we'll reach the top in a few seconds and it will stop moving." Reassuring his children, never once finding amusement at their distress even if it was rather silly to an adult's view.

"Artie! Artie!" Henry and Severus both called out, delighting in seeing the seventeen-year-old Gryffindor again. Hadrian wasn't sure what he'd changed about the Black family, but the ties that bound them were strengthened tightly like the words in an unbreakable vow. He ate with them at least once a month, the Weasley's and Prewitt's and the Black's and the Crouch's. Perhaps it was the knowledge that pure blood was detrimental to magic? To them?

Arthur's gaze lit up just seeing the children, even if his eyes were rimmed red. Hadrian straightened up, cautious, Cedrella looked ready to commit murder.

"Arthur? The red box has books suitable for the little ones, can you keep them entertained while I begin unpacking?" Hadrian asked, and he knew the youth wouldn't deny him. Not only were they close, but he knew Hadrian always gave him some money for any jobs well done.

"Okay," Arthur said, sniffling a little, before taking each of their hands and taking them over to the other side of the Headmaster's office. Which was empty of anything except a large ornate table and identical shelves that were an intricate part of the office.

"Thank you," Hadrian said, brushing Arthur's hair, back before bringing him into a quick hug. "Would you like something to drink? Tea, coffee?"

Cedrella still fuming, but well aware that Hadrian wasn't responsible for her problem. "Camomile tea, please," she needed the help to calm down some.

"No calming draught?" he queried well aware that this was going to be an awful meeting. You didn't see Cedrella angry or any pureblood witch, they were always calm, poised, and elegant. Sure, they got angry, but behind closed doors as they had been taught.

"No," Cedrella declared, they would make her too calm, and she wanted to rage. She honestly didn't know who to go to first. Whether to go to her husband, her Head of House, the Black house naturally. Orion would know what to do.

"Dobby?" Hadrian called, taking the House-elf away from his temporary duties of getting the place set up for them all.

"What can Dobby do?" Dobby asked, waiting for Hadrian to give him a task.

"Make some hot chocolate for the boys, three mugs, and you know what, make that five, we could all use some cheering up." Hadrian requested of Dobby, "Thank you." He added, as he always did.

"Dobby will return with seats and hot chocolate," with that Dobby left.

True to Dobby's word, two chairs were brought into the room for the pair of them. Cedrella was so distracted and worried she didn't even react to anything going on. "Take a seat, tell me what's going on, what's happened? Are your older boys, okay?" worried something had happened to the family.

"You knew," Cedrella said, trying to remain calm.

"I knew what?" Hadrian asked bewildered, she wasn't making much sense to him.

"You knew that Molly Prewitt was going to rape my son!" speaking through gritted teeth. "How could you let it happen?"

Hadrian swallowed, "I didn't know anything was going to happen, or even when, my abilities don't work like that." Feeling a little guilty but it was true, he hadn't known if it would really happen or when. It was just a damn fleeting comment Molly Weasley made when he was visiting her home. He wasn't sure what she'd expected of him. "What happened?" his tone softening in sympathy.

Dobby popped in with their cups, before giving the boys theirs. Whipped cream, made with milk and sprinkled with chocolate shaving. It was the perfect hot chocolate, a recipe they'd perfected when the children arrived on the scene with him and Tom being the first to try them all until it was perfect. A task anyone can get behind he was sure.

"I found him sobbing in his room! He was so worried about our reactions that he couldn't bring himself to say it. Molly Prewitt is pregnant with Arthurs' child, my first grandchild! Merlin, if they don't marry it will be born a bastard!" which was a damn horrid fate to wish upon anyone. Merlin, help them. "He wants to marry the wicked wrench!"

"Alright, calm down," Hadrian said softly, "Drink your hot chocolate."

"Calm down?" she ground out, "Do you know what will happen when his father finds out?"

"I do not," Hadrian replied, "What?" wondering if that was what originally happened.

"He'll be cut off financially until he comes to his senses! He'll refuse to see him or any children born from the union Arthur wants to see through!" Cedrella was almost red in the face, "Even after the potion was removed!" they'd gotten the help their son needed, but it seems like the potion wasn't requested. She knew her husband, she knew this was exactly what would happen. He'd be cut off from his inheritance so that Prewitt wouldn't get a single coin.

Hadrian blinked, heart sinking, "Oh Arthur," he whispered, likely they'd been married before the potion could truly leave his system. It must have left him without parents, siblings, with only his child, children he really wanted, and had wanted since he was a young boy. He remembered him at Sirius' christening young as he was.

"He wants to marry her," Cedrella said a hint of desperation in her voice.

"Of course, he does," Hadrian said quietly, "Had he been given Amortentia?"

"How did…yes, that's the one." Cedrella murmured in surprise. Drinking the hot chocolate, and feeling herself relax a little, just having someone to talk to was best. "What does this…" bewilderedly trying to ask what it had to do with anything.

Hadrian grasped a hold of her left hand, squeezing gently, "The feelings will linger, it's not as simple as wakening up and realizing he's been had. It will take weeks, months before those feelings fade Merlin, isn't this all in the book? Been explained by the hospital?"

Cedrella shivered, "A-are you sure?" she stuttered. Clearly it had not been discussed.

Hadrian nodded, "I'm very sure," he reassured her, "I thought he was dating Amelia?" why hadn't he heard anything about it? Arthur wasn't one for flings, his family surely knew this. He recalled smothering his laughter, it looked like Arthur had a thing for red heads when he first saw the pair, who by the way had been smitten with one another.

"He…he was," she said, "He wrote that he had broken up with her at the start of his seventh year." Clearly recalling that he'd wrote to the family just two days after Hogwarts started back up.

"Did he give a reason why?" Hadrian asked, they were adorable, the times he'd seen them during the summer holidays. Amelia had never married; she'd remained a Madam Bones raising her niece. Perhaps she had loved Arthur wholly.

"Amelia is barren, she's 100% unable to have children." Cedrella explained, a sadness lingering in her gaze. "She'd never get in the way if she believed Arthur had decided to put children before their relationship." Considering her two eldest sons didn't seem content to settle down or have children, she and Septimus were worried that they might not have grandchildren. It's why they hadn't pushed for a marriage contract between the two, just in case Arthur did decide he wanted children.

Hadrian nodded his understanding, and it did make sense. No wizard worth their salt wants to marry someone who couldn't carry on their family name. Perhaps as a second marriage, if an heir was produced, but that would be it. It also explained why she focused entirely on her job, he felt sympathy for her he really did. However, there was a potion that would allow her to become a mother her blood added to the child. She could have continued the Bones name. Although, he couldn't say for sure when it came out, it might have been too late for her to consider it. "Give it a few weeks, take him on holiday, get him away from here, even if it means starting Hogwarts later, I'll make sure it's all fine. Tell his father what's happening and not to argue with Arthur, he's not himself right now. A week after his emotions have settled, return home."

"What about the baby?" Cedrella questioned.

"Sounds like you want your cake and to eat it too." Hadrian said bluntly, "You can't have it all ways. Do you want him to marry Molly or not?" drinking the hot chocolate, finding it the perfect temperature, the sound of Arthur's voice speaking in the background lulling them further.

Cedrella gaped at him, inhaling sharply, offended but also realizing the truth in his words. It's perhaps why the Black family happened to like him so much. He gave you the truth of it whether you liked it or not. Even the females, the only ones he was cautious about blurting out the truth to was the kids, naturally. They were to be protected. "No, no I don't but that child might end up being the only grandchild we have, the only heir to the Weasley family." The Weasley's only had boys, it had been this way for six generations now unfortunately. She would have desperately loved a little girl to cherish, but all was well.

"Then don't worry, I'll have a way forward for you that will see the family in safe waters." Hadrian promised her. His mind already mulling over the possibility, but others would have to agree to it too. "If the family, the Prewitt's get in touch, you ignore them. Do not answer to them no matter what's said. They'll be believing what their daughter is telling them, it will come out but not yet. Let Arthur recover first before he's put to the task."

"I'll see if Orion can spare the Villa in Tucson." Cedrella, "It's where me and Septimus had our honeymoon." She added flushing red, and where her first born son was conceived. It was very hot too, they'd barely stepped outside it was just ridiculously hot even with cooling charms.

Hadrian nodded, "I think I recall Orion telling me about that," it was a favourite holiday destination of the Black family. Except Orion, he preferred somewhere with more history, Rome, Egypt, Greece. He loved finding rare curses, and bringing them back to use on his enemies with them being from a different country it was unlikely they could be cured in time.

There was a reason nobody pissed off the Black family. Unfortunately, the Black family had been torn apart before Molly made her move on Arthur. Instead of waiting, it seemed like Arthur married her immediately. Stupid foolish family, he honestly couldn't understand why everything had to be done to standard so the family wasn't embarrassed. Arthur was the damn victim, why make them feel as if they were in the wrong?

"I know for a fact that Orion has a Wizengamot meeting that he'll be attending in little more than half an hour. Call for Kreacher, Arthur will be fine here, I really could use his help." Hadrian said, "I'll be sure to have him home after dinner? So you can talk to Septimus and pack then leave that night? I meant what I said, no arguing about Molly, if he wants to write to her, give the appearance of agreeing and when he's no longer there set them side but keep them."

Cedrella nodded slowly, "I understand," she said, nodding firmly, shoring herself up for what was to come.

"He's going to have emotional outbursts that are definitely not fit for a seventeen-year-old. Nightmares, the whole shebang. Be gentle with him, it's not his fault, it's his body righting itself emotionally." Hadrian said softly, his green eyes filled with a saddened sympathy.

"Will he be alright with the little ones?" Cedrella turned to her youngest son with the two little ones.

Hadrian smiled, "Oh yes, he'll be just fine, plus, Dobby will be here watching over them soon enough as well." Luperca Dawn Peverell-Slytherin and Kali would be joining them very soon likely with Imogen, Ivy and Lucius. He smiled at the thought, oh, they'd all love it, he was sure. "Now go on, Orion might end up leaving early, it's a big meeting." Which was very true.

"Kreacher!" Cedrella called out, frowning a little when the House-elf did not readily respond.

"Easy, he's a nanny elf, he has the responsibility first and foremost of the children under his care." Hadrian reassured her, the two Black children were in fact Hadrian's godchildren, Regulus was coming up for seven-years of age. He hadn't realized Sirius and Regulus had been that close in age, the way Sirius spoke he'd thought him at least three or four years younger. Foolish idiot that he was, but he'd got to feel genuine happiness when Walburga announced she was pregnant again with the second son she so desperately wanted.

Honestly, expecting an elf not your own to answer your call right away, he barely refrained from rolling his eyes at her.

It took four minutes for Kreacher to respond to Cedrella's call.

"What can Kreacher do for Mistress Cedrella?" dressed impeccably just like Hadrian's, they made the first impression of the wizarding family after all. It was one of Hadrian's proudest accomplishments, except his children really. Even the Malfoy family had been shamed into the better treatment of their House-elves.

Hadrian spoke before Cedrella could make her demands, she may not be violent or hurt them but she was in a bad enough mood to treat them, him, with contempt. "Take Cedrella to Orion and Walburga, please, Kreacher, they need to have a quick conversation before he leaves for his meeting."

Kreacher gave a single nod, surprisingly doing the Peverell-Slytherin's bidding, despite not being a Black. He hooked his fingers into Cedrella's robes, and popped away with her.

Turning back, shaking his head, seriously, not even a goodbye to her son? Sometimes purebloods baffled him to the core. Despite the fact he'd been around them more than he'd ever been in the Muggle world in what he now called a past life.

He noticed Arthur watching, worry and sadness in his eyes. "She's went to meet with Lord Black, since you wanted to stay here she's okay with it. You can Floo home whenever you like, but if you'd like to make some money, I could use the help with the kids today. How does five galleons an hour sound?"

It was way too pricey to be honest, but Hadrian had never been one to do the whole minimum wage thing. Arthur did a good job, the kids love him, so he'd take him over anyone else more 'professional' or with 'more experience' any day. It wasn't like Arthur was going to be on his own, it was just going to allow Hadrian to get everything set up without little bodies underfoot. Accidents could happen even with magic at helm to help, or even with if you wanted to be technical.

"Yes, Sir!" Arthur said looking significantly more cheerful than when he'd walked in, looking as if someone was at deaths door.

Hadrian smiled, as Severus shoved a potions book into Arthur's hands with the expectation that it be read to him. Henry grumbled, but sat down with a book of his own, one that read to him. Dobby would be there with them soon, with that he began to sort out the bedrooms first, which was just to the left of the Headmasters office. His office.

He was finally here, finally Headmaster of Hogwarts and he could bring changes to the school. Sure, Dippet had agreed to a lot of the changes, mostly because it made sense and would leave the students starting Hogwarts bored out of their mind after being in Hogsmeade school for years.


Tom emerged through the Floo into Hogwarts Headmasters office. His gaze roving around, pleased with what he was seeing. Neutral colours, maybe a little bland, but the splashes of colour of the curtains and things added that much needed colour. It was sparsely decorated, but whether Hadrian would keep it that way Tom didn't know.

"Hello, love," Tom murmured, wrapping his arms around his husband, and kissing his neck. "Are you and the kids, okay?" he'd felt Hadrian's possessive ire kick in earlier. It had taken a lot to have him stay. Especially knowing how important the law was to Hadrian.

"Did it pass?" Hadrian asked in anticipation, did the law pass?

"It did," Tom said smugly, he'd made it so that the Minister (himself) had more of a say in the Wizengamot. Not more seats, or anything such, but still being able to vote. There were still so many things he desired to change, of course he had his opposition but Dumbledore and his little brand of cohorts were nothing on the grand scheme of things.

He and Hadrian did too much good to ever be forgotten.

"Good," Hadrian said smugly, but his emotions dipped almost immediately afterwards. "Molly Prewitt imbibed Arthur with Amortentia."

Tom growled lowly at the back of his throat, "Where on earth did Prewitt get it?"

"We don't know, but Cedrella came to me about it, venting over the fact her son was still wishing to marry her. She's actually pregnant. I told them to go on holiday until his emotions fixed themselves." Hadrian said quietly, well aware of the rage thrumming through him.

"When they return, he will press full charges on her, and I will make sure she pays for a long time." Tom said coldly, seething in fury. He didn't much care for Arthur, except that he was kind to his children, and that he was very polite.

Hadrian said nothing, and ensured nothing was felt through the bond. It was rather hypocritical of him. His own father had gone through the exact same thing, yet here he was vying for righteous condemnation. Not that Tom much cared for his mother either, but his father had paid a very hefty price for his abandonment of tom. "I'll speak to them about it." He promised, leaning back against Tom content.

"Are Henry and Luperca staying the night?" noticing her gnawed on favourite blue bunny (originally it had been pink) but her favourite colour was blue so during an incident of accidental magic she'd turned it blue while demanding a blue bunny.

"Yes, next weekends the full moon," Hadrian said amused, and neither child would willingly miss the full moon with their parents. The children got so much energy on that night, if they stayed here, it would be in their wolf form, and cause all sorts of mischief. Neither wizard would get a sleep during it. Not that they'd mind in the event of an emergency, but the cub's loved being with the rest of the pack so when it was the full moon, they didn't stay that particular weekend.

Tom nodded, sighing softly, "Are they already asleep?"

"Oh no, they're waiting for dad and grandad to read to them." Hadrian teased, turning around, "Hungry?"

"Starving," Tom admitted, he didn't touch any food in the Ministry cafeteria or anything send to him. It was why Hadrian had Dobby pop in with a large lunch at twelve.

"Anything you'd like today in particular?" gazing at Tom with an abundance of love. Years and years had gone by, they'd graduated school, made the world their own, continued to build on their legacy, becoming Minister (Tom still) him becoming Headmaster and that love had never once wavered.

"Roast beef," Tom said, "I've had such a hankering for it since last night."

"Sounds good, go read to the kids, have a bath, dinner should be ready by the time you get out." Hadrian said, kissing him with as much passion as he could muster, without igniting something. They couldn't just so whatever the wanted right now, not until they were in bed and sure the children were asleep. Fenrir was taking Dawn to Rome for a meal and to visit the colosseum. She'd always wanted to see the amphitheatre since she was young, and Fenrir was ensuring she got that wish.

Tom made a soft sound, "Later perhaps…will you join me?" the fire in their relationship still there, and he couldn't help but wonder if it would always be. He hoped so, he couldn't imagine not loving Hadrian as much as he did.

"Good idea," Hadrian murmured, "So long as the kids are asleep." Giving him a gentle shove towards their bedroom. The children had a bedroom each, but when Henry and Luperca stayed over Henry stayed with Severus and Lupe stayed with Kali. Arthur was as far away from Molly as he could get while he recovers abroad thanks to Orion's immediate agreement.

"How well did the law pass?" Hadrian asked smugly, as he walked Tom to the kid's bedroom, which wasn't known to him yet. Much of the stuff in the bedroom was theirs though, making it easier on all of them.

"Overwhelming passes with only two percent disagreeing," Tom replied, "It will be firmly regulated by the Ministry of magic, if Severus is as good as you say he will be. I want him running that department as soon as he passes his mastery." He wanted the best of the best with him.

"That's likely for the best, but kept under the most rigours of wards so that only the head of the department can read the information with vows in place so they cannot just reveal that information or pass it on." Hadrian stated.

"I agree," Tom nodded, "Fidelius charm perhaps?"

"I agree, yes," Hadrian nodded pleased, this way nobody would be getting classified information. "They're in there, they've had a bath, a drink and a piece of toast so don't let them convince you otherwise."

"It was one time!" Tom complained in exasperation.

Hadrian smirked, before sauntering away, he wanted to get at least one chapter of his new book written before Tom returned. He was please to know that the permanent adoption potion (that rearranges the recipient of the potions DNA into their new parents) it left nothing of their old families behind, scrubbing possible family magicks and such. Hadrian had adopted Severus into his family, but he hadn't used that particular potion. So, Severus had the Prince family magic, Peverell family magic and the Slytherin family magic.

He was extremely powerful; it was a good job he was in a family equipped to deal with it.

So, yes, the permanent adoption potion would scrub any other DNA out leaving only the new parents' blood. For all intents and purposes made them parents on the fundamental level. They did need to keep track of who they were born as naturally.

The potion had been created by him, naturally blood magic wasn't easily accepted. Fortunately, between him and Tom they were easing the way for more and more acceptance. Two families had been the first to test it in its experimental stage. The Shafiq family and Lucretia and Ignatius Prewitt. Both lines which would have originally ended (and hadn't had luck with new blood (formally Muggle-borns) being from any of their lines to pass the name on to. Not that the Prewitt line had been in any danger with Fabian and Gideon being born. However, they did now have cousins, Lucretia and Ignatius had found twins, and immediately picked them. Twins were well known in the family.

It was the Shafiq family that helped solidify everything for the Wizengamot he knew. They were part of the noble and ancient line, and it had been coming to an end. The wealth, power and status just gone. Or it would have been. It would stop the ending of family lines, thus they passed it.

Hadrian nodded as he wrote the last line out, perfect. This was the perfect spot to end it he was sure. Such power, such a huge legacy should not be forgotten due to our fears of what blood is capable. A killing curse can be seen as both murder and mercy. So too should blood magic. It is our actions that show us who we truly are.

By the time Arthur's child was brought into the world, he was married to Amelia Weasley nee Bones. Amelia magically and through the use of the potion made the child her own, and nobody would be able to say otherwise. The Prewitt's were vowed to secrecy, and Molly? Was in Azkaban for the use of that potion (the person she used it on was kept under lock and key). Tom, making sure to put out there how unacceptable he found it, actually had her sentenced for ten years.

It took Tom an extraordinary amount of time to get Hadrian out of his funk he'd been in afterward. When the realization crept in that there would be no Charlie, no Percy, no twins or Ron or Ginny for that matter but still. It hurt him. Surprisingly it had seemingly hurt Tom more. The kids and ultimately Tom's own hurt brought him out of the funk.

Tom hated that he wouldn't be able to get revenge on Ronald Weasley or Ginny Weasley. They didn't exist period.

There was still one person on that list though. If they were even born.

Hermione Granger.

At least there would be one he could seek revenge on his husband. He'd just need to make her pay thrice. He'd be there for it, no matter what…after all, he was a Lord of Time.

will Lily Evans even exist? Will James even take a liking to her? will there be a Harry Potter with those parents in existence? or will James end up enamoured with someone else? Kali? will James end up in Hadrian's family and not just godfather/son? hmm what about Remus will he end up in the group? What of Peter? although the next chapter will have to have them all in it I guess, but I just can't figure out what kind of scenes to put there...their sorting then skipping seems a bit weird if you ask me what do you guys think? R&R please