Lord Of Time

Chapter 106

1971 – Three years later

Hadrian and Tom made quite a spectacle (with guards blending in all from Tom's Walpurgis group) as they apparated to the wizarding side of the platform. Ready to see the kids off for their first year of Hogwarts. It was already bustling with activity, and Hadrian watched the scene in front of him feeling a sense of surrealism unlike ever before.

"I don't see why we couldn't just stay at Hogwarts," Kali sighed, exasperated by all the drama this morning had created. She was very much like her father in both temperament and ability to charm everyone around her. She hadn't a taste for murder though thank Merlin. She'd learned Hadrian's diplomacy and was rather adept at using it.

"And miss the train ride?" Hadrian commented, "You'll enjoy yourself; it is a right of passage." He reassured his daughter, kissing her lovingly on the forehead. There was no doubt his little girl was going to end up in the house of silver and blue, a Ravenclaw at heart.

"Is Fenrir coming?" Severus asked hopeful, he absolutely adored the ground his brother walked on. He'd been teased by one of the boys at school when Fenrir picked him up and taken ten years of the boy that was bullying Severus. Since then, Severus had dotted on his big brother. That's not to say they hadn't loved each other, they had, but they had become very close.

"He wouldn't miss your first train ride," Tom stated, and his word was never met with 'are you sure' since he kept his word. If he couldn't do it, he said, if he wasn't sure he would declare as such.

"Merlin, Tom, you can see the Muggle-borns that didn't attend school from a mile away," Hadrian commented, "Just look at them, I…was I like that at the beginning?" not even asking Tom here just befuddled.

"SEV! KALI!" came several distinctive voices from the crowd as they rushed up to meet their friends.

"James! Sirius! Reg! Artemis! Andrew!" Severus proclaimed a massive grin on his face, Artemis and Andrew had been blood adopted into the Avery family after they were abandoned by their Muggle relations. Naturally neither child knew, they believed that the Avery family was the one they were born into. "Ivy! Aunt Imogen! Uncle Abraxas!"

"Good morning, and good luck at your sorting young James, Sirius, Regulus, last but no means least Andrew." Imogen said warmly, aging very well, as she hugged Ivy to her, she wouldn't miss it for the world.

"Do us all proud, children," Abraxas, he'd been rather irritated when Hadrian begun using the term aunt and uncle for his friends. It just felt rather wrong, they weren't related after all. Yet he'd warmed to it, it wasn't as if he or Imogen had siblings so they'd never be aunts or uncles. He was close to them all, and rather loved the title he'd been bestow now.

"Where's Aiden?" he saw his children but couldn't see the wizard in question.

"His wife went into labour, we had the children last night," Imogen explained, as she kissed Hadrian's cheek and was kissed in turn. Aiden had married rather late in life, not like everyone else. He'd chosen to marry for love, as had Lord Nott.

"FENRIR!" Severus and Kali called out ecstatic to see their big brother, of course Henry and Lupe weren't there. They wouldn't be attending Hogwarts until next year, along with Regulus and Marlon.

"Why didn't he say anything?" Hadrian asked, straightening up, already planning on visiting St. Mungo's as soon as the kids were off.

"Hady!" Lyra shrieked in sheer excitement, as she wiggled to get down.

"Lyra! Do calm down," Walburga said sighing in exasperation, she set the three-year-old down on the train station ground at Hadrian's nod. Walburga gracefully stood back up, her daughter was a very welcoming accident, both her brothers adored her and spoiled her something fierce.

Hadrian was standing arms wide open ready for her. It didn't take long at all for Lyra to run into his arms. Like the rest of the Black's she was given star names and had beautiful black hair and grey eyes. She was such a stunning baby, and as they'd found out, she had Metamorphamagus abilities, two weeks after she was born. She was Orion and Walburga's pride and joy. It had been so long since a Metamorphamagus was born. Hadrian found it ironic since there would be another in six years or so back then, three years now. "Would you look at you, you're getting so big!" Hadrian said, comfortably and with ease setting her on his hip, kissing Walburga on the cheek when she approached and nodding at Orion.

She technically shouldn't have survived, Hadrian worried she was the reason Walburga came the rotten portrait version he'd ensured the baby's survival. The fact they'd had a Metamorphamagus had people questioning the validity of Hadrian's claims for a while. Until it became clear that Bellatrix was suffering a severe form of the Black madness from a young age. She unfortunately, would never attend Hogwarts, she'd be looked after by her mother Druella.

Nobody was going to mention the main Carrow branch. Luckily the cousin branch was there to pick up the slack after believing the science behind Hadrian's books.

Nymphadora Tonks, and Andromeda was dating Edward Tonks openly with the family's approval. Although, in Hadrian's view it was likely the boy would adopt the Black name making her Nymphadora Black when the kid came along.

"Here's some money for the trolley," Cygnus gifted his two girls with pouches, his youngest and only son through blood adoption, perched on his hip crying for them. He didn't want them to go to Hogwarts without him. "There's enough to do you for your Hogsmeade visits." Bellatrix…her problems broke his heart. However, they would do everything they could to help her no matter what. It was just too dangerous for her to use magic, to have a wand. She was so unpredictable, moody, but sometimes she could be the sweetest girl in the world. Bellatrix was the eldest, and they'd been terrified that their other girls would suffer the same problems but Hadrian had promised it wasn't the case at all. "Your mother will take you next year alright?" kissing them on the foreheads, and hugging them tightly, soon they'd be adults and married.

"Damn, I knew there was something I forgot," Hadrian groaned, how could he have forgotten? It was his favourite bit of the train ride the most memorable train ride during his first year.

Tom chuckled, "I did not," bringing out full pouches for them, "Not that they'll be needing for more than the trolley." The students still did not go to Hogsmeade until they were thirteen, and yes, that did include some second years, if they were twelve upon entering Hogwarts for the first year. Although they could ensure they had enough treats to last them until Yule.

"There's always something forgotten," Imogen said, sounding amused, "I forgot to pack Lucius' uniform." Red faced, and rueful, but her husband had caught up with the train in Hogsmeade and handed it off so that Lucius wasn't teased. It wasn't the first time such thing happened, wouldn't be the last.

"Happens more often than you think," Hadrian said with a carefree laugh, "Three times last year. One of them was Muggle born, so we've set aside a couple of uniforms to be on the safe side." There wasn't much they couldn't go without, but uniform was unfortunately not something they could go without.

"It's a good idea," Cygnus agreed, letting his son who was still crying to say goodbye to his sisters. It was a shame there was such a big difference in their ages. However, it just meant he'd have overprotective sisters growing up. And nieces and nephews only a few years older than him.

Andromeda transfigured a toy soldier for him, reassuring him quietly that they'd keep in touch. They had mirrors that were so popular to communicate with. The headmaster had created them and they were amazing, she loved being able to stay in touch with Ted and her parents and little brother. Easing her brothers fingers off her Slytherin tie, he was almost choking her.

Tom inhaled sharply when Hadrian's nails bit into his skin. Barely stopping himself from jerking out of the hold that was causing him pain. He likely would have if not for the ability to feel Hadrian's inner turmoil. "What's the matter?" he asked, staring around trying to figure out Hadrian's problem.

"I'm not going to say goodbye to the freak!"

"Petunia, stop this at once," Mr. Evans declared, his voice causing his daughter to go quiet. Clearly, he was the disciplinarian in the family, and his children responded to him. "You will not call your sister that term, do you understand?"

"Yes dad, I'm sorry," Petunia said, throwing her sister a scathing look of disgust.

"I'm not the one you should apologise to," Mr. Evans said in a more soothing tone, the girls would make up, he was sure.

"I'm sorry, Lily," Petunia said, but in place of Lily it was clear she wanted to say freak, she definitely uttered it in a tone that said otherwise. "Can we go now? I am going to be late."

"Is that her?" Tom asked, his gaze frosty as he stared at the brown-haired girl, he now knew to be Petunia Evans. He'd been searching in his free time, and since two of his list had been taken from him – as in they'll never be born – he wanted what revenge he could have.

Hadrian nodded once, "It is," he replied, hands clenched into fists seeing just how upset Lily was. Truthfully the most of his attention were on the parents, it was a little daunting, he could see pieces of himself in them. Just small parts, his grandfather was a really tall man. Taller than James ever gotten, his grandmother was rather dainty, but a solid personality came through as she admonished her daughter for being unkind to Lily. His Grandfather had red hair, and his grandmother had brown hair, Petunia took after the mother while Lily took after the father.

He watched Lily hug her parents, crying softly but eventually waved at them and made her way closer to the train. Watching as she bumped into his son, Severus, Sirius, James, Kali and the rest of his friends. A smile of pride worming its way onto his face as the kids helped her onto the train with her trunk. Their own already shrunk down and anything necessary already in their bags. He noticed they helped her into a carriage but didn't remain. No surprise really, since the group of friends wouldn't have enough seats for extras.

Tom made a small noise of understanding, and Wandlessly cast a tracking spell on the girl just before the family moved back onto the Muggle side of the train station. His husband would tell him not to, that he'd moved on, and it wasn't them who did it to him. Tom was far more vindictive, and luckily, he didn't have as many scruples about dealing with them whether they were the person he was actually after or not. By just existing they had put the target on their backs, whether they'd harmed his husband or not.

"Quickly now! It's about to take off!" Hadrian called out to the group of first years, their parents also calling out too as the claxon blared indicating it was soon to be leaving. Then there was a last-minute mad dash to get onto the Hogwarts express as quickly as they could. Luckily though there was nobody running trying to get a forgotten pet onto the express.

"I read the newspaper today, it's about time they made it illegal," Orion stated as he waved his son away, Regulus standing next to him looking devastated but waving too. Everyone he knew was just gone; he'd be on his own all year. Orion was rubbing his sons back, aware that he was very upset at the departure of his friends and more importantly his older brother. "I'm pleased it's been done. I would have hated to start all over again." And he would have begun again until he succeeded.

"Agreed," Tom declared, darkness lacing his tone, not only from the news of Petunia. Too many Muggles and with Hadrian not knowing the area, it had been a futile exercise. He hadn't expected this morning's trip to bear fruit.

The legislation made it now illegal to brew let alone sell love potions of any kind. Even mild ones that wizards could fight easily. They had been likened to liquid imperious curse, and it worked they'd begun to realize (manipulated) it could happen to any of them.

"Someone is informing people about upcoming legislations," Walburga declared, "I noticed that every kind love potion was on offer. Selling for a ludicrously low price, Amortentia was selling for just one sickle."

"Where?" Hadrian asked bewildered, horrified by what he was hearing.

"Oh, yes, we know, the idiot put the remaining vials in the bin behind the shop instead of discarding them properly. He's been fined nine hundred galleons; anyone could have picked them up. The joke shops owner." He explained for his husband, unfortunately, with him being at Hogwarts most of the time, he missed out on a lot. Whether it was gossip or just information gleaned throughout the day.

Hadrian groaned, "He didn't," watching as the last cart of the train disappeared, coughing a little as the steam was inhaled by him.

"He did, luckily he was observed," Orion stated with disgust, shaking his head.

"Father? We're going to be late?" Regulus said, well aware of what time he began school. They begun school at exactly twelve thirty, on the first of September. They had the same schedule as Hogwarts, the primary school which Regulus would be attending for another year yet.

"We won't be, there's still forty-five minutes, it's just after eleven," Orion reassured his son. Showing off the time on his pocket watch, before he placed it in his pocket. Flattening down the chain absently before he glanced at the café. "Shall we have something to eat and catch up?" still on the wizarding side.

"Do you have the time?" Tom asked, longing to go after Petunia, but he knew it would need to be done in an entirely Muggle way. Which meant no torture which was unfortunate, unless he let Petunia die a Muggle way (magically caused naturally) and torture Vernon after all he'd done to his husband.

"And miss all the gossip? I think not, I'm staying," Hadrian declared, rubbing his hand through Regulus' fine hair, "Don't worry kiddo, the year will go fast, and you have your own friends at school, don't you?" Barty was one of them actually, definitely destined for Ravenclaw, and he suspected Regulus might be too.

"Uncle Hadrian!" Regulus grumbled, trying to stop his grin from showing as he rightened his hair back. But he ended up laughing as he did it again, swatting his hand away.

"Pick any sweets you want," Hadrian said, giving Regulus a galleon, he nabbed out of his husband's pocket. Giving him a wink, despite the amused exasperation on Orion and Walburga's faces. "He shouldn't be getting anything, he had to get a potion to get rid of six cavities while at the healer last week."

"Not surprising, we give them pumpkin juice," Hadrian said dryly, as Regulus took off. "All the sugar in it isn't good for them, they don't get anywhere near enough water." It's one of the first thing the healers have to put up with, toothache and fixing the Muggle raised children's teeth.

"I've bought box seats for the London-Slayers for the Quidditch World cup, for Regulus' birthday. There's enough for everyone, just so you know." Hadrian explained, when he noticed his godson buying the seeker weekly (a quidditch magazine) with a free pair of Quidditch gloves for Sweetwater All-Stars regional team. He didn't mention half of them had been a bribe to try and get his son into Hogwarts despite his low magical reserves. He didn't meet the quota to attend Hogwarts. Luckily he hadn't taken office, but explained it properly to the father what he'd be essentially doing to his child if he attended Hogwarts.

"You spoil them too much," Orion said, shaking his head, but what couldn't be denied was how Quidditch frantic his two boys were. Severus didn't care much for the sport, neither having a desire to play or watch it but would go with his friends just to be with them and read a book. Inwardly cursing, now he'd have to find something else to get his son for his birthday.

"Grab seats, I'll get us food," Tom stated, and despite the fact they'd been out of Hogwarts for years, and had children, it was instinctive to listen to him. Except Hadrian, but he was busy with Regulus enthusiastically telling him about the Sweetwater All-Stars team and how they're climbing up the ranks.

Cygnus laughed, knowing exactly what was going through Orion's head. Smacking Orion on the back, setting his son on a booster chair. "There's a new book in the set he likes, the chronicles of Emrys." He suggested, handing his son the bottle with pumpkin juice in it. The second the boy touched it; an opening sprang open and the straw came up.

"Like that's all I'm going to get my son," Orion said dryly, his tone quiet. His mind mulling over possible gifts now that his son's godfather had gotten him what would likely be his favourite gift. Hmm, perhaps a new pocket watch, he did like his own, and the other one was a little beaten up now.

"It's likely Hadrian's even invited Marlon," Myrtle's first-born son, same age as Regulus and they attended the school together and were good friends. "How about doing the amusement arcade? They loved that the year they went." Unable to believe he was even suggesting it. The volume had been utterly diabolical, and they'd gone home with inflatable items of all shapes and sizes, and spun sugar, and red dummies the size of their heads and gifts (gag gifts too) they had spent the entire day there. With only five instances of accidental magic. Usually when the children couldn't get the items, they wanted out the coin machine they were playing with.

Arthur loved the outings they all went, and insisted (pleaded) on coming with them. Not that Hadrian had a problem letting him come. Between his desire to completely normalise Muggles to Sirius (who had been fascinated with them in another life) and Arthur to get a greater understanding of the Muggle world he succeeded.

"Or how about the fairground?" Cygnus commented, "With the money you've got they could close it to the public and just let the kids use it for the day? That way we wouldn't have to put up with any Muggles?" they had changed, for the most part, but they still couldn't abide by Muggles and Hadrian didn't try to change that.

They chatted for half an hour as they ate the food Tom had bought. Orion asking a few questions on fairgrounds and arcades. Cygnus was the first to leave, apologising he didn't want to leave his wife on her own with Bellatrix too long, even with a House-elf's help. He was grateful for Orion's (His Lord) support now that he couldn't work full time.

Walburga had to leave with Regulus so that he got to school on time. Which he was cutting it close hugging everyone before leaving gleefully. Taking his cheap quidditch gloves like he didn't have a better brand. The things children found amusement in, they'd likely end up in his Quidditch box and not touched again after today.

"Are you doing that donation with Kali and Severus this year?" Orion asked, glancing at his watch.

"Hmm?" Hadrian asked distracted, as he glanced up. "Excuse me?"

"Are you doing the donation thing this year?" Orion repeated his question.

"Oh, right, the donations, well, yes, it allows Kali and Severus to see how good they have it compared to others. That not everyone is as lucky as they are." Hadrian said, a proud smile on his face. "They're actually giving more each year; I think they're beginning to understand why we do it."

Tom grimaced, remembering the fits the kids had the first time Hadrian had decided to do it. He had given up on the whole thing, it just wasn't worth it (to him). However, his husband had felt vastly different and persevered. "Be ready for the temper tantrums. You won't want to hear the horror of trying to get Kali to give up three of her toys, three." But Hadrian was quite correct she gave up far more now, and was quite happy to do so as she visited the other children. "Why are you interested in it?"

"There are boxes upon boxes of clothes, toys, for both girls and boys going back generations. I'm sure most of the boxes of toys are likely boring to children nowadays, but not all of it is that way." Orion commented, "There's no point to it just getting boxed up and forgotten if it could be used for someone else." It was all wizarding children; all toys had some sort of magic to them preventing their use in the Muggle world."

"And because you don't reuse old toys or clothes," Tom said dryly, the family had more money than they'd ever spend in a thousand lifetimes. They were wealthy, and they stayed wealthy by investing wisely despite the family largeness.

"There is that," Orion agreed, "It's just something Walburga said, she already had the pieces she wants to keep for them. Favourite toy, favourite piece of clothes, all the pictures and such but the rest she says she's happy to be brought to those in need."

"They're always grateful for anything anyone brings," Hadrian said sincerely, "Anything." He added emphatically, not just the orphanage either but the werewolf sanctuary.

"I'll get the family to participate," Orion said, and they would do it if for no other reason than to keep their Lord happy. Some of them did live off of Orion's say so after all, only if needed the rest worked which had surprised Hadrian to be honest. "I assume you won't want old clothes?"

"Actually yes, Dawn is a seamstress, she's amazing, she can alter them so they are more modern." Hadrian explained, drinking his coffee with relish, exactly how he liked it. "She'd be more than happy to do it."

"Oh yes, she's amazing, she fixed up Ivy's dress in a jiffy," Imogen nodded in agreement. "She's more than got the talent to fix the clothes." She had actually got Dawn to create a lovely white dress for her anniversary it was her most beautiful accessory. Then Dawn had created a lovely one for Ivy that was similar, she was so beautiful in it that Imogen had almost cried. Almost.

"She'll be pleased to hear that," Hadrian said, "I'm afraid I must depart as well," glancing at Tom who seemed far too chipper after having his conversation cut short.

"I also, I'm afraid I have a meeting in less than ten minutes," Tom explained, kissing Hadrian passionately, without batting an eye. "I'll be home late today." He added, unapologetically, they'd both known what they were getting into and that it would eat into their time together. Although, if Tom was honest, it was becoming rather tiresome.

Hadrian nodded, "I'll see you at lunch,"

"Good," Tom murmured, it was only an hour he got for lunch but sometimes both he and Hadrian were so tired they didn't do anything except go to sleep. You wouldn't think it was so exhausting being Headmaster of a school or Minister for Magic but it was tiring. So that lunch hour had turned into some much more as of late.

With that everyone else that had remained dispersed. Ready to get on with their days, even with older children, they didn't meet up as frequently as they wished. However, they did take every opportunity they could, especially during the summer holidays when they were meeting up for the kids' birthdays and such. If they were lucky enough to have been born during the summer holidays.

Imogen watched the pair of them, they still acted like teenagers. Watched each other with passion and desire. Smiling bemusedly, "Decades after leaving Hogwarts, you still act like teenagers." Laughing softly, soft and fond. A stand of grey making itself known to the witch, barely noticeable in her light blonde hair. "And I know since I just had teenagers in my home."

"Narcissa?" Hadrian deduced with a grin as they both made to exit the café at the station.

"Yes, she's such a composed girl, I honestly can't tell whether she's smitten for my son, but she does spend a lot of time staring at him." Imogen confessed thoughtfully.

"Tom was like that, before we bonded, he's always so calm and composed." Hadrian said thoughtfully, "Doesn't mean she doesn't care, it's just part of who she is. Maybe as she grows and ages she might feel more comfortable showcasing her emotions. Or perhaps she already does behind closed doors with just Lucius. It may not lead to marriage." He reminded her.

"How would it go if they married?" Imogen whispered, eyes filled with both desires to know and the desire not to.

"They would have a son, Draconis 'Draco' Lucius Malfoy," Hadrian commented without thinking it through. "Don't ask me about Ivy, I wouldn't be able to give you an answer."

"Why is that? Do you think?" Imogen questioned, "How is it that some people can be so clearly defined by you, but others are completely unknown?"

His information had long since dried up really. He wasn't a seer as he'd let everyone assume, he just knew what he knew due to time travel. Regardless of how friendly they were, he couldn't tell them anything. Something both he and Tom had agreed on a long time ago. Although, he and Tom hadn't come up with a possible answer as to why his 'abilities' had stopped. Because it had, everything he'd known was changing every day in ways he hadn't predicted. The most recent one is the vanishing of four powerful wizards, Charlie, Percy, Fred and George. Ron was mediocre (it was humiliating that the wizard had managed to get the drop on him) he guessed and Ginny obviously wouldn't be born either. The four elder brothers hurt a whole lot.

"I was directly involved in the adoption potion and blood adoption potion," Hadrian postulated, "It's entirely possible every change I make affects what I see." He was actually rather impressed with that lie.

Imogen nodded; the idea was rather prudent, far better than any other idea she could come up with.

"Lunch tomorrow? Hogwarts? I'll make your favourite?" the railway station was empty, with the odd piece of litter strewn around. Magical or not, kids will be kids and litter. Tom was always away from office on a Friday so he never went.

"Oh, gosh, yes, please," Imogen agreed enthusiastically, "Have fun!" she teased, before Apparating away leaving Hadrian on his own in the train station. Not for long though, after a few moments of silent contemplation he Apparated as well.

"Kali Peverell-Slytherin!" Minerva called out, standing with the list of students – which by the way was three times the size of what it used to be – with the sorting hat in the other.

There were three times the number of students attending Hogwarts than in his own time. Merlin, only know what it would be, when he actually got to his time. The common rooms and Great Hall had to be expanded to support all the students within. Every child from the Orphanage was emitted to Hogwarts as well, and given the funds to buy everything new. The investments Hadrian had for the schools' vaults did extremely well and interest continued to pour in with a goblin managing the vault to ensure it didn't stop. He knew without it the school would decline and he wasn't having that happening. It wouldn't take long for the assistants, additional classes and newer books to be removed first. It was actually up to the 5th best ranking school and Hadrian wasn't going to stop until he accomplished Hogwarts best.

Hadrian watched proudly as his daughter approached the hat with confidence. It might be tradition to keep it a secret, but he knew the fear and worries and didn't want to see his children feel that. Not for tradition and not for a hat, so she knew exactly what would happen and how.

"SLYTHERIN!" it came the verdict.

Hadrian enthusiastically applauded, no surprise that his daughter glanced his way to seek his approval or something before grinning. Her uniform turning black and green, as she sat down amongst her friends. Everyone else was applauding as well, other than the competitiveness for the House cup/points and Quidditch there was no prejudice, and bullies? Were firmly stopped with a firm grip.

"Lily Evans!" came the next student called out by Minerva McGonagall, transfiguration teacher. No longer Deputy Headmistress, Hadrian had chosen his own, and one that held no other duty within Hogwarts walls.

"Gryffindor!" came the Hats decision.

"James Potter!" Minerva called out, a little hint of a smile on her face. She'd known the previous Potters and presumed James would be like them.

"Ravenclaw!" came the Hats decision, almost making Minerva drop the scroll, she'd been so sure he'd end up in Gryffindor, all Potters were in Gryffindor.

"Sirius Black!"


The teen glanced at his relatives on the Slytherin bench, all of them standing and applauding. Not surprised that either James or Sirius were in Ravenclaw, Severus would be too. The things they were already trying to create was amazing, they were going to be so creative. It didn't help that their godfather Hadrian Peverell-Slytherin encouraged their creativity since they were children. He then glanced up at his godfather who was just as happy before Sirius slipped off the stool and giving back the hat before joining his friends in Ravenclaw, his uniform going blue and black.

"Severus Prince Peverell-Slytherin!" Minerva called out.

Severus moved up to the stool and sat, the hat was barely on a minute before it was calling out his house, "Ravenclaw!"

"Peter Pettigrew!" Minerva spoke the name of the next child.


Hadrian applauded politely, watching the young boy with a wide smile climb towards the Slytherin bench. One part of him wanted to kill him before he could do harm. The other part of him realized that he was just a child, and unlike Tom, Hadrian couldn't do harm to anyone innocent. Thus, his drive for revenge on anyone who hurt him in the past had faded. Wrongly assuming that Tom's had too.

"Remus Lowell!" came Minerva's voice.

"Hufflepuff!" came the hats almost immediate answer.

Hadrian as Headmaster applauded them all, with real enthusiasm so they knew they were welcomed. Some of the sorting had continued to surprise him, for example Frank Longbottom? He'd ended up in Slytherin, Alice, Neville's mother? A Hufflepuff, the changes were endlessly mesmerising.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another year of Hogwarts, or the first one for those who just entered Hogwarts hallowed halls, welcome. Tonight you will be introduced to your heads of houses, and they will give you all the help you need, think of them as your magical guardians for the duration of your stay. Please, don't shy away from asking them anything, about your life, about magic, about anything." Hadrian said, turning to face each and every child, meeting their eyes, making sure they understood he was being serious. There had been a serious lack of care when he'd been at Hogwarts and it wasn't something he wanted to contribute towards. "Even my door will be open to all that need me."

"Now I'm sure you're absolutely famished, if you didn't fill yourself up with sweets!" Hadrian teased, trailing of with something to make them laugh. "Now let us eat!" refusing to use the term 'let the feast begin' he wasn't Dumbledore and wasn't going to be.

Then the feast materialised from the kitchens, and Hadrian smiled as he watched all the first year's wow and exclaim over the magic. Ah, to be young again, he thought, recalling his own thoughts and probable reactions.

Tom collected all his winnings when it came to the votes on where they'd end up sorted.

Hadrian froze when he felt a familiar soul being born, but how could it be? Molly Weasley was still in prison; she'd only served three years. Yet it could not be denied Charlie Weasley was being born…but no, he wasn't born as Charlie Weasley…it was Charlie Prewitt…Fabian Prewitt's child. Oh, oh that was just wonderful, Hadrian felt tears building in his eyes, oh, it gave him hope that Percy and the twins would be born still.

"Just what on earth has raised your spirits so much?" Tom asked, his tone thick with sleep, as he turned around, nuzzling his husband. Still smug over the fact the kids had ended up in the houses he'd guessed. Although he'd had to split his winnings with Orion's guess on Kali.

"They're still being born, Charlie Weasley, his soul…it's just been born…" Hadrian said, breathless with glee and relief. "No, not Weasley, Fabian Prewitt's child. There's hope for the others…" sweet, sweet relief suffusing their bond.

The following five weeks Lily Evans was struggling but Hadrian had no idea what about. He assumed that her Head of House would be taking care of her and her problems. Lily's sister had been run over, and had regretfully passed away on the way to the hospital. Eventually however, she began to immerse herself in her work to cope with what happened.

In the Muggle newspapers it was reported that Vernon and Marge Dursley had gone missing. Luckily though, Hadrian did not read the muggle news, and definitely didn't want the TV. Their bodies would never be discovered. There was a rumour that perhaps they'd been the one to run Petunia Evans over (they'd been dating did you know?) and had run out of fear of being found out and were living in Mexico or a none extraditing country.

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