Lord Of Time

Chapter 107

The year 2099

Duke Hadrian Peverell-Slytherin and his husband, Duke Tom Peverell-Slytherin had brought nothing but prosperity and might to Britain's magical world. Titles which were richly deserved, as the two had guided them through Britain's darkest hours. Most primarily, the muggle World War Three. Prominently decreed for a long time, that it would be the last war the muggles would ever have. They were not wrong, by the time the muggles were finished waging war on each other, there wasn't much left.

Luckily Duke Tom Peverell created a spell that prevented any contamination from the radiation left by the muggle weaponry. While Duke Hadrian actually came up with a spell that combatted the radiation and rendered the radiation harmless.

It caused wizards and witches to begin to branch out, now they no longer feared 'detection'. Sure, the magical world had expanded beyond what they knew thanks to the Peverell-Slytherins. Both Duke Hadrian and Duke Tom had been Ministers for multiple terms, and were both very respected and it was a surprise they hadn't been crowned royalty despite being considered as such by the masses.

Tom had gotten everything his hearts desired without having to lift much of a finger. Well, that wasn't strictly true. He had worked hard to better the wizarding world, the paperwork was a nightmare, and made him regret it, briefly. Oh, who was he kidding, he'd never regret being the leader over the entire magical community that was the British Isles.

They'd ensured there was enough room for their people to grow and expand. Without muggles their expansion had been endlessly and unencumbered once they received confirmation that it was safe to do so.

So, the magical world, the population became solely magical. It was just the world now as they knew it. The youth of today always found it difficult to believe that so many muggles had once intruded upon their world. Wondered why the wizards and witches had allowed it. Imagining them primitive creatures, and most families didn't correct the errors their young were under. The horror of war too much to think about let alone regale their innocent children with.

Regardless of whether they accepted muggles or not, in heart of hearts, wizards and witches had always felt superior to muggles.

Anyone that declared otherwise were fooling themselves, or attempting to fool you.

They'd had to add to Hogwarts due to the number of students accepted each year. That itself should make anyone realise just how massive the magical community had grown. They cared not for any other communities, and had never ventured to find out if any other magical community had survived the catastrophic damage that World War Three had wrought. If they hadn't had the forethought and smarts to create the spells Duke Tom and Hadrian had…they likely died of radiation poisoning that plumed the entire world.

There was only one problem, with their 'utopia' Tom was maddeningly, infuriatingly bored. There was nothing to do, they'd made the world as best it could be.

"It's Imogen's anniversary today," Hadrian sighed softly, his countenance screamed tiredness. A bone achingly deep one that suggested what humans might refer to as a 'rut'. He was doing the same thing over and over again at this point he didn't expect different results but they would have been nice.

"Yes, it is," Tom agreed, staring out at the beauty of their estate, a hot cup of coffee in his hands. He was inwardly (and outwardly if you discount the glamour) still a young wizard, he had no aches and pains that accompanied old age, but he felt Hadrian's heartache over every loss and every anniversary of their passing.

His empathic husband, who Tom wouldn't be who he was without. He could feel just how upset his husband was, the heartache of it all. There was nothing he could do to make it better.

Hadrian leaned in, seeking his husband's comfort, even after all this time. "I'm not sure I can do what comes next." His voice quivering, his breath catching in his throat. "It was hard enough losing Fen."

Fenrir had lived just over a century, one hundred years, which was more than any werewolf before him and likely after. The Alpha werewolf – of the biggest werewolf packs in the world – had lived a long, and happy life. He had adored his family, his siblings – despite none of them actually being blood related – his children and his own wife.

Fen and his wife had died within a month of each other, and they'd left behind five children, seventeen grandchildren and forty-two great grandchildren. Thank Merlin neither Severus or Kali had elected to have so many children. Three between them, seven grandchildren and thus far only one great-grandchild, a little boy that was Severus' double.

Tom squeezed Hadrian's hand tightly, he might not love them the way normal fathers might their children. However, he cared very deeply – possessively Hadrian would tell him – for his children, especially Kali who was his flesh and blood. That's not to say he treated Severus or Fenrir any different. "I know." He intoned, a frown marring his features. He needed help, because he was all out of ideas.

Then an idea hit him like a bolt of lightning, but was such a thing possible?

"Good morning," Death chirruped into their ears, causing both of them to straighten up in surprise. It had been such a long time since they'd seen – or rather heard – Death. It happened just before the war started.

"So, it can be done?" Tom enquired out loud, despite the fact he didn't need to speak out loud for Death to hear him.

"Of course," Death declared amused, "There are an infinite number of universes in the world. All of them are there for the taking, and despite what people think, there can be two versions of you in any timeline in all the worlds."

"What's going on? What did you ask?" Hadrian enquired, glancing cautiously at Tom.

For the first time in a decade, Tom actually felt the stirring of curiosity and real genuine excitement from his husband. This was when he knew he was doing the right thing, for everyone. "We could go to another world; we've done all we can for here…but other worlds? We could fix them up." He couldn't care less about people but the idea of working from the ground up again to fix the magical world was exciting.

Harry blinked, "Why would we do that? Our family is here." But the excitement he couldn't hope of containing was consuming him. Perhaps he was more like his husband than he thought, or perhaps their apathy had blended together forming one ball of boredom.

"Yes, they are, they have long since stopped needing us," Tom murmured, "And if we leave now, you can always imagine them living life here in the manor." Not rotting in a casket or ashes in the wind.

Hadrian flinched at that, his own children had aged, whereas he had not. Although, he did look old, even when he looked in the mirror. He wanted to spend every moment he could with them, but Tom was right, they had their own lives, and they didn't need him or Tom. They'd taught Severus and Kali everything they needed in order to not only survive but thrive.

They lived though, that's all that mattered.

"Let's do this," Tom urged him, the excitement he felt from his husband did most of the talking for him.

'Will we be able to return?' Hadrian questioned, waiting patiently for Death's answer. They were all still all so new to their abilities. Perhaps after he lived a few lives he'd be more confident but for right now he mostly forgot about his abilities and just focused on living the life he'd always wanted.

"Not in their lifetime," Death solemnly informed them.

Hadrian deflated, but the idea had taken root.

"Shall we?" Tom enquired, he wouldn't go without Hadrian, and he'd never try and strong arm him into anything. It would need to be Hadrian's idea; he and Hadrian had only had one big fight that had them separated an entire week. It was the most hellish week of his life, and he'd been convinced that he'd never be forgiven.

Hadrian had realized when there were two rather glaringly obvious names missing from the September 1st 1991 sorting. Tom had been rather generous; he'd only dealt with two of them instead of taking out nearly everyone in Hadrian's year that he knew off. Which believe Tom, had been very tempting to do. Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley.

Of course, that had set the ball rolling for Hadrian to find out about Petunia Evans who had died in a hit and run. The mysterious disappearance of Marge and Vernon Dursley, which was never solved. It was a damn miracle that he hadn't found out about Petunia Evans considering he'd been the headmaster of the school when it happened. He'd been rather fortuitous until that evening.

Hadrian had refused to talk to him for an entire week, wouldn't answer his letters or anything. He couldn't gain access to the headmaster's office, be in through the Floo or gargoyle. The bond had been blocked off; he couldn't even tell how Hadrian was feeling. He hadn't known if he'd blown it forever, or if he had a hope in hell of gaining Hadrian's forgiveness.

Tom had, eventually, and after a lot of grovelling.

He vowed never again.

He could live without practically anything as long as it wasn't Hadrian. And his powers. His knights, or his second and third generation of knights.

"What will we tell them?" Hadrian questioned; he disliked the thought of them thinking they were being abandoned. Or that they didn't care anymore, which just wasn't the case at all.

"The truth," Tom replied bluntly, he'd never been one to shy away from such burdens.

"Severus and the others are at the conference in Ireland this week," Hadrian said, "That gives us a week to prepare." He was not going without saying anything to his son, regardless if he was a grandparent himself now or not. Nothing got in the way of Severus and a potions conference, in fact, his grandfather (on the Prince side of things) was with him.

"Prepare? Will we even be able to take anything with us?" Tom answered, a little incredulous that they'd be able to do so. They were going to a different world, he honestly expected they'd appear in the new world naked like the day they were born.

"There had better be," Hadrian declared, there were things he absolutely refused to part with. If he couldn't get them, then he refused to part with them any sooner than he must. Irreplaceable items that Tom had given him, his friends, his children, grandchildren, photos heirlooms, things he'd bought himself when he liked the occasional indulgence.

'You can take whatever you please,' Death declared, he was death, he could do anything he pleased, and he'd have been very cross if he had to re-magic up all his items every time he went off-world.

Hadrian smiled, glancing at his husband, "Time for another adventure?" eyes twinkling in delight.

Tom smiled in turn, a very rare genuine smile only his family could pull from him. "Oh, yes!" delighting in the twinkle in his husband's eyes. For the first time in decades they felt young again.

Just wait until they learned the world they would end up.

It had been a very emotional week where everyone was concerned. Hadrian had previously divided his estate between his children when they turned seventeen. He'd set out a vault for each of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. He set it so that the next three generations of Slytherin-Peverell's would gain a vault when they were born too. His way of looking after them should something happen to the family fortune. He and Tom were both cautious when it came to that sort of thing. After all the proud Gaunt house had been reduced to poverty, it could happen.

All three of them had received an equal share. Tom had ensured that Hadrian hadn't given it all away to them. They had a very tidy nest egg that would last them another millennium without having to work the slightest.

All those bets and foreknowledge had been a very good blessing in amassing an unbeatable fortune. Although, it did slow considerably after the muggles wiped themselves out. There had been a lot of them, and Hadrian had known what companies would still be going strong in near enough a century.

They would be taking it that fortune with them. He would have been very displeased otherwise. Working as Minister hadn't gained them any monetary favours, if anything it reduced their income significantly. You earned more being in the Wizengamot than you did as Minister.

"I love you so much," Hadrian murmured, the doubts had been plaguing him since he agreed to go. Tears were running freely down his face; he made no effort to hide what this was doing to him. He loved them so much, but Tom was right, he wanted this to be the last sight of them, not burying his own children.

"We love you too," Kali murmured, watching as her father – who she emulated so much – urge her dad to his side. They knew of course, of their father and dad's immortal lives, she and Severus both. Fenrir had known too, all of them had taken vows never to reveal it, even to their significant others. Leaning on her walking stick, as she watched them.

Severus wrapped his arm around Kali, despite what she showed the world, she was a sensitive soul. Only family knew this, she never showed her emotions outside. She had taken after their father in that regard, as had he. Fenrir was more like their dad, and never afraid to show what he was really feeling.

"It's time," Tom declared, and just like that, the fated pair begun to fade in a beautiful gold light.

Kali and Severus watched, their hearts breaking, knowing they'd never see their parents again.

They might not be able to tell their families the truth, but it became a night-time story for the latest generation.

Just as the Deathly Hallows had ended up a well-known child's tale, the Lords of Time became legendary.

"Is it real, grandma?" little Hadrian Thomas Peverell-Slytherin asked, his Veridian green eyes peering sleepily at Kali, his great-great grandmother. Tucked up in bed, one that had at one time belonged to his namesake. "The story?" a hopeful lilt to his voice.

"Who knows, dear heart, maybe one day you'll find out." She said softly, staring out the window to the heavens, even now unable to speak the words, yes, it's true. The vow holding her to her word, and she would not leave her family a moment before it's her time. She couldn't wait to rejoin Fenrir, Severus, her daughter and son, his great-grand child and many aunts, uncles, godparents when her time came. For she missed them so much, but she held on hoping to see her parents one last time.

"You didn't finish it!" Hadrian chirruped.

"No, I didn't," she said, picking up the book, leaning back into her comfortable chair, she begun to read the last short chapter. "They spoke often of the departing Lords of Time in the months that followed. The family missed them, we missed them with all our hearts. As I know the wizarding world would miss them until the end of time."

Kali did get to see her parents again, as she had sorely wished, only once, for a brief time, when she crossed over that night.

Their family, however, would continue on, as had been Hadrian and Tom's hope.

The End

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