Lord Of Time

Chapter 93

Islington, London, Grimmauld Place 1959, November 3rd

"Why do we have to be here for the birth? Could we not visit afterwards?" Tom questioned in a merest whisper. He had been abroad when Imogen had given birth six-years-ago. He was not quite so lucky this time, "I am going to have to be here each time a friend goes into labour?" he had legislations to write up, planned speeches to make, and not forget mistakes to correct on the architecture blueprints they had for a building they were planning to see built.

"Not every friend," Hadrian said, grinning brightly, green eyes gleaming with mirth. Watching Tom blanch, a little in distaste, "It shouldn't be long now; she's been in labour for twenty-four hours."

"Yes, and my ears may never recover," Tom said seriously, "I wasn't aware that Walburga even knew half those words. I would have thought them much too vulgar for her tastes." And her screeching…Merlin, she must surely have some Banshee in the family line?

Hadrian muffled his amusement, when he first appeared in this time, that was the Walburga he was more used to. Hearing her talk and sound normal had been a shock to the system. He'd almost forgotten what she sounded like in the portrait, until now.

"Will you be laughing when I'm bleeding from my ears?" Tom asked in mock aghast. And that had been only a few moments when the door was open before it was closed and the silencing wards were re-erected.

"That won't happen, I've seen and heard her louder…and a lot more vulgar," Hadrian said wryly, "Not sure what caused the change…and hope I never find out."

Walburga didn't have any sisters in there with her, instead her mother, Irma Crabbe-Black and her cousins were with her. Orion had been ordered out of the room, until Hadrian had told Orion that the child in there was his son, and he had every right to be there for the birth. That having him there would be a great comfort to Walburga – she was in severe pain – right now.

Within five minutes, Orion had entered the room, and stated quite firmly, if they were unhappy, they knew where the door was. He was going to be with his wife for the birth of their son.

'It's unnatural! I'll tell you, it's obscene seeing your wife like this!'

'She looks beautiful! She's giving birth to our son!'

'Get over here and stop arguing with my mother!'

"He's here!" came Orion's voice, as he emerged from the bedroom, to the reception room where everyone was waiting. Friends and family alike, all impatient for the newest arrival. "I'd like to introduce you to Sirius Orion Black!" he was beaming with pride, flushed red in delight and exhaustion, he'd never known Walburga was so strong.

Arcturus and Melania were naturally first to hold their grandchild. The first child born into the Black family this generation. Not only as the head of the family, although that had a great deal to do with it. "He's beautiful, Orion, you've both done well."

"Hadrian…would you do the honour of being his godfather?" Orion asked, turning to face the extremely powerful wizard, who had helped Orion step into his own.

Hadrian let loose a giggle – bordering on hysterical kind of giggle mind – before he slapped his hand over his mouth in horror.

"Hadrian's my godfather!" six-year-old Lucius Malfoy stomped his foot and pouted.

Before either parent could reprimand Lucius for his behaviour Hadrian knelt before the child. "You'll always be my first godchild, Lucius, but I don't belong to anyone, and nobody belongs to you. Just because I have another godchild it doesn't mean I'll love you any less." He told the boy seriously; his parents would have just reprimanded him for such behaviour without addressing the underlying fears the boy had.

"Promise?" Lucius asked, staring up at Hadrian innocently.

Imogen and Abraxas shared a look, quite frankly Hadrian often left them feeling like they were unfit to be parents. At least in the emotional sense, since they often forgot that a child would and could be insecure, after all why would he be insecure? He was the heir of the Malfoy line, and he got everything his heart desired.

Fortunately, Hadrian had experience in spades, dealing with children. And Imogen had learnt a lot watching Hadrian and Tom interact with Fenrir. It was so different from how they were raised that some habit died hard.

"I promise, and you know I always keep my promises," Hadrian said hugging the six-year-old tightly. "Come on, let's go see Sirius? Hmm," with that Hadrian led the six-year-old over to Sirius, as he took the baby in his arms.

"He's squishy," Lucius commented, peering at the baby in his godfather's arms. "Can he play?"

"No, and he won't be able to for a good long while," Hadrian explained, as his parents watched with soft smiles. "Babies take a lot of time to grow up, you used to be just like this." Vividly recalling the day he'd held Lucius in his arms for the first time. Beyond terrified that he'd hate the child for the crimes of his counterpart. It had been easier than he thought to separate the two.

Lucius unsurprisingly lost interest after that, there weren't many children his age to play with. At least not within the pureblood circles that they associate with. Leaving Lucius often isolated, and Hadrian had warned Imogen the other day if Lucius didn't get social interactions with children his own age…it was going to be detrimental to his mental wellbeing. That he would not be able to make friends at Hogwarts and instead would be demanding and demeaning to everyone around him. He'd have followers interested in his name, not genuine friends.

Tom cleared his throat, "I do believe Orion is waiting on an answer…" Tom prodded Hadrian, who was still staring down at Sirius. He could feel everything Hadrian was, and it was havoc.

Hadrian shuddered, licking his lips, "I would be honoured, Orion," he said sincerely, "He's going to have one hell of a rebellious spirit, generous and kind…and very inventive and powerful and stunning."

It wasn't the first time Hadrian had said something like this, but when he did? The pureblood's listened, they believed Hadrian to be omnipotent. He predicted things before they happened. It had saved them a great deal of money too. They'd sold their shares on Hadrian's predictions in the past, and it had paid very well, either going bust or the value being shot to hell.

Orion's worries and fears that any child they had being born wrong eased significantly. It was fears that he shared with Walburga, who had put off having children due to this. In the end pressure from their parents had them reluctantly agreeing.

"Come on little one, let's get you back to your mummy, hmm," Hadrian murmured softly, patting Sirius on the butt softly as he made his way through to the master bedroom leaving Arcturus and Melania stunned at the fact he'd just swan off to a Lady's bedroom without explicit permission.

Orion just grinned in amusement still too happy beyond words that his son was powerful and had magic and was going to have the looks to go with it.

"Hey, can I come in?" Hadrian asked Walburga, standing at the doorway of the room, he did have some manners.

"What on earth! Get out! Shoo!" it was bad enough Orion had seen her this way without someone else too.

"Yes," Walburga said, smiling, as she wiped her face from a ceramic bowl of water, cleaning up the sweat still too exhausted to shower for the moment. "Mother…give us a moment?"

"You want to be alone with him?" she squeaked out horrified.

"No, the others will still be here," Walburga gestured towards her female cousins who had helped her give birth. They'd even taken a Midwife course at St. Mungo's when Druella got pregnant with Bellatrix. It was to nobody's surprise that they'd passed with flying colours.

Dorea was already sitting, she was pregnant herself, four months pregnant with her own child. As she was a Potter, there was nothing riding on the Black family for it being a boy, but Dorea knew he was a boy, Charlus did too.

"Very well," she stated coldly, infuriated by the uncommon occurrences that had been happening during this birth. between the father being there for the actual birth and of course, men coming into the room. "We'll see what Arcturus thinks of this!" he was the head of the family and what he said goes.

"Ma'am," Hadrian said politely as he passed, the woman and her husband did not like him and the changes he'd made. They were blood supremist to the extent that they refused to believe the books. They weren't the only ones; it had caused strife in the family but not enough to do any real damage. They weren't stupid enough to antagonise the next Lord and Lady of the Black Estate, too afraid to be stricken out of the family.

Just like they had done to Marius Black, the squib.

"Here you go, mummy," Hadrian teased softly, as he placed Sirius into his mother's arms.

Walburga just stared down at her little boy, worries and fears exuding from her.

"What's wrong?" Hadrian asked, not afraid to ask her or anyone actually for that matter.

"I'm worried I won't be a good mother…" Walburga admitted, stroking Sirius' face.

"Okay, why?" Hadrian said, moving a chair closer to the bed staring at her without annoyance or giving empty platitudes.

"I've not been around children much; Lucius is the only child I've changed…other than Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa and it's not like I've ever been in charge of them on my own. What if I screw up? What if he hates me and the expectations, he has on him? He's going to be Lord Black one day and with that comes with…expectations and burdens that I know Orion still struggles with." Walburga revealed worriedly.

Hadrian nodded, fair play, it was a lot to put on a child's shoulder. Probably what had happened in his past. "That's understandable, but perhaps not putting those expectations on his shoulders would be best? Sirius might not turn out to be the best person to run the Black estate? There will be plenty other Black's to do it…but if you want…how about raising him as a normal little boy? Yes, he'll need to learn to be the head of the family…but how about a week out of the summer holidays after he starts Hogwarts reserved for lessons?"

"Arcturus would not be pleased with that," Walburga admitted, he'd begun teaching Orion very young indeed. Orion had been under such pressure, she'd seen him change so much…some part of that Orion had returned, but not all of it.

"Then remind him that Orion is to be Lord Black when he passes on, not Sirius. There is no need to force Sirius to learn quite so young." Hadrian said softly, stroking Sirius' arm with reverence. Here he was playing godfather to his own godfather. Everything was topsy-turvy and the irony was almost overwhelming. He vowed, however, to be the best godfather he could be. Same as he had vowed to be so for Lucius, who was never going to be that counterpart he knew. "Bargain with the promise of more heirs, your brother and Druella only going to have girls." He all but whispered in merriment.

Walburga laughed a little, eyes wet with tears she didn't let fall. "You mean that's it for them?"

Hadrian nodded, "Yeah," Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa had all been born, naturally. He'd been there for all their births, the disappointment at the lack of sons to take on the mantle of Lord Black had been weighing on Arcturus. Bellatrix was already eight-years-old, Andromeda was six-years-old and Narcissa was the youngest at four. "I suppose it could change," he added, recalling Alphard's interest…in what was her name? He couldn't quite recall, but yes, who knew? But from what he knew Alphard hadn't a relationship with anyone, and had been blasted off the family tree for giving Sirius the means of independence. He was most definitely the most like Sirius, or would be.

"Hadrian's right, you are Sirius' mother, Orion is his father, you have the last say about raising him. Plus, Arcturus won't risk losing Orion as heir or Sirius…" Dorea explained patting at Walburga's covered leg in comfort. She was grateful she didn't have to endure too much in the way of her own in-laws.

"Get some rest, let the potion do it's job, it's a well-deserved rest," Hadrian said, quietly, as not to disturb the peace. "I'll be back soon."

"Has Orion asked…" Walburga asked as Hadrian stood up.

"Yes, and I agreed," Hadrian said smiling encouragingly. "We'll be there for the ceremony." Where he would be legally and magically bound as Sirius' godfather along with Tom. They were a pair, and would both be his godfather. He had seen quite a lot of rituals but only preformed in one.

Lucius' naming ceremony.

"Oh, good," Walburga sighed, tiredness seeping into her very bones. So suddenly achingly tired. The potion was beginning to pull her under now.

"Have a good rest," Hadrian murmured, as he slid out the room, in five months…Dorea would be giving birth again…this time to his father…James Potter. Merlin, he rather hoped she didn't ask him to be godfather. Wouldn't that just be wild?

Then again, he wasn't Hadrian James Potter anymore…he had been Hadrian Peverell since he woke up and Hadrian Peverell-Slytherin since he got married.

"Tom and I are going to head home, congratulations again, Orion!" Hadrian said, hugging him, patting him on the back.

"Thank you, Hadrian," Orion said easily, still confused by why Hadrian had found the situation funny earlier. Perhaps he just hadn't expected it? Cygnus hadn't asked Hadrian to be godfather to any of his daughters. "Your gift was well appreciated." Platinum birth certificate holder, a frame if they would choose to frame it. A small platinum trinket box with black velvet for the first teeth, a hairbrush, a comb, and a few other bits and pieces, all had the Black family emblazed on it.

"I'm glad," Hadrian said happily, thankfully they'd had a list of what they wanted making it easier. Shopping for pureblood's was NOT an easy thing to do. He had even bought a heap of children's books, not all of them wizarding in nature too. Whether they'd be read or not…remained to be seen.

Sirius was going to love Muggle stuff, although it depended on whether this Sirius would be the same as his Sirius.

Hadrian and Tom said their goodbyes to everyone else, the Malfoy's and the abundance of Black's here for this special day.

Before long they were back at Peverell-Slytherin manor.

"Shall I get the blueprints? Get it out of the way?" Tom asked, as they settled in back home.

"Sure," Hadrian agreed, "Coffee or something a little stronger?"

Tom made a little thoughtful sound, "Whiskey sounds good," he agreed, as he made his way into his office, nothing could be summoned so he had to retrieve it on his own.

By the time he'd returned, Hadrian had removed the mass of books – all belonging to Fenrir who was working on his thesis – he liked working with animals – and thus had spent the past three years learning everything he could from a Master who had not cared one whit about his little 'fury problem' so to speak.

Tom spread the blueprints over the table, as they both stared at the structure, three layers, each one meticulously planned to the last.

The orphanage was up and running, and was for the most part self sufficient and ran smoothly and rarely needed their interference. Little Hangleton Children's Home, it was called for Orphans. It had taken them years to get the legislation pushed forward to find them all and get them settled in their rightful world from the get to. All of them were tested – after being settled in – taken to Gringotts for a lineage test – and if they had family, the Head of the family was alerted. They then had the option of adopting them, or just taking them into the family, giving them the family name and paid for their education and such and given them a stipend.

"Do you think Hogsmeade is the best place for it?" Tom frowned thoughtfully, "Perhaps Little Hangleton would be best?" he loved the intricate designs of buildings, and such, not so much caring what it was going to be used for…but if it helped their reputation…he was all for it.

"People aren't used to Little Hangleton being a wizarding place yet, they'd definitely be more comfortable with dropping off their kids at Hogsmeade." Hadrian mused thoughtfully, "But if we don't give them the chance to think of it as a magical area, they won't."

"Indeed," Tom replied, "It is quite the conundrum, we have to do what will give us less hassle in the long run." The orphanage had been opposed most vehemently – surprisingly by those on the light side in the past war – Dumbledore's people. Hadrian had been utterly baffled by their protests, and it had shown, but as more and more people came around to Hadrian's way of thinking, it had been approved eventually…and quite a few even found distant family…and with that the legislation had been approved to allow the magical book of magical wizards and witches to be seen for the first time by anyone not the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

They owed Dippet immensely for letting them 'peek' at the book while he went to the toilet and 'accidentally' left it open. That had let the ball truly begin rolling.

Nothing had shocked Hadrian more than the sight of three werewolf children showing up at the – as of yet unopened doors of the orphanage – dirty, filthy and downtrodden. After the night of the full moon, at that, presumably, like Fenrir their wolves had sought safety, and found it there, or it had been sheer happenstance.

It had been the exact reason for the fighting behind the opening of the orphanage. But what better way to bleed out prejudice than having wizards and witches living with them? Children that don't come to any harm while living with them?

As of yet, none of the children had been hurt proving Hadrian's point, driving it home against the rampant prejudice. And the orphanage had been open for years now. The children and teenagers who were werewolves simply went into the trunk for the night of the full moon and ran rampant in an imitation of freedom of outside, trees, streams and the like – Tom had been aghast how much the trunk cost – but it was well worth it.

"At least Dumbledore cannot oppose this too much," Tom said with a chuckle.

"I wouldn't bet on that; he'll think your raising the next generation of dark underlings." Hadrian said dryly, which of course, was the only reason Hadrian could figure for Dumbledore's continued interference. It was pathetic really, but neither of them lets it bother them. Dumbledore's pitiful attempts at subverting them.

The ironic thing was, whatever dastardly thing Dumbledore thought they were up to…was so wrong that it was infuriatingly funny.

Tom snorted, "What use do they have to me? They can't even use magic." Rolling his eyes dramatically, and they had zero political clout, which again, useless.

Hadrian shook his head wryly, that was one good thing about Tom's aspirations, it never included children. That might be because Tom knew he'd never allow it.

"How are you really feeling?" Tom asked, dark eyes observing Hadrian with rare solemnity. He had felt how Hadrian had felt earlier, it had almost bowled him over.

"Weird," Hadrian said bluntly, "This is a whole lot weirder than when we were asked to be Lucius' godfather." You could have knocked him over with a feather when Imogen and Abraxas asked him.

Tom couldn't stop the smirk spreading across his face. He'd found the situation absolutely hilarious, despite his husband's emotions. Shock, horror, vehement denial, worry, fear, acceptance and determination. All in swift succession. It had probably been as close to passing out in dead faint than Hadrian had ever been.

"I wonder if they'll go on to have Regulus," Hadrian said thoughtfully, he rather hoped so. He'd liked the sound of Regulus; a bit like him. Except the pureblood supremist of course. Sirius had been jealous of Regulus' desires to please their parents. Called him the 'perfect son' Merlin, Sirius had been childish to the extreme and bitter.

But he hadn't known what Sirius' life had been like though, so he couldn't say with surety that it had been childish prejudice. Sirius hadn't had a chance to really grow up. Clinging to childish things because he'd been deprived of them in childhood…then the freedom of doing what he liked getting the better of him…the betrayal and years in Azkaban probably hadn't helped his psyche either. He wondered how much of the Black madness was present in his godfather that he hadn't noticed due to him being a child.

So much unknown...but it would be rectified.

He wouldn't let Walburga's fears come to fruition.

An owl passed the wards, and Hadrian flicked his wand opening the window specially made for the owls. Standing up, "You know what, fuck it, Little Hangleton. Plus, it will be less travelling for the children at the orphanage." He decided firmly. Plus, Little Hangleton was theirs, they could build whatever they liked instead of just renting a plot or worse trying to buy it. Which was more trouble than it was worth, quite honestly.

"Then we will have a lot more ground to work with," Tom mused, "We may not need the three levels, we can expand the building itself and make a larger play ground."

"Might actually be for the best," Hadrian said, taking the letter from the owl, and making his way back over. "I mean three levels is a bit much but we didn't have any alternatives to fit everyone if it all goes to plan…"

"Two levels?" Tom suggested, eyeing the blueprints critically.

"Definitely," Hadrian agreed, opening the letter, noticing it was from Eileen. Who had disappeared from the magical world after abruptly cutting ties with her parents. Refusing to marry her cousin, to whom she was betrothed. The Princes' had disowned her immediately refusing to even utter her name.

Hadrian had threatened and promised them that they would rue the day they did that. And since then their social lives had plummeted to an all time low. They weren't invited to parties and celebrations very often, and others didn't want to get on the wrong side of the Peverell-Slytherin's also excluded the pureblood Princes.

"She doesn't normally write that much," Tom commented at the size of the letter. "Is she feeling alright?" normally it's just blunt replies to his questions and asking a few of her own. Always asking him to send it at a certain hour so that Tobias didn't see it.

"She's pregnant, five months along," Hadrian explained, "She's…not quite regretting the decision to get out of the contract…but she's regretting pretty much everything else." including marrying Tobias and getting pregnant. Giving Tom a knowing look. He was glad he had kept in touch with her just in case she needed some sort of outlet.

"Anyone would fundamentally regret the loss of money and connections she had." Tom said derisively. "It was the only thing she has going for her." She was quite an unsightly woman, same went for quite a few females actually that he had to talk to on a daily basis.

"That's only because she isn't relying heavily on spells, potions and make up!" Hadrian refuted that statement. Narrowing his eyes unpleasantly, "It's hardly her fault how she was born, and you best consider yourself lucky you ended up with most of your father's good looks regardless of your distaste for the man!"

"Ah, but I was, wasn't I?" Tom said smugly, not at all insulted by Hadrian's words. If anyone else had dared to say that to him it would have been a completely different scenario. "She has neither good powers, or good looks, which made her name the only suitable thing to her."

Hadrian huffed, "Not everyone cares about that," thankfully he knew it to be true.

"Most do. Why do you think the pureblood's look overseas for their brides?" Tom said wryly.

Hadrian frowned, "The next generation don't, if I recall correctly, might be because of all the female Blacks available to them?"

Tom hummed in consideration, it could be, and from what he'd seen in the pensive memories they were absolutely stunning creatures.

"All I'm saying is don't judge them because of their looks…its' very unfair and I. Do. Not. Like. It." Hadrian stated, "Plus, Severus is going to be extremely powerful, intelligent and inventive." A few he'd already used as his own…which was decidedly unfair but he knew Severus would come up with more.

"Severus? As in Severus Prince, the Potions Master?" Tom's lips were twitching madly.

"That's who he's named after yes," Hadrian sat down next to him, so done with the conversation.

"Don't tell me you're going to adopt him?" Tom blurted out, eyes wide, feeling the immense protective instincts coming from Hadrian. Those feelings were usually reserved for Fenrir and anyone who had dared to look at him wrong. Not that Fenrir received those looks, not now, he was much too tall and broad for anyone to want to mess with the young man he was now.

"Only if I have to," Hadrian said quietly, "I'd rather much get both of them out of that situation I know they're going to be in." subdued, he knew quite well what that sort of abuse did long term…and he didn't want her thinking that was her life and that she had to endure it. He didn't know if she'd been broken by her circumstances and her husband before Severus came along…or if she honestly just wasn't a good mother…it could be anything.

"That won't happen," Tom declared, he'd rather kill Tobias Snape than have Hadrian adopting another child out of pity, especially considering how busy their lives were already. He'd thankfully NOT adopted every child in the orphanage, which was one of the things he'd feared.

"Oh?" Hadrian asked, still distracted and didn't notice Tom's emotions.

"Because she has you," Tom stated firmly, and she did, Hadrian would move to the end of the world for her. He'd publicly defended her, made it clear that he would help her in any way he could. Both verbally with her standing there and written word. He'd kept in touch with her. "If they're struggling…why not buy some potions from her? We do need to stock up and you said she was good?" might remind her that she's a bloody witch and not to take the shit her husband was dishing out. She was weak in his opinion, a witch enduring abuse at the hands of a Muggle…pathetic.

He didn't voice this naturally.

"Yes," Hadrian admitted, green eyes gleaming, "She does. And that's a good idea." He'd need to transfer some galleons into Muggle money though. Since Eileen didn't come into the Magical world at all. At the very least he'd know they had enough food on the table.

"Of course, it is," Tom said smugly, as he removed the entire upper layer off the blueprints, and began to place it in the lower levels, sizing everything up, since it could be bigger, they no longer needed to contain themselves to a certain size. "Do you still want to use Muggle playground equipment?"

"No, actually, what I said was using a wizarding company to make similar playground equipment. I mean it's ridiculous, all the kids have to do is watch quidditch games, duelling tournaments, exploding snap, read books and chess…there's nothing physical they can do, I'm surprised there aren't more obese children if I'm honest." Hadrian complained, "All the Orphanage really has is hula hoops and footballs and a small wall climbing frame. I'd like to be able to install a park in both places."

"It truly is a good job you know so much, but remember it wont be forever…" Tom pointed out, "As soon as you hit the year you came back, you'll be as blind as the rest of us." he was honestly surprised that things hadn't changed, that Hadrian's predications stayed close to home.

"Not really," Hadrian said, changing and altering a few pieces of the blueprints himself. "Our businesses are flourishing, the construction business, publishing, newspapers, the journals, the magazines, broomstick construction company, they're always going to be big. Not to forget out interest in businesses that are still going to be around in three decades…what we're actually spending doesn't come close to the interest alone." They'd done very well in making sure their plans could go ahead without suffering financially. Which was sort of the point. That wasn't even their full portfolio, nowhere near it in fact, but the ones Hadrian had 100% confidence in and had built himself from the ground up.

They spent the next half hour adjusting the blueprints, adding and taking away things that didn't fit their tastes. Quite frankly he wasn't sure if he'd use these contractors again, they had been very explicit on what they wanted. Yet they continued to get back these blueprints. He voiced these thoughts to Hadrian.

"They think they know us and that's what we really want," Hadrian guessed, "Either that or they know we have money and are hoping to get as much out of the contract as they possibly can."

"If they keep it up, I'm going to cancel our contract with them, Aiden would be more than happy to take us on." Tom asked irritated.

"He's in construction, not architecture," Hadrian cocked his head to the side, "Unless, he took my advice and actually employed an Architecture?" it was actually nearly a year ago he'd recommended it so he'd thought they decided against it.

"Mm, they'd hunted down the best of the best, had to wait on the contract with her current firm being complete. As of the last time they mentioned her, she was set to come here within the next month once she had her affairs settled in Thailand." Tom explained absently, he might give the appearance of not listening to anything or anyone – except Hadrian – but it wasn't the truth. He listened, and used nearly everything he did to his own advantage. "She isn't due to start for a month after that, to let her become acclimatised…it's a big change." The weather was drastically different for one.

"Interesting, wonder what made her want to come work over here?" Hadrian commented, as he gave the blueprints once last over. "I think that's it perfect, make a copy of it just in case they begin altering it again. You can fire them if they make more changes." At the end of their tether. A nursery didn't need to be extravagant; it was meant to be comfortable, spacious and free of bloody fountains and shit this guy kept trying to foist on them via the blueprints.

Tom's gaze darkened, "I'll make it more than clear,"

"I'm sure you will," Hadrian said suppressing a grin, he'd been there to meet the guy, he had not stopped staring at Fenrir wide eyed the entire time. He didn't think it was attraction, even though Fenrir made a clean-cut figure. Long hair pulled up in a ponytail, in a suit that did nothing to hide his muscular body. Tom had made sure Fenrir knew how to use his strength as a weapon, his stature, his magic, and also made sure he dressed well doing it.

If anyone saw Fenrir crouching down and lifting his father off his feet to hug him his reputation would have been smashed to smithereens. Fenrir towered over both Tom and Hadrian actually, Tom less so since he was taller than Hadrian.

Fenrir was absolute in his dedication to protecting both Tom and Hadrian. Franky, Hadrian wouldn't be surprised if he'd dealt with a few unsavoury characters with Tom. Making sure they disappear without a trace. Including those that had attacked him way back when, for wearing his own coat of arms. The three had gone 'missing' and had never been seen from again.

Their mistake was returning to Britain years after their release from Azkaban.

Tom did not forgive and he did not forget.

Not even Albus Dumbledore was safe. One day he would get his revenge on the old fool for past and present actions. This he vowed, with care and precision, he wasn't the impulsive youth he had been before he let Hadrian or impatient enough – and risked his downfall – no, he'd waited near enough a decade to get revenge on those who had hurt his husband just for the insignia that he'd bought him. A whole decade and a half, he'd patiently waited, with plenty to keep him busy. Fenrir had happily helped him.

"Yes, it's perfect," Tom murmured, his husband turned to arch a brow at his current feelings no doubt.

The wards panged indicating someone had entered the wards, Fenrir was home. No matter where he'd started, who he'd been born to, he would always be Fenrir Peverell-Slytherin and the manor would always be his home.

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