Lord Of Time

Chapter 94

There was always something…beautiful at the sight of Peverell-Slytherin Manor. It always made Fenrir feel nostalgic, which really, was ridiculous, he was never gone for more than a week or two at a time since he was eighteen. At least four times a month he actually stayed over still, normally if there had been a stupid amount of drinking involved. His Dad put his foot down and refused to even contemplate letting him Apparate.

"Fen!" Hadrian said, a wide smile appearing on his face. "Is Dawn not with you?" Dawn and Fenrir had become increasingly close, both werewolves and from pureblood families grunting as he was lifted off his feet and embraced by the werewolf.

"She's collecting the little cubs from the orphanage," Fenrir's soothing rumbling voice spoke. "Might have to stop, she's getting too attached." Chuckling, showcasing he didn't really mean it. Gently lowering his Dad back to his feet, as he nodded at his father.

The land his Dad had given him had turned into a preserve actually. The adults and some of the kids (that had a parent or relative in the group) lived there full-time. The kids at the orphanage only came for the full moon.

He had begun building it with his bare hands and magic, along the way gaining helpers in the form of Beta's. He was now proud to say he had the biggest pack on this side of the world. it was self-sustaining too, they had their own food, created their own woodwork and sold it along with the excess food for coin and bought the rest they couldn't otherwise grow or create. He never had to borrow even a Knut from his parents.

"Oh, well, tell her I'm too young to be a grandfather," Hadrian declared, giving his son a pointed look. "Bad enough I've just been made godfather to Sirius."

Fenrir barked out a sound of amusement, not surprised that Orion had made his Dad godfather. All his Dads friends were in awe of him and respected him. It made sense to him at least, that they would want him to be part of their kid's life. Some of that respect was intermingled with fear though, and Fenrir had grown to appreciate and emulate that in his own dealing with his pack.

Between being raised by Hadrian and Tom…he did both very well, and had naturally found a good balance.

"You eaten?" Hadrian asked, stretching out, "We're just about to have a late dinner…" there would always be more than enough for Fenrir, the House-elves always had what was left over.

"I have time," Fenrir murmured, the scents of home…of family, made him and his wolf purr in satisfaction and happiness. He'd always find time for his Dad and Father. "Is there going to be trouble with Alex and Alexis attending Hogwarts?" and why on earth did people insisting on giving twins similar names? He thought, as they moved towards the dining room out of sheer habit. In the Reserve they ate around a camp fire or tent with a fire pit in the middle, nothing this fancy. He was perfectly adaptable though, going from one side of the society to the other.

"Why would there be?" Hadrian asked, as he scooped up food for Fenrir, filling his plate and handing it over.

Fenrir grinned as he accepted it, man, he loved coming home.

"Has there been any talk about it being a problem?" Hadrian asked, wiping his mouth.

"Not yet, but what happens when Headmaster Dippet retires as Headmaster of Hogwarts? A new Headmaster will need to be picked by the school governors." Fenrir pointed out, "And no offence but he doesn't look like he's got long to go…he was ancient when I was at Hogwarts."

Fenrir had indeed attended Hogwarts School for seven full years. Graduating with consistent high marks – despite every full moon – and with honours. He had been a Prefect and Head Boy during his tenure, and earned all of two detentions during his schooling.

Hadrian and Tom had told him the importance of how he was seen, and how he would be viewed. How important it would be for werewolves in the future, those that come after him…that it all hinged on him. It hadn't been a daunting pressure; they'd never mentioned it more than once. His father had been more insistent on ensuring nothing stained the family name more than the stain it would have on werewolves. After all, new plans could be made for werewolves, but any stain on the family name would remain.

"Don't you worry about that," Hadrian informed Fenrir, as they ate the late dinner. "The majority of the school board will listen to any suggestions we put forth." And there was absolutely no doubt about that, Hadrian thought smugly.

"Doesn't it need to be a complete vote?" Fenrir queried, relaxing somewhat trusting both his Dad and Father that they were correct. It would devastate them all if they were cut off from an education.

"If it came to it, I would make it a complete vote," Tom stated curtly, "There's always ways around things, and if I need to use a little blackmail to accomplish it then that's exactly what I would do. Luckily though, it truly isn't required." Personally, he didn't really care about the children they weren't his, but he'd do it for Hadrian and Fenrir. Despite his best efforts, he'd grown to like the boy, now a man. The fact Fenrir shared the same bloodthirstiness got rid of the last pieces of reservation he'd held onto.

'When Exactly did Dippet die?' Tom asked to Hadrian thoughtfully, he knew Dumbledore had become Headmaster in the other timeline. Which most certainly wasn't going to happen this time, his history would prevent him getting a job interacting with children, despite his best efforts. So, that struck him off being an educator or tutor.

'I honestly have no clue,' Hadrian admitted as he chewed thoughtfully on a piece of succulent Turkey. 'I believe it had to have been between 65 and 71 from what I've been led to believe, he was also given a lot of offers for the Minister of magic position during that time too…but all I heard was rumours that I've just tried to stick together. Just because he comes Headmaster…doesn't mean Dippet died then…'

"I hate when you do that," Fenrir groused, knowing what his fathers were up to. It was cute in its own way; he wanted a connection like theirs. He may have already met the person he'd like to have it with…although she was quite a bit younger than him, and he didn't know whether she'd be interested in a real relationship or a quick fuck. He was interested in one but most definitely not the other. He wasn't a teenager looking for a quick rut anymore.

"Force of habit," Tom said wryly, "So there is still at least a decade to fifteen years before the changeover happened…which stands to reason that Dippet will continue on his duties for the foreseeable future. It certainly gives us a timeline in which best suits us for getting people we approve entirely on the board of governors."

Fenrir's keep ears and eyes listened and watched his parents closely. Yes, he was aware of his Dad's true birth date and origins, he didn't know everything like his father did but he knew enough.

"At least, and as I said, retirement doesn't mean dead, at least I hope not, he's a good man." Hadrian declared, "I'm just so glad he had such a close family, when he retires, he will be well looked after."

"Yes, and not for the money he has," Tom said wryly, that had been a surprise. He had a modest savings his family probably knew nothing about…and let's not forget a large life insurance policy, that will more than cover any possible funeral arrangement he could plan.

Hadrian sighed in exasperation, "Money doesn't always mean everything!" he shook his head at Tom but the smirk on his face belayed any real anger he might feel.

"Almost everyone else would disagree with you," Tom pointed out, and it was depressingly true. Money shouldn't dictate how you treated someone, and Hadrian so badly often wanted to give them a wake-up call.

"Ugh, the Muggle who said money was the root of all evil was right," Hadrian rolled his eyes.

"Then why did you go around making so much 'evil'," Tom teased, "Heaven forbid you decide to stop betting." No, he believed religion was the root of all evil. Books that tried to dictate how you live your life or worse…

Hadrian pouted, "We needed money for all the plans we've got! Money doesn't grow on trees you know."

Fenrir sniggered, feeling like a thirteen-year-old again. He didn't think he'd actually seen or heard his parents really fight. Go back and forth with witty sarcastic retorts, yeah, heatedly argue about something…but any inkling of seriousness creeping into it, they'd stop.

"Speaking of which, did you get the plants I sent you?" Hadrian asked his son, "You spoke of a few things you still didn't have, so I asked the House-elves to make some there were thirty pepper plants successfully flourishing on the first attempt with a Bell Peppers didn't cost a thing." The few they'd attempted at the reserve hadn't come to much, all dying off at various stages. It had been just as simple as planting the seeds of a used pepper instead of placing them in the bin. "I also sent some trees, they're young, but it can't hurt to replant, especially considering you will be building more in future."

"You think so?" Fenrir questioned, with a safe space to roam, its likely that less werewolves would be bitten, but born werewolves was a different thing entirely.

"I don't know if you've noticed but the five werewolves you've taken in these past few months have been from abroad. With fairer laws its perfectly natural to seek out that country." Hadrian pointed out.

"It also means you need to lay down the law," Tom pointed out, "If they see weakness, they will take advantage."

"Most of them just want acceptance," Hadrian refuted, "But he does have a point, some werewolves…can be vindictive and want to punish others because of how their lives turned out." Fenrir himself had been one of them in the other timeline.

"I won't let it happen," Fenrir reassured them, and if they did…well, they'd suffer the consequences and wouldn't live to repeat them. He didn't just have one or two Betas to keep safe…he had thirty-nine werewolves in total – not including any family – to keep safe. The need of the one didn't outweigh the need of many when it came to the pack.

"How many werewolves are you sponsoring in Hogwarts now?" Tom queried.

"Another two are attending so twelve in total," Hadrian informed his husband.

"It's the last year for three of them," Fenrir said, "As much as progress is being made…they're worried they won't get jobs." Quite a lot of his werewolves actually worked full-time and paid money into the pack funds pot instead of rent.

"My company is on the lookout for more people to work in construction…if it's any of interest in them? Perhaps at the weekend they can work on an 'apprenticeship' of sorts before going full time next year?" they were able to carry significantly heavier loads and were amazing at construction, Harry had been awed when he saw the reserve for the first time. "Albeit if the full moon doesn't fall on the weekend."

"I'll let them know," Fenrir declared, those designated 'caretakers' looked after all the kids even those not their own. Then there were the fruit pickers, diggers, those that hack down the trees for construction. Those that look after the vegetable patches, the green houses, which house potions ingredients they sell, herbs, and of course plants. They were always expanding due to newcomers, so there was never someone just sitting there doing nothing. If they didn't have a job on the outside, there was always things to do on the reserve.

"You do that, if they've no interest in that, I'm sure we can think of something else that might suit their interests." Hadrian replied.

"If they feel like it's charity, then Avery publishing is taking off, and no its not attached to us, not this one." Tom told him, Aiden wanted to try going out on his own, he felt it silly, but at least it wasn't books like their co-owning business was, it was a magazine business he was trying to start up. For teenagers, aimed specifically for pre-teen forward.

Hadrian snorted, "Oh, yes, I'm sure they're going to love writing about stuff for pre-teens."

"You did say it would more than likely take off," Tom pointed out, "Or was that a lie?"

"Teens will love it, Witch Weekly is a good magazine, but its geared towards just girls. I told him if he makes it more geared towards teen boys, he'll definitely have something going." Hadrian told him, "But I have no real idea if it will take off, it didn't exist in my time, for all I know it didn't exist at all."

Tom made a small noncommittal noise, "I guess we'll have to wait and see; I do believe he's coming over to show you the first draft. If it does well, are you going to invest?" not that the Avery's actually need any investors to get it off the ground. Especially with how much money the publishing business was making.

"That's something we should probably discuss if we're given an offer…and more than likely we'd be the first…but not the last. Aiden is smart enough to realize where we go…others will follow."

Tom smirked, yes, he was indeed, he chose his acquaintances well. He ensured they reflected back on him appropriately too.

"That was before Walburga ended up in labour, he'll not be by for days, they'll be celebrating for ages." Harry waved that comment away, and Tom would be likely joining them. "Also, your aunt Imogen wants you to stop by the orphanage."

"Is it important?" Fenrir asked, if it was no doubt Dawn would meet him with the same news when he returned home too.

"I don't think so otherwise she would have written to you herself, just that she'd like to talk to you when you have a moment." Hadrian informed him.

Fenrir nodded, "I'll go see her after the full moon when I take the cubs back." He'd spent a great deal of his childhood with his Aunt Imogen, even after she'd given birth to Lucius. He adored her.

"That's good…she could use the company," Hadrian said softly, she'd lost another child, unable to carry the baby to term. He'd suggested surrogacy through fertilising her eggs into a close friend a few weeks ago, after she'd went through a period of mourning. Some witches just couldn't seem to have more than one child, all down to the attempts at keeping lines pure for so long.

Fenrir grunted in acknowledgement, he had crafted a wooden play set, but set it aside after the news reached him.

"I best get back to the preserve, give my best to Orion and Walburga," Fenrir rumbled, unfortunately, not staying for dessert he wanted to spend as much time with the cubs and educate them on the ways of the wolf.

"You can take some dessert back with you if you'd like? There's certainly too much for just me and Tom." Hadrian said, and that was always the case without a doubt.

"Go on then," Fenrir said, unable to resist, plus the cubs would be ecstatic. They didn't eat much after the full moon, so feeding them up before the moon was full was the nearest best thing.

"I'll be right back!" Hadrian said, sliding out of his seat, and making his way to the kitchen to have the dessert packed up for the cubs. The house-elves always made a lot more extra when they knew Fenrir would be here. He always ate a lot more than both he and Tom combined. Plus, food was also usually set with him, not because they couldn't make it themselves, but Hadrian liked to feed everyone.

He knew what it was like to go without, so liked to make sure everyone had enough to eat.

Tom as usual just rolled his eyes, but the fact he never said anything was…particularly revealing.

"Here you go, there's definitely enough for everyone! Hey Aiden," Hadrian said, not at all surprised to see him there, how could he when the wards alerted him? The rather tense look on his face though…he definitely didn't expect.

This was not going to be about the new magazine he wanted to begin publishing.

"See you all later," Fenrir said, smacking Aiden on the shoulder, so that his knees nearly buckled. He'd never stopped teasing and taunting the Knights, who knew very well, never to retaliate if they wanted to live another day.

Fenrir was untouchable, and he knew it.

Then he Apparated, his chuckle ringing in the air.

"Ouch," Aiden grimaced, Merlin, he was bloody strong.

"What's wrong?" Hadrian asked, crossing his arms, their dessert forgotten.

Even Tom had picked up on Aiden's mood and was watching him intently.

"You asked me to get someone to follow Lyall Lupin around? Well, I actually bought a House-elf, and had him following Lyall for the past few weeks." Aiden told them, a grim determination on his face.

"I think I'm going to need a drink…want one?" he asked them both, they immediately agreed, "Sit down, Aiden, I'll be back in a second." Rubbing his forehead to try and rid himself of the nervous tension. He'd met the bastard three weeks ago, and the vitriol that came out of his mouth had been alarming to say the least.

It had taken everything Tom had to stop Harry retaliating with deadly precision. It was people like him and their innate prejudice that made life so difficult for his son. After all, he couldn't act insulted or bothered by anything he said if they wished to end the threat that was the man.

He made the three tumblers, and handed them out, all of them sat on the chairs at the table. "Alright, go on," he said, tense and alert.

"Lyall Lupin is a wizard who was a world-renowned authority on Non-Human Spirituous Apparitions. The Ministry of Magic called on his expertise of Dark creatures to help contain the threat. He eventually joined the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures after the war. Lyall is married to a Muggle Hope Howell-Lupin." Aiden explained, "He's quite intelligent, and magically powerful."

Hadrian nodded, "Yeah, he'll have quite a powerful offspring."

Aiden continued despite what Hadrian said, used to his offhanded comments, "Um…he really seems to hate werewolves in particular. If I didn't know any better…you'd think he'd been bitten and was hiding it. He definitely isn't, but he's inciting violence against them in the department."

"I was afraid of that," Hadrian admitted, "If he manages to provoke them enough…he could actually start up an illegal hunter fraction."

Tom glanced at Hadrian, a contemplative look on his face. So, that's what had him so worried. "He's going to be trouble then?"

"Oh, yes, definitely," Hadrian said, swallowing down his drink, "He's dangerous to the extreme." It took something horrific happening for it to drive home to the bastard that they weren't soulless. His own son being bitten after insulting the wrong person. He'd like to say Fenrir wouldn't react the same way he had before…but the things Lyall had said…even he had been enraged to the point of killing the bastard. "If he gets near Fenrir…" Hadrian let out a breath, giving a haunted look.

Aiden snorted, "He wouldn't bloody survive, and there wouldn't be a damn piece of him left for anyone to find. He was taught well, and there would be no reason to target Fenrir specifically."

"Lyall wouldn't be stupid enough to start anything where he was alone." Hadrian commented idly, glass at his lips, "Especially if he's as smart as you say he is. He'd keep the confrontations public, to try and anger him into reacting, to provoke him and make the public try to take his side."

"Then it will have to be something drawn out, subtle, an illness," Tom said, thoughtfully, "Nothing that can show up in the scans and no poison. Unless…you want to wait?"

Hadrian shook his head, "He needs to be dealt with as soon as possible." 'His wife will already be pregnant, I don't know Remus' date of birth…but he's in school with James, Severus, Sirius and Lily…so he's probably either already been born or soon to be.' He told Tom privately.

"We're better off not using the same as before," Aiden mused, speaking of course, to the Greybacks demise. Although, it certainly would have been handy.

"You're right, definitely not, but an accident might be more appropriate…" Hadrian said vindictively, he didn't care that he was taking a father away from Remus. It was better than what his future would be with such a vicious despicable character. Merlin only knows how he'd be brought up – if he somehow managed to avoid being bitten – probably adopt his fathers' beliefs.

"There are a few people we want to take out in the Ministry…how about an outbreak?" Tom suggested, eyes gleaming as his best basis self-showed through. "Make it seem like an accident…with no single person being suspected as the sole intended victim?"

"That could quickly backfire," Hadrian commented, but he had a thoughtful look on his face. "Hmm, you'd need to have an anti-dote ready just to be on the safe side. And it cannot be closely connected with us…and a Potions Master…which really are in short supply." Which was why Tom had only Severus in his ranks as Potions Master.

"Not if I work with the Unspeakables," Tom pointed out, "It wouldn't even be out of character."

"Might give you the push you need to be a contender for Minister of Magic." Aiden pointed out. "Or you, Hadrian, I mean you're a natural healer, nobody would be surprised if you came up with something."

"Everyone in Knockturn Alley, Little Hangleton and no doubt Hogsmeade will be supporting us." Hadrian said smugly, they had made their lives much happier than they would have been otherwise. It had taken years for them to get to where they were, but they'd done it.

People were no longer afraid to venture down or let their children venture down Knockturn Alley. Any shops not meant for children well, simple wards prevented them from venturing in. These little reassurances were all they needed repeated over time.

"Only those that trust Dumbledore," Tom said, sneering as if something foul had been put under his nose. Despite how different things had worked out…and the lack of real trouble Dumbledore was…Tom still hated him. Always would, just for that little display he'd done at the orphanage and of course, denying him sanctuary during the summers.

"It's a small fraction," Hadrian said bemused, "Minuscule compared to everyone else votes." They'd been told to go for it many times, but they were waiting for the right moment. Not too young, not too old and most definitely after a big change.

This may well be it after all.

"You think I should go for it this time?" Tom asked thoughtfully, not that he doubted his ability, far from it. Honestly, he was torn between being Minister and being Headmaster. Harry had suggested he do both.

"Well, they will be looking for a new Minister in three months…why not?" Hadrian put to it thoughtfully, "It's probably better to do it now actually, before someone namely Dumbledore's stooges…gets someone that might do a lot of damage to everything we've accomplished." Dumbledore wouldn't be voted in himself; his reputation was in tatters. Even after all this time.

It always would be.

"Minister Peverell-Slytherin," Hadrian teased, and laughed softly when Tom straightened up imperiously.

"Then we best begin to show our best to the public," Tom said smugly, and so it was, he was determined, he would become the British magical worlds next Minister for magic.

"Like you do anything but," Aiden said wryly.

"How's the magazine coming?" Hadrian asked, changing the subject, grinning at Tom's little pout, if you didn't know Tom as well as he did…you'd barely notice it, just a twitch of his lip.

"I'm not sure, it's too much like Witch weekly to be honest, would you take a look at it?" Aiden asked.

"Come tomorrow morning, I'll have a look then, I'm working at the clinic then the orphanage tomorrow afternoon." Hadrian explained, all freelance, he didn't have a set job, and he also didn't get paid. He wasn't in it to make money, he did it to help people who couldn't afford the prices that St. Mungo's demanded…and even just for a consultation.

He had a lot of grateful people at his beck and call, that Tom most certainly took advantage of.

"Great," Aiden said in relief, nodding, "I will."

"So, what do you want me to do about Lupin? Will I have the House-elf continue to watch him?" Aiden asked after a few minutes of comfortable silence. He would never have thought to use them before Hadrian had regaled them all with the virtues of having a House-elf that was not only loyal to you but happy to serve.

"Has he broken any laws?" Hadrian pondered. "It would be a good way to get him out of the way…but that could come back and bite us in the ass. So, no, we definitely have to permanently take care of him. You do not tell Fenrir anything remotely what Lyall Lupin thinks of werewolves."

Aiden shook his head, "I won't," he wasn't sure he'd survive even if he would just be the messenger. The things he said in private and in public…it was disgusting, truly disgusting. Seriously? Werewolves were soulless creatures? Evil? Deserving nothing but death?

"Good," Hadrian sighed.

"I personally think you should just drop him off in the reserve." Tom said coolly, but he definitely wasn't going to miss the opportunity to take out a few questionable wizards that were currently in the Ministry of magic that were Dumbledore's 'stooges' as Hadrian had called them often enough. Doge and Diggle were contenders to being the biggest ones, and Dawlish, idiots the lot of them, and it would be their deaths. "I'm sure it would be…rather educational for the youngsters, get a taste of human flesh young."

"How you can say that with such an innocent look on your face…" Hadrian commented wryly, rolling his eyes, even Aiden had blanched probably thinking Tom was serious. Well, truly seriously, but he would do it if he thought he'd get away with it. "It could have been better timing."

"How's that?" Aiden wondered, drinking the last of his whiskey.

"I'm working on a potion that helps against Dragon Pox…" Hadrian admitted, "It's not quite there yet, and here I'm going to have to take more time away from it." he already had the potion memorised, he just couldn't whip one up, it didn't work like that…he didn't want to be Merlin reincarnated for Merlin's sake.

He was definitely going to 'complete' it before Abraxas got it. Imogen would be devastated if anything happened to him. Although, quite frankly, Hadrian believed Imogen died first, perhaps trying to give birth to a child? Abraxas had met his grandson before he passed. He recalled a picture in Malfoy Manor that time, just in passing, he hadn't even thought about it until he watched the memory. It was a picture of a pink squalling Draco Malfoy being held in the arms of Abraxas Malfoy all burnt and singed around the edges. The Manor had paid for Lucius' failure in the original timeline.

So, he had time, and it wasn't quite reaching a pandemic level yet.

"What about if we just gave them Dragon Pox? Through a little cut…that would be enough to infect them…" Hadrian realizing it could be just as simple as adding them to the tally of the Dragon Pox that was going around.

"How do you imagine cutting them without them knowing?" Aiden asked doubtfully, imagining Hadrian going at them with a dagger. It was comical really.

"Easily," Hadrian said with a slowly emerging smirk, "Muggles used to do it all the time." Sometimes knowing things like that had its advantages.

Aiden shivered, goosebumps emerging all over his flesh. He shouldn't forget what Hadrian was capable of. He had been the one to suffer most because he'd been a jealous idiot as a teenager. Rubbing at his emerging beard out of nerves, he just nodded, as Tom watched on with smug pride over the husband, he'd chosen for himself.

Still able to get off on just how bloodthirsty he was.

Nobody touched the people Hadrian Peverell-Slytherin cared about and lived to tell the tale.

You didnt think I'd forget about Lyall Lupin in this after Hadrian adopted Fenrir now did you? :P LOL

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